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Gremlin with red vest (Redguard)

Gremlins are small, harmless creatures related to goblins, whom they can often be found living alongside.[1][2] While seen as unpleasant by most, they usually aren't met with violence like most goblin-ken. Instead, they are typically shooed away or otherwise dismissed, though some show them kindness.[3][4] Gremlins have their own language, known as gremlin tongue, which is not usually understood by other races, though some words in it are coincidentally similar to other words in Tamrielic.[5][3] They are sometimes derogatorily called "Orc-rats" or "Squeakers".[6][7]

Gremlins have been used as slaves by the Altmer and as familiars by some wizards in the Mages Guild.[1][8] A number of gremlins and other goblin-ken lived in the original city of Orsinium.[1] Gremlins were also known to live in the Goblin Caverns of Stros M'Kai.[2] Cyrus the Redguard was once transformed into a gremlin by Archmage Jaganvir of Stros M'Kai. While transformed, Cyrus, without needing to learn it, could only speak in gremlin tongue.[3][5]


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