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A harpy shrieking
"The hideous harpy, half-avian abomination, is shunned by all the faithful of Tava."
The Revered Mubdaraz[1]

Harpies are fierce, carnivorous, feminine humanoids with the wings of a bird. They have a reputation as furious creatures who kidnap, mate with, and kill human males.[2] A common nuisance around the Iliac Bay area, particularly in Lainlyn, but found wherever there are rocky cliffs and crags suitable for their nests. They lay eggs and nest in abandoned ruins.[2][3] While their maniacal nature makes them somewhat less-than-brilliant tacticians, their sharp talons and frenzied behavior often force kingdoms to abandon lands to their use.[2] The Fighters Guild is known to clear out harpy nests.[4]

A potential origin story for Harpies comes from the story of Noctyr-a, whose name may be inspired by the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.[5] Harpies live in primitive matriarchal groups, have their own rudimentary language, and have even been known to communicate with mortals.[6] The festival of Riglametha celebrates the supposed creation of the harpies, when a group of cruel and beautiful Daedra worshippers of Lainlyn were transformed by a magic robe.[5] Still, some say that the Harpies have knowledge passed on to them from their human fore-mothers: knowledge they may give, but not freely.[2] A thousand generations of inbreeding long since removed any "glimmer of intelligence" from the minds of Wrothgar harpies, to the point where they are closer to giant birds.[7]


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