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An Ogrim

Ogrim (or Ogrims) are large dim-witted Daedra with very little intellect,[1] which are describable as "fat-faced ogres".[2] They are chiefly sent into the mortal world to menace living things for the amusement of Daedra Princes. Ogrim are associated with Malacath.[1][3] They are sturdy and powerful,[4] and can regenerate health by pounding their chests.[5] Many of them wear nipple piercings. Sanguine uses ogrim as bouncers for his parties.[6] Ogrim are also known to serve Molag Bal and Mephala.[7][8] Molag Bal often employs them as guards[5] and torturers.[9][10] The lumbering ogrim is cruel, often entertaining itself by tormenting its underlings.[5]

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