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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Find Fennorian in Blackreach and bring him back.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Maugh, Melina Cassel, Svana
Location(s): Blue Palace, Dusktown, The Lightless Hollow, Tzinghalis's Tower
Prerequisite Quest: Danger in the Holds
Next Quest: The Gray Host
Reward: Fire Staff of the Gray Host
Solitude Silver Wolf
Karthwatch Sigil Shield
Very High Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6466
A courier delivered a message from Fennorian. I should read it.
The high king has finally taken steps, but it isn't enough. Svana thinks we need to develop a defense against the harrowstorms. To that end, she wants to recruit the vampire scholar, Fennorian, to aid us.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the Message from Fennorian.
  2. Go to Dusktown and find Fennorian's lodgings.
  3. Search building for clues.
  4. Find Edjar and talk to him.
  5. Find and free his packmates in the Lightless Hollow.
  6. Enter the tower and unseal the door.
  7. Search the tower laboratory.
  8. Shut down the machines in the Netherroot Garden.
  9. Find Fennorian and Exarch Tzinghalis.
  10. Kill the Exarch and free Fennorian.
  11. Search Tzinghalis' sanctum for clues.
  12. Take the lift to the surface and return to Svana.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Search for Fennorian in Dusktown

Svana would like to speak with you. She is located in her chambers within the Blue Palace. Svargrim has finally taken steps to combat the Gray Host, but he still isn't doing much. Svana would like to recruit Fennorian to assist in stopping the Harrowstorms. The problem is that Fennorian isn't here. She directs you to a message he sent, which states that he found something important. Fennorian has gone to Dusktown to investigate further. You and Lyris should try to meet him there.

Enter Dusktown Lodgings, which is in the southwest corner of Dusktown. The place is messy, and Fennorian is nowhere to be found. Start searching for clues as to where he may be. The scattered objects on the main floor indicate that a struggle may have taken place. A Dwarven Key is on the ground nearby. Fennorian's Flask, which he never goes anywhere without, has been abandoned upstairs. Fennorian must have been kidnapped. The final point of interest is the pile of Burnt Papers behind the counter on the ground floor. Fennorian was set to meet someone named Edjar at a camp east of the Dusktown bridge. The key looks Dwarven, and Fennorian's notes mention a Dwarven tower not far from here. Lyris offers to question the locals while you start the search for Fennorian.

Free Edjar's Pack Mates

Head down the mountain and find the camp east of the bridge leading into Dusktown. The camp is in a ruined Dwarven structure. There, you'll find a dead chaurus near a campfire. Edjar is here. He tells you Fennorian was supposed to meet him here, but the vampire is late. When you inform him that Fennorian has gone missing, he mentions that Fenn was probably kidnapped by Exarch Tzinghalis, the vampire who is performing terrible experiments on Edjar's packmates. Edjar managed to escape Tzinghalis's Tower, and Fennorian was supposed to give Edjar a key that would allow him to free his packmates from captivity. At this point, you offer to free his packmates. Edjar informs you that they are located in a work camp on the western side of the Lightless Hollow, the large cavern east of Dusktown Caverns. Lyris arrives after you finish speaking with Edjar. Talk to her before you leave.

Enter the Lightless Hollow. You can get there by heading east and entering the next section of Blackreach. Edjar's packmates are located just north of the long tunnel connecting Dusktown Caverns with the Lightless Hollow. Along the way, you'll meet a critically injured werewolf named Breyfridde. You have the option of speaking with her. She tells you that Tzinghalis experimented on her, and that what he did to her nearly killed her. The Gray Host threw her out of the tower because they thought she was dead. Her other packmates, Harmild, Merthida and Thevin, are still in the camp, north of here. Set them free, and meet Edjar near the camp.

Edjar commands his pack to head to the surface, and tells you how he escaped. He also tells you that if Fennorian is being held captive by Tzinghalis, he's going to be in the tower above the mining camp. The door behind Edjar will bring you close to Tzinghalis's laboratory. The laboratory is protected by a large door, and you'll need to figure out a Dwarven mechanism to unseal it. Kal Druun's Notes, which are nearby, tell you how to open the door.

The door puzzle consists of a brass panel on the ground in front of four cubes. The panel in front of each cube has three constellation patterns on it; there are four constellations in total displayed. They are the Lady, the Apprentice, the Atronach and the Warrior. To unseal the door, look at the symbols on the ground in front of the cubes, and turn every cube to the symbol which is missing. The solution is as follows:

Configurations of each block, going clockwise; Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left
Navigate the Netherroot Garden

You'll need to turn the entrance-side right cube twice, the entrance-side left cube three times, the exit-side right cube once and the exit-side left cube once. When you position a puzzle block correctly, the gears will turn for a few seconds, indicating that you should move on to the next block. When you unlock the door, head on through it and enter Tzinghalis's Laboratory. This room has been used recently, and contains three Gray Host lackeys. You'll find Netherroot Notes on the far left, a Refined Netherroot Brew on the table north of those notes, and a document titled Lycanthropic Immunity east of the brew. After you've examined these three objects, you'll hear Fennorian screaming in another room. Continue through the laboratory and find Fennorian. You'll hear Tzinghalis speaking with someone named Rada al-Saran as you travel through the Tower Corridor.

The Netherroot Garden is up ahead. Pipes are spraying poisonous red gas onto some plants in this room. A book titled Distillation Calibrations and Instructions is located on a table upon the central platform. It tells you how to turn off the pipes. To shut down the machines in the Netherroot Garden, turn the Primary Distillate Overflow (left) twice, then the Secondary Intake (right) twice. This causes white mist to spray out instead of red, clearing the poison gas. When you clear the room, a Stone Husk sitting in the middle of the room begins to stir. You'll need to kill it. Head into the next corridor once you've disposed of the Husk.

Save Fennorian

As you travel through the corridor, you'll hear Fennorian being tortured by his captors. Rada al-Saran says that they "have what they need", and indicates that Tzinghalis can dispose of him. You should probably pick up the pace before this gets worse. When you enter the Experimentation Chamber, you'll see Fennorian hooked up to a Dwarven device. Kill Exarch Tzinghalis and climb onto the platform, then pull the lever in front of Tzinghalis's machine to turn it off. Fennorian drops to the ground, considerably weakened. Speak with him. It becomes very clear that he needs to feed, but he refuses to feed from anything but a willing participant, but in this state, he doesn't trust his restraint to feed off of a willing subject. Give him his flask, to which he'll be grateful. He tells you that Rada al-Saran and Tzinghalis often retreated to Tzinghalis's nearby sanctum to talk about their plans. The sanctum is through the southeastern door. There, you'll find a Skyrim Map and Gray Host Communique. The communique details Rada al-Saran's intention to unleash a massive harrowstorm.

All you need to do now is return to the Blue Palace. Lyris is going to help Fennorian sneak inside. Head up the lift at the entrance to Tzinghalis's Tower and make for Solitude. Speak with Princess Svana in the Blue Palace to end the quest.


Quest Stages[edit]

The Vampire Scholar
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Svana wants to speak with me. I should meet her at the Blue Palace.
Objective: Talk to Svana
Latest start A courier delivered a message from Fennorian. I should read it.
Objective: Examine the Message from Fennorian
Fenn's message indicated that he apparently found something important and returned to Dusktown to investigate. Lyris and I should look for him in the Blackreach mining settlement.
Objective: Find Fennorian
Optional Step: Talk to Lyris Titanborn
We arrived at Fennorian's lodgings on the south side of Dusktown, but there's no sign of Fenn. I should look around and see if there's any indication of where Fenn may have gone.
Objective: Search Fennorian's Lodgings
Hidden Objective: Flask of Blood
Hidden Objective: Burnt Papers
Hidden Objective: Dwarven Key
We didn't find Fenn but we did notice signs of a struggle in his lodgings. I should talk to Lyris about what we discovered.
Objective: Talk to Lyris Titanborn
Fenn's notes mentioned he was going to meet with someone named Edjar at a camp east of the Dusktown bridge. I should look for this Edjar there.
Objective: Find Edjar
Lyris arrived. I should tell her what I learned from Edjar. I should also make sure Edjar has told me everything I need to know to rescue his pack mates.
Objective: Talk to Lyris Titanborn
Optional Step: Talk to Edjar
I agreed to finish what Fenn started and use the Dwarven key to set Edjar's pack mates free. I need to make my way to the work camp on the western side of the Lightless Hollow and unlock their chains.
Objective: Free Edjar's Pack
(Appears when you approach her in the Lightless Hollow)
Optional Step: Talk to Breyfridde
I freed Edjar's pack. Now I should find him and Lyris south of the work camp and let him know I upheld Fenn's part of their bargain.
Objective: Talk to Edjar
Edjar directed Lyris and me to a hidden door. He says it leads to a Dwarven lift that will take us into the tower. Then he can ride it to the top and escape into the wilds of Western Skyrim.
Objective: Enter the Dwarven Tower
Edjar showed us how to get into Tzinghalis's tower, but the way ahead is blocked by a Dwarven door. I need to figure out how to open it before we can rescue Fennorian.
Objective: Open the Dwarven Door
We unsealed the Dwarven door. Now to search for Fennorian.
Objective: Search for Fennorian
It looks like this chamber has been turned into a laboratory of some sort. I should look around and see if I can determine its purpose.
Objective: Investigate the First Laboratory
The laboratory contained some of Exarch Tzinghalis's research, but then we heard Fenn's tortured scream. We need to find him.
Objective: Find Fennorian
We entered a netherroot garden full of Dwarven machines that spray a poison mist. I need to shut down those machines before we can cross the chamber and continue our search for Fenn.
Objective: Shut Down the Netherroot Machines
We searched Tzinghalis's laboratory and netherroot garden. Now we need to keep going so we can find Fennorian.
Objective: Find Fennorian
We found Fenn, but before we can help him, we need to kill Exarch Tzinghalis.
Objective: Kill Exarch Tzinghalis
We killed Exarch Tzinghalis. Now I need to find a way to release Fennorian from that terrible machine.
Objective: Free Fennorian
Fenn is free, but the torture he endured seems to have taken a toll on him. I should talk to him and give him the flask I found in his Dusktown lodgings.
Objective: Talk to Fennorian
Fenn explained that Exarch Tzinghalis and Rada al-Saran would often go into Tzinghalis's sanctum to discuss strategy. We should search it for any information about the Gray Host and what they may be planning.
Objective: Search Tzinghalis's Sanctum
Hidden Objective: Take Map
Hidden Objective: Take Note
We found a map and a Gray Host communique in Tzinghalis's sanctum. I should talk to Lyris about our next steps.
Objective: Talk to Lyris Titanborn
I need to bring the map and the communique back to the Blue Palace. Lyris and Fenn will meet me there.
Objective: Return to the Blue Palace
Objective Hint: Use the Lift
Finishes quest☑ I should talk to Svana in her private chamber in the Blue Palace and tell her what we uncovered in Blackreach.
Objective: Talk to Svana
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