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(lore page)
Location Silverhoof Vale, Blackheart Haven more
Species Harpy
Health 60370
Normal49116Veteran136704 (Blackheart Haven, red), Normal32417Veteran71289 (Blackheart Haven, blue)
60418 (Wrothgar)Orsinium
Normal41467Veteran(?)Dragon Bones
Reaction Hostile
Foul Hide
Medium Armor Materials
A red Harpy flying
A red harpy perched on a ledge

Harpies are half-bird, half-woman hybrid creatures found all over Tamriel, often in warm climates. They have little intelligence and are usually hostile.

There are two kinds of red harpies. The harpies with brighter red feathers whose crests are folded back neatly in the shape of a briarheart seed appear younger. These bright red harpies have feathered collars that stand straight up. These harpies have no tails. There are also dark red harpies, whose crest feathers appear spaced further apart. These older, darker red harpies wear more jewelry than their counterparts with brighter plumage. The harpies with darker plumage have tail feathers. Harpies with darker plumage have feathers around their neck that jut outwards towards their shoulders, as opposed to the younger harpies, whose collar stands up straight.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
A basic ranged attack that does minor shock damage.
Wing Slice
A charged melee attack that does moderate physical damage. This attack can be blocked to set the harpy off-balance.
Lightning Gale
A ranged attack that does moderate shock damage. The attack can be interrupted to set the harpy off-balance, or simply avoided.
Wing Gust
An attack that does moderate physical damage and knocks down all enemies as indicated by a red cone.
Charged Ground
An attack that does moderate shock damage over time to all enemies as indicated by a red circle. The attack can be interrupted to set the harpy off balance, or simply avoided.

Related Quests[edit]

Harpy Variants[edit]

Unique Harpies[edit]


  • There are varieties of harpies, with red ones being the most common, purple ones serving as matriarchs, and black ones appearing in Wrothgar and Northrn Elsweyr. According to Orzorga, the harpies in Wrothgar are far less intelligent due to generations of inbreeding.
  • Their eggs are prized by Argonians, such as Deechee-Noo. Walks-Softly considers them to be sickening and garish.
  • Harpies can be seen snatching up soldiers at Frostbreak Fortress and flying off with them.