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ON-creature-Akranos the Unleashed.jpg
A Mantikora (ESO)
Type Race (Beastfolk)
Range Craglorn
Appears in

ESO, Legends

Mantikoras are unnatural composite creatures, artificially created by the Scaled Court circa 2E 572 from their experiments with Nirncrux, alchemy, and ritualistic magics. They combine the traits of numerous predators, such as crocodiles, welwas, scorpions, and specially bred wamasu. Additionally, captured Men and Mer were also utilized to give the creatures their sapience.[1][2] Mantikoras are large, powerful, and exceptionally intelligent - and that makes them extremely dangerous. Mantikoras were used in the Serpent's plot to revert Tamriel back to the chaos of the Dawn Era.[3] Only certain Mantikoras are created with the ability to breed.[4]

Mantikoras are aggressive creatures that like the thrill of the hunt, and they never kill their victim quickly to enjoy their fun. Their poison cooks their victims from the inside, leaving them as venom-charred husks. The poison of a specific Mantikora, Taupezu Azzida, was used as a supplement in an illegal narcotic known as Daze in Fargrave. While Daedra could survive it, it is lethal to mortals, though regular Mantikora venom is devasting even to Daedra.[5][6]

The Seven Secretives attempted to steal the alchemical secret to their creation to pull off a coup of the current Morag Tong leadership, but they were stopped by Naryu Virian.[3]

Mehrunes Dagon had many Mantikora stolen from the Scaled Court for his own use.[7] This theft was carried out by an Ogrim named Grilg, who brought the stolen Mantikoras to the Deadlands circa 2E 572. Grilg fed the creatures a concoction made from Deadlands herbs and Infernium blood to transform them into a savage and alien form. These Dagonic Mantikoras retain their cunning but become more compliant, possessing red hot scales and excoriated skin.[8][9]



  • Mantikoras are not to be confused with the hybrid creatures known as Chimeras, which are also known as manticores.[10]

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