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The Ket Ketpu, also called the Men-of-Ket or simply Keptu,[1] were an ancient race of Men native to central Hammerfell[2] and the hinterlands bordering Cyrod, such as the Jerall Mountains.[3][4] They lived in Tamriel during the Merethic and early First eras,[1] alongside many of the other early Nedic peoples.[3] Though unpolished and barbaric,[2] the Keptu were far from primitive,[5] and were among the earlier pre-Alessian civilizations to discover techniques for refining stone.[4] Their culture was at one point almost entirely oral, though they had developed glyphs and amulets inscribed with markings.[4][6]

They constructed the Bloodroot Forge atop a large source of nirncrux in a secluded Jerall valley, a massive and powerful magical forge rivaling the architectural feats of the Ayleids and Dwemer. It harnessed the power of lava flows to smelt the tribe's ore and heat their metals,[5] though also served a more occult purpose as a temple to worship dark gods and practice dangerous rites of Blood Magic with the use of iron, nirncrux, and lava.[7][8] The Ayleids enslaved many Keptu around the Niben during the early First Era before their empire fell.[1] Due to the usage of "Nede" as a catch-all term for Merethic Era humans,[3][1] the Keptu are inconsistently described as being Nedes[9] and as a separate race from Nedes.[1][10] Pelinal Whitestrake brought Morihaus to the Nedic healer Zuathas the Clever-Cutting man, who had a Keptu name and tended to the wounds he received after a battle with the Ayleids.[10]

How the Keptu people faded from prominence is unclear, but most Nedic cultures were already in decline by the time the Ra Gada set foot in Volenfell circa 1E 808.[11] It is suggested that they had ancient cultural interchange with the clans of the Reach, who adopted parts of their cultural styles.[12] By the Second Era, ancient Keptu sites had become ruins and were shunned by the Nords as places of evil.[7] In 2E 582, a group of Reachmen descended from the Keptu formed the Dreadhorn Clan with their minotaur allies after their leader Gherig Bullblood met with the minotaur Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, who recognized his Keptu amulet.[6] Together, they used Blood Magic to reawaken the Bloodroot Forge, meddling with the long-slumbering smithies to infuse themselves with nirncrux.[13] The Dreadhorn Clan used this power to put the Nordic city of Falkreath under siege, but this was lifted after Domihaus fell in battle.[14]



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