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Location Unhallowed Grave, Deepwood Barrow, Kilkreath Temple
Race High Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Ravenwatch
Condition Vampire

Fennorian is a High Elf vampire and arcane investigator who has followed the Draugrkin to the Unhallowed Grave. The organization has beaten him to several caches before and he wanted to know how they accomplished it.

He is also a skilled healer and managed to save Shelaria's life when he found her.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]


Unhallowed Grave[edit]

Enter the crypt and you'll hear the Redguard threatening Fennorian, who is trying to calm her down:

Shelaria: "You dare touch me, vampire? I may fall today, but by Onsi's bright blade, I will take you with me!"
Fennorian: "Please, just listen. I am not allied with those graverobbers. If you keep this up, those wounds will reopen."

If you try to speak to him before Shelaria, he'll only say:

"You should speak with Shelaria. I'm afraid she'll have nothing to do with me for now."

Once you've spoken to, and agreed to help Shelaria, he can be further questioned about himself and the area:

"So, you mean to aid us with this Draugrkin business? Thank goodness. Shelaria seems like a competent warrior, but her injuries are pretty severe."
Who are you?
"Ah, introductions. My name is Fennorian. I'm an arcane investigator. Of a sort.
You may have heard Shelaria's … forceful rebukes. Sorry about that. I promise, I only want to help. But I'm a vampire, you see. It sets some people ill at ease."
I imagine it would. Can I really trust you not to bite us?
"You have my word!
I'll be honest. I've only been a vampire for a short time. Still wearing in the soles, so to speak. But the hunger is one thing I've taken great pains to master. I swear, I wouldn't harm a torchbug!"

If the player is a vampire, they will instead say:

I know the feeling. I am a vampire too.
"So you are. Thank you for being open about it. I would never dare expose another vampire without their blessing, but talking around it is … well, it's tedious, to be honest. I hope you'll pardon my saying so.
Now, what were we talking about again?"
What can you tell me about this place?
"Shelaria refers to it by some obscure Redguard name, but foreign scholars like me call it the Unhallowed Grave. According to my research, it's a cavernous burial mound, dating back to the First Era.
It wasn't easy to find, I can tell you that."
Why is that?
"Someone went to great pains to wipe it from the histories. Likely to keep it hidden from greedy necromancers like the Draugrkin.
But if there's one thing I've learned in my time as an investigator, it's that nothing stays hidden forever."
You said it's a burial mound. Who's buried here?
"An ancient army of the night—the Gray Host.
It took the combined might of the Bangkorai Garrison and Hestra's Legions to defeat them. Fearing something might bring the Host back to life, the soldiers burned all the corpses and left the ashes here."
Who are these Draugrkin, exactly?/You mentioned the Draugrkin. Who are they, exactly?
"Ugh. A depraved band of necromancers and cutthroats. Nords mostly. They deal in magical trinkets and relics—selling their discoveries to the highest bidder.
They're scoundrels, one and all, but I can't help but admire their diligence."
What do you mean?
"Well, they've out-researched me at every turn.
Every time I think I've found some new cache of arcane antiquities, the Draugrkin beat me to the punch. I followed them here in hopes of finding out how they manage it."
Have you figured it out yet?
"Alas, no. But now, having seen them up close, I'm growing more and more convinced that someone is helping them. A shadowy researcher of some kind. This person may even be financing the expeditions. Not a comforting thought, that."

As you walk away into the depths of the crypt, you'll hear over your shoulder:

Fennorian: "Our new friend doesn't object to my presence. I hope that settles things?"
Shelaria: "For now, vampire. Only for now."

After slaying the Draugrkin lieutenant, Hakgrym the Howler, Shelaria and Fennorian will arrive:

Shelaria: "Well done, wayfarer. Look there on the door—the Pyre Watch sigil. These Draugrkin must have used Tu'whacca's Gaze to unlock it."
Fennorian: "How far down does this ruin go, Shelaria? Surely they found enough bones up here to fill those urns they brought."
Shelaria: "I do not know. No Pyre Watch sentinel has ventured this far into the tomb since our ancestors sealed it. Come. Our answers lie ahead."
"I'm sorry if I appear nervous. It's just that … well, I'm nervous. From the looks of it, these brigands have already smuggled many of these urns out of the tomb. What more could they want?
Unless I miss my guess, it's something horrifying."
The Draugrkin are packing these urns with ashes and bones? Why?
"Well, they have many necromancers among their ranks. Necromancers and bones go together like jam and bread.
Then again, the Draugrkin usually sell their spoils to wealthy patrons. If that patron is a student of the Dark Practice …."
This patron could raise an army of undead?
"Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Most of these bones are charred and brittle. They might make serviceable thralls for light housework, but as an army? I don't know. It's curious.
We'll just have to keep digging."

Further on Shelaria and Fennorian will approach one of the sigil locked doors which are hindering your progress:

Shelaria: "HoonDing help us. The door is sealed. And without Tu'whacca's Gaze …."
Fennorian: "Wait, Shelaria. Look there on the floor. More sigils. Perhaps they correspond to the one on the door?"
Shelaria: "You … you may be right, vampire. Look around. We must keep up the pursuit."

If you talk to him for any insight about the sigil:

"Those smaller sigils must have a role to play here …."

After you find the sigil to unlock the door, he will compliment you:

"Well done!
Hopefully we don't encounter any more locked doors. But if we do, we'll know what to do!"

At the next locked door, the pair will stare at it. There are no visible sigil stones nearby:

Shelaria: "Another sealed door, but no statues or sigils. Any ideas, blood-drinker?"
Fennorian: "A few. The corresponding sigils may be in another room. We should have a look around—perhaps in that vault to the north."

Fennorian will offer a suggestion if you talk to him:

"I'll search around here. Why don't you take a look at the door on the other side of the chamber."

After you have defeated Keeper of the Kiln in the Kiln chamber to the north, Fennorian will arrive:

Fennorian: "Friends! The door unsealed! It's just—whoa, what happened in here?"
Fennorian: "Never mind. Shelaria managed to capture one of the Draugrkin. Come quickly!"

He will urge you to hurry:

"We should move quickly. Shelaria's methods of interrogation are somewhat …. Just hurry. You'll see."

When you reach Shelaria and the Graverobber, the interrogation will be reaching it's end:

Shelaria: "Where is Tu'whacca's Gaze? Where is your leader?"
Draugrkin Graverobber: "Kjalnar Tombskald took your magic lantern with him … farther into the cave! You'll never catch him, Redguard. Not before he—"
Shelaria: "Before he what? What are you godless dogs doing here? Speak!"
<The Graverobber stands up and begins to laugh.>
Draugrkin Graverobber: "Ha! You have no idea what's coming. When the one who sent us comes to power, you'll beg for death. Beg!"
Shelaria: "Enough of this!"
<As he continues to laugh, Shelaria runs him through.>
Fennorian: "Shelaria … what did you do?"
Shelaria: "You heard what he said. Their leader and Tu'whacca's Gaze are ahead. Shed a tear for this monster if you wish, but make it quick."

If you talk to him afterwards:

"I think Shelaria may have reopened some of her wounds. Go on. We'll catch up."

After you destroy the Eternal Aegis, the duo will arrive and Fennorian will ask Shelaria just what else is in these tombs:

Fennorian: "I've explored more tombs than I care to recall, and I've never seen a guardian like this."
Shelaria: "Enough with your academics, vampire! We did not come here to study, we came here to stop the Draugrkin!"
Fennorian: "I only mean to say that this level of protection … are you sure there's nothing else here, Shelaria? Nothing beyond the remains of the Gray Host?"
Shelaria: "What does it matter? Kjalnar and his graverobbing jackals still outpace us. We must move quicker!"

He will be concerned about Shelaria's state and can be asked about his opinion of what lies ahead:

"Please move cautiously. Blood loss and grief make Shelaria … erratic. We really can't afford to take foolish risks in a tomb like this."
You really think there's something beside the Gray Host buried here?
"I can't be sure. But all these animated statues … and now a colossal tomb guardian? I fear something truly horrifying rests at the heart of this place."
Any guesses as to what it might be?
"Something old. Very old. Old enough to escape all the histories of the Imperial City unnoticed. I suppose the only way to find out is to soldier on.
Just keep an eye on Shelaria, eh? I will as well."

Once the exit the ruins and to an outdoor area, both will be awed at the scale of the architecture:

Shelaria: "I had no idea such grand ruins stood in the heart of this place."
Fennorian: "Yokudan, yes? The works of your ancestors from beyond the sea?"
Shelaria: "Yes. Thank Mara, they all rest in glory on the Far Shores. If they could see what their home has become … the shame would be unbearable."

If he's spoken to:

"I wish I could explore these ruins under happier circumstances. Of course, under happier circumstances, the Pyre Watch sentinels would still be alive, and they'd kill me before I could enter. It's a pickle."

As you approach Kjalnar Tombskald's location, Shelaria and Fennorian will catch up to you:

Fennorian: "We're almost there. I can sense it crawling up my spine. Something profoundly evil lurks here."
Shelaria: "Whatever it is—whatever these beasts have conjured here—it will face a lasting death at our hands."

Fennorian will warn you to be prepared:

Ready yourself. I've encountered more than my fair share of evils. Please believe me when I tell you that whatever Kjalnar Tombskald found down here dwarfs them all."

When you enter the Pit of Sorrows, Kjalnar Tombskald will be waiting. Shelaria will be eager to kill him, only to be stopped:

Shelaria: "Kjalnar! I'll kill you for what you've done!"
Kjalnar Tombskald: "By all means, try. Our patron demanded the remains of the Gray Host. What's the harm in adding a few more corpses?"
Fennorian: "Shelaria! Arta vare! Sleep now."
<Shelaria falls asleep and is taken out of the fight.>
Fennorian: "She's in no condition to fight. Go! Kill that fiend!"

After defeating the leader of the Draugrkin and his summon, Shelaria will awakened and be angered that Fennorian kept her out of the fight:

Shelaria: "Damn you, Fennorian. That … that was my fight"
Fennorian: "A fight you would have lost. I don't expect gratitude, but you're welcome all the same."

Speaking to him before Shelaria:

"Well, that was, you know … horrifying. We never could have bested a mage like that without your help. Thank you."

Afterward completing the quest, Shelaria and Fennorian will discuss what they have learnt and leads to who ordered the Draugrkin to come to the site in the first place:

Shelaria: "Fennorian, I … I understand why you did what you did. One day, I will make my peace with it. In the meantime, I will put the life you saved to good use."
Fennorian: "I trust you will, Shelaria. As for me, I have some investigating to do—starting with this mysterious patron Kjalnar mentioned."
Shelaria: "Whoever they are, I suspect they've already gotten what they wanted. The Draugrkin smuggled a great many urns out of the Grave before you arrived. Tu'whacca help us all."
"I hope that Shelaria finds a way to forgive me. I robbed her of a glorious death, yes. But a glorious death would profit this place very little.
This Unhallowed Grave needs vigilant protectors. I think Kjalnar made that very, very clear."
How do you intend to find this patron Kjalnar mentioned?
"I have a few contacts in the oddities market. One of the benefits of being an antiquarian who spends much of his time in the shadows. A flock of creepy Nords shipping ancient bones in bulk is sure to catch someone's attention."
And you think you can track the urns back to the person who requested them?
"It's worth a try. And for now, it's my only lead.
Do me a favor and keep your ear to the ground. Whatever this mysterious patron means to do with the remains of the Gray Host … it can't be good."
Appears only with Greymoor


Bound in Blood[edit]

"My thanks. Hear me out if you want to escape this place."

When you first awaken in your cell, you can hear Fennorian asking for help from a stone sarcophagus in which he has been locked up:

Fennorian: "Is someone out there? I could use your assistance. I am quite trapped in here."

Once you have opened the sarcophagus, a weakened Fennorian collapses to the ground and says:

Fennorian: "My thanks. Hear me out if you want to escape this place."

You can then speak to him, at which point he will also apologize for his appearance, which seems to be a result of blood-starving.

"You were on the cart. I saw you before those witches caught us and tossed me in this stone box. Glad you're finally awake.
Apologies for my ghastly appearance. I'm … not feeling my best."
Where are we?
"Our precise location? I can only speculate. Somewhere in Western Skyrim, I suppose. I was involved in my own investigation when the Icereach Coven witch attacked.
We can escape, but I desperately need your help first.
Help with what?
"The witches must have stashed my belongings nearby. Among them is a small flask.
I can open the cell door. Once I do, I need you to retrieve the flask for my. I’ll be too weak. And until I have it, you’re in significant danger."
What do you mean?
"I swear I intend you no harm. If I don’t get my flask back, however, my intentions won’t matter.
Retrieve it and we’ll break out of here together."
Open the door and I'll get your flask.

Fennorion will then get up from the floor and approach the bars of the cell, while saying:

Fennorian: "Don't be afraid. This may be jarring, but it's a necessary part of the plan."

He will use his vampiric magic to pass through the metal bars of the cell, and will open the door as he had promised. He will reiterate his request as well:

Fennorian: "You're free. Now, please. Hurry and retrieve my flask."

He will remain hunched over near the lever and when spoken to he will only say:

"Please, retrieve the flask. It must be nearby. I can sense it. We can talk after."

When you approach him with the flask in your possession, he will desperately ask:

Fennorian: "Did you find it? Give it to me."

Once given the flask, he will promptly drink its contents, which he shortly after reveals to be blood. After imbibing the blood, Fennorian, who looks much better by that point, will say:

Fennorian: "Yes, that’s… better. Thank you. I could feel my control slipping away."

He will then elaborate a bit on his vampirism, the group that he belongs to, and the circumstances that led to his capture.

Yes… that was blood. But, I swear there’s no cause for alarm. Not every vampire is a monster.
I’m part of a group that only drinks from willing donors. We regulate the actions of less scrupulous vampires."
What is this group you belong to?
"I belong to House Ravenwatch, one of the noble houses of Rivenspire. We adhere to the teachings of our founder, Count Verandis Ravenwatch.
We take no blood by force, we help those in need, and we curtail the actions of more hostile vampires."
Western Skyrim is a long way from Rivenspire.
"We go where we’re needed. I was investigating a burial site in Bangkorai when I discovered smugglers stealing ancient remains. I followed the trail, ran into the witch, and… well, you know the rest.
Now we need to get out of here."
And you have a plan for that?
"Sort of. I regained enough of my senses when they carried me in here to remember the way out. It’s pretty straightforward. I’ll guide the way if you defend us from anyone who blocks our path.
If we work together, I’m certain we can escape."
Lead the way.

After exiting the conversation, Fennorian will lead you to the next chamber while saying:

Fennorian: "Follow closely! You never know what’s wandering around in these old barrows."

In the next chamber, where you can find a greatsword to practice with, he has the following things to say:

Fennorian: "I wonder why the witches are storing all these things.
See if you can find a weapon. I’ll grab something more suited to my skills."

He will then walk over to a weapon stand, where you can speak with him before you pick up a weapon yourself.

"This place. Does all the equipment belong to the people buried here?
If you can find a weapon, I believe it will benefit us."

After you have picked up the greatsword that is lying nearby, he arms himself with a Breton staff. You can speak with him at that point, which prompts him to encourage you to equip your weapon.

"I’d prefer to avoid any fighting that we can. It’s not really a strength of mine. I mean, I can hold my own, don’t you worry. But well, I don’t have a great deal of experience with violence.
Equip your weapon is my point."

When you have followed his sound advice, he will head into the next room, while saying:

Fennorian: "That looks dangerous enough. Now come on, this way!"

Armed with a staff himself, he takes you to the next room. There, he encourages you to attack Vitrus the Bloody:

Vitrus the Bloody: "What are you two doing out? Urgala still has need of you."
Fennorian: "That’s the brute who threw us in our cell! We have to get past him."

If you speak with Fennorian before engaging in combat with Vitrus the Bloody, the Altmeri vampire will say:

"My education involved combat training, though I never mastered the finer points. I still remember my lessons. I’ll do my best to guide you through this."

Once you are in active combat with Vitrus, he reiterates that you need to defeat the man in order to make it out of the barrow and offers his support to you:

Vitrus the Bloody: "I’ll put you two milk drinkers back in your cage!"
Fennorian: "The only way out is through him! I’ll support you from back here."

During the remainder of the encounter, he offers tips to best the brute while attacking the enemy himself with his staff:

Fennorian: "Strike him with a light attack!"
Vitrus the Bloody: "Oof!"
Fennorian: "Hit him again!"
Vitrus the Bloody: "Gah!"
Fennorian: "Hit him again!"
Vitrus the Bloody: "You’re fast, but you can’t withstand this!"
Fennorian: "Don't let his heavy attack hit you! Block it!"
Fennorian: "Strike him while he's off-balance!"
Vitrus the Bloody: "Oof!"
Fennorian: "Block that attack!"
Fennorian: "Hit him again!"
Vitrus the Bloody: "Argh!"
Fennorian: "Defend yourself!"
Fennorian: "Hit him!"
Vitrus the Bloody: "You can't block what you can't see!"
Fennorian: "Break free from that stun!"
Fennorian: "You can get out of that!"
Fennorian: "Break free, my friend!"
Fennorian: "Another heavy attack! Interrupt him, quick!"
Fennorian: "Press your advantage with a heavy attack!"
Fennorian: "Interrupt that strike!"
Vitrus the Bloody: "Time to end this!"
Fennorian: "Finish him off so we can escape!"

Once the fight is over, he will say:

Fennorian: "The smell of blood is… overwhelming. We should move on."

You can also speak with him before leaving the room, which prompts him to compliment your combat skills and suggest that you head into the next room:

"You handled yourself well. Not sure I would have made it past that savage without your assistance. We’ll be out of these crypts soon enough."

Upon entering the next room, he will point you to a stash of weapons:

Fennorian: "More weapons. Grab anything you think might be useful."

At this point he can tell you a bit about back when he was taken into this barrow:

"The witch’s attack left me nearly senseless, but I recall that I was dragged this way.
You take the lead and I’ll help you as best I can."

Shortly after, you encounter a frostbite spider, which he will want you to kill:

Fennorian: "A giant frostbite spider! Kill it, my friend!"

Instead of attacking the creature straight away, you can also speak with him first:

"I’ve heard tales of Skyrim’s enormous frost spiders. But to see one up close… quite disturbing!"

Once the beast has been vanquished, he points you towards the way out of this room:

Fennorian: "The door ahead! You go first."

However, you can also choose to speak with him before rushing through the door, which makes him share a bit more information on your present location and those who brought you here.

“The witch who captured us belongs to something called the Icereach Coven. These caverns make the perfect hiding spot for the group. Not sure I would have ever found it if they hadn’t dragged me down here.
We should keep going.”

He quickly catches up with you on the other side of the door and enthusiastically comments on the two of you having almost reached the exit:

Fennorian: "Over here! We’re almost to the exit."

However, he is interrupted by the sight of Matron Urgala and Rada al-Saran making their way across a bridge further down the cavern:

Fennorian: "Quick, hide! Look up on the bridge."

Once the witch and her companion are gone, he will want to talk to you:

Fennorian: "Very curious. Let’s talk for a moment."

Do so and he says the following:

"That was Urgala, leader of this branch of the Icereach Coven. She’s the witch who locked us in the barrow. The others take their orders from her."
Who was she talking to?
"I’m not sure, but I believe he’s… one of my kind. They mentioned a devastating storm. We need to find out exactly what they have planned.
My apologies, but we’re going to have to postpone our escape."
You want to follow these two?
"We’ll make an investigator out of you yet! I need to figure out how these stolen remains, the Icereach Coven, and that vampire are connected.
Let’s catch up to Urgala and her guest and see what we can find out."

Once the conversation is over, Fennorian runs on ahead into the next room. When you enter it, he says:

Fennorian: “We should be able to catch up with Matron Urgala through here.”

Shortly after you arrive in a chamber with several hostile characters. He advices you to use stealth to avoid a confrontation:

Fennorian: "Witches and their servants are everywhere. We could sneak through if you wish to avoid more battles."

While crossing the bridge that you previously spotted Urgala and her vampiric companion on, he urges you to catch up with them:

Fennorian: "They should be just up ahead. Hurry!"

Speaking with him before you leave the barrow prompts him to say:

“Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and go where the investigation leads you.
Let’s catch up to Matron Urgala and see what we can learn.”

Outside of the barrow, he makes a disturbed remark about the unnatural storm brewing in the sky:

Fennorian: "Look, the sky! What have they done? We must reach that clearing!"

You can also speak to him at this point, prompting him to elaborate a bit more on the frightful sight:

"You’d think with the truly bizarre events of my life, not much would unnerve me. Yet, an enormous arcane storm rolling in the sky still manages to do the trick.
If we hurry, we can find the source."

Upon reaching a door at the top of several flights of stairs, he will comment on this probably being the right way:

Fennorian: "That door up ahead. Looks like the way up to the clearing."

On the other side of the door, he urges you to be careful:

Fennorian: "This place is thick with coven members. Be on your guard."

He will also comment on urns found in the upper level of the temple:

Fennorian: "Those urns. They bear the same symbol as the ones I saw in Bangkorai."

At the top of the temple, Rada al-Saran makes his escape while Fennorian urges you to kill the remaining witch Urgala in order to try and stop the storm:

Fennorian: "Kill Urgala! Maybe that will stop the storm from growing!"

If you choose to speak with him before killing the witch, he will repeat his previous suggestion:

“We can’t stop the storm unless we deal with Matron Urgala! She won’t stand aside, so you need to kill her!”

Once Urgala lies dead, he notices that the a wooden pike that stands near her needs to be dealt with:

Fennorian: "The storm! Somehow that pike is involved! Destroy it, quickly!"

Talking to him after you defeat Matron Urgala but before you destry the witch pike prompts a visibly disturbed Fennorian to say:

“We can’t allow that storm to do whatever it’s doing. Destry that witch pike. Quickly!”

As the storm starts to dissipate, he relievedly comments:

Fennorian: ""You did it! The storm’s dissipated."

He will then want to speak to you:

"I wish we could have learned more before we killed Matron Urgala. I still don’t understand what the coven has planned, and it’s the not knowing that worries me."
We learned the Icereach Coven created a storm ritual for that vampire. That’s something, right?
"That’s true. And we stopped that storm. My investigations have led to even darker corners, but progress has been made.
Here. Consider this a stipend from Ravenwatch. For your valuable assistance, of course. Now, let’s get out of here."

This also ends the quest Bound in Blood.

The Gathering Storm[edit]

To Solitude[edit]

From this point onward, you can continue the conversation with him to learn more about the next steps that he wishes to take:

"The Icereach Coven’s presence in Western Skyrim concerns me, but we need to keep moving. The path down is through those doors. Outside, I’ll point you toward Solitude. Go to the city and warn them.
Whatever the coven has planned, it didn’t end here."
Aren’t you coming with me?
"Not right now. Other members of the Ravenwatch came here ahead of me. They’ll be interested in the vampire we saw and I need to get word to them.
Besides, I want to follow the trail while it’s fresh. So, it only makes sense that you warn Solitude."
Tell me about Solitude.
"We’re in the hold of Haafingar in Western Skyrim. Solitude is its capital city and the seat of High King Svargrim. If we can find any help against the coven, it will be there
Head to Solitude and let the authorities know what happened there."
All right. I’ll go to Solitude and warn them about the Icereach Coven.

At this point, the quest The Gathering Storm begins. But Fennorian still has more to say:

"The Nords don’t tolerate Reachmen in their territory. Once you warn the guards, I’m sure High King Svargrim will dispatch his troops. The coven’s threat is as good as done!
But just in case, I’ll tell my fellow Ravenwatch what happened here."
Those urns from Bangkorai you mentioned earlier. What’s so special about them?
"As I said, my investigation began in an ancient burial site in Bangkorai. Draugrkin were using similar urns, filling them with remains. Most disturbing, the ash and bones belonged to a dark army that once roamed the land—the Gray Host."
Why were the urns here?
"I have no idea. When I stumbled into this nest of coven witches, I never expected to find a connection to the Draugrkin and the burial urns.
And that vampire we saw… there’s something more at play than we know. We need to find out what."

As promised, he takes you to the road that leads to Solitude. There he has some parting words for you:

Fennorian: "The road ahead will take you straight to Solitude.
Go. Warn Solitude of the danger. I need to make contact with the Ravenwatch."

Speaking to him at this point will prompt him to thank you again for your help:

"Once again, thank you for assisting me. Without you, I’d still be locked away. And who knows what damage that harrowstorm would have caused?
Follow this road east and you should reach Solitude in short order. Until we meet again, fare you well."
Kilkreath Temple[edit]

When you arrive in Solitude, you will find yourself wrapped up in an investigation to provide proof of the Coven threat. Eventually, you will track down the destination of a smuggled in shipment which was sent to Kilkreath Temple for a coven ritual. As you follow the road to the Temple to warn the priests, Fennorian will run up to you with a dire announcement.

Fennorian: "Stop! A disaster has befallen Kilkreath Temple!"

If the player has met him before he will instead say:

Fennorian: "Hold, my friend! A disaster has befallen Kilkreath Temple!"

Speak with Fennorian to learn more. His greeting to you will depend on whether you have met him before.

Completed Unhallowed Grave:
Completed Bound in Blood:
First time meeting:
"It's good to see you again, but what are you doing here? Have you followed the Draugrkin's plunder to this hold, too?"
I was sent to warn the temple priests and find evidence of the Icereach Coven for the queen.
"I'm sorry, but you're too late. The coven unleashed their harrowstorm and now vampires and harrowfiends are everywhere.
Still, meeting you again is fortuitous. We worked well together and I could use your help tracking down the Draugrkin plunder."
What's that about Draugrkin plunder?
"The Draugrkin were smuggling remains out of Bangkorai and sending them here by way of Sentinel. The cargo arrived in Solitude, but it wasn't clear who the shipments were for until I followed them here.
They were destined for the Icereach Coven."
I was tracking the shipments, too. That's what led me here to warn the priests.
"The temple … there may be survivors who could use your help. Meanwhile, if we can learn more about the ritual, we might be able to determine a way to stop them.
At the very least, we need to figure out where they plan to strike next."
What do you need me to do?
"Didn't I send you to Solitude? This place isn't safe!
The Icereach Coven performed a ritual and summoned one of those harrowstorms. Now Kilkreath Temple is crawling with harrowfiends!"
I was sent to warn the temple priests. I'm looking into the coven for Queen Gerhyld.
"I'm sorry, but you're too late. The coven unleashed their unnatural harrowstorm and now the entire area is overrun by vampires and harrowfiends.
Still, meeting you again is fortuitous. We worked well together before and I could use the help."
We need to find proof that definitively links the Icereach Coven to the attack on Kilkreath.
"We're looking for the same thing, my friend. I want to learn more about the ritual they performed here. With any luck, that investigation will turn up evidence you can bring to the queen.
At the very least, we might figure out their next move."
What do you need me to do?
"Don't be alarmed. I mean you no harm, but there are harrowfiends swarming around Kilkreath Temple who do. Head back to safety before they find you!"
I was sent to warn the temple priests.
"I'm sorry, but you're too late. An unnatural storm struck the temple and now the entire area is overrun by vampires and harrowfiends."
What are harrowfiends? And for that matter, who are you?
"Harrowfiends are feral vampires, a byproduct of the unnatural harrowstorm.
As for me, I am Fennorian of House Ravenwatch. I came here on the trail of remains stolen from a mass grave in Bangkorai. They were shipped to Solitude in ancient urns."
I found urns in crates smuggled into Solitude. They seem to be related to the Icereach Coven.
"Yes, I've run into the coven as well. The urns and the stolen remains play a part in the ritual to summon the storms.
If you're willing I could use your assistance. I need to finish my investigation of the site to see what else I can learn."

Eventually all versions of your conversation will converge with asking how you can help.

What do you need me to do?
"I could use your help to examine the strange pikes erected around the temple. Harrowfiends and vampires roam the area, making it difficult to get close, hence the need for your assistance. You see, I'm not that confident in my combat prowess."
What exactly happened at Kilkreath Temple?
"The Icereach Coven performed a ritual that unleashed a harrowstorm on the temple. It struck without warning and evaporated as quickly as it began, but in its wake it left behind harrowfiends—innocent priests and pilgrims transformed into monsters."
What's a harrowstorm?
"That's what I heard the Icereach Coven call the storm that struck Kilkreath Temple. It's magical in nature, the result of some sort of ritual performed by the witches.
I'm still investigating, but I think harrowfiends are a byproduct of the storm."

If you met him in Bound in Blood, you can also ask:

Did you make contact with your Ravenwatch allies?
"Yes, thanks to you. They're investigating vampiric activity in another part of the region and attempting to identify the vampire we saw talking to the witch matron.
In the meantime, they left me to deal with my own investigation."
You came to Kilkreath by yourself?
"House Ravenwatch's resources are limited and Skyrim is a big place. We operate alone or in groups as necessary, depending on the situation.
My task is to track down the remains stolen in Bangkorai and determine what the coven is doing with them."
Remind me why an agent of a Rivenspire noble house is operating in Skyrim.
"I tracked remains stolen from a mass grave in Bangkorai. Ancient vampire remains to be exact, and werewolf remains as well. They were smuggled through Solitude to wind up in the hands of the Icereach Coven.
Now I need to determine why."
The harrowstorm. Was it like the storm we saw during our escape?
"What we saw in the barrow was a prototype of sorts. This harrowstorm was far more powerful.
The storm struck the temple, leaving vampires and harrowfiends in its wake. I still need to determine the exact mechanism of these storms."

If this is your first time speaking with Fennorian, you may instead ask him the following questions:

What's House Ravenwatch?
"House Ravenwatch is one of the noble houses of Rivenspire. Our liege, Count Verandis, has dedicated us to the cause of peaceful coexistence between mortals and... those of the vampiric persuasion.
That often makes us defenders of Tamriel."
The Icereach Coven is comprised of witches, not vampires.
"True, but I've seen evidence of a vampiric connection. At the very least, the material they transported from Bangkorai included the remains of ancient vampires. They were part of an army that was defeated in the First Era - the Gray Host."
The Gray Host?
"An army that consisted of vampires and werewolves led by King Styriche of Verkarth. They were eventually defeated by the garrison at Bangkorai in High Rock.
It all happened a very long time ago, but such remains radiate with arcane power."
Aren't you a vampire?
"Is it that obvious? But have no fear. As a member of House Ravenwatch, I have pledged to never take blood from an unwilling subject. I assure you, I'm only here to help."
How can a vampire help stop the Icereach Coven?
"I am much more than just a vampire! In addition to being an agent of House Ravenwatch, I am a master alchemist and an expert in arcane studies.
I do try to avoid direct violence, though, to make sure I never give in to the temptation."

As you continue following the road to the temple, Fennorian will notice Priest Isonir standing outside a cave:

Fennorian: "Look! A priest of Meridia! Maybe they can tell us more about what happened at the temple."

While examining, the Witches Spikes, Fennorian will comment on it. If Priest Bavian is also following you during her search for survivors, she will also have things to say in reply to him. After you find a spike, if you speak with him he will instead say:

"Let's look for more witch pikes. The more I can learn, the better chance I have of understanding the nature of this ritual."

When you examine the first Witch Spike you find, you find some alchemical residue:

Fennorian: "An alchemical residue. That should prove useful."
Priest Bavian "And the substance stinks something awful!"

Finding the second Witch Spike, it no longer appears to have power:

Fennorian: "It's depleted. Just ordinary sticks and rope now. Interesting."
Priest Bavian "How could such a simple thing cause so much destruction?"

When you find the third Spike:

Fennorian: "Can you feel the lingering energy? That's Daedric, if I'm not mistaken."
Priest Bavian: "Daedric? Do not think to blame Meridia for this, vampire."

After you have examined all three ritual points, you can discuss it with Fennorian.

"These depleted witch pikes expended a lot of power to summon the harrowstorm. Now they're just ordinary sticks, but even in this state, they tell us much about the ritual that flowed through them."
Remind me, what did we learn by examining the depleted witch pikes?
"I'm sure now that the pikes play a significant role as focal points for the storm ritual. The prepared pikes are depleted as the ritual runs its course, but I sensed lingering energy—including a Daedric taint.
And we found an intriguing residue."
What's the significance of the residue?
"It's the remains of an alchemical poultice that was spread over the pikes. Smells like rotting fungus, doesn't it? With a little study, I should be able to identify each ingredient in its makeup.
Then I can begin to understand the ritual."
Should we take a closer look at the temple now?
"One other thing I want to check first. I noticed pilgrims leading a cart away from the temple right before the storm hit. Coven members could have tried to slip away among the innocents.
The cart should be along the road south of the temple."
Let's go check on the pilgrims.

If you speak with him again, he will mention where he thinks the pilgrims can be found.

"The pilgrims headed south along the main road. If they were caught in the storm they may still be in the area, otherwise we'll have to assume they made it to safety."

When you find the cart, you will find Pilgrim Melda and Fargord stumbling around, incognizant of their surroundings.

Fennorian: "Strange. They're alive, but unresponsive. Check the crates and see if they contain the smuggled items."
Priest Bavian: "You seem to know a lot about a great many things, vampire."

Before you inspect the cart, you can speak to him and he'll say:

"This … isn't good. The pilgrims don't appear to have suffered any physical injuries, but they seem … out of sorts.
Take a look inside their crates and see if they contain any of the funerary urns."

Looking the crate marked with the Icereach symbol, you will only find some dust and ashes. You can then show Fennorian.

"Did you find anything of interest in the crate?"
The crate was empty except for some dust and ash.
"I can't believe anyone knowingly involved would have let themselves be exposed to the storm. Perhaps the pilgrims were tricked into transporting the crate, or maybe it was slipped into their cart."
Should we check on the temple now?
"Yes, of course, though I fear what we may find there. The temple was clearly at the center of the storm.
Regardless, there's still a lot we don't know about the effects of this ritual. Observing the target area could offer new insights."
Let's head to the temple now.

If you speak to him before leaving he'll say:

"I hate to leave these people like this, but taking them with us isn't an option. At least they're far enough away that they haven't drawn the notice of the vampires and harrowfiends."

You can examine one of the nearby bodies:

Fennorian: "These are temple priests and pilgrims. It seems the storm killed them."
Priest Bavian: "These were good people. Devout followers. How could Meridia let this happen?"

You can then speak with Fennorian who give his hypothesis of how the storms affect their victims. If you haven't already searched the temple with Priest Bavian, he is willing to wait outside while you do this.

"I'll need to perform more tests, but from what we've seen I believe the storm affects mortals in three distinct ways.
It kills them, transforms them into harrowfiends, or leaves them mindless. I suppose I'd say it harrowed those poor pilgrims."
So what do we do next?
"Head into the temple and help Bavian. See what else you can learn inside. I'd accompany you, but Meridia doesn't approve of my kind and I'd rather not get on her bad side.
In the meantime, I'll finish up out here."
What else do you need to do out here?
"I'll take samples from the harrowfiends and try to determine how the storm killed these people.
Later, we can retrieve my alchemical equipment from where I hid it so I can analyze the residue. I didn't want to carry fragile instruments into danger."
All right, I'll help Bavian and return for you soon.
<Ends Conversation>
I'll come back and help Bavian later. We should retrieve your equipment right now.
<Ends Conversation>

After you have helped Bavian, you can speak with Fennorian and then head to his equipment.

"If you're done assisting Bavian, we should gather my equipment and begin studying that alchemical residue.
Otherwise, I'll keep a low profile and wait for you here."

If you're not currently on Meridia's Brilliance, Bavian will not be part of the conversation:

"I want to learn more about the ritual and how it produces harrowstorms. And I need to confirm my theories about the storm's effects. I'll start by examining the residue from the witch pike to identify the components used to power the ritual."
What do you need to examine the residue?
"My alchemical equipment. It's extremely fragile, so I left it in my pack. I hid it among a copse of trees once I saw all the vampires and harrowfiends.
Once I retrieve it, I can find a place to begin my analysis."
Let's go find your pack.

Speak to him again and he'll say:

"My equipment isn't too far. Let's go retrieve my pack and find a safe place to analyze the residue we took from the witch pike."

As you head to the hiding spot, Lyris will arrive, ready to cut Fennorian down.

Lyris Titanborn: "That's close enough, leech!"
<Fennorian throws his hands up.>
Fennorian: "Wait! Wait! I'm not part of the coven!"

If you speak with him, he will plead that you explain to Lyris that he isn't a threat:

"Would you mind asking that remarkably large woman to lower her rather large axe, please? Assure her that I'm harmless … mostly."

When you speak wth Lyris she will tell you that she found the witch behind the ritual at Kilkreath. As you leave, Fennorian will have a request:

Fennorian: "Perhaps I could question the witch before you introduce her to your impressive axe blade?"

After Sister Ambritt dies, Fennorian will arrive. He will be slightly annoyed that you couldn't keep her alive for questioning:

Fennorian: "I hoped you could take her prisoner. No matter, I found something. This way!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Go with your vampire friend. I'm going to look around here."

He will lead you to altar that is covered with broken urns of various sizes.

"Do you see? These are the same as the urns smuggled from Bangkorai. They didn't just shatter, they exploded. I can sense traces of magicka clinging to the shards that match the energy used in the storm ritual.
These other fragments though …."
Other fragments?
"All this rubble scattered around didn't just come from these urns. The texture and patterns are different. They appear to have used the funerary dust in the urns to summon the harrowstorms, but I'm not sure what was inside the larger vessels."
Larger vessels?'
"Look at the shape of the fragments. They come from a hollow receptacle of some sort, something at least as tall as you. Perhaps larger.
Just another piece of the puzzle. Maybe when I analyze the witch pike residue, an answer will suggest itself."
Come to Solitude with us. There must be a place there where you can set up your equipment.
"Thank you, but no. I try to avoid large population centers. The temptation, you understand.
I'll find someplace nearby but out of the way where I can set up my equipment and work undisturbed. I'll send word when I have something to report."
Do you have a location in mind?
"I met a clever woman who lives in the bog near Morthal. Old Mjolen's a dying breed among the Nords, a practitioner of the old magic. The locals both admire and fear her.
If anyone can help me untangle the coven's ritual, it's her."

You can ask him some questions before speaking to Lyris to complete the quest.

What makes you think Old Mjolen can help?
"Mjolen's experience with the old ways and Reach magic make her ideally suited to assist me in this endeavor. She's the closest thing to an expert we're likely to find out here.
At least one who doesn't want to feed our eyes to a harpy."
Have you dealt with anything like this before?
"The Ravenwatch has had to curtail rogue vampire clans and put down feral bloodfiends on occasion, but I've never dealt with anything like this before.
People turning into harrowfiends or becoming mindless harrowed. It's a nightmare."
Right, you had a theory about the effects of the harrowstorm.
"Yes, but more research is required to confirm anything. Still, from what we observed here, it appears the harrowstorm produced three distinct results in those caught within it.
It turned them into harrowfiends or harrowed, or it simply killed them."
Where is Morthal?
"Western Skyrim consists of three holds—Haafingar, Hjaalmarch, and Karthald. Morthal is the capital of Hjaalmarch. It's located southeast of Solitude, along the River Hjaal.
Old Mjolen lives in the marshlands nearby.

Meridia's Brilliance[edit]

While you are in Kilkreath Temple, you can also decide to help the surviving priests by look for survivors. If Fennorian is accompanying you during your investigation of the aftermath of the ritual, he will provide comments during the quest though he technically is not part of it.

After you have spoken with Priest Isonir and agree to help the survivors, Fennorian will support your decision:

Fennorian: "The living take precedence. We should search for survivors while investigating the pikes."

When you arrive at the stables, you will find Priest Direnna who is acting oddly:

Fennorian: "What happened to this poor woman? She looks distraught."

You can also find Acolyte Hjolt in the Stablemaster's House, Fennorian will try and calm him when Hjolt sees you:

Acolyte Hjlot: "Why has Meridia forsaken me?"
Fennorian: "Keep calm. We mean you no harm."

When you enter the Pilgrims' Lodge looking for Priest Bavian, Fennorian will mention the lack of damage to the building:

Fennorian: "Hmm. No visible damage despite its proximity to the eye of the storm."

Dark Clouds Over Solitude[edit]

After Queen Gerhyld is assassinated by a vampire, you will need to find Fennorian who is visiting Old Mjolen in the Morthal swamplands. You can find them both at a small campsite.

"Welcome to the middle of nowhere, my friend. You must be freezing. Warm yourself by the fire and tell me how your audience with the high king went."
Not well. The Icereach Coven assassinated Queen Gerhyld. Now Svargrim distrusts us even more.
"A bold move, even for them. Old Mjolen and I have been comparing notes and we've made some progress studying the harrowstorm ritual.
What happened to your large friend with the axe, by the way?"
Lyris stayed behind to safeguard Princess Svana. I need your help. The assassin is a vampire.
"We knew that vampires were working with the coven. And Old Mjolen and I can say with certainty that the feral harrowfiends are byproducts of harrowstorms.
You think the assassin was one of the vampires in league with the coven?"
I know it was a vampire. He wore an eye patch and dropped this medallion when he fled.
"An eye patch? That's uncommon. And this insignia. I've seen it before. It's the same as the symbol that decorates the urns smuggled out of Bangkorai.
If it belongs to a vampire bloodline, I'm not familiar with it. I suggest you ask Mjolen."

If you talk to him again before Mjolen:

"Old Mjolen isn't an expert on vampire clans. She is, however, a diviner.
The clever woman can learn the most interesting things studying melting snowflakes and mammoth teeth. Talk to her and see what she can tell you about that medallion."

After you talk to Mjolen:

"Gather the reagents for Mjolen quickly. Divination spells are more potent when the item in question carries the fresh scent of its owner."

Once you've gathered the reagents but before talking to Mjolen:

"Did you acquire the reagents Mjolen requested? Then give them to the clever woman so she can perform the divination."

After Mjolen does the divination and before you speak to her, you can talk to Fennorian and he'll say:

"The old ways of the Nords revolve around primordial animal spirits. Such totems were all the rage before the coming of the new gods. I must ask Mjolen to share her thoughts on the nature of the Divines."

After Mjolen's divination but before using the medallion:

"Fascinating! Every divination appears to be unique.
Go ahead and use the medallion. Old Mjolen and I need to get back to our study of the harrowstorm ritual."

After using the medallion he will exclaim:

Fennorian: "A camp? And look! The magic points to the west!"

Before you follow the lead, you can talk to him again:

"What an interesting use of primitive magic! That was clearly your vampire assassin. He even wore an eye patch. It looked like he was at a small camp.
And you saw that ball of magicka? It went to the west. That must be where you'll find the camp."
So the enchanted medallion showed a vision and provided a direction when I used it?
"Didn't I tell you? The clever woman's magic can be quite exciting! Not my usual process of investigation, but effective just the same.
I'll leave Old Mjolen to continue our research and follow after you. I want to see how the divination plays out."

If you talk to him one more time:

"You should get moving. We don't know how long the assassin will stay in one place."

Upon finding the dead woman at the camp, he will arrive via a cloud of dark red magic:

<Fennorian kneels by the body and examines it.>
Fennorian: "The assassin drained her of blood."

You can talk to him before using the medallion again:

"Judging by the state of her body, she hasn't been dead very long.
Use the medallion again. The assassin might be nearby."

The medallion will show some primitive tents and Fennorian will remark:

Fennorian: "He must have been desperate to feed while trying to escape."

Again, you can talk to Fennorian before following the trail:

"Is it wrong to find these visions so intriguing? This one showed your assassin again, eye patch and all, by a cave near a waterfall. And the ball of magicka drifted toward the west again.
I suggest we go that way as quickly as possible."
What about the victim we found here?
"There's nothing we can do for her. The vampire assassin drained all the blood from her body. He took his time with her, I think. Probably needed to recover his strength after the events at the palace.
Let's get after him before the trail goes cold."

At the entrance inside Chillwind Depths, he will say:

Fennorian: "Yes, this is definitely the place in the vision. I'll slip past and scout ahead."

Inside the secluded hideaway, Fennorian gets a little too close to the elusive assassin:

<Fennorian is stabbed in the back. Pentarch Khorb notices you and flees.>
Pentarch Khorb: "Bah! I'll deal with you next time, you fangless cur."

Thankfully, it was not a mortal blow:

"Once again, I prove that I'm a scholar, not a warrior. I don't think he expected another vampire, though."
I see you found the vampire assassin.
"I found the camp. Thought it was deserted, but the assassin must have been hiding in the shadows. He got the drop on me."
At least he didn't hurt you too badly before he got away.
"That had more to do with your arrival than anything I did. Luckily, he left behind his belongings when he departed.
I saw a map and some documents over there. Why don't you take a look while I deal with this wound?"
I'll see what I can find.

You can talk to him again before examining everything at the camp:

"I don't think the assassin will risk returning. Search around and see what you can learn.
I'll be up and around in a moment, after I drink from my flask."

Once you look at everything, he will ask:

Fennorian: "I didn't get a good look at that before. Mind bringing it over?"
"Let me take a look at what you found."
Of course. There are two letters and a map.
"The letters are both addressed to the vampire assassin. Pentarch Khorb. That's an unusual title. This one gives the order to assassinate the queen, though the language is guarded. The other talks about miners and a final ritual.
Very ominous."
What do you make of the map?
"It looks like a map to a mine in Karthald. It could be the one mentioned in the letter. If that's the target of another harrowstorm ritual, we need to stop it.
Head south to the mine. I'll get word to Lyris and have her meet you there."
Lyris is in Solitude. I thought you tried to avoid large cities?
"My particular habits aside, one of us needs to find the assassin and the other needs to alert Lyris Titanborn. I can handle the latter.
Besides, I have no intention entering Solitude. A courier should have no trouble picking Lyris out of a crowd."

You can talk to him once more before you leave for the mine:

"If the coven intends to perform another harrowstorm at that mine, there's no time to waste. You go on ahead. I'll get word to Solitude and meet you there with your very large friend in tow."

When you reach the Silversnow Mine, Fenn and Lyris will arrive just after you.

Lyris Titanborn: "As evil lairs go, I'm not impressed."
Fennorian: "I'll take that as a good sign."
"As I said, your large friend is easy to spot in a crowd. We got here as quickly as we could."

Once you have spoken with Lyris, they will both run into the mine. Once inside they will both become your followers.

"Don't worry about me. I assure you, I'm fully recovered from the assassin's cowardly attack."

You will need to climb down a spiraling scaffold to reach the bottom. The pair will have a conversation about it:

Lyris Titanborn: "Scaffolding. Let's follow it down."
Fennorian: "Careful, the structure doesn't appear to be completely stable."
Lyris Titanborn: "Relax. It will take more than a rickety structure to take down Lyris Titanborn."
Fennorian: "Actually, I was more concerned for my own well-being, but if you insist …."

The short tunnel at the bottom will open up into the much larger Dusktown Cavern, it is Fennorian's first time in Blackreach.

Lyris Titanborn: "Blackreach again? Like beneath Eastmarch. Does it extend below all of Skyrim?"

If, however, the player has not done the Greymoor prologue quest, this is Lyris's first time in Blackreach and she will instead say:

Lyris Titanborn: "I think there's a cavern up ahead."
Lyris Titanborn: "It's just like the old legends... Blackreach!"
Fennorian: "Blackreach? So the legends are true? But why is there a town down here?"

You will need to speak with both of them before making your move.

"My research into Skyrim included the legends of Blackreach, of course, but I never expected to see it. It's massive!
That letter you found in the assassin's hideout. It mentioned a mining consortium in the darkness below. Could this be the place?"
That letter indicated that the coven was using the miners for various purposes.
"Right. If the assassin is part of a vampire clan working with the coven, I couldn't imagine a better hiding place than this land of constant night.
My guess is that most of the miners have no idea what they've gotten themselves into."
Should we investigate the mining town?
"You and Lyris should. It's our best lead for finding the assassin. But if the miners have even an inkling of vampire activity down here, my presence might confuse the issue.
I'm sure I can find something to do while you investigate the town."
Do you have something specific in mind?
"I'll keep out of sight and check the surrounding area while you and Lyris investigate the town.
Meet me on the far side of town when you're finished and we'll compare notes."
You mentioned that your research included the Blackreach legends. Anything we should know?
"Most of the legends are superstitious nonsense. It was once supposedly ruled by the Dwarves, though. If that's true, we'll see their ruins.
There are also a lot of tales about monsters. Pale, feral humanoids. Giant insects. Be on your guard."

When and Lyris' asking around Dusktown doesn't give any leads to Pentarch Khorb, you can look for Fennorian and see if he found anything. He will call out to you from behind a cart.

Fennorian: "Over here!"

Fenn had much better results while he was scouting, though it is worrying news.

"You're just in time. I spotted the vampire with the eye patch. He met with a coven witch who immediately ordered her lackeys to place witch pikes around the area."
How can they summon a storm underground?
"With arcane phenomena, anything's possible. If we hurry, we can stop this harrowstorm before it causes any damage.
You and Lyris should split up. We need to destroy all of the witch pikes."
What will you be doing while we deal with the witch pikes?
"I'll track the queen's assassin and the coven witch, you focus on stopping the harrowstorm.
I'll find you after that and we'll confront the vampire and the witch together."
We'll take care of the witch pikes.

Lyris will spring into and actions and give orders before running off.

"Those witch pikes will be guarded, so be careful."

After you have destroyed the Witch Pikes on the eastern side of Dusktown, you can find go find Fennorian.

Fennorian: "You stopped the harrowstorm before it could even get started! Now to deal with the vampire and the witch."

He will have more good news, as he knows where Pentarch Khorb went.

"Well done, my friend! Before the witch could even begin her ritual, I saw the magicka disappear like the flame of a snuffed candle.
The witch and the vampire assassin fled into Kagnthamz, a Dwarven ruin. We can deal with them in there."
We should find Lyris first.
"Time is of the essence. You get to the ruin. I'll find Lyris and we'll meet you there.
It's southeast of Dusktown. If you get there before us, go inside and guard the entrance until we arrive."
All right. I'll meet you in the Dwarven ruin.

Speaking with him again for a reminder:

"I'll find Lyris and we'll be right behind you.
Remember, Kagnthamz is southeast of Dusktown."

When you enter Kagnthamz, Fennorian will sense something.

Fennorian: "Careful. I sense the presence of other vampires."

In the very next chamber you will find that he was very much correct.

Fennorian: "Harrowfiends! Not the result of the ritual we stopped, so they must have brought them from someplace else."

After you have slain Khorb and avenged the Queen, there is still another task to complete.

Lyris Titanborn: "That's for Queen Gerhyld, you bastard."
Fennorian: "Now we need to find Sister Tharda."

She can be found down the passage in a large open chamber, however, she isn't alone.

Fennorian: "You listen in. I'll unlock the door."

While he picks the door's lock, Sister Tharda and an unknown man stand before a stone construct with a large urn between her and it.

<As she performs the ritual a blue Reach sigil forms beneath her.>
Sister Tharda: "Rise exarch and be reborn!"
<The construct goes one knee and blue lights from the urn enter it.>
<A wolf howls is heard.>
<The stone construct shatters and a Werewolf Behemoth emerges from it.>
Exarch Ulfra: "Tzinghalis? Where is this place?"
<The man walks towards the werewolf.>
Exarch Tzinghalis:"The Ashen Lord commands it, and so we live once more, Ulfra."
Exarch Ulfra: "Alive again? How?"
Sister Tharda: "You have the Icereach Coven to thank for that, werewolf."
<Tzinghalis jabs his finger at her.>
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Using my recipes, witch."
Sister Tharda: "I meant no disrespect, Exarch Tzinghalis."
<Ulfra starts sniffing the air.>
Exarch Ulfra: "We're being watched, brother."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Next time, Tharda, the Ashen Lord will expect more than the restoration of a single reliquary. Now deal with the intruders or I'll toss you to the harrowfiends."
<Exarchs Tzinghalis and Ulfra leave the chamber.>
Sister Tharda: "Come out, little skeevers. Come out and play with Sister Tharda!"
Lyris Titanborn: "How many of your sisters am I going to have to kill before you give up?"

During the fight with Sister Tharda, Fennorian will help by healing you. Once you have slain the coven witch, Fennorian and Lyris will run outside, hoping to catch up with the two exarchs. You can find your companions below the ledge once you leave the ruins. It appears they lost them.

Fennorian will still be coming to grips with that resurrection you just watched, though he recognizes some components of the ritual.

"You saw it too, right? That werewolf shed that statue like a snake sheds its skin.
Was she inside that stone husk the whole time, waiting to be awakened? Or did the ritual somehow summon her into that vessel? There's a lot I still don't understand."
What do you think Sister Tharda was doing in there?
"A ritual, obviously. Remember the altar at Kilkreath? We found the urn—the reliquary—and shards from a large stone vessel. I think they were the remains of one of those stone husks.
I'm not sure how, but it all ties back to the harrowstorms."
How do the stone husks tie to the harrowstorms?
"I thought the purpose of the harrowstorms were to create harrowfiends, but now I think that's only a byproduct.
The storm somehow gathered energy that the witch used to summon Ulfra the werewolf. Ulfra seemed to think she was brought back to life."
Brought back to life? Is that even possible?
"I've come to the conclusion that anything is possible where magic is concerned.
I'm going to look around with Lyris, then return to Old Mjolen to finish studying the witch pike residue. Maybe that will help me understand how the ritual works."
You can really figure out the ritual by studying the residue?
Using my knowledge of alchemy and Old Mjolen's understanding of Reach magic, we should be able to figure something out once we know what components were used in the ritual."
We heard them mention exarchs and the Ashen Lord. Do you know what any of that means?
"I don't know of any Ashen Lord, but exarch … I came across the term after the incident at the mass grave in Bangkorai.
It's a rank, used by the ancient army. Its members were buried in that unhallowed grave and their remains were smuggled here."
What ancient army?
"The Gray Host. It was an army of vampires and werewolves that rampaged across Hammerfell during the First Era. There aren't a lot of records remaining, and even the burial site was a closely held secret.
Exarch was a rank, like general, I suppose."
Do you think someone is trying to bring the Gray Host back to life?
"I—I don't know, but that's the impression I got from the witch's conversation with the exarchs. I wish I knew more about this Tzinghalis and Ulfra, though. And the Ashen Lord, for that matter.
That's why I want to check the ritual site."

The Vampire Scholar[edit]

Fennorian will have gone missing after sending you a note. After following some clues, your investigation leads you to Tzinghalis's tower.

After reading Netherroot Notes:

Fennorian: <Agonized screaming.>
Lyris Titanborn: "That was Fenn! We need to keep moving!"

As you make your way to the Experimentation Chamber to rescue him, you will overhear:

Fennorian: "Ahh! No! Why are you doing this to me?"
Exarch Tzinghalis: "The Ashen Lord crafted the plan. I am simply the architect of his tools."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Now, feel free to scream when I peel back your flesh and apply this tool...."
Rada al-Saran: "We have what we need. In his last moments, let him truly understand the power of the Gray Host!"
Rada al-Saran: "A shame he could not be recruited to our noble cause."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "The machine will finish him momentarily, my lord."
Rada al-Saran: "Finish your work here, Tzinghalis, then join me in the keep. You must bear witness when we make our move."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Of course, Rada al-Saran. I am eager to see the power of our ultimate harrowstorm."
Fennorian: <Tortured sobbing.>

After defeating Exarch Tzinghalis:

Fennorian: "It's too late... for me...."
Lyris Titanborn: "Fenn's delirious. See if you can free him!"

As you approach him to turn off the torture device:

Fennorian: "Go... warn Solitude..."

Once you've turned off the machine:

"You should have left me... go warn Solitude...."
We'll all go. Tell me what you heard.
"Exarch Tzinghalis and Rada al-Saran talked freely while they tortured me....
They're planning some sort of assault on Solitude... a massive harrowstorm...."
You're hurt. How can I help you?
"I need blood... but I won't drink from an unwilling person.... In this state, even with a willing participant, I don't trust my restraint.
If only I had my flask...."
Here's your flask. I found it in your lodgings in Dusktown.
"My flask! Thank you, my friend.
Rada al-Saran is the one they call the Ashen Lord... leader of the Gray Host. He and Tzinghalis often went into the nearby sanctum to talk. I heard a few words... map, plan... but I couldn't make out the rest."
Then we should search Tzinghalis's Sanctum.
"Yes... yes....
Once I take a long drink from my flask, I'll join you."

He will then walk to Tzinghalis's Sanctum:

Lyris Titanborn: "Take your time. You've been through a lot."
Fennorian: "They did whatever they wanted. I couldn't stop them."
Fennorian: "Exarch Tzinghalis was insane, but he was also a genius. If he kept records, they'll be in here."

After searching the sanctum:

"You risked so much to rescue me. Why would you do such a thing?"
We're friends. And we need your help to devise a defense against the harrowstorms.
"I had a lead on that... but Tzinghalis captured me before I could finish looking into that.
I... I let Edjar down."
I rescued Edjar's pack. He helped us find you.
"Then I also owe you for reconciling my debt to Edjar.
Exarch Tzinghalis was experimenting with werewolf blood, both to determine why it renders them immune to harrowstorms and to use it to strengthen the ritual components."
Can you use what you learned from Edjar to develop a defense?
"Not by itself, but it gives me a place to start. With any luck, that map may provide additional clues.
I... I need to rest. I'm sorry, my friend. This ordeal has been... more difficult than you can imagine."

Once you finish talking to Lyris:

Lyris Titanborn: "Come on, Fenn. Princess Svana herself requested your presence at the Blue Palace."
Fennorian: "I don't believe I'm very good company right now."
Lyris Titanborn: "Come on, Fenn. We'll help you through this."

Back at the Blue Palace, in Svana's chamber:

Svana: "You are welcome here, Fennorian of House Ravenwatch."
Fennorian: "I... I don't know what to say...."
Svana: "You're back! Lyris was just making introductions and was about to give her report. Why don't you tell me what happened."

Fenn sits on the floor nearby, and you can talk to him:

"That device they strapped me in... it was horrible."

After completing the quest:

"I... just give me a moment. To collect myself. I'll be ready to do my part when you need me."

The Gray Host[edit]

After you speak with Svana she'll want you to ask him what he knows. When you approach him, he'll stand up:

Fennorian: "It's all right. I'm ready to help."
"I … I know what you need me to do. Put my … experience behind me. Focus on the mission. Just like Verandis taught me.
Could you show me the research you recovered from Exarch Tzinghalis's laboratory?"
I found notes on werewolves and netherroot, and a potion made from netherroot and other ingredients.
"These notes prove my theory. Netherroot is the key component of the harrowstorm ritual. It's like a poison for the soul. Weakens the bonds to the body so it can be pulled free.
They're harvesting life energy from anyone caught in the storms!"
Why would they want to harvest life energy?
"I'm guessing, but it may have something to do with those stone husks we saw. Remember how the werewolf emerged from one?
And look at the mixture you retrieved. It isn't like the residue we recovered from the witch pike. It's more concentrated."
Could that be what they're going to use to make the harrowstorms stronger?
"That's certainly what Tzinghalis's notes imply. Despite how it looks, a plan is formulating in my mind. I think I can create an elixir, but I'll need more of this refined netherroot brew. And we need to solve the mystery of the coven medallions."
All right. Anyone have any idea where we're going to find this stuff?

Before you put the map on the table, he will say:

"I wonder what Lyris has in mind. Roll out the map and let's see."

Lyris will then interrupt with her idea and will ask you to put the map you found on the table. She will then pour over it, finding the camps of the Gray Host scattered around Western Skyrim and Blackreach.

After you put the map on the table, you can talk to Fenn:

"Lyris knows this part of the world better than I do. See which locations she thinks stand the best chance of providing us with the items I need."

Talking with Lyris, she will decide three of the camps need to be investigated and will divvy them up between her, Svana and Fennorian. Once you've finished talking to Lyris, you can talk to Fenn before you leave:

"Svana is heading to Blackreach and Lyris wants to take the midland camp, so I'm going to the coastal camp. I'll see you there.
We should hurry, though. Once the Gray Host realizes we have this map, they might scatter like leaves in the wind."

The coastal camp is on the furthest northwestern corner of the coast. The camp will be full of the Icereach clan and centered around an old graveyard. Fennorian will be waiting on the hill looking over the camp.

Fennorian: "Ah, good. I was hoping you'd show up."

See what he has found out, he'll be examining a coven medallion as he talks to you.

"Lyris was right. This camp is crawling with the Icereach Coven. And they're definitely producing the medallions here. I was even able to slip away with one.
We need to get closer, though."
"There's more to figuring out this magic than just watching from afar. I need to know exactly how they go about creating them.
With your help, we can learn everything about that here in this camp."
What's so special about this camp?
"It's a landing site for the boats coming from the island of Icereach. Plus, they're collecting something here that goes into the process of creating the medallions.
If you can get me to the center of the camp, I can learn what that is."
I'll help you reach the center of the camp.

After this you can ask him some more questions before you get closer to the camp.

"Determining how they create these medallions will be an enormous help.
The Gray Host has accelerated their plans. They need more medallions for a reason. A big harrowstorm is coming. We need to be ready."
Why do you think we can learn more at the center of the camp?
"Because the Gray Host is guarding something down there. I couldn't get close, but it appeared that they built the camp to surround something.
Plus, I heard a few of the witches talking. Complaining, really. About needing to prepare more medallions."
Tell me more about the Gray Host.
"In the first era, an army of vampires and werewolves tried to conquer the land before they were stopped in Bangkorai. They called themselves the Gray Host.
It seem this Rada al-Saran has resurrected the army—both figuratively and literally."

When you get close to the graveyard, Fennorian will note the exhumed bodies:

Fennorian: "Corpses? What do they have to do with the medallions? Let's examine the nearby graveyard."

When you reach the graveyard, Fennorian have you do some work for him:

Fennorian: "Examine the headstones. Let's determine what's so special about the exhumed bodies."

Speaking to him before you examine the headstones:

"A graveyard. The Icereach Coven certainly enjoys defiling graves.
They exhumed some of the bodies buried here, but not all of them. The ones they dug up must be important to the creation of the medallions. We need to learn why."
How do we determine why some bodies were exhumed and not others?
"Obviously, the bodies are already gone. All that remains are the headstones. Maybe they'll provide a clue as to why those particular corpses were exhumed.
And maybe that will tell me something about the process used to create the medallions."

While you read the epitaphs of the exhumed graves, Fennorian will walk around the graveyard. He may stop at one and comment:

Fennorian: "Why are these particular graves so important?"
Fennorian: "There must be something that connects these graves to the medallions."

Once you have read all the inscriptions, he'll ask for your thoughts.

Fennorian: "Finished? Have you come to any conclusions?"

You'll have a variety of options to go over.

"Well, we've both been over the headstones with a fine-toothed comb.
If we can determine why the coven dug up these particular bodies, it will tell us something about how the medallions were enchanted."
Let's discuss what we found on the headstones. / I have another idea. Let's discuss what we found on the headstones.
"Of course. Compare notes and look for commonalities. You have the makings of a fine scholar, my friend. Now, let's see ….
I noticed there were a mix of different races buried here. They weren't all Nords. Anything strike you about the departed?"
They all shared something in common when they were alive.
"Really? What was that?"
All of the exhumed corpses had the same name.
"No, that's not right. Every headstone displayed a different name.
There must be something else the exhumed bodies had in common."
All of the exhumed corpses were the same gender.
"Hmm. Not true. The inscriptions mentioned wives, brothers, sisters, and sons.
There must be something else the exhumed bodies had in common."
All of the exhumed corpses did the same kind of work.
"Which headstones did you examine? I read about laborers, soldiers, and traders. Not the same occupations at all.
There must be something else the exhumed bodies had in common."
They all shared something in common when they died.
"They did? Tell me more."
They all died of the same cause.
"I don't think that's it. Some died from wounds, others sickness. Still others died of old age.
There must be some other characteristic the exhumed bodies shared."
They were all buried in this graveyard.
"Well, yes, but so were the bodies that weren't disturbed.
We're trying to determine what the exhumed corpses have in common, remember? There must be something else that we're missing."
They were all old when they died.
"Of course! Why didn't I see that? The headstones on the exhumed graves all mentioned that the person was old when they died. Let me think ….
Some necrotic spells require the remains of the elderly. Something to do with the natural decay of life."
The natural decay of life?
"According to one necromantic theory, the older a living thing becomes, the more necrotic energy it naturally acquires. As a body grows old and withers, the life inside it decays.
Necrotic energy is the byproduct of this deterioration."
Does that tell you enough to figure out how to create the medallions?

After this, he'll be ready to head back to Solitude, your response will depend on who else you have already helped.

"I now know enough about how they create the medallions to move my research along.
I'll return to the Blue Palace and start putting an elixir together."
What else do you need me to do?
"To fully craft an elixir to defend against the harrowstorms, I still require a sample of refined netherroot brew. Plus, we need to determine what the Gray Host has planned.
Help Lyris and Svana at the other camps, then meet me at the Blue Palace."
Already helped Lyris and Svana:
Already Helped Lyris:
Already Helped Svana:
We got the refined netherroot brew and Gray Host plans. Lyris and Svana will meet us in Solitude.
"You have been busy, my friend. Then there's nothing left for us to do out here. Let's return to the Blue Palace in Solitude and see if our efforts were worth the risk.
You go on ahead. I'll meet you there."
We took a sample of refined netherroot brew from the midland camp. Lyris is bringing it to Solitude.
"I'm glad to hear it. That just leaves finding out what the Gray Host has planned. Go meet Svana at the camp in Blackreach.
I can't say I envy you. While Blackreach provides some fascinating points of study, the dangers appear overwhelming."
We absconded with plans from Blackreach. Svana is taking them to the Blue Palace.
"Princess Svana is braver than I imagined.
That just leaves Lyris's attempt to acquire a sample of the refined netherroot brew from the midland camp. Head there and see if she needs any support."

Once you have investigated all three camps, you can return to the Blue Palace where you'll find Fennorian discussing an elixir with Lyris and Old Mjolen while Svana and Maugh look on.

Lyris Titanborn: "So, do we have a way to defend against the harrowstorms or what?"
Old Mjolen: "The elixir should do what we need … provided neither Fenn nor I made any miscalculations."
Fennorian: "Mjolen, don't be so negative! The elixir will work. You'll see!"

You can then talk to Fenn about the elixir and see if he needs anything else.

"Oh good, you're back. Mjolen and I have been discussing various ways to turn what we've got into a protective elixir.
I'm hesitant to get too excited, but I think we've figured out how to defend against the harrowstorms."
Tell me what you're thinking.
"The Gray Host uses an unstable mix of alchemy and sorcery to create the harrowstorms. An arcane ritual and the netherroot brew focus the power of each harrowstorm through the prepared witch pikes.
Ingenious, but fully exploitable."
Exploitable? How so?
"We can use the refined brew as the basis of our elixir. Now that we understand how the harrowstorms are created, we can use those same components to replicate the medallion's protective properties.
We just need to gather the necessary components."
How can I help?
"Svana's associate, Maugh, will procure most of the supplies I need, but there's one final ingredient required. For various reasons, I can't simply walk into the Hall of the Dead and claim it myself.
I need you to acquire Arkay's sacred oil."
Arkay's sacred oil?
"A holy ointment associated with a god that became popular due to Imperial influence. It's used by the priests in the Hall of the Dead to provide protection against necromancy and the undead.
We need that oil to create our elixir."

After you have managed to get a flask of the oil with Svana and return, Fennorian and Lyris will be discussing testing the elixir.

Lyris Titanborn: "Once it's ready, I'll test the elixir."
Fennorian: "As you say, Lyris. Ah, here they come now. You have the sacred oil? Add it to the cauldron."

Talking to him before adding the oil:

"Please, don't get too close while you're carrying the sacred oil. I have an … adverse reaction to such ointments.
If you'll pour it into the cauldron, I can complete the elixir."

As you pour the oil in, the mixture will begin to bubble and smoke and a golden light will emanate from the cauldron.

Fennorian: "Yes, a perfect fusion! It's ready to be tested. Come, let's talk."

Talk with him to ask about the next step.

"With the addition of the sacred oil, the elixir is complete. Before we produce enough to distribute to the people of Western Skyrim, we need to test it.
I'm confident in my work, but we're dealing with powerful forces here."
How do you plan to test the elixir?
"We can't wait for the next harrowstorm to strike, but what you and Svana learned in Blackreach might help.
You heard that Exarch Ulfra was testing harrowstorm rituals in a place called the Undergrove. We'll go there and let Lyris drink the elixir."
Right, the orders mentioned the Undergrove is hidden in an ancient barrow.
"During my explorations of Blackreach, I came across an ancient burial site. A place called the Midnight Barrow. This Undergrove must be inside those ruins.
Once there, you and Svana keep watch from a safe distance while Lyris steps into the storm."
I guess we're going to the Midnight Barrow.
"From what I could tell, the Midnight Barrow sank into Blackreach in the distant past. Somewhere in its chambers, we'll find the Undergrove.
The ruined barrow is in the Lightless Hollow, in the northwest portion of the cavern. We'll meet you there."

When you arrive in the Midnight Barrow, Lyris will have Svana and Fenn stay behind while the two of you clear a path to the Deepgrove.

"Go on. You and Lyris deal with any hostiles and find the Undergrove. Then we can finally test the elixir."
Remind me, how are we going to test the elixir?
"We're going to find an active harrowstorm in the Undergrove, or I'm going to attempt to replicate one in there. Then Lyris drinks the elixir, exposes herself to the dark magic … and we wait to see what happens."
Sounds risky.
"Very risky. But it's also our best chance to counter the harrowstorms and fight back against the Gray Host.
Either Lyris comes through fine, or she transforms into a harrowed. Or a harrowfiend. That's also a possibility."

Once you reach the entrance to the Deepgrove, you will find out that Svana and Fenn were following you:

Lyris Titanborn: "This must be the place. I'll go back and get—"
Svana: "No need, we're here."
Fennorian: "The princess insisted …."
Svana: "We followed at a safe distance and only advanced after you cleared the way."
Svana: "From this point on, we stay together. And that's an order."
Fennorian: "Um, yes. What she said. Now let's enter the Undergrove."

Talking with Fennorian before entering the Deepgrove.

"So this is the place. The Undergrove. According to the orders you found, the Gray Host is experimenting with harrowstorms in there.
Ah, you should go first. Then we'll find a spot to test the elixir."
Remind me, how are we going to test the elixir? (Repeats above conversation)

After you enter the Deepgrove you'll need to head to the center.

Fennorian: "We need to find where they're experimenting with the harrowstorms."
<Voices will echo from the center.>
Exarch Ulfra: "You honor me with your presence, my king."
Lyris Titanborn: "Gray Host! Stay quiet and listen!"
Rada al-Saran: "This harrowstorm must be the biggest we have ever wrought, my sister-in-arms."
Svana: "That's the leader of the Gray Host!"
Exarch Ulfra: "Have we heard from Solitude? Is everything in place?"
Rada al-Saran: "I have been assured city is ripe for harvest"
Fennorian: "Rada al-Saran and Exarch Ulfra? Should we postpone the test?"
Svana: "Certainly not! The holds are counting on us! Besides, we might be able to end this threat right here and now."
<The group stops outside the door.>

Fennorian will think it a bad idea confronting the two leaders.

"This is a bad idea. We barely got out of Tzinghalis's clutches with our lives and now Svana wants to take on two of them? It's madness!"

When you enter, Rada al-Saran will recognize you.

Rada al-Saran: "Who dares intrude—you! The murderers who killed our beloved Tzinghalis!"
<Lyris stands in front.>
Lyris Titanborn: "And you're about to join him."
Rada al-Saran: "Impudent mortal! You will pay for your crime!"
<Red lightning appears in his hands and he strikes Lyris who is thrown back.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Argh!"
Rada al-Saran: "Now for the rest of these curs!"
Exarch Ulfra: "My king, allow me the honor of spilling their blood!"
Rada al-Saran: "Very well, sweet sister. Join me in Greymoor Keep when the task is done."
<Rada al-Saran bat-teleports away.>
Exarch Ulfra: "Let this harrowstorm flay the flesh from your bones!"
<A red haze fills the air as the Harrowstorm begins.>
Fennorian: "We need to leave—Svana, no!"
<Svana stands up drinks the elixir, a golden glow surrounds her.>
Svana: "See to Lyris, Fenn. And pray your elixir works!"
<Svana shields her eyes as she walks into the storm.>
Fennorian: "Protect Svana! She needs time for the elixir to do its job!"

You will need to protect Svana by destroying the Witch Pike and slaying Exarch Ulfra when she jumps down from the ledge. Once the werewolf is dead, you will find both Lyris and Svana lived. Fennorian will tend to Lyris before bringing her back to Solitude.

If you talk to him before checking on Svana:

"Lyris will be all right. She's as strong as a mammoth and twice as mean.
But Svana, she was exposed to the full effects of the harrowstorm. Check on her while I finish up here."

After checking on Svana:

"You go on ahead. I'll make sure Lyris gets back to Solitude."

When you arrive at the palace, he will be among the crowd in the throne room. The Hold representatives will try and convince Svargrim about the elixir.

"I'm not comfortable in such surroundings, but I'll endure. We need to convince the high king that the elixir works. And then we have to make a lot of it, and quickly!"

After you fail at convincing Svargrim, Svana will make a last ditch attempt to convince her father. Things will rapidly take a turn.

High King Svargrim: "Help? I need no help from the likes of you."
<Svana holds out the bottle of elixir.>
Svana: "Don't be a fool, father! This elixir will save our people!"
<Svargrim turns around.>
High King Svargrim: "I didn't think you had it in you, daughter. You have actually surpassed my expectations. More's the pity."
<Svargrim snatches the bottle out of her hand.>
High King Svargrim: "And I'll hear no more talk of this miracle elixir."
<A flash of red covers Svargrim's body and his complexion and eyes show him to be a vampire. Svana is thrown back and Svargrim breaks the bottle.>
Svana: "Father, no!"
High King Svargrim: "The Gray Host is my true ally! Once the harrowstorm engulfs Solitude, my kingdom will endure for all eternity!"
<Svargrim turns into a cloud of bats and disappears.>
Fennorian: "I should have sensed it … Svargrim's a vampire!"
<Svana staggers over to the dais and sits.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Svana …."
Svana: "Not now, Lyris. I … I need to think about this."

Fennorian will be berating himself afterwards.

"I should have suspected, sensed something. Svargrim has taken the curse. Become a vampire. And he's working with the Gray Host.
This is bad, my friend. Very, very bad."

Greymoor Rising[edit]

Speaking with Svana after her father revealed his allegiance, she will decide one of things she can do is have Fennorian and Old Mjolen created more elixir from the oil stockpiled at the Temple of the Divines. After agreeing to do so, an injured Solitude Soldier will run up the stairs with a report from Castle Dour.

Solitude Soldier: "They've taken it! By the gods, it's fallen!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Fallen? What are you talking about?"
Solitude Soldier: "The Gray Host, they came out of nowhere! Captured the temple and the Tower of the Wolf! We're locked out!"
Fennorian: "Then the sacred oil …."
Swordthane Uthlet: "Damn it all! I need to get down there!"
<Swordthane Uthlet runs down the stairs and outside.>
Svana: "Follow him! Now, soldier, tell me exactly what happened."

Talking to Fennorian before leaving, he will agree with the plan.

"Despite this turn, Svana has the right idea. Our best bet is to retrieve the sacred oil, make more elixir, and distribute it before the harrowstorm strikes the city."

When you arrive at the door to the temple, it will be covered by a red barrier as soldiers futilely bash at it with their fists. Uthlet will be with one of the bodies. After Svana arrives with Fennorian and Lyris.

"I didn't want to believe it, but the temple gates are locked. And without the sacred oil, I can't make more of the elixir.
Talk to the swordthane and see if he knows what's going on in there."
There's nowhere else you can get the sacred oil?
"Nowhere close by. Only a high priest of Arkay can prepare the sacred oil, and the high priest here in Solitude turned over his supply to Svargrim. Now it's locked in the temple.
In retrospect, that was probably part of Svargrim's plan all along."

You can talk to the swordthane who will see evacuation as the only answer. You can listen to them discuss it until a thought strikes Fennorian.

Svana: "That's unacceptable, swordthane. If we can't get the sacred oil to make more elixir, then we have to stop the harrowstorm."
Swordthane Uthlet: "Princess, we've kept watch. There aren't any witch pikes around the city."
Svana: "Then you missed something. They needed the witch pikes for every other harrowstorm they summoned."
<Fennorian holds his finger up as a thought occurs to him.>
Fennorian: "Of course! Blackreach! The Gray Host must have gained access to the temple from beneath the city!"
Lyris Titanborn: "They could easily hide the witch pikes underneath our feet."
Fennorian: "We know the Gray Host has been using Blackreach to clandestinely move around Western Skyrim. Why not launch their attacks from there?"
Svana: "Then we're going back to Blackreach. If the witch pikes are there, we'll destroy them."

With a clear goal in sight, you have an option to talk to Fennorian before leaving for Blackreach and finding whatever is below Solitude.

"As a junior member of House Ravenwatch, I never expected to be in the thick of things like this. I have to say, it's a tad overwhelming."
Are you ready to go back to Blackreach?
"Am I looking forward to going back to where Tzinghalis experimented on me? Not even remotely. But I want to see this through to the end.
I … I need to."
What do you think we'll find beneath the city?
"The Gray Host can't summon a harrowstorm without performing their ritual. And we know that requires witch pikes, so there's that.
Plus the usual assortment of coven witches, vampires, and werewolves, I suppose. Nothing we can't handle, right?"
We'll do our best.

Returning to speak with him, he will summarize where you are heading next.

"I had hoped to secure the sacred oil and make enough elixir to distribute throughout the city, but we're running out of time.
Our best bet now is to find the ritual site beneath Solitude and stop the harrowstorm before it's unleashed."
We should have expected an attack from Blackreach.
"You're absolutely right. Especially after we found evidence of undermining down there. All I can say is that we were focused on other things.
Let's go and save the city now, all right?"

To find the group in Blackreach, you'll need to head to Greymoor Cavern where you will find Fennorian and the others staring at Greymoor Keep with awe. If you talk to him, Fenn will know about it from Ravenwatch reports.

Completed The Lady of Blood:
"That's Greymoor Keep. House Ravenwatch has been investigating the place. From the reports I've received, the Gray Host is working terrible magic here.
But you already knew that, didn't you? I've seen your name in Gwendis's notes."
I explored part of the castle with Gwendis to stop a Gray Host experiment.
"Good. I'm glad that someone has an idea of what we're getting ourselves into.
Now, speak with Lyris. She's done some scouting and has a plan."
"That's Greymoor Keep. House Ravenwatch has been investigating the place, but I haven't heard anything from our operatives as of yet. I suggest we proceed with caution."

Lyris will have you meet them at the side entrance with Fennorian and Svana while you make your own way in. Fennorian will be nervous.

"Stay calm, stay calm. Lyris knows what she's doing. As long as we stay by her side, we'll be all right. Won't we?
Never mind me. I'm just trying to come to terms with a plan that has us rushing headlong into a fortress full of Gray Host warriors."
You don't have to do this if you're not feeling up to it.
"What? Of course I do! I need to see this through to the end. The same as you and Svana. The Ravenwatch doesn't leave a job half done. Besides, if I quit now, what Tzinghalis did—he'll win.
Now, let's go before I forget everything I just told you."

When you reach the door, they will be waiting for you and Fennorian will be handing Svana some bottles.

Lyris Titanborn: "Nice of you to join us."
Svana: "I don't understand. What am I supposed to do with these flasks?"
Fennorian: "If we run into trouble, throw one of them at the source. Then get out of the way."

Talking to him before entering the keep, he will mention the recent history he knows about the keep.

Completed The Lady of Blood:
"As I understand it, a vampire called Lady Essenia controlled Greymoor Keep. She was working with the Gray Host to undermine Western Skyrim before you put her down.
The very stones of this keep … I sense … something. We need to be on our guard."
"As I understand it, a vampire called Lady Essenia controls Greymoor Keep. She welcomed the Gray Host and has been working with them to undermine Western Skyrim.
The very stones of this keep … I sense … something. We need to be on our guard."
I would have thought this was Rada al-Saran's castle.
"According to the Ravenwatch's research, no one actually owns the castle. Powerful individuals claim it from time to time, but the keep endures.
Lady Essenia is just the latest to occupy its halls. Why she's working with the Ashen Lord, who can say?"
You said you sensed something?
"A feeling. Like the very stones have been infused with powerful magic. It seems familiar, but it's also … intense.
I need some time to sort out and make sense of what I'm detecting."

Once inside the keep, Lyris will decide to split the group to cover more ground.

Lyris Titanborn: "Split up and find the ritual site. We need to disrupt it."
Fennorian: "Split up? I suppose that makes sense. I'll go with our friend here."

You can talk to Fenn before you head off to look for the site and Svargrim.

"You heard Lyris. We need to find the ritual site. I'll go with you.
If the harrowstorm will be as large as Svargrim claimed, the ritual site must be equally enormous. It shouldn't be too difficult to spot."
Where should we start our search?
"This structure extends all the way to Blackreach's ceiling, placing it almost directly below Solitude. It stands to reason that the ritual site will be on the keep's upper levels, closer to the target of their harrowstorm.
So, we need to go up."

You and Fenn will come across and library and he will immediately spot the book on the pedestal.

Fennorian: "Hello, this looks important!"
<He runs up to it and starts flicking through.>

See if he's found anything interesting. Turns out it is.

"This book, I recognize the handwriting. It's Tzinghalis's.
It's more of his research. Harrowstorms, witch pikes, netherroot brew … how it all works together for the benefit of the Gray Host."
Any new revelations in there?
"Hmm, this might be something. I just need to skim through these assumptions and incantations ….
What's this? Instructions on the placement of runes throughout Greymoor. All the way to … my gods … this entire tower … it's a witch pike!"
So that means …?
"The magic I sensed earlier. It was familiar because it's the same magic used in the harrowstorm rituals. Don't you see? This entire keep is the ritual site! They turned the tower into a witch pike. But at the scale … it's inconceivable!"
What's the purpose of a giant witch pike? And how do we destroy it?
"I … I'm not sure we can destroy this tower. We need to keep going up. Find a way to disrupt the ritual. But I think I understand what they're doing.
Tzinghalis found a way to release the Gray Host from Coldharbour by using the harrowstorms."

You can ask further questions.

Using the harrowstorms? How?
"The harrowstorms steal life energy and use it to pull the souls of the Gray Host out of Coldharbour and into the gray reliquaries. It's quite ingenious!
How they reincorporate though, it has something to do with those stone husks, I think."
Is there anything else important in that book?
"Oh, most certainly! Perhaps even a way to reverse the effects of the harrowstorms and restore the harrowed. If the notes are complete, it would just require study, experimentation, and time.
Unfortunately, we lack all three of those at the moment."

After searching the keep with Fennorian he will find some notes before you meet with the others once more.

Svana: "There they are!"
Fennorian: "Lyris, Svana! I think this entire tower functions as a witch pike!"
Lyris Titanborn: "What? Fenn, how is that even possible?"
<Svargrim's voice can be heard as he cries out in pain.>
High King Svargrim: "Argh! The energy … it burns!"
Svana: "That's my father. This way!"
<The group begins running towards the voice.>

They will stop when they reach a balcony overlooking a massive witch pike, a beam of red energy shoots from the top while Svargrim and Rada al-Saran stand facing each other.

Rada al-Saran: "Pain is part of the process, Svargrim."
High King Svargrim: "It's … exquisite … my master!"
Rada al-Saran: "Once you are attuned to Greymoor, the storm will be yours to command."
<The attunement of Svargrim is completed and he begins to rise up in the air and floats towards the surface.>
Rada al-Saran: "Rise, Svargrim, and unleash my storm upon Solitude! Then the last of the Gray Host shall be reborn!"
<Rada then follow him to the surface.>
Fennorian: "The Ashen Lord, he turned Svargrim into the heart of his harrowstorm!"
Svana: "They're moving higher up the tower! We need to follow them!"

If you talk to him afterwards, you can ask for his opinion on what you just saw.

"There's no time! We need to ascend the tower and catch up with Svargrim and the Ashen Lord!"
What did we just witness, Fenn?
"I'm still trying to make sense of what we saw. Rada al-Saran was attuning Svargrim to the magic imbued in this tower. Giving him command of the harrowstorm.
Obviously, the process involved a great deal of pain."
If Svargrim is connected to the harrowstorm, maybe he's the key to stopping it.
"The key …? Yes, yes, I see. You just might have hit the nail on the head, my friend.
Come on, let's get to Svargrim before he unleashes the harrowstorm upon the city."

The group will split once more as you enter the central tower of the keep. As you go down the stairs, Fennorian will point out the gray reliquary.

Fennorian: "Look, a gray reliquary! It's massive! Just like the storm they plan to unleash on the city!"

When you enter the hallways:

Fennorian: "These corridors lead upward. They should take us to Svargrim and Rada al-Saran."

As you and Fennorian walk down the corridor, your path will intersect with Lyris and Svana as they enter the corridor from a side room. Lyris will have seen the Gray Host's preparations for war. Once you enter the Central Overlook, you'll find Rada al-Saran himself doing something while within a red barrier.

Rada al-Saran: "And so the thorns arrive to once more prick my thumbs …."
Fennorian: "A barrier …."
Svana: "And—Rada al-Saran?"

Talking with Fennorian before Rada al-Saran.

"Rada al-Saran, the Ashen Lord. Whatever he's doing, it's powerful. I've never seen anything like it."

After you have spoken with Rada he will leave.

Rada al-Saran: "Bold words, but futile. Svargrim rises, and the harrowstorm with him. Once the attunement is finished, they will be unstoppable!"
<He disappears.>
Lyris Titanborn: "What happened? What did that damned vampire do?"
<Fennorian walks up and places him hands on the barrier.
Fennorian: "He's merging the power flowing through the keep with Svargrim, giving him control of the harrowstorm."
Svana: "Then you must undo it. I'll stay and help. Lyris, you and our friend keep going up and find my father."

Fennorian will stay and attempt to stop the attunement.

"Rada al-Saran, he's treating this entire structure the way the Icereach Coven treats the witch pikes. But he's added a new element into the attunement process—Svargrim!
Maybe I can unravel the spell before the attunement is complete."
Can you really do that?
"I'm not a mage, but I can try.
Go with Lyris. Find Svargrim. If this doesn't work, you'll need to stop him before he unleashes the harrowstorm on Solitude. With a storm that big, they'll have more than enough power to resurrect the Gray Host!"

Lyris and you will need to find your way through the Stone Husk gallery before you meet with Svana and Fenn. Svana will explain what happened after you left.

Lyris Titanborn: "A dead end? Damn!"
<Fennorian and Svana arrive.>
Svana: "We weren't able to stop the attunement spell. It's just getting stronger!"
Fennorian: "That tower! It must lead to the upper levels. I need time to get that door open."
<Fenn runs over to door and starts working on the lock.>
Svana: "Everyone, protect Fenn!"

After fighting off a few waves of Stone Husks, the door will be unlocked.

Fennorian: "Got it!"
Svana: "Good job! Through the door and to the upper levels now, hurry!"

Once inside the upper keep, there will be signs of the attunement process reaching completion.

Fennorian: "Now we just—"
<Suddenly there is a noise and the world is bathed in a dark red light before it recedes.>
Fennorian: "The whole keep … the shaking is getting worse!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Damn magic! Give me something to hit!"
Fennorian: "The magic, it's al-Saran! The attunement is almost complete!"
Svana: "We need to find my father. Lyris, take Fenn that way. We'll go the other."
"The power pulsing through the keep, it's getting stronger. I think the harrowstorm is imminent.
We need to find Svargrim and fast!"
What happens when we find Svargrim?
"I—I'm not sure. I don't have the skills necessary to unravel the Ashen Lord's ritual. The only way I see to stop the harrowstorm is to cut out its heart. I think we need to kill Svargrim."

You will then travel with Svana and you'll witness Svargrim and Rada talk as they ascend. Once you reach the doors at the pinnacle of the tower, Lyris and Fennorian will catch up.

Lyris Titanborn: "Hold, friends!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We followed the booming voices. Where's Svargrim?"
Svana: "My father's ascended into Solitude. But Rada al-Saran, I think he's leaving."
Fennorian: "Interesting. Lyris assumed the Gray Host was preparing to attack, but it's just as possible they're relocating their forces."
Svana: "We'll figure that out later, after we stop my father!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Fair enough. Friend, lead the way."

Talking him before going outside.

"Svargrim's gone up into the city. We'll have to stop him there."

While crossing the narrow bridge from the tower to the tunnels, Fennorian will happen to glance over the ledge.

Fennorian: "Oh my!"
Lyris Titanborn: "What is it now, Fenn?"
Fennorian: "Oh, nothing. Just don't look down."

When you reach the tunnels, Fennorian will comment on them:

Fennorian: "These tunnels look freshly dug. The Gray Host has certainly been busy."
"If my calculations are correct, this tunnel will take us to the Temple of the Divines. From there, we can slip into Castle Dour and the Tower of the Wolf."

Soon you'll enter a chamber full of caged harrowfiends.

Fennorian: "Harrowfiends! Is that what became of the harrowed Svargrim brought to Castle Dour?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Harrowfiends. Corralled like war hounds about to be set loose."

Talking to Fennorian:

"Those harrowfiends … stacked up like war hounds before being set loose on their prey.
Such close quarters is driving them into a frenzy. Let's hope that pen holds."
Do we have a plan?
"Get to the surface and make our way up the Tower of the Wolf? Then we do whatever it takes to keep Svargrim from calling the harrowstorm down upon the city.
Child's play, wouldn't you say?"

When you enter the Temple of the Divines, you will find it descrated and a distinct red tint to the atmosphere.

"The temple, Castle Dour, the Tower of the Wolf … all of Svargrim's efforts have been on behalf of the Gray Host.
We can't let him unleash that storm!"

After you the enter the courtyard of Castle Dour, you will be too late to stop the storm.

Solitude Warrior: "Is that—? Princess Svana!"
<The world goes dark red and the warrior is turned into red energy which is drawn up into the new harrowstorm.>
Lyris Titanborn: "The harrowstorm, it's begun!"
Fennorian: "Look, above the Tower of the Wolf. The storm's only partially formed."
Svana: "My father's up there. Open the gates and let's go."
Fennorian: "But the harrowfiends below the temple! If they escape into the streets—"
Lyris Titanborn: "You and I will keep that from happening. Take the Princess and deal with Svargrim, partner."
Svana: "I—yes … it's the only option. Let's go."

Talking him before entering the city:

"The storm, it's fast approaching. There's no time to waste. Get the gate open now."

When you enter the city proper, howling can be heard from inside Castle Dour gates.

Lyris Titanborn: "Behind us!"
Fennorian: "The harrowfiends, they've broken loose!"
<Lyris and Fennorian throw themselves against the door.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Get to the tower and stop Svargrim. We'll hold the gate."
Svana: "I'm with you, my friend. Up the stairs!"

Talking with Fennorian before you leave:

"Go! If the storm gets any stronger, there will be no stopping it! Lyris and I will take care of things down here."
Are you able to fight?
"That doesn't matter, now! I have to fight!
These harrowfiends won't make it into the city, friend. I swear it on the Ravenwatch!"

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

After you have spoken with Svana, she'll want you to go to the Temple courtyard and see how Lyris and Fennorian fare after defending Solitude from the harrowfiend horde. Luckily, they can both be found alive and well when you enter the courtyard.

Fennorian: "Tell me truthfully, Lyris … how much of this blood is mine?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Not enough to be worried about."

Talk with Fennorian to see how he is and what happened after you left.

"You did it. I shouldn't be surprised, but things were looking rather bleak before the clouds parted."
What happened with the horde of harrowfiends?
"We held the gate as long as we could, but the harrowfiends were a flood of claws and teeth. Once they burst through, Lyris cleaved through them like a scythe through wheat, but even she couldn't stem the tide."
So what happened?
"I … I'm not really sure. I kind of went wild. Let out my inner beast, as it were. I was rending and slashing. Then Lyris whacked me with the flat of her blade. At least, that's the last thing I remember.
Not my finest hour, but we survived."
So what now?
"The elixir is my next priority, of course. As long as the harrowstorms are still a threat, we need a defense against them.
After that, I want to examine the records we took from Greymoor Keep. I still think there's a cure for the harrowed in there."

You can then ask about the fate of those turned harrowfiends.

"The swordthane gathered people in the Hall of the Dead. Go check on them while I pull myself together. This whole ordeal has been a lot more strenuous than I'm accustomed to.
Then I'll get to work on the elixir and a cure for the harrowed."
What about the harrowfiends?
"Sadly, I don't think there's any hope for them. Their life energy was sucked dry, turning them into feral beasts. Restoring them is beyond my capabilities, I'm afraid.
At least with the harrowed, they're not so far gone as to be a lost cause."
And the elixir will protect everyone else?
"As soon as we produce enough of it, yes. We saw how it protected Svana.
Now, where did I put my flask?"

After meeting with Jorunn the Skald-King and his soldiers at the city gates and doing some diplomacy before Svana arrives to take over, she'll ask you to see how Fennorian and Old Mjolen are progressing with producing the elixir.

They can be found on the bottom floor of the Mages Guild and will be in discussion when you arrive.

Old Mjolen: "Ingenious! A rare thing to find an Elf with the makings of a clever woman."
Fennorian: "Despite what my kin might proclaim, it's not all in the blood."
<They then notice you and turn around.>
Fennorian: "Ah, good! You're here! We've made a breakthrough!"

See what they have figured out.

"I was just discussing a theory with Mjolen and it seems like we're very close to turning this elixir into a true restorative."
Meaning what?
"A cure! Tzinghalis's research on the netherroot showed me just how it weakens the connection between a body and soul. Thus far we've been able to inure a person to the root, but now I'm certain I can use that knowledge to heal those weakened bonds."
How quickly can you produce this cure?
"Well, it is still just a theory at this point. There's a lot more testing and experimentation to be done before we can produce a viable antidote. Weeks, optimistically."
Svana needs your elixir now. She asked me to make sure everything is going smoothly.
"I know. I know. We can't simply put things on hold. Mjolen and I have a batch brewing right now and materials to keep producing for another day. Ingurt's promised us a steady supply of Arkay's oil, but that's not our limiting factor."
What's the problem?
"We know enough about Tzinghalis's refinement processes to replicate his methods, but we still need a source of netherroot to do so.
Tell Svana that if she can keep us supplied, we can produce enough elixir for all the holds in a matter of weeks."

You can then ask a series of questions about the methods and mechanisms involving the harrowstorms and gray reliquaries.

Any ideas on where we can get more netherroot?
"We can ransack Gray Host stockpiles or mount an expedition into Blackreach. Otherwise, it would take decades of work to produce a proper crop.
After we get the elixir squared away, we'll turn our attention to curing the harrowed."
Did Tzinghalis's notes tell you more about the gray reliquaries and the stone husks?
"Indeed! As I surmised, the gray reliquaries contained the remains of ancient Gray Host warriors. They served as a connection to the souls trapped in Coldharbour.
Using the energy from the harrowstorms, the souls were pulled into the stone husks."
And what was the purpose of the stone husks?
"I believe the stone husks are incubators of a sort. The physical forms of the Gray Host are reincorporated within the stone vessels through a mix of Tzinghalis's alchemy and sorcery and the magic of the Icereach witches.
When whole, they burst free."

If you visit him after the mourning ceremony in the Blue Palace courtyard, you can find Fennorian still at work in the Mages Guild.

"The elixir has started being distributed. That should protect the holds from the harrowstorms.
My compatriots from House Ravenwatch are already on the trail of Rada al-Saran. Somewhere in the Reach, I think. They'll send word when they know more."


Appears only with Markarth

The End of Eternity[edit]

You'll find an ancient Nord ruin west of Bthardamz. As you get closer, you hear Rada speaking to some of his lieutenants. Before your can strike he notices you and they all vanish in a mist. To your surprise, some old friends have joined you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Damn it! I knew we should have attacked when we had the chance!"
Fennorian: "My orders were to wait, Lyris. At least Rada left something in his haste."
Lyris Titanborn: "Wait—is that you, partner? Could have used you a moment sooner."

Speak to him and you'll pull him from his thoughts.

"What? Oh! Sorry! I was fixated on this trinket.
When Verandis said he would send someone, I assumed he meant Adusa. We weren't supposed to make a move, but Lyris feared we'd miss our chance. I don't think we ever had one, but don't tell her that."
What's so interesting about that trinket?
"Other than I think it belonged to Rada al-Saran? I sense a powerful magic has been cast on the item. Auramancy. I recognize it. The technique is remarkably similar to what Verandis uses.
Not surprising, I suppose. They were friends once, after all."
What else have you learned while you were tracking the Gray Host?
"Well, after their defeats in Western Skyrim and the Reach, the Gray Host has regrouped. The ancient exarchs have arrived and asserted their control over the newer troops.
We also intercepted a courier a few days ago. He carried a coded message."
Were you able to decipher the coded message?
"My command of ancient Yokudan is elementary at best. I assumed it had something to do with harrowstorms until Rada al-Saran mentioned this Darkstorm.
I think he's planning something massive. More massive even than the storm over Solitude."

Your final response and his answer to it will be different depending on whether you spoke to him or Lyris first, but the questions you can ask him after the fact are the same no matter what you do:

If you spoke with Lyris first:
If you spoke with Fennorian first:
We should take this to Verandis. He's waiting for us at the Arkthzand orrery.
"We're going to meet Verandis? Right now? I—um—yes, that would be prudent, I suppose. Do I … look presentable to you? Befitting of an audience with the count?
I don't imagine there's time for a bath before we head to the orrery?"
We should take this to Verandis. He's waiting for us at the Arkthzand orrery.
"Count Verandis said that? That he wants us to come meet him? All of us? Including me? I must put my notes in order! Wash the grime from … everything.
Sorry, could you talk to Lyris for a moment? I need to gather my thoughts."
What was that you mentioned about auramancy?
"This trinket Rada al-Saran left behind. It radiates a magical residue similar to what Verandis leaves behind when he casts auramancy. Perhaps you've seen him use it to draw memories from the past?
I wonder why Rada al-Saran left it here?"
Seems like you've been busy since I saw you last.
"Amazingly so!
I assisted Svana—Jarl Svana—for a while, helping Old Mjolen and the Mages Guild produce as much of the harrowstorm elixir as we could, but I couldn't linger there forever. I've been tracking the Gray Host ever since."
Have you learned anything about their current plans?
"No, though I'm hopeful Count Verandis can find something in this coded letter. He's better at ancient languages than I am.
I was able to find this meeting site, and I know the Gray Host forces have regrouped under the command of the ancient exarchs."
You seem anxious to see Verandis.
"Shouldn't I be? I was studying abroad when you two were dealing with the Lightless Remnant. And I only just learned that he's still alive. I—I know I couldn't have prevented what happened, but I never even got to say goodbye."
Were you two close?
"Count Verandis is a father to me, more so than my own birth kin. Losing him pained me deeply.
I—I'm looking forward to this second chance we've been given."

Examine the trinket that Rada left behind and you'll see yet another familiar face:

Fennorian: "Is that Count Verandis?"
Verandis: "A soul's ability to travel among the infinite planes of existence is equally boundless."
Lyris Titanborn: "Fenn, what did you do?"
Verandis: "Souls can go anywhere! Imagine if they had the freedom to choose their destination, or even return to life."
Fennorian: "It's the auramancy. We're seeing an image of the past."

Speak to him before heading to the orrery and he'll remark:

"I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Count Verandis again, but auramancy visions weren't what I had in mind."
Why did a projection of Verandis appear when I examined that trinket?
"That wasn't the Verandis we know. Rada al-Saran cast auramancy on that trinket. It pulled a memory, an echo out of the ancient past.
But why did he leave that here? He had to know we'd be able to access the magic."
I entered Verandis's memories back in Rivenspire to help him remember something. This seems easier.(If you've completed Dream-Walk Into Darkness)
"The Dream-Walk elixir is certainly more … intrusive, but it's also better for uncovering the full story.
Verandis possesses a natural talent for auramancy. Perhaps he learned it from Rada al-Saran, or vice versa?"
What's auramancy?
"Certain inanimate objects, especially of personal or sentimental value, can become imbued with the auras of those who possessed them. Auramancy allows a mage to pick up vague impressions or even see past events."
Right. I remember Verandis used that in Nighthollow Keep.
"The power emanating from the lingering magic is … intense. I think this trinket was specifically prepared to reveal the image we just witnessed.
But is it a message for us … or for Count Verandis?"

Once you reach the orrery, you'll find that Fennorian and Lyris will have made it there before you. Fennorian is filling in Verandis:

Fennorian: "He escaped, count, but we intercepted this letter."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch:<Visibly pained> "A moment, Fennorian. The darkness … has passed. Well done acquiring this letter."
Gwendis: "Never mind the pat on the back, Verandis! What happened?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "It's nothing. A distraction. Our friend has arrived and we must not waste any time."

Speak to him and he'll comment on the count's condition:

"Count Verandis seems … not his usual self.
But he wants to talk to you. Please, hear what he has to say."

Speak to Verandis and he'll send you to Bthar-Zel with Fennorian. You can speak to him about your next mission:

"Gods, I've never seen Verandis struggle like this. How can he expect me to go to Bthar-Zel and leave him to deal with this on his own?
Don't worry. I know my duty. It's just … hard sometimes."
What do you know about Bthar-Zel?
"Nothing. Well, I know it's a Dwarven ruin. But aside from that, Dwemer studies have never been my strongpoint.
You've been there before, haven't you? Together we'll figure it out. We've managed to make it this far with less to go on."

Once you reach him inside Bthar-Zel, he calls out to you:

Fennorian: "I made some interesting discoveries while I was waiting."

Speak to him.

"Bthar-Zel is more intact than the few other Dwarven ruins I've visited. I spotted a chamber that appears related to the keystones.
But more intact doesn't mean completely intact. The path ahead is blocked."
If the path is blocked, how do we get to this chamber?
"Therein lies the problem. My vampiric abilities make traversal somewhat trivial, but you can't follow. I do believe I've come up with a solution though.
Potentially. Theoretically."
What's your idea?
"I noted numerous void portals scattered around Bthar-Zel. I understand you and Verandis encountered them before.
I'm no expert on teleportation, but these should allow you to navigate the ruins and pick out a safe path."
I've used the void portals before. I'll find my way to the chamber.
"May I suggest trying to reach the void portal at the top of that tower first? It seems like a good vantage point to survey the layout of this ruin.
I'm sure you'll figure out a way past the blockage in no time."
Any other advice on reaching the chamber?
"As Verandis explained it to me, the void portals sort of pull you toward their location. So, finding a viable path across should just be a matter of trial and error.
Assuming there's a void portal near our destination, you should have no problem."
Then let's find a path to that chamber.

Use the nearby portal and he'll exclaim:

Fennorian: "It worked! I mean, of course it worked. I'll be waiting on the other side."

Fennorian will move on leaving you to your own devices. Catch up to him and he'll announce:

Fennorian: "I had every confidence you wouldn't get sucked into some boundless void. The repository is just through this door."

Inside the repository he'll begin to explore:

Fennorian: "Let's see what we can find."
Fennorian: "This looks like some kind of manufacturing equipment."

If you speak to him, he'll say:

"As I surmised, this chamber was where new keystones were crafted and stored. Nothing remains, however, except component pieces. Does Rada al-Saran expect Verandis to assemble a keystone?
Gather the pieces and we'll bring them to the orrery."

Collect the parts and Fennorian will notice another trinket:

Fennorian: "What's this? More of Rada al-Saran's auramancy, I suspect."

Before you interact with the trinket, he will say:

"More auramancy. Strong, too. Rada al-Saran's magic might be more powerful than Verandis's.
No, what am I thinking? It's probably just … different."

Witness the next vision and Fennorian will express concern.

Fennorian: "Verandis was aware of this plan? And he was its architect?"

Speak to him.

"I thought Tzinghalis, one of Rada al-Saran's exarchs, came up with the plan to return the Gray Host to life. But it was Verandis? Why didn't he tell us?"
What should I do next?
"If you completed all three steps of the journey, head back to the orrery. If not, meet Lyris at Understone Keep or Gwendis at the Nighthollow archive and let's get this done."
I thought Exarch Tzinghalis corrupted Verandis's research, but the memory tells a different tale.
"Yes, and it's a darker story than we were led to believe. Not only was Verandis a member of the Gray Host and a close confidant of Rada al-Saran, he was also the architect of their rebirth.
I hope he's truly ready to face him when the time comes."
What do you mean?
"When we confront Rada al-Saran, it must be the last time. When the moment comes to end this, there can be no doubt. No hesitation. My father has to be prepared to see this through.
That's a discussion for later. We should leave this place."

Back in the Orrery Chamber, you'll hear Verandis trying to defend his actions:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "The past is ancient history. Rada's intentions were to sway me back to his side."
Lyris Titanborn: "That's not good enough, count. Why didn't you tell us that this was all your fault?"
Fennorian: "Father, it wasn't just your research that let him revive the Gray Host. The actual procedure was your creation!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You don't understand. Please, tell me you found out more about the Darkstorm."

Speak to him:

"I trust my father, no matter what. But Lyris doesn't trust easily, and Gwendis's faith has been shaken too many times.
Please, convince Count Verandis to put his trust in us as well."

After speaking to Verandis, Fennorian will add:

"It's troubling to think Rada al-Saran may have been somewhere in this structure the entire time. Everything we've said and done in this chamber—he could have been privy to all of it.
We should proceed cautiously."

In the Library of Arkthzand:

"I haven't had any success as yet. Though my method so far has just been to systematically prod things, so I can't say that I'm too surprised."

Once you finally find the laboratory:

"I recognize some of Tzinghalis's work from what we encountered in Western Skyrim. It's not something I'd like to dwell upon. Count Verandis probably has better answers than I can provide."

Verandis will explain to you that the group needs to recreate the ritual Rada was attempting. Fennorian is on alchemy duty:

"We'd be better served having Old Mjolen do this, but I think I can handle it.
Once you start, I'll begin my part."

After the ritual:

"As fascinating and exhilarating as that was, I'm worried about Count Verandis. Please, see if he's all right."

Everyone heads the orrery. Inside you'll find Rada al-Saran at the machine's platform. After he and Verandis exchange words, he vanishes:

"I can't tell if Rada al-Saran is playing with Count Verandis's emotions or is totally serious with these offers.
Please, see how my father fares."

Kingdom of Ash[edit]

After you agree to follow Rada into the Darkstorm:

"Well, the Darkstorm isn't going to stop itself. Let's see about getting this portal open, shall we?"

Once the three beacons as activated, Verandis will then turn to his Ravenwatch family:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Gwendis. Fennorian. You shall remain here."

Speak to Fennorian:

"I can almost understand it. Rada al-Saran's desire, I mean. The unpleasantries of living with this curse have haunted me a long time. The thought of what awaits me in the afterlife fills me with no less dread.
Anyone would seek an escape."
Are you tempted by Rada al-Saran's offer?
"I'd be lying if I said no … but the price of salvation is too high. Rada al-Saran will doom thousands of souls to fates worse than death so that he and his chosen can escape. I don't need an eternity with that on my conscience."
Rada al-Saran will answer for all he's done soon enough.
"You and my father will see this through. I know it. Just … come back, all right? You both still owe me a proper reunion."
I'll do my best.
"I'll do all I can to keep the orrery in alignment, but I don't know how long it can sustain this. I don't believe it was designed to have this amount of power coursing through it."
You're saying it wasn't meant to be a gateway?
"I'm fairly certain the Dwarves built this as an observatory to chart the Void. What we're doing is more akin to plunging a telescope into a fathomless depth so we can slip through the tube without getting wet.
Let's hope it doesn't spring a leak."

Back at the orrery:

Gwendis: "You're back! But—where's Verandis?"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's … staying behind. I'm sorry."
Gwendis: "He's staying …? No. He promised—he promised me!"
Lyris Titanborn: "It was the only way to—"
Fennorian: "Look out! The Dark Heart!"

The Dark Heart pulses... then stops:

Fennorian: "It's … dormant. Verandis must have done it. He stopped the Darkstorm!"

Then suddenly, an old friend shows up:

Gwendis: "Arana?"
Arana: "I—I can breathe … I'm alive?"

Speak to him:

"Look. The Dark Heart, it's … dormant. Was that Verandis's doing, or that woman's?"
About Verandis ….
"You don't have to explain. I know you would have brought him home if that were possible. This is how it had to be.
I would like to hear the story, sometime. Just not today."
Will you be all right?
"I got to say goodbye. There was so much more I wanted to say to him … but at least there was that.
I need some time, but I'll carry on."

After speaking to Lyris, he'll add:

"I hope you're right. If father managed to undo some of the harm the Gray Host caused, I know he'd be at peace with himself. Wherever he is."

Second Chances[edit]

In Understone Keep, Arana will tell you you have "a friend who's journeyed a long way to thank you personally for all you've done." Go to the place in the keep she indicated and Verandis will be there to greet you.

As you say your goodbye to Verandis, you hear voices come in behind you:

Gwendis: "Arana said they'd be this way, come o—"
<Gwendis stops and covers her mouth>
Fennorian: "F—father!"
Gwendis: "You—they said you were gone …."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "I was. And I will be again. We have much to discuss, but I will not be returning to House Ravenwatch."
Adusa-daro: "But who will—"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You three have no more need of a guardian. It's time I put the future of the Ravenwatch in your hands."
Gwendis: "But … you'll still visit, right?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Every chance I get."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"I—I don't know what I expected when Arana said there was someone waiting to see us, but I never—I thought he was gone! I don't think there's anything left that could surprise me today.
Forget I said that. Better to not tempt fate."
You seem troubled.
"No—no. I don't mean to give the wrong impression. It's all just, a bit much. Maybe I should sit down …?
Did he really say he wants us to take over the Ravenwatch?"
He did.
"Right. I didn't imagine it. The truth is, we were already considering the future of the Ravenwatch after you returned without Verandis. It seems that will bear further discussion, but I'm relieved that the circumstances are different."
You'll all do fine, I'm sure.
"Your vote of confidence is always encouraging.
Gwendis could use some of that as well, I think. Have a word with her, won't you?"

If you speak to him again, he'll have a job for you:

"Welcome to the Ravenwatch. I suppose that makes me your superior now. I'll try not to let it go to my head.
I actually have your first assignment, if you're ready."
All right. What's my assignment?
"You're to endure as much of the cheer and praise as the Ard and his people can heap upon you. And you're to have absolutely nothing to do with evil vampires for at least, I don't know, a day. Think you can manage that recruit?"
I can.
"Remember, you're representing House Ravenwatch now. Consider this a diplomatic mission.
I believe the Ard was calling for you when we spoke to Arana. He was headed to the audience chamber with the other rulers, last I saw."

After the speeches, Fennorian has yet another assignment for you:

"You've done the Ravenwatch proud. I don't suppose you'd accept an assignment to reorder all of Count Verandis's records? No? Well, I can look forward to that later. For now, we celebrate!"
Back to your books now that this is over?
"Hah, no. I won't be barricading myself in the library any longer, but someone has to curate our records. Can you imagine Adusa doing it, or Gwendis? I'll show you the state of her sock drawer sometime.
This was quite the adventure, wasn't it?"
It was.
"But we survived it, even if it was touch and go there for a bit. Forgive me for being sentimental, but it was you who got me through it. I'll always be grateful for that."
Don't mention it.
"Well, I meant it all the same. If there's ever a time when you need someone to be there for you, count on me.
Now, go on. Everyone wants to talk to you and I'm only liable to embarrass myself if I keep carrying on."