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An Infernium (ESO)

Inferniums are large beastial Daedra that dwarf most known Daedra in both size and hideousness, resembling a great fanged insect, leech, or monstrous caterpillar with numerous teeth.[1][2] They are many-legged beasts that chase after their prey, screaming and spewing molten rock. They are also occasionally referred to as Lavapedes but it is uncharacteristic of their morphology.[3]

An Infernium (ESO)

Inferniums are huge enough to easily devour beasts as large as horses. Although they do not have a preference in what it consumes they typically are obsessed with concepts of upheaval and revolution. Despite their bestial appearance, Inferniums do not pursue these ends in a crude, general sense. They are aware of where political and cultural power rests. High-ranking Dremora routinely fall prey to attacks of Inferniums. They are attacked far more often than low-ranking Varlets who typically enjoy fewer defenses. Inferniums also consume powerful items such as grand soul gems, master lucents, and valuable extraplanar relics.[2] They are also known to hoard trinkets such as jewelry and precious gems but also collect armor and magical items.[1]

They can be found in the Deadlands, typically wherever there is anything or anyone of potential, prestige, or authority. They can also be encountered in the plane of Deadlight.[4] Inferniums are typically aligned with Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon.[2] Occasionally Inferniums are accompanied by Havocrels. According to some sources Inferniums need that assistance. It was theorized that some Havocrels are attempting to train Inferniums. Certain Inferniums are noted to reform far more frequently than any other routinely killed Daedra. In some cases, the process of reformation can take only a few days.[1] Although the time of reformation is short it is inconsistent and varies between the specimen.[3]


  • Skitterises resemble Inferniums, but their size is of a regular insect.[5]
  • Inferniums and Skitterises both resemble Siege Crawlers, giant Daedric siege engines.[6][7][8] Inferniums specifically were the living inspiration for the incredible Crawlers.[9]


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