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The Lilmothiit (possibly meaning "one who is from Lilmoth"),[1] also called the Fox-Folk,[2][3] were a vulpine (fox-like) beast race who once inhabited Black Marsh. Some scholars speculate that the Lilmothiit are related to the Khajiit of Elsweyr.[4][5] The Lilmothiit were a nomadic tribal group, and left few enduring signs of their existence. They founded the settlements of Lilmoth and Blackrose. Lilmoth later came to be occupied by merchants and neighboring Argonian tribes.[1] The Lilmothiit ruins of Blackrose were later turned into Blackrose prison in a single day by Pelladil Direnni, who summoned an army of stone atronachs[6] at the request of Potentate Versidue-Shaie in the Second Era.[5]

For many generations, the Lilmothiit were in decline, and they eventually withdrew their presence on the coasts to the inland regions around Blackrose.[3] In the Second Era, the Lilmothiit were scarcely seen. Several scholars from High Rock believed they had succumbed to the Knahaten Flu,[1] leaving behind many ruins for archeologists to scour.[2] As of 2E 582, in the region of Blackwood, a kind of sleek paper kite, painted bright orange and featuring a real fox's tail was a common toy. It was named Lilmothiit Fox-Kite, after the vulpine folk.[7]


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