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Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths Announced — July 11, 2022

Billy Kametz Passes Away, Aged 35 — June 9, 2022

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Releases on PC — June 6, 2022

Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, and Redguard Now On Steam — April 26, 2022

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Preview Event — April 14, 2022

A Month of Events for ESO's Eighth Anniversary — April 1, 2022

Ascending Tide And Update 33 Go Live For Elder Scrolls OnlineMarch 14, 2022

Explorer's Celebration Celebration Event Starts — March 17, 2022

Bethesda to Sunset Their Launcher — February 22, 2022

Elder Scrolls Online Holds Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event — February 19, 2022

Elder Scrolls Online Announces Legacy of the Bretons Story Arc — January 27, 2022

Letters Mailed Teasing Upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Content — January 16, 2022

Elder Scrolls Online to Hold Daedric War Celebration Event — January 15, 2022

ESO 2022 Global Reveal Event Announced — January 5, 2022

2022 New Year Sales — January 01, 2022

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The Sea of Ghosts is found on Tamriel's north coast.

The Sea of Ghosts (also known as the Ghost Sea or the Northern Sea) is the body of water that consists of the northern coast of Tamriel and the southern coast of Atmora. (more...)

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The Frigid Temptress (ESO)

Did You Know...

  • ... that Skyrim's Creation Club adds many artifacts, ingredients, creatures, and other content from previous games?
  • ... that Oblivion is the first Elder Scrolls game in which the player's magicka regenerates on its own?

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