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A jeweler's work station

Cosmetics are items used to enhance an individuals appearance that range from makeups and piercings to perfumes and colognes. These can be applied to the skin, hair, eyes, and everything in-between. Cosmetic implements are in use not only by the mortal inhabitants of Nirn, the daedra of Oblivion also have their fair share of these items.

Known Producers of Cosmetics[edit]

While many cosmetic products are either unique or created on a small scale there are some brands and producers that have made a name by creating more mass produced items.

Betty Netch Brand- A well known producer of hair styling grease.[1]

Green Witch Brand- A brand known for producing a glowing chartreuse colored wrinkle remover lotion.[2]

House Indoril- Indoril alchemists are known to produce spiced colognes, with a unique fragrance made for each of the great houses[3]

House Ravenwatch- House Ravenwatch has manufactured and sold a fragrant cologne for many years.[4]

Uncle Boorg's- A producer of fine Orc tusk wax.[5]

Cosmetic Adornments[edit]


Many face and body adornments for cosmetic use exist throughout different cultures. These include things like jewelry such as earrings or larger items like crowns and tiaras. Several of these adornments are made from animal parts like eye lashes that are actually the antennae of phoenix moths[6] or the firm hairs of a nix-ox.[7] Some addornments are even meant for animals, such as golden fang caps for wolves.[8]

Some Argonians will wear feathers upon their eyes or on the crest of their head[9] and fake eyelashes have been produced for Argonians who want to copy the "dryskin look" but they were never very popular.[10] Copper caps are sometimes worn upon Argonian horns.[11] The Khajiit Baandari sometimes wear circlets of precious metals for luck[12] while their dancers wear tasseled veils that chime and jingle.[13]

Bosmer horns, while sometimes grown are more often cosmetic. These cosmetic horns and antlers come in various shapes and sizes and may be affixed to the head with beetle glue.[14] At least one Ayleid artist-warrior was said to have worn a tiara partially made with aetherial crystal not only for it's beauty but for help in shapeshifting exhibitions.[15]

Nord jarls may wear crowns made from horker leather and reused metal from weapons.[16] The priesthood of Kyne tend to wear winged circlets of gold.[17] Some traditional Imperial diadems, circlets, and coronets are made to represent significant figures in Imperial history such as Alessia, Morihaus, or Pelinal Whitestrake. They are typically represented by a red diamond or a sword.[18] The Nibenese aristocracy are fans of wearing golden laurel coronets upon their heads.[19]

Mortals are not the only ones to make use of jewelry, daedra such as Ogrim are sometimes found sporting nipple piercings[20] or nipple caps.[21] Some Dremora wear diadems as a sign of status.[22]

Some of the other intelligent but less civilized Beastfolk and other beings also wear jewelry and other adornments. Nereids often adorn themselves with aquatic animals like starfish and various corals.[23] Along with those they may also wear jeweled bracers and armlets[24] with others favoring brass anklets.[25] Similiarly, Lamias may be seen wearing armlets and bracelets.[26] Harpy matriarchs may be encountered wearing collars, anklets, bracelets, and earrings.[27] Ogres are not known for their jewelry but do wear toe-rings on rare occasions.[28]

Hair, Fur, and Spine Cosmetics[edit]

A Khajiit tail tuft

There exists several cosmetic products for improving the users hair, fur, or in the case of Argonians, spines or feathers. Some are meant to alter the shape of hair and to help it keep that shape, while others may improve the scent or overall look. Even the Dremora use polish to make their horns shine.[29]

When styling their hair, Altmer make use of crystals that glow orange and emit a low heat to help in curling of the hair[30] and the Altmer village of Graddun Spring produces a popular hair cream.[31] The Dunmer are more partial to scrib-jelly based solutions when styling their hair to give it a bouncy effect.[32]

Argonians use spine polish to make their head spines more presentable,[33] while Khajiit use silky gloss made with moon sugar to smooth and brighten their tails.[34] Whiskers also see some attention with heated whisker curlers being used[35] or wax being applied to enhance their style or sheen.[36] Some Khajiit braid the ends of their tails into tufts.[37]

Braided hair styles are popular among the Nords, so to protect these braids as they sleep, hair nets made from silver mesh are used.[38] Oil sourced from springtime spriggans is used in the upkeep of their beards.[39] Mariner beard oil is used by Breton sailors to keep their facial hair lustrous.[40] Away from the waves, elaborate up-dos are traditional in Breton high society with written visual guides existing for brides seeking to marry into Breton families.[41] Seasalt spray is also used in these elaborate styles.[42]

Imperials make use of luxury sleeping bonnets to keep their hair hydrated and silky so that it can be easily styled in the morning.[43]


While some bodily modifications can come about through magical means such as flesh-sculpting, others are more mundane.

Flesh sculpting can be used to change a persons face to any extent, whether they desire beauty or deformity. The practice can be found practiced in salons across Tamriel.[44]

Some self-conscious Altmer make use of items known as earbinders to correct the shape and sharpness of their ears if they find them lacking.[45]

Nails and Claws[edit]

Nail and claw cosmetics are generally related to painting, polishing, and the overall styling of these areas. Paints and polishes are used to give a flair of color to nails or claws. Painted coverings for the fingernails also exist, some of which are made from the teeth of dire wolves.[46]

One claw polish used by Khajiit is a bright crimson color worn when both moons are dark[47] and other claw polishes are used to bring luster.[48] Some finger and toe claw polishes of Argonian make have even become popular with other races.[49]

Perfumes, Colognes, and Other Scents[edit]

An aromatics shop

Cosmetic scents are used by nearly every known culture and group. Some are used as simple fragrances for day-to-day life, others are meant for high society engagements, while a few are prized for their uses as an aphrodisiac.[50] The musk of certain creatures, such as trolls are used by hunters as an attractant.[51] Not every fragrance is worn, some are used to enhance the smell of a room or entire home.[52]

Of the races of men, the Nords tend to favor rustic scents that bring to mind things like winter,[53] or products made with ingredients harvested from flora and fauna native to Skyrim like the musk of frostbite spiders.[54] The essence of mammoths is a fragrance created in Windhelm that is popular with both maiden and matron alike.[55] The jazbay grapes native to the province are used in a tangy scented cologne.[56] Perfume made from fennec fox musk is expensive yet popular among certain Redguard nobles.[57] At least one Redguard faction, made up of the Red Asp and his allies, was known to use a scent meant to woo women and assist them in their covert operations.[58] One perfume of Imperial make, is purported to not only be similar to what Countess Caro wears but to smell just like the countess herself.[59] Among the Bretons, aromatic scents of rain and smoke are popular[60] and their bedchambers may smell of sweet smelling oil known as "Mara's bosom".[61] The musk of black bears is used by Bretons as well and applied behind the wrists and ears[62] and Breton royalty like that of Cumberland have royal alchemists who create colognes just for them.[63] There also exist wealthy Bretons whom enjoy wearing "Orc sweat cologne" to "unleash their inner Orc."[64] Not every Breton fragrance is meant for others of their kind. The sisters of the Glenmoril Wyrd apply an herbal fragrance along their legs, which is meant for the pleasure of their wolves,[65] whom they live alongside and use as guardians.[66]

The elven races also have many perfumes and colognes in circulation among themselves. One fragrance among the Dunmer is a musk created from the liquids found within cliff strider glands. This scent poses a danger however, as it may attract lonely striders in the wilderness.[67] Colognes with scents for each great house are produced by House Indoril.[3] Similiar to Bretons, some wealthy Dunmer are fond of an expensive scent known as "Nord sweat cologne" which they use to "unleash their inner Nord."[68] The fungi that is so common in Morrowind is used in an ingredient in certain fragrances like "six mushroom scent."[69] The scent glands of Grazelands beetles are used to create an expensive perfume known as Telvanni bug musk, which is said to have a subtle yet compelling fragrance.[70] A Dunmer may also burn a calming and sweet-smelling oil in their bedchambers.[71] Among Altmer aristocrats a perfume of rose oil is popular.[72] Their enemy, the Maormer are more fond of perfumes with a strong reptilian odor.[73]

The Orcs tend to shun and dislike perfumes, calling them "flowery stink" only fit to be worn by Bretons and Elves. Instead, Orcs are more likely to be attracted to the scents of battle and the smell of an enemy's blood. For this reason, when wooing a wife, an Orc chieftain will often defeat a powerful foe beforehand so that he can reek of bodily odor during the attempt.[74]

Argonian colognes are said to be strong and only alluring to other argonians.[75] Some apothecaries in Khajiit lands produce perfumes with an aromatic fragrance of catnip[76] and monkey musk oil is applied behind the tail and ears.[77] Certain fragrances are preferred by certain furstocks, such as "moonprowler's musk" which is a favorite among senche-raht.[78]

Cologne made for the use of werewolves can be found and is said to smell of blood, rot, and urine.[79] Perfume is also made from werewolf musk which some do use as a fragrence but others actually use it to avoid werewolves.[80]

A few fragrances are even used by the denizens of Oblivion such as one said to be able to make the user smell just like a mortal should they wish too.[81]

Skin and Scale[edit]

Many cosmetic lotions and softeners exist for use on both skin and scales and mud masks are also used to boost the look and radiance of the skin.[82] Sand scrubs using fine river sands are also used to keep one looking young.[83] Several animal products are used in different facial lotions and covers such as kwama eggs which are used in the production of skin creams[84] as are unfertilized gryphon eggs.[85] Several types of makeups are used for the enhancement of the face including the lips, eyes, and cheeks. These facial makeups come in many colors from vibrant red[86] to shades of blue.[87] and are made from different ingredients such as snowberries[88] or those made from animal products like Dreugh shell mixed with guar fat.[89] Some eye shadows are made from exquisite items like crushed pearls and gold dust.[90]

Other cosmetics for skin and scale include body and face markings like paints and dyes. These include markings such as the body inks of the Breton Druids[91] and the spore inks worn by Telvanni spore artisans.[92]

One type of facial scrub favored by Imperial stylists is made from the black mud of northern Black Marsh. They believe it to have restorative properties.[93]

The Argonian natives of Black Marsh use a moisturizer made from various herbs on their scales[94] and some tribes use lacquer to give their scales a more lustrous look.[95] One, more unusual item some Argonians use to smooth their scales is leather oil.[96] Scale cream made from kwama wax is also in use.[97] To enhance their head ridges, a gel known as ridge liner is used[98] "Bone blush" produced from Argonian horn ivory was was once popular for certain fashion trends but the formation of the Ebonheart Pact made it far less available.[99] Snout powder is used by Khajiit when looking to dress in a regal style.[100]

Orcs are not known for their skin lotions but Wood Orcs do forge iron stands for lotion warmers however.[101] War paints are used by Orcs often though, like the dark green paints favored by the Seamount Clan[102]

Pearl-shimmer foundation is used by Altmer who want to accentuate their cheekbones.[103] In Dunmer lands a lotion made from crushed fetcherflies exists but is difficult to produce[104] and some moisturizing creams are imported from lands as far away as Hammerfell[105] Oil derived from cliff striders is used in concealing lotions meant to cover up facial blemishes[106] and brass colored lip gloss is fashionable among aposltes of Sotha Sil[107] Some Dunmer lords have their slaves produce exotic mousterizing oils.[108]

A Redguard woman will often powder her nose before a social engagement. This powder is usually kept in a mudcrab shell case.[109] Golden kohl eyeshadow, which contains real gold, is used by Redguard grandeyas and magnificas.[110] Reachmen are heavy users of different war paints which vary between clans. Some of these war paints are a black-blue color and are used specifically for nighttime raids[111] and others are made from soot and ash.[112] Some Reachmen also stain their teeth a blood red color before battle to scare their enemies.[113]

Face paints which may include blood are in use among Dremora clans[114]


Tattooing and otherwise marking one's skin and body with ink is fairly common across different groups and cultures. Some animals are even tattooed such as some Hammerfell camels.[115]

Among the Bretons, the triquetra is tattooed on the face and body.[116]

Some Morag Tong members may denote their service to the faction with body tattoos.[117] The Buoyant Armigers also wear tattoos declaring their service to Vivec.[118] Face tattoos honering the warrior-poet are also found.[119]

The Xivilai are known to produce and use tattoo pens that are well suited for elaborate and detailed work.[120]


  • The Elder Council once passed a motion to add metheglin perfume to the Imperial city sewer's water supply after an extra week of feasting during rain's hand caused a city-wide stench.[121]
  • The winds in the Oblivion realm of Moonshadow have been said to smell of perfume.[122]
  • Some hair products such as "spell gel" are marketed specifically toward mages.[123]



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