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Located in the southeastern portion of Blackreach's Dusktown Cavern, the Dwarven ruin known as Kagnthamz must have been part of the great Dwarven city that once dominated this portion of their underground domain. However, like most things related to the Dwemer, its true purpose remains a mystery.
Dwemer Ruin:
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Discoverable No
Bone Flayers, Commoners, Exarch Tzinghalis, Exarch Ulfra, Death Hounds, Flesh Colossus, Pentarch Khorb, Harrowfiends, Sister Tharda, Skeletal Frost Knights, Skeletal Hunters, Skeletal Icehurlers, Vampire Bloodarrows, Vampire Bloodreavers, Vampire Darkblades, Vampire Fearmongers, Vampire Prowlers, Vampire Shadowcasters, Vampire Soldiers
Dusktown CavernBlackreach
East of Dusktown
Kagnthamz entrance

Kagnthamz is a small Dwemer ruin east of Dusktown. Where is was once part of a greater city, it has now become the lair of vampires.

While tracking a vampire assassin from Solitude to Blackreach, Pentarch Khorb will eventually take refuge with the Icereach witch, Sister Tharda after a harrowstorm ritual targeting the nearby mining town is thwarted.

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