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Current Featured Article

White-Gold Tower, The Ayleid Empire Capital

The Ayleid Empire (or imperatum saliache) was the original dominant power in Cyrod. It was composed of multiple city-states, ruled by the Ayleid sorcerer-kings. The empire's roots began in the Middle Merethic Era, when established Ayleid settlements flourished in the Heartlands. Though they were ostensibly a tribute-land to the High King of Alinor, the distance between Cyrodiil and Summerset's communication lines led to the Ayleids' isolation and eventual detatchment. Their fall is attributed to their arrogant pride of their achievements and smug self-assurance that their empire would last forever, which doomed them to fail and fade into obscurity. (more...)

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The End of Order (Oblivion)

Did You Know...

(updates once per hour)
  • ... that most buildings in Skyrim are built partly underground to conserve heat, and are made primarily of stone, with wood used only for support, and roofs of straw above the wood?
  • ... that Reymon Ebonarm, the God of War, had his ebony sword fused to his right arm?
  • ... that there have been several canceled Elder Scrolls games, including two sequels to Redguard?
  • ... that Nehrim: At Fate's Edge is one of three total conversion mods by German game studio SureAI that use Elder Scrolls game engines, with Arktwend and Enderal set in the same alternate fantasy universe?
  • ... that Shadowkey shares its release date (11 Nov 2004) with Skyrim (11 Nov 2011)?