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Solitude Soldier
Home Settlement Solitude
Location Blue Palace, Hall of the Dead
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Solitude Soldier in the Blue Palace

Solitude Soldiers are Nord who serve Solitude in it's defense. While one particular soldier can be encountered giving reports during the related quests, others can be seen at the gates to the Temple of the Divines after escaping a Gray Host attack.

Solitude Soldier
Home Settlement Solitude
Location Outside gates of the Temple of the Divines, at city gates
Race Nord Gender Varies
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Greymoor Rising[edit]

After you have spoken with Svana about what to do, an injured Solitude Soldier will run up the stairs with a report from Castle Dour.

Solitude Warrior: "They've taken it! By the gods, it's fallen!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Fallen? What are you talking about?"
Solitude Soldier: "The Gray Host, they came out of nowhere! Captured the temple and the Tower of the Wolf! We're locked out!"
Fennorian: "Then the sacred oil …."
Swordthane Uthlet: "Damn it all! I need to get down there!"
<Swordthane Uthlet runs down the stairs and outside.>
Svana: "Follow him! Now, soldier, tell me exactly what happened."
The soldier who appears during Daughter of the Wolf

Before you leave, you can ask him what happened.

"They surprised us. Attacked without warning. We barely got out of there alive before they sealed the gates!"
How did the Gray Host get a large force inside the city walls?
"I don't know. It happened so fast. One moment I was patrolling the courtyard, the next I was fighting for my life. They were everywhere!
A few of us barely managed to get out before they sealed themselves inside the temple and the tower."
Why seal themselves in the Temple of the Divines and the Tower of the Wolf?
"Who knows how those monsters think? It's like they're waiting for something. As soon as I got out, I ran to the palace as fast as I could.
Now I really ought to give the princess my full report."

When you arrive at the gate to the Temple of the Divines, you will find a red barrier over the door as soldiers futilely bash at it. Other soldiers will lie dead on the ground.

After a trip to Greymoor Keep, you will enter Solitude through the Temple of the Divines. A Solitude Soldier will call out to Svana just as everything goes wrong:

Solitude Soldier: "Is that—? Princess Svana!"
<The world goes dark red and the warrior is turned into red energy which is drawn up into the new harrowstorm.>
Lyris Titanborn: "The harrowstorm, it's begun!"
Fennorian: "Look, above the Tower of the Wolf. The storm's only partially formed."
Svana: "My father's up there. Open the gates and let's go."
Fennorian: "But the harrowfiends below the temple! If they escape into the streets—"
Lyris Titanborn: "You and I will keep that from happening. Take the Princess and deal with Svargrim, partner."
Svana: "I—yes … it's the only option. Let's go."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

Warding off Easterners at the gates

In the aftermath you will be sent to check up on Swordthane Uthlet and Jarl Reddharn. Once you have spoken with them, the soldier which gave you the report in the Blue Palace will arrive with another report from the city gates for the swordthane.

Solitude Soldier: "They're here! They're at the gates!"
Swordthane Uthlet: "The Gray Host? I thought we were done with them for now!"
Solitude Soldier: "Not the Gray Host. The Skald-King! With an army from the east!"
Swordthane Uthlet: "What treachery is this?"
Jarl Reddharn: "To the gates! We'll give the Skald-King a proper welcome, one way or another."

You can talk to the soldier before you go to the city gates.

"Reachmen from the west, pact from the east, monsters from below! This city's cursed!"

When you arrive at the city gates, several soldiers will be facing Jorunn's retinue with unsheathed blades.