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The Concordat of Fraternity was a treaty signed in 1E 2260 by all parties of the All Flags Navy after the Fall of the Sload. Upon returning to the Systres Archipelago from Thras after suffering heavy losses and witnessing many horrors, the Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo and his remaining captains signed the Concordat on All Flags Islet. The document bound each captain and each race to the cause of "peace and cooperation". All parties present resolved to let the Systres stand as a monument to Tamriel's victory and a symbol of prosperity, kinship, and continental unity for all time.[1][2] The agreement was one of the glorious brief moments in which the people of Tamriel stood united and victorious against a common enemy.[1]

After signing the Concordat, the remaining captains and crews of the All Flags Navy sailed back to their homelands, save for a few from High Rock and Colovia. Those who stayed behind were mostly engineers and laborers tasked with the construction of the All Flags monument to commemorate the fleet's triumph over the Sload. The people of Tamriel fell back into squabbles soon after, most notably in the War of Righteousness.[1]