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ON-Icon-Transparent Logo.png This page contains deprecated information about Elder Scrolls Online content.
The content described here was removed from the game after Update 30.
Deepwood Vale
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Owned No
Matron Urgala, Rada al-Saran, Vitrus the Bloody
Icereach Charger, Icereach Chillrender, Icereach Beastcaller, Icereach Brute, Icereach Thornslinger
Frostbite Spider, Harrowfiend, Skeever, Wolf
HaafingarWestern Skyrim
North of Dragon Bridge
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"Nords. They have such an innate fear of desolate and abandoned places like Deepwood Vale that the Icereach Coven has had little trouble hiding in plain sight. For that reason, they have already lost this war."—Matron Urgala
Deepwood Vale

Deepwood Vale is a secluded valley containing caves and Nordic ruins in western Haafingar. The Icereach Coven has taken over the ruins, using it as a hidden haven to execute their plans.

This location is only accessible during the tutorial quest for new characters created with the Greymoor Chapter.

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Deepwood Crypts[edit]

Your cell
Deepwood Crypts

After you create your character, you'll wake up within a cell in this room. Across from your starting location is a sarcophagus containing Fennorian, who will be your guide and ally during your escape from the coven. There are plenty of urns and sacks to loot in this chamber. Beetles scuttle across the stone floors of the crypt.

Crypt Vault[edit]

Crypt Vault

The Crypt Vault lies north of the crypt itself. Within lies armor of all kinds and plenty of weapons, particularly daggers, swords and two-handed greatswords. You will need to pick a weapon to defend yourself with before you can progress through the quest. Rats can be seen scurrying across the floor.

Ceremonial Chamber[edit]

Ceremonial Chamber

An open square chamber with several sacks, a bookshelf, and strange looking sealed urns. You will need to defeat Vitrus the Bloody in this chamber to progress. This fight serves to teach you how combat works.

Deepwood Barrow[edit]

Deepwood Barrow

A snow-filled chamber lined with cobwebs that leads into the cave system beyond the crypts. Flame staves can be found on the racks here. If your new character is going to specialize in using magicka abilities, grabbing one would be a good idea. Racks filled with armor of every weight line the boarded walkway towards the door at the far end of the tunnel.

Deepwood Cavern[edit]

Deepwood Cavern
Deepwood Cavern

A quiet, frosty cave with a babbling creek running through it. There are egg sacs in the far section of the cavern, indicating the presence of the giant Frostbite Spider that has taken residence here. Smaller blue spiders can be seen scuttling across the snow-covered floor, and can be killed for Crawlers.

Deepwood Redoubt[edit]

Deepwood Redoubt
Deepwood Redoubt

An icy cavern with crystal clear water and slivers of sunlight filtering in through gaps in the ceiling. Here, you and Fennorian will witness a conversation between a strange man and the local Icereach sect's matriarch. The door to the next section lies in the southwest tunnel.

Deepwood Run[edit]

Deepwood Run
Deepwood Run

Nordic ruins filled with members of the Icereach Coven. Several Harrowfiends can be encountered in these halls. The centerpiece of the ruin is a chamber filled with sealed urns, where the floor is spattered with a generous amount of blood.

Deepwood Crossing[edit]

Deepwood Crossing
Deepwood Crossing

Deepwood Crossing is comprised of the ruins above Deepwood Redoubt, including the icy bridge Matron Urgala and her guest passed over earlier. The crossing leads you up and out of the first set of caves, and into the second half of Deepwood Vale.

Deepwood Vale[edit]

The storm

This section of the ruin is a large grotto chock full of Reachmen and critters. Rabbits, foxes and hostile wolves can be encountered out here. Over the horizon, you can see an ominous red storm brewing.

Deepwood Tower[edit]

Deepwood Tower

Deepwood Tower is a locked structure in the western portion of the grotto. It can be accessed by climbing the hill up from the river or crossing the wooden platforms across the water. The door to the tower is protected by a trivial lock, which can be smashed with ease.

Several racks of armor and weapons can be found inside, as well as lootable containers. Two Reachmen patrol the tower, one on each floor. Entering the tower is completely optional; you do not have to enter in order to progress the tutorial. Doing so may help new players learn the very basics of picking locks.

Deepwood Temple[edit]

Deepwood Temple
Deepwood Temple

Deepwood Temple is the Nordic ruin in the middle of the vale. You must travel east from Deepwood Crossing in order to reach it, and the temple must be climbed in order to reach the source of the storm brewing in the sky above. Many sealed urns can be found within.

Upper Halls[edit]

ON-place-Deepwood Temple (Upper Halls).jpg
ON-place-Deepwood Temple (Upper Halls) 02.jpg

The second floor of Deepwood Temple. Wicker effigies and more of those strange urns can be found here, having been wheeled in on carts.

Upper Deepwood Temple[edit]

Upper Deepwood Temple
Upper Deepwood Temple

The top level of Deepwood Temple. More coven members and sealed urns can be found here. A Skeever is poking around in the room with the Dragon wall.

Deepwood Temple Pinnacle[edit]

Deepwood Temple Pinnacle
The exit to Western Skyrim

The summit of the Nordic ruins. You will need to stop the harrowstorm ritual here. To do this, Matron Urgala needs to die. There is a path to the south marked by a stack of stones. This path leads to a door that allows you to exit Deepwood Vale and explore the rest of Western Skyrim.


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Deepwood Vale Wayshrine is located northwest of Dragon Bridge, and just down the road from Deepwood Vale. Mervynne has set up a merchant cart near the wayshrine.