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A Hadolid
Type Race (Beastfolk)
Range Eltheric Ocean, Systres
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Hadolid Anatomy

Hadolids are a race of amphibious, bipedal crablike (or lobsterlike)[1][2] beastfolk native to the Abecean Sea. Due to traits they share with crustaceans, they have also been referred to as crabfolk. There are two distinct types of Hadolids, those more crablike, with wide flat heads and four claws, and those more lobsterlike, with elongated heads as well as two claws and two hands. They are visually comparable to Dreugh, and their shells are somewhat similar to mudcrabs. Hadolids are migratory, and can stay underwater for a period of a decade or more before returning to land for a similar length of time. Hadolids are capable of diving underwater to depths that surpass even the ability of Argonians, leaving a major part of their lifecycle a mystery to researchers. Their odor is reminiscent of rotting meat.[3][4][5] They travel in hunting packs and are capable of using powerful magic and weapons.[6] They are commonly seen venturing onto land on the Systres.[7]

History and Behavior[edit]

A Hadolid spellcaster
Hadolids in battle

Known records on Hadolids go back to the All Flags Navy during the Thrassian War. During a battle against Sload forces by the Silversmith, a group of crabfolk briefly joined against the Sloads before withdrawing. The Silversmith signaled thanks, but the Hadolids ignored this attempt at contact by Captain Grigette Maston. Baron Admiral Bendu Olo would later attempt to open diplomatic channels with a Hadolid encampment on Amenos. This mission of diplomacy ended in the deaths of nine diplomats, seven who were killed during an attack during the initial meeting, and two others who were found drowned a week later after being abducted.[4]

Other encounters with Hadolids have led to observations of them using tools and keeping prisoners in constructed cages.[8] There have also been instances where Hadolids will attack and seize supply shipments for unknown purposes.[9] Their unwillingness to engage in diplomacy leaves many facts about the Hadolids hidden, with the possibility that they maintain large cities underwater in comparison to their ramshackle surface outposts not outside of the realm of reasonable speculation. It is believed that Hadolids and Sloads have engaged in giant underwater campaigns against each other.[3]

The Hadolids are rumored to have attacked numerous islands surrounding the Systres.[5] Warning signs of Hadolid presence, such as ship wreckage left strewn around an island's coast, are also similar to indicators of Maormer occupation. In fact, Hadolids and Sea Elves have been known to jointly inhabit the same islands.[10][11] Hadolids live alongside pangrits, and while some claim the Hadolids created the pangrits, others believe they simply tamed the beasts.[12] They are known to summon them during battle to fight for them.[13]

Hadolids are known to be attracted to locations by noise.[14] Relatedly, the thaumavocalist Meryline Barthel used the power of her singing to pacify a Hadolid force attacking Amenos' Brokerock Mine in the Second Era, convincing them to leave.[15]

Life Cycle[edit]

In order to grow, Hadolids undergo the process of molting: they shed their old carapace and develop a new one. Beneath their old shell lies soft tissue that will harden into a new one. When they need to molt, they travel to molting sites guarded by Hadolid matrons, who safeguard their charges while they are vulnerable. The process of molting also creates a brief window during which Hadolid brine glands can be successfully extracted for alchemical purposes.[16]

Hadolids are an accepted part of the diet of Systres residents, and their body parts are sometimes fashioned into decorative baubles.[17][18]



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