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Dremora (also known as "The Kyn") are a warlike Daedric race primarily associated with the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon; although they are often found in the service of other Daedra lords. They are commonly encountered throughout the planes of Oblivion. Dremora are known to be highly intelligent beings, and make capable warriors and mages.

Physical Description[edit]

Dremora are humanoid beings that resemble demon-like knights. In battle, Dremora have been known to wear spiked, crimson Daedric armor. Notable features include horned faces that range from grotesque to resembling tattooed Dunmer, deep ashen grey, blue, purple or red complexions, and voices that are deep and guttural. They can also vary widely in height, with some populations being similar to regular humans while other groups stand as tall or even taller than Altmer.


Dremora society is a class-based clan system that upholds values of oaths, pride, honor and loyalty, both to the clan and to the Daedric lord they serve, whom they also venerate as a god. Dremora culture appears to focus on training and preparing for battle and war. Dremora warriors fall into one of seven different ranks, each more powerful and privileged than the rank below. These ranks are further distributed into melee, missile or mage classes. Dremora also make for ferocious combatants. This is not just because of their abilities as sorcerers and warriors, but also because, as creatures of Oblivion, they have no need to fear death. Some are immune to normal weapons and many can reflect spells. They craft and wear their own armor, known as Daedric armor, reputed to be the strongest available in Tamriel.

The Dremora hierarchy consists of seven major ranks: Churl, Caitiff, Kynval, Kynreeve, Kynmarcher, Markynaz, and Valkynaz. The former three represent the military ranks of lesser soldiers, with Churls being the untrained disorganized rabble that form the bulk of a clan's fighting force, Caitiffs representing shock troops, and Kynvals being soldiers that distinguished themselves in combat and displaying the potential to be future leaders of their clans, as well as being the equivalent of knights. The other four are more important, politically-oriented roles, as they respectively represent clan officers, grand dukes, lords, and princes. There are also many other ranks, such as Feydnaz, Kyngald and Narkynaz, whose positions in the overall hierarchy is largely unknown.

Dremora refer to their race as the Kyn (the People), with the adjectival form being Kynaz (of the Kyn). They consider themselves to be above other Daedra, who are seen as unthinking animals (the primary exception being the Daedric Princes).[1]

They also show a mutual distaste for the mortal races of Nirn. Despite this, Dremora are a surprisingly frequent sight in certain parts of Tamriel, roaming Daedric ruins and the lairs of conjurers and Daedra worshippers. They are also summoned through spells and rituals to Tamriel for durations of time that range from brief to indefinite. In this regard, they are often "employed" by Tamrielic organizations such as the Tribunal Temple to guard their shrines, and by the Mages Guild to deliver messages to non-guild members. Throughout the years, other professions that Dremora have pursued outside of being warriors of their clans include being mercenaries, torturers, bodyguards, taskmasters, pirates, butlers, and merchants in both Oblivion and Nirn.




  • The Dremora bear a strong resemblance to the Daedra Lords (pictured above) from Daggerfall. However, it is unclear whether the Daedra Lords in question are meant to be Dremora themselves (since the Dremora officially debuted in Battlespire, which was released after Daggerfall), or if they are simply other Daedra of similar sentience.
  • In 4E 201, Sanguine assumed the form of a Dremora when he revealed his true identity as a Daedric Prince to the Dragonborn, after the latter visited Misty Grove.
  • Though they are primarily followers of Mehrunes Dagon, Dremora have also been associated with many other Daedric Princes. The most prominent of these is Molag Bal, who has entire clans of Dremora in his service.

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