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Warning: This article contains mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.
A Heart's Day bedroom

Sex is intimate physical contact between individuals, typically for the purposes of reproduction or pleasure. This article documents not just the biology, but also the various customs, stories and reputations the different cultures, religions and races of Tamriel (and beyond) have regarding sex and reproduction. This article also touches on the reproduction of animals and on sexual dimorphism found both in fauna and in the various races.

Racial Compatibility and Reproduction[edit]

For more information, see Multiraciality.
Aeliah Remnus, a half-Imperial half-Redguard woman

The Council of Healers of the Imperial University has done many analyses of the living races and determined that the mer and man races can effectively reproduce with one another. Only with the caveat that offspring typically takes after the maternal side, with only some traces of the father's side showing.[1] Others have stated that if a pair of different human races have children, that offspring will bear features of both races, instead of only the maternal side.[UOL 1] The Council of Healers could not determine if Argonians, Orcs and Khajiit are compatible with mer and man and each other.[1] Despite this, other Imperial scholars have claimed that men, mer and humanoid beastfolk can all mate with one another.[2] Some have implied that Khajiit and Dunmer pairings are possible.[3]

"Hybrids" have been occasionally seen, such as the half-Imperial half-Redguard Aeliah Renmus or the half-Imperial half-Breton Bacaro Volorus.[4][5][UOL 1] The Gray Prince was a Half-Orc Half-Imperial, proving that such pairings are possible. Due to his father's vampiric nature, it also proves that at least some vampires can reproduce with the living.[6] Jagar Tharn in one account was described as a "mongrel elf", allegedly being part Wood Elf, part Dark Elf, and part "only the gods know what".[7] In cases of mixed heritage, traits of different races may skip generations, appearing later on in the family line. One such case was that of Nunex Faleria's grandchild, who displayed elven traits despite having human parents.[8]

Half Giants are, as the name implies, half-giant men.[9] The legendary Companion Lyris Titanborn is one of the most well known half-giants, despite only having giant ancestry unlike true half-giants.[UOL 1][10][11]

At least some Akaviri races can interbreed with humans, with such examples as the mixed Akaviri-Imperial people of Hakoshae[12] or the half-human half-Akaviri mercenary lord Duadeen.[UOL 2][UOL 3] The reproductive biology of the Tsaesci is not well understood.[1] The infamous Blades captain Lorant Bouchard, who wielded a powerful Tsaesci blade, was rumored to be part serpent.[13]

Immortal and mortal pairings are also occasionally seen throughout history. Some of the most "common" examples of these are shown in the form of Demi-Princes, offspring of Daedric Princes or Daedra Lords and a lesser entity, such as a mortal.[14] The Nede Alessia and the Demigod Morihaus are known for siring a child, Belharza, and possibly creating the Minotaur race.[15]

Various species of typically aggressive beastfolk are claimed to or have reputations of mating with other races. Ogres are one such case who may be able to interbreed with humans,[16][UOL 4] although it's unknown if this is the case for the other Goblin-ken.[1] Though there have been mentions of extinct "orcoblins".[17] At least one tale of unconfirmed authenticity mentions offspring from a pairing of a lamia and a man of another race.[18] However this seemingly all-female race is presumed to be hermaphroditic, and known to self-fertilize their eggs.[19] Harpies have a reputation as creatures who kidnap, mate with, and kill human males,[20][21] but their reproductive biology is otherwise not well understood.[1] It is said a thousand generations of inbreeding is what removed any glimmer of intelligence from the minds of Wrothgarian harpies, who are closer to giant birds than people.[22]

The tall, bestial and hunchbacked Maormer Leviathans are believed to be "the spawn of some unholy and sorcerous coupling of Sea Elf and Sea Serpent".[23]

The Telvanni Divayth Fyr was capable of creating female clones of himself from his own flesh.[24]

Some beastfolk only reproduce during certain life-phases, often accompanied by drastic transformations. For one year of their life, Dreugh undergo a process known as karvinasim and emerge onto land as aggressive and animalistic crustaceans to breed.[25] Grummites only mate once they've fully matured from their aquatic and semi-aquatic life phases, being consumed by an urge to mate once their metamorphosis is complete.[26] The Sload are hermaphrodites when in their young "polwygle" phase, and later reabsorb their reproductive organs once old enough to move about on the land.[1][27] It is assumed that Sloads are not interfertile with men, mer or other beastfolk.[1][28]



A Heart's Day date

The Altmer have a rough reputation to outsiders, with some believing they practice some form of eugenics, supposedly practicing infanticide in nine out of ten newborns due to impurities.[29] This has some basis in truth, as some Altmer (but not all)[30][UOL 5] do abandon those born with deformities or impurities, branding them as "hulkynds".[31]

Some Altmer physicians believed that elven women could not conceive more than four times, with the usual number of children being two.[3] Some Altmer were believed to have engaged in inbreeding[32] with a prominent example being Clan Direnni due to the lack of distinctive features among them. However another theory to explain this was the possibility that they reproduced through magic.[33] In the days of Direnni rule over High Rock these elves had many privileges and rights over their human subjects, one of which was the "Perquisite of Coition", or in other words the right to have sex with any human they so desired. Sex with their subjects was not just casual fun but also competition between Direnni, as many strove to have "stables" filled with the most attractive humans they could find.[34]

Erotic literature, both fictional and instructional is found in Altmer society. The Thalmor distributed guides on approved methods of procreation in order to properly reflect their Altmeri heritage.[35] Peoples of importance such as Queen Ayrenn were sometimes written about in erotica.[36]

Some High Elves have compared sleeping with Bosmer to bestiality.[37]


Some Argonians view "mating" as nothing more than an order of the Hist to reproduce. On an yearly basis they travel to Hissmir to participate in several tests, and only the winners are allowed to mate.[38] Despite having breasts, Saxhleel are capable of laying eggs and possess an egg-sac.[39][40] Distinct from other races, the Argonians have cloacas.[41]

There exists limited-edition Argonian erotica featuring androgynous etchings of the race.[42]

→ See also: Reproduction and Child-Rearing in Argonian Culture


A Druidic arousal-inducing artifact (ESO)
A male Breton displaying a remnant of elven blood: pointed ears (ESO)

The Breton people are a "hybrid"[UOL 6] race which originated from centuries of Nedic and Aldmer interbreeding.[43][44][45] In the early days of the race, they were even referred to as Manmeri,[46] Half-Elves,[34] and possibly Chimera (from the Altmeri word for "change").[47] Over time, elven blood became more and more diluted in the Breton race, resulting in the waning of their elven features, but never outright vanishing, instead presenting itself in aspects such as the pointed elf-like ears which some Bretons still possess.[45][48] Due to this heritage, Bretons are still sometimes derogatorily referred to as a "mongrels" or "degraded hybrids".[34][49]

Breton royalty and nobility is rumored to practice incest. A notable subject of these rumors is King Ranser, who has allegedly slept with every sibling in his royal line. These salacious rumors even implied that his daughter Rayelle was a product of one such coupling. Others speak of pagan rituals, paint-slick bodies and mind-altering concoctions as having their places in "blood purity" customs. Other figures of note were a young noblewoman and her brother at a House Ravenwatch party. Despite this, many of these stories are just that — stories — and considered poor grist and sensationalism to most historians.[50]

Some Bretons utilize drugs to enhance their bedchamber activities.[51] Waking Day is a Breton holiday originally invented to wake the spirits of nature. In modern times it has evolved into an orgiastic celebration of winter's end.[52] Preceding Waking Day is the March of Beauty, a festival in which provocatively dressed prostitutes danced throughout Camlorn, being available for sex later in the evening.[53] The druids of the Systres isle of Galen possessed an artifact which caused extreme arousal to those in its vicinity. In the Second Era, this relic was unearthed and activated by the Dreadsail faction of Maormer, leading the entire settlement of Llanshara to degenerate into frequent sexual activity.[54][55] This same settlement had a 'Ritual of Life's Commencement', an ancient tradition about celebrating the creation of life through the sexual union of Druids.[56] The Bretons of High Isle idolized mermaids as fertility icons.[57] The Glenmoril Wyrd are known to apply a special cologne to their lower bodies for the pleasure of their wolves.[58]

The Laumont line is rumored to have originated from a union of Breton and flame atronach, though this is dismissed by some members of the family as exaggeration or embellishment.[59]

The Prostitutes Guild has a large, almost palatial guildhouse located in an affluent part of Camlorn.[60]

A Third Era joke book poked fun at Bretons for being rather promiscuous.[61]

→ See also: Sex, Marriage, and Family in Breton Culture


The Wood Elves, who outnumber all other Mer in Tamriel, have a reputation for being amorously-inclined, with twelve being considered an average number of children in a family.[62][63] They are relaxed when it comes to this part of life, casually bringing it up in conversation[64] and even eroticisng their religion through suggestive drawings of plant-life and fertility idols.[65][66] The dreaded Wild Hunt has been described as a "cannibalistic orgy" by some.[67]

Some have theorised that Ayleid extinction was due to a lack of fertility among the Wild Elves, who instead turned to mating with the Bosmer people. Fertility totems supporting this have been found throughout Greenshade.[68][69]

Curiously, mechanical devices which display moving pictures of Bosmer coitus exist.[70] The leaves of rare flytraps found deep within Valenwood are used as a powerful aphrodisiac.[71]


Desele's House of Earthly Delights, a gentlemen's club in Morrowind
An erotic dancer

Dark Elves have various brothels and gentlemens' clubs throughout Morrowind.[72][73] Dunmer women have a reputation for being promiscuous. A Third Era joke book shared this sentiment.[3][61] Dunmer are no strangers to personal entertainment. Copper "ash yams" were made for bedroom use and nobles collected "amorous articles" for lonely nights.[74][75]

Vivec's sermons, The Thirty-Six Lessons of Vivec have prominent sexual themes and depict possibly sexual actions forbidden by the titular god, such as penetration of the "second aperture" and oral practices, although the latter is still practiced in secrecy.[76] Almalexia is also a prominent figure, with ornate fertility fetishes idolizing her circulating throughout Morrowind.[77] In Deshaan she's also featured in a stage play known as "The Thirty Sex Sermons of Vivec", where a depiction of her makes love on-stage.[78]


A Cyrodillic horse.

Imperial soldiers have been known to carry etchings of erotic scenes when on duty in foreign lands.[79] In some Legions those who consorted with Khajiit were branded and banished as punishment. The same punishment is given to those who consort with horses, so called "horse-lovers".[UOL 7] The citizens of Anvil have been known to disapprove of sleeping with Bosmer, some even claiming they'd rather bed horses instead.[80]

The Imperials of Hakoshae are known for their Akaviri ancestry, which dates back to the time of the fading Akaviri Potentate.[12][81]


Depiction of a Khajiit couple and their cub

The morphology of Khajiit is determined at their date of birth rather than the shape of their parents.[82][83] It is intrinsically tied to the phases of Jone and Jode and the Lunar Lattice,[84] also known as the ja-Kha'jay.[85] After birth, Khajiit look very similar to one another and are smaller than human newborns. Within weeks, their individual morphology becomes more clear, and their growth is faster than that of humans.

Different furstocks can engage in romantic pairings, though some can prove to be more physically challenging than others.[UOL 8] Some furstocks possess phallic barbs.[3][UOL 9] For more information, see Furstocks. Khajiit armies have used prostitution as methods of infiltration.[UOL 7]

The term "zuub-zuub" is used by the Khajiit to describe sex.[86] Khajiit pornography exists in circulation throughout Tamriel.[87][88] A Third Era joke book poked fun at Khajiit for being rather promiscuous.[61]


Some Nords are known to keep a bust of Dibella in their bedchambers, supposedly invigorating sensual activities.[89] Mara is a common figure in nordic sexual culture, with fertility fetishes found in shrines of the goddess throughout Skyrim. Unique incenses are also made in her name, such as the "Incense of Mara", which is a prohibited version of the common calm-inducing scent that permeates most Nord bedchambers.[90][91] Nords sometimes employ "morale officers" in war camps.[92] They uphold loyalty in a relationship and take issue with cuckoldry.[93] They have also been known to take issue with the practice of "Dibellan Arts."[94] Some claim the Nords were bred in slave pens.[32]


Despite the Orcish Code of Malacath insisting that only the chief may marry, and by extension sleep with their many wives, by some it is seen as an open secret that plenty of extramarital acts happen behind closed doors.[95] Acorns were a fecundity icon for some Orcs, as fertility fetishes depicting pregnant Orsimer holding the nut were known to exist during the Second Era.[96] Fertility rituals commonly made use of powdered alit horns.[97]


The modern Reachfolk are considered a mixed mannish race, distinct from all others who contribute to their ancestral makeup. Their ancestry is diverse, with some clans tracing their roots to Keptu,[98] Direnni Altmer invaders, Bretons, Imperials, Nedes, Nords, Orcs,[99] and, according to some accounts, even Daedra.[100][101] One such story involves Dearola, a Demi-Prince and daughter of Hircine, who is said to have intermingled with a Reachfolk clan. The Song of Gwyna suggests that she had relations with Reachfolk, and one of her descendants, Chief Rowolan, was renowned for his mythical prowess, possibly due to his lineage. However, variations of the song exist, and they all lead to the tragic demise of Rowolan's bloodline.[101]

Certain Reachfolk groups such as Eagleseer Clan have been labeled as bawdy by an account of a foreigner.[102] Some other Reachfolk were known for using innuendos in advertisement of their wares.[103] Hroltar the Boaster has made several exaggerated statements about his escapades involving multiple Wispmothers, a Giantesses, and two dozen Nord shieldmaidens. The validity of these claims remains uncertain.[104]

Certain stone statues depicting Hagravens were thought to serve as fertility idols, although another interpretation of these carvings is that they simply depict hagravens who have gorged themselves on small children.[105] Hagravens allegedly can have the ability to curse individuals with infertility.[106]


A special gift to newly-wed Redguards is Hag's Breath, a potent aphrodisiac.[107] The methods employed by Redguard noblewomen in their bedchambers stood out in contrast to the traditional practices of Breton nobility.[108]


Giants have been known to gather regularly at ceremonial sites. Here, they come together to trade, mate, and communicate with whatever methods they have developed.[109] One tale tells of a Giant family residing on Mount Trolhetta consisting of a male giant and a female giantess raising their child together.[110] Female giants are not often seen by other races. Although Giants have no known written language, they seem to have an affinity for spiral motifs. This particular pattern (shared by ancient Nordic craftsmanship) is often depicted as scars on their torsos, carved into their mammoth's tusks, or painted onto various rocks, trees, and walls within their encampments. Observers have speculated that this rudimentary art possibly entices females, marks territory, or is simply artistic expression.[111]


Madam Whim, Dark Seducer owner of the House of Whims
Lurker Spawn, an example of daedric young

Unlike mortals, Daedra do not typically reproduce or endure the process of giving birth and consider the mortal way crude, messy, or boring.[UOL 10][112] Dremora are said to have no parents.[113] The mortal words for parents, such as "father", instead have a meaning more akin to "creator" or "master" in Oblivion.[UOL 10] Despite this, some Daedric beings, usually those that imitate Nirn's creatures, do reproduce in more conventional manners, such as Nocturnal's Crow Daedra who lay eggs to hatch more of their kind.[114][115] Similarly, Skein Invertebrates also produce their own young.[116][117] Clannfear and Nightmare Animals exist in juvenile forms and do grow up to adulthood, but whether they reproduce normally or are created young is unknown.[118][119] Lurkers are an example of a truly unique Daedra capable of having offspring, they are known to have aquatic spawn.[120]

Despite the general lack of typical reproduction, at least some Daedra enjoy the act of sex itself, even joining with mortals[121][122][123][124] albeit sometimes in a sadistic manner.[125][126] Daedric Seducers have sometimes engaged in consensual sex with mortals, though this is dangerous and typically results in injury.[124] Likewise, sex with Spider Daedra can end up with similar results.[123] Some Spider Daedra found the act of causing others pain arousing.[112] At the House of Whims, Dark Seducer harems sometimes rent the space for their sensual encounters.[122]


A dragonling, an alleged young dragon

Dragons are said to have always existed, a statement backed up by other immortal beings; scholars have thus concluded that they do not mate or lay eggs.[127][128][129] Despite this there are many claims of dragons having offspring, often in legends or dubious tales.[130][131][127][132][UOL 3] The dragonlings of the Iliac Bay are sometimes believed to be young dragons,[133][134] however scholars claim they are merely oversized lizards, with no relation to true dragons.[127] One very unlikely tale claims that dragons can reproduce with mortals, and that their offspring are capable of transforming into creatures called wyverns.[130]

Dragons largely appear to be male or to have a single sex. However, there are accounts of female dragons in the historical-fiction, King Edward.[135] There are also claims that Jills, mythical creatures said to be responsible for fixing the world during Dragon Breaks,[136] are female dragons.[UOL 11][UOL 12]

Religion & Culture[edit]

Dibella Worship[edit]

A statue of Dibella
Dibella's doll masks

While Dibella is primarily worshipped as the Goddess of Beauty,[85] Love,[137] and Affection,[138] she is also widely regarded as a lustful and passionate goddess[139][140] to the extent that she's known as the Divine who "pays Men in Moans".[141] Worshippers of Dibella who lean to the erotic aspects of her sphere may partake in erotic instruction[85] and hand out 'Marks of Dibella' to those they sleep with.[94] Dibella's followers sometimes wear porcelain masks when they wish to honor the goddess through anonymous bestowals of affection.[142]

Followers of Dibella advise against courting vampires, considering them impossible to feel true untainted lust.[138]

Morwha Worship[edit]

A statue of Morwha

Morwha is the Yokudan goddess of fertility.[85][143] She was described by some as a lusty goddess, albeit not as lustful as Dibella.[140] Worshippers of the goddess typically put emphasis on her breasts, commonly exclaiming by her "teat", "tit" and "bosom".[144][145][146][147] This focus extends to their art and apparel, such as ornate teaspoons depicting her breasts and bosom-harnesses worn during plays regarding the goddess.[148][149] Morwha is always portrayed as four-armed, so that she can 'grab more husbands'.[85]

Sanguine Worship[edit]

Sanguine's Rose Red Lip Tint, which proclaims its wearer's dedicated commitment to passion
Death Dealer's Fete, worn during rigorous activity

Sanguine, known as the Lord of Revelry[150]:293 is the Prince of Lust, Perversion and Dark Indulgences. Anything in excess is his motto.[151][152]:11[153] His followers make love to honor him[154][155] and sometimes wear masks to conceal their identities.[156] They partake in rituals of pain and pleasure, caressing each other's bodies and faces to mark one another in Sanguine's name.[157][158]

During Saturalia, it is common-place for the youth of Elinhir to gift one another lewd and promiscuous presents, anonymously daring their peers to partake in licentious behavior.[159] Worshippers of Sanguine often seek taboo pleasures.[UOL 13]

Sheogorath Worship[edit]

The Sacellum Arden-Sul

Sheogorath is the Prince of Madness and is the ruler of the Shivering Isles.[151] In the Mania region of his realm it is said that the prophet Arden-Sul and his two hundred and thirteen followers met their ends in an overindulgent and hedonistic orgy. This apex of hedonism supposedly caused the hearts of each attendee to explode, with Arden-Sul himself being the last to perish in a moment of pure bliss. The location of this revelry became an important religious site in the Mad God's realm.[160] Worshippers may frolic nude at Shrines of Sheogorath. One play tells of Gambolpuddy seemingly having the ability to trick others into believing they have different identities, such as an Altmer princess having sex on a dining table in front of her noble peers upon touching the glove and believing she was a lowly Khajiit maid, but Sheogorath revealed that the princess desired to commit such a debaucherous act the whole time and it was merely the glove that freed her from thinking such behavior was beneath her.[UOL 14]

Mephala Worship[edit]

The Daedric Prince Mephala

Mephala, also known as the Webspinner,[161] is associated with sex and intrigue. This is reflected both violently and subtly in the forms of orgies and courtship respectively.[162][163] Her cultists use sex and seduction as tools, and induction into these groups often requires prospective members to engage in such activities. This has earned them a reputation for being "debauched orgy clubs".[164] A forbidden text associated with Mephala includes detailed illustrations of various sensual arrangements, including one known as the "Eight-Legged Embrace".[165]


Crassius Curio, an author known for erotic writings

The people of Tamriel have a variety of items and recreational activities revolving around sexual satisfaction. Erotic literature and artworks appear throughout most cultures and regarding various topics.[75][42][166][36][65][70][87][88][165][61][167] Beings such as vampires and lycanthropes also appear in some erotica.[168][169][170] Hermaeus Mora found that the seemingly infinite books about mortal sex made decent structural support in his Endless Library.[UOL 15]

Perhaps the most well known piece of sexual literature is The Lusty Argonian Maid.[171] This bawdy work features the titular lusty Argonian maid and originated from a long line of stories told by traveling bards, each with its own unique spin on the tale.[172] Its popularity grew to the point of spin-offs, such as song adaptations[173] and art folios.[174] Despite this bardic origin, by the Third Era most believed it to have been written by the Imperial Crassius Curio.

Toys for erotic play such as whips, leather-bindings and the 'Amorous Giantess' set were also found in bedrooms throughout Tamriel.[175][176][177][74]

Some establishments also provided sexual entertainment, such as Prostitutes Guild chapters[178][60] and various other brothels throughout Tamriel.[72][73] Some of businesses offered these services only secretly.[94]


It is difficult to have "impure thoughts" around telepaths, as many of them are capable of reading minds.[UOL 16] Various illegal bedroom products exist throughout Tamriel.[51][91] Illegalization of certain carnal activities and writings has been done throughout Tamriel, primarily by the Alessian Order. One such example is an erotic article titled the Conquest of the Falmer.[167]

Most of the time, however, the law prevents much darker aspects of society from being in public view. Necrophiliacs have their dark urges either suppressed by the law or driven underground away from society.[179][180][181][182] Some have described phantasms as feeling unlike anything else, like an electrifying connection no living person could match.[183]

Lleraya Montclair attempting to use vampiric seduction on the Vestige
An emblem representing Molag Bal

The Lord of Domination,[184] Molag Bal, attracts an unsavory crowd. Female followers of Molag Bal are traditionally offered to him on his summoning day. Being selected as an offering is seen as an honor and selectees are expected to go through with the ritual. Few survive, but those who do emerge as pure-blooded vampires.[185] The first to have suffered this "tradition" was Lamae Beolfag, the original vampire.[186] Some vampires use their dark powers to bend the wills of others through arcane seduction.[187]

Some mages have used magic to torture others through bursts of extraordinary sexual ecstasy, breaking the minds of those affected by it. These magics can be of such power that its victims beg for more after it ends. "The way the spell works is that it gives them such intense pleasure that they feel empty and broken without it."; "[...]his knees gave way as the most absolute pleasure he’d ever felt rushed through his body. He wept in ecstasy and moaned involuntarily, overcome." [188]:Chapter 5

Some Dremora show interest in sexually defiling the corpses of mortals.[125][126] At the House of Whims, mortals can partake in the "Constrictions of Moath", though they have difficulty enduring this act and always retain physical injuries, some even dying in the process. For this reason, Madam Whim does not permit her employees to administer the Constrictions of Moath on Nirnlings at too frequent an interval.[121] Some conjurers have displayed attraction to their summons, particularly Flame Atronachs.[189]


Spawning slaughterfish
The eggs of many different species

The inhabitants of Tamriel selectively breed many creatures to better serve specific roles, whether that be as pets, mounts,[190][191] food,[192] or to aid the overall environment.[193][194] There are several examples of hybrids and crossbreeds among the creatures of Tamriel, such as Mules, Wolfdogs and Bristlegut Pigs.[195][196] Some creatures such as horses and durzogs can be altered in their mother's wombs when exposed to certain magics.[197][198]

Weather can somtimes affect the mating habits of creatures. Circa 2E 565, unseasonably warm weather in Skyrim drove hordes of trolls across the western half of the province while "locked in unspeakably horrid acts". High King Svargrim personally stopped the rampage, splitting many of the mating trolls. This event was later known as "The Great Troll Rut".[199]

Most species of arthropod are capable of producing vast amounts of eggs or larvae, with many having specialized castes or queens dedicated to the act of reproduction. Kwama have huge and bloated queens that produce all of a nest's eggs.[200] Some varieties of spider serve as queens, such as Web Mothers and the Diamond Spider Queen.[201][202] Bees and wasps are common insects that have queens.[203][204] Kotu Gava Broodmothers are capable of rapidly producing spawn to defend themselves.[205] Yaghra Monstrosities are a strange variety of Yaghra capable of producing overwhelming amounts of Larval Yaghra.[206]

Certain arthropods can reproduce parasitically. Giant Wasps can reproduce rapidly by injecting eggs into the bodies of other creatures, which quickly emerge as young wasps.[207] Chaurus are capable of reproducing in a similar way.[208] Spiders will occasionally use corpses to incubate thier eggs.[209][210] Elytra possess a large thorax that functions as their womb, and is also where an Elytra's ichor forms. This ichor's purpose is to paralyze a foe, and if the Elytra deems the paralyzed to be a worthy host, she will nest her eggs within the host, sustaining the young with the host's warm flesh.[211]

Some creatures have multiple possible means of reproduction. Indriks are often "born" by manifesting in the wild as a result of the occurrence of natural phenomena, without the need for an existing indrik to sire them.[212][213] Depsite this, Indriks are capable of reproducing normally; some Altmer even managed to breed them in captivity during the Second Era.[214] Mantikoras are usually created by alchemical processes in special spawning pools, but some are created with the ability to breed like normal creatures.[215]

Voles allegedly partake in inbreeding.[216] Apes are said to have incestuous relations with their own mothers.[217]


Dimorphism in elven ears
Differences between a Kagouti and a Bull Kagouti

"Sexual dimorphism" refers to the phenomenon of individuals of different sexes from the same species developing different physical characteristics, such as the development of breasts in women. Some of the Tamrielic races and animals present these dimorphic characteristics.

Bosmer women are taller than the men on average[218] and most elves have differing ear shapes and sizes between sexes. Male ears tend to be bigger than their female counterparts in Altmer, Dunmer and Orcs, with the opposite being true in Bosmer.[218][219][220][221]

Kagouti prominently show dimorphism in both their appearance and mating habits. Male specimens tend to be larger and more colorful, while the females are smaller and duller.[222] Despite this, females are the dominant sex during mating and often attack their male counterparts.[223] Netches also present similar differences. Male ("bull") netches are larger than the more aggressive female ("betty") netches.[224][225][226] Gnats are an additional example of dimorphism affecting behavior, with females being the only ones capable of biting, and males creating buzzing sounds to attract their mates.[227]

Some animals use pheromones to communicate with other members of their species. Some, such as the female dragon frog, use them to attract mates.[228] Betty netches and their calves, on the other hand, secrete pheromones when they feel threatened to drive nearby bull netches to aggression.[229][230]


A Nymph, a member of a race known for promiscuity

A variety of other sexual items and topics exist in Tamriel. Tamriel denizens have been known to use book jackets to hide the covers of indecent tomes,[231] while others owned journals filled with names, addresses and ratings of "companions".[232] Some Daedric charms were also believed to bring luck in carnal affairs.[233] Other such luck inducing trinkets of the more Divine variety also existed.[234] Fertility idols, totems and fetishes exist in most cultures throughout Tamriel.[66][235][57][236][90][237][77][238][239] Some have partaken in drugs which make sexual experience akin to "floating on the surface of time".[87]

Heart's Day, (also called Lovers' Day)[240] is a holiday celebrated all over Tamriel on the 16th of Sun's Dawn (which coincides with Sanguine's summoning day). Inns typically offer free bedrooms on this day.[241] In honor of Heart's Day, flower petals, sweetrolls, and much more are brought into the bedroom to properly set a mood. Each item helps those so inclined to fulfill on the day's delightful promise with their partners in the adventure called life. Flowers associated with Dibella are picked for the occasion.[242]

King Hrol was a possibly insane king who in an attempt to restore the united Empire of old, made love to a hillock which he believed Alessia's spirit resided in. This act cost him his life.[243] Some vials of his famously fertilized soil were sold throughout Tamriel.[244]

The denizens of Umbriel were not familiar with the concept of sexual reproduction, being born fully grown from the Marrow Sump. Some likened a child to being a parasite and considered child-birth revolting. Despite this, they were fully aware of sex, using copulation and procreation interchangeably.[245]:Part 3, Chapter 2

It was unknown whether the Hobs of Umbriel were creatures that reproduced or grew in a normal way, or if they were grown from proforms like the other people of Umbriel.[245]:Part 3, Chapter 10 Supposedly, some chefs in Umbriel would train their Hobs to perform "unconventional" favors for them.[245]:Part 2, Chapter 4

Nymphs have a reputation for being promiscuous and having indiscriminate sex with other races, however these pornographic tales may simply be exaggeration or hersey.[246] Nereids, who are sometimes called Water Nymphs, are similarly known as beautiful and sweet, but are vain and dangerous creatures. Due to this, writings on their sexual nature are rampant.[247][248] Some have implied that Nereids may give their thanks in "jubilant" manners.[249]

Factotums exhibit the ability to compose poetry containing suggestive undertones.[250] Certain factotums, like the Precursor, even possess gustatory sensors installed in their pelvises. It was speculated that Vivec was responsible for such additions.[251] Among its multifarious functions, AIOS, the master factotum created by Sotha Sil also registered the copulation rate of the inhabitants of the Clockwork City.[252]

Despite their nature as golems, gargoyles have been known to pay amorous attention to non-living statues that have been carved to resemble fellow gargoyles.[253]



  • Saint Vitache, Breton Patron Saint of Millers, Scissor-Grinders, and Bathhouse Attendants could be interpreted as a sapphic innuendo.[254]
  • Sex was intended to be a mechanic in Daggerfall that the player could partake in, either as the result of favors from NPCs or the hiring of prostitutes, which would trigger a cutscene depicting painted art (similar to the Vampirism cutscene). It was ultimately cut from the final game, though errant strings of dialogue with NPCs regarding this mechanic still remain in the files; Todd Howard commented that he still has the original art for it in a cabinet, which he said "was tastefully done of course".[255] Battlespire, which began as a DLC for Daggerfall, did eventually integrate this mechanic through dialogue with Perthan and Seducers.[124]

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