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Create and set loose some magical sparklers for your "king".
Quest Giver: Jester King Emeric, Jester Queen Ayrenn
Location(s): Ilessan Tower, Silumm, Daggerfall (Glenumbra)
Prerequisite Quest: The Jester's Festival
Previous Quest: Springtime Flair
Next Quest: A Noble Guest
Reward: Jester's Festival Box
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Impress the crowds with Jester King Emeric's illusion dazzlers.
This quest is only available during the Jester's Festival
Jester King Emeric has asked for my help in impressing his subjects and visiting guests with a display using his illusion dazzlers. Unfortunately, his stock was confiscated and he needs my help to create replacements.
Jester Queen Ayrenn said the troupe would be moving on to Daggerfall and invited me to follow along. She mentioned I might be able to help Jester King Emeric as I helped her.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Jester King Emeric east of Daggerfall.
  2. Collect Glowing Ayleid Bone Dust from Silumm and Dragonfire Dust from inside the Ilessan Tower.
  3. Return to Jester King Emeric.
  4. Set loose the Illusion Dazzlers in Daggerfall.
  5. Return to Jester King Emeric.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Jester King Emeric wants to spread joy throughout his kingdom, but his "queen" has confiscated his illusion dazzlers! You must enter two local attractions, Silumm and Ilessan Tower, so that you may find the components the King needs to craft new illusion dazzlers. Dragonfire Dust can be found in Ilessan tower, and Glowing Ayleid Bone Dust may be found in the ruins of Silumm, with lie north of Daggerfall, along the coast. Ilessan tower lies east of the event pavilion. It's not that far away. Just cross the river and enter the run-down tower.

To find your components, you need to kill enemies or find the components in the world. For the Dragonfire Dust, you need to kill Red Rook Bandits. You can also find Dragonfire Crystals and sacks of Dragonfire Dust throughout the delve. The crystals are the more common resource of the two lootable containers that aren't NPCs. The shards and sacks aren't shared, so if you pick up a Dragonfire Crystal, the player beside you will need to wait for it to respawn in order to loot it. It should be noted that the harpies in Ilessan Tower have far less of a chance to drop the dust than the bandits do, so you should focus your murdering efforts on the bandits while looking for dust.

Within Silumm, the mechanics are the same. Get your glowing bone dust from Glowing Ayleid Bone Piles, or by killing Dominion troops and werewolves. The bone piles aren't shared between players. Lootable NPCs and containers can be found all throughout both delves, so just kill enemies and loot crystals and bones to find your components!

When you have your materials, run back up the hill to Jester King Emeric, and give the dust to him. Then stand back and watch him work his magic. Voila! Your king will present the dazzlers to you, in a Sack of Totally Safe Illusion Dazzlers. Take the sack, and head over to the three locations you need to use them at.

The closest location is Daggerfall Castle. Run up the stairs to the place in front of the Castle itself. You will know each location by the many Festival Merrymakers filling the area. Throw three dazzlers in front of the castle, then run back down the stairs and head over to the Hill, which is really just a place below the Guild Traders. The docks are just a short walk away from the traders, down the hill, so throw the hill dazzlers and keep going downhill towards the docks. When you arrive at the docks, throw the last of your dazzlers and return to Jester King Emeric outside Daggerfall's city walls, where he will give you your reward for helping him spread merriment throughout the city.

Quest Stages[edit]

Royal Revelry
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Jester King Emeric at the festivities in Daggerfall.
Objective: Travel to the Festival in Glenumbra
I should speak to Jester King Emeric and find out how I might join in the festivities.
Objective: Speak to Jester King Emeric
Latest start Jester King Emeric needs hard to acquire materials to create replacement illusion dazzlers. I need to collect these ingredients in Glenumbra from Silumm and Ilessan Tower.
Objective: Collect Glowing Ayleid Bone Dust: 0/8
Objective: Collect Dragonfire Dust: 0/8
I collected all of the ingredients Jester King Emeric needs to craft his dazzlers, now I need to deliver them.
Objective: Talk to Jester King Emeric
Jester King Emeric has granted me the honor of awing the crowds around Daggerfall with his illusion of dazzlers. He's crafting some for me right now.
Objective: Wait for Jester Emeric to Craft His Dazzlers
Jester King Emeric has granted me the honor of awing the crowds around Daggerfall with his illusion of dazzlers. He's left me a sack full for that purpose. I should take them.
Objective: Take Illusion Dazzlers
Jester King Emeric has granted me the honor of awing the crowds around Daggerfall with his illusion of dazzlers. I should find some celebrants to impress and start setting off dazzlers.
Objective: Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Docks: 0/3
Objective: Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Castle: 0/3
Objective: Use Illusion Dazzlers at the Hillside: 0/3
☑Finishes quest I set off all of Jester King Emeric's illusion dazzlers to the amusement of crowds all around Daggerfall. I should inform him of my success.
Objective: Speak to Jester King Emeric