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Lyris Titanborn
(lore page)
Location The Wailing Prison, The Foundry of Woe, The Harborage, Castle of the Worm, The Halls of Torment, The Valley of Blades, Sancre Tor, Heart's Grief
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 62,728
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) The Five Companions
Lyris Titanborn
Lyris in her initial soul shriven rags, without her recovered equipment

Lyris Titanborn is a Nord warrior with giant blood in her veins who you meet as you escape Coldharbour. She is a friend and ally of the Prophet, a strange but wise man who instructed you to find Lyris while you were still imprisoned.

Lyris Titanborn has a storied past. Her mother died after giving birth to her, she ran away from home to fight for Emperor Varen, she was bullied by her fellow soldiers, and her father was murdered. She appears to enjoy traditional Nord pastimes, including drinking with friends at taverns to celebrate a victory. Although Abnur Tharn teases her intellect, she proves she has an acerbic wit, as well.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Main Quest[edit]

Soul Shriven in Coldharbour[edit]

Lyris rescues you from your cell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Whoa, there! Are you all right? The name's Lyris. I hope you've still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it."

Lyris examines a nearby dead Dremora after freeing you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Dead. Must have been the runt of the litter."
Lyris Titanborn: "Keep your weapon ready and stay sharp. This place is full of surprises."
Lyris Titanborn: "Keep moving! There are more Daedra on the way!"

If you fall behind, she'll keep you moving forward:

Lyris Titanborn: "Let's keep moving!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Let's go!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Let's get out of here, my friend."

As you near the door to the Bleeding Forge, you'll be stopped by an apparition:

Lyris Titanborn: "The Prophet!"
The Prophet: "Greetings, Vestige. Like you, I am a prisoner in this place."
The Prophet: "You must rescue me. And I, in turn, must rescue you."

After the Prophet contacts you, she calls over to you.

Lyris Titanborn: "Hold a moment. Come here, we need to talk."

Speak with her.

"The Prophet!
He's a prisoner here, too. It was very dangerous for him to speak to you, even for a moment. He must think you can help me."
Help you do what?
"Break him out, of course! Believe me, I can use all the help I can get. That blind old man is the only person alive who can help us get back home. Tamriel's a long way from here."
Where do we go from here?
"These tunnels will eventually take us to the Towers of Eyes. That's where we'll find the Sentinels."
What are these Sentinels?
"Magical constructs created by Molag Bal to guide his vision in Coldharbour. The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, the others will be blinded. With any luck, that will buy us the time we need to free the Prophet."
How can we destroy it?
"I've no idea. Brute force? We'll find a way. We have to.
Be ready for anything. I doubt Molag Bal left the Sentinels unguarded."

You can ask her further questions.

I have so many questions.
"I'm sure you do. And I'll answer them as best I can."
Who is this Prophet?
"He's a strange one, no doubt about it, but he's the wisest man I've ever met.
He sees things. The past, the future."
What is this place? Where am I?
"You're obviously not in Tamriel anymore. Think of the most miserable, depressing place you've ever been in your life. That's paradise compared to Coldharbour.
And to top it off, well … there is no easy way to say it. You're dead."
Then how are we having this conversation?
"I don't know. Once we rescue the Prophet, he can tell you about the Gods and the ways of Oblivion. I don't understand any of it, myself."
If I'm dead, who killed me?
"A man named Mannimarco. His Worm Cult is doing some kind of ritual back in Tamriel. They sacrificed you, and everyone in this prison, to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal.
After you died, whatever was left showed up here. They call you the Soul Shriven."
What does that mean?
"It means you're a slave and you'll spend the rest of eternity here in Coldharbour, working under the lash of the Daedra. Unless of course, you come with me."
Are you dead, too?
"No, I wasn't sacrificed. The Prophet and I were brought here … conventionally, if that makes any sense. But we're prisoners here, same as you."
How can we rescue the Prophet?
"It won't be easy. The place is watched by magical construct called Sentinels. We won't stand a chance unless we can blind them.
I'll tell you more when we get there. And we'll never get there if we don't get moving."

After speaking with her, she comments:

Lyris Titanborn: "We should keep moving."

After defeating Vaekar the Forgemaster:

Lyris Titanborn: "Well played, friend! Arkay's beard, you're good in a fight!"

Having left the prison:

"The God of Schemes can see every part of Coldharbour. We need to distract him."
How do we do that?
"The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, the others will also be blinded for a time."

Lyris has dialogue that occasionally occurs after you kill enemies. She says these lines in sequence, after every second or third enemy you've killed.

Lyris Titanborn: "What was your name again? Target practice?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Come get some more, you skeeving horkers!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Who taught that one to fight? The God of Self-Punishment?"
Lyris Titanborn: "That might have been a fair fight if there were three of you!"
Lyris Titanborn: "This is the part where you bleed to death!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sorry, did that hurt? It looked painful."
Lyris Titanborn: "You know they're ugly when an axe in the face is an improvement."

Approaching a Sentinel:

Lyris Titanborn: "Try to be inconspicuous. We just got free of this place. The last thing we need is to get recaptured."
Lyris Titanborn: "I'll keep watch."

Speaking with her here:

"The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, the others will also be blinded for a time."

After blinding one of the Sentinels:

Lyris Titanborn: "Quickly, while he's blinded we must get to the Prophet's Cell."

Speaking with her here:

"The Prophet's enclosure isn't far. Let's go!"

After Molag Bal wards the Prophet's cell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Herma-Mora's wagging tongue! The door's warded. We'll never get in this way."

You must speak with her.

"Damn it! Destroying the Sentinel must have triggered these wards. We'll need to find another way in. Hmm. Maybe Cadwell can help us."
Who's Cadwell?
"Cadwell is the oldest of the Soul Shriven. After years of torment, Soul Shriven usually go insane and turn feral, but not Cadwell. He was already insane before he left Tamriel. Mad as a box of frogs, but completely harmless. You'll see."
How can a madman possibly help us?
"Cadwell sees things as he wishes them to be. To him, Coldharbour is a wondrous place. It's his home. And he knows it like the back of his hand. He's usually down by the river. Let's go find him."

Speaking with her again:

"Cadwell's a legend among the Soul Shriven. In Tamriel he was mocked and dismissed. Here, he's respected.
He's an odd duck, no question, but he knows all the secret paths of Coldharbour."

After speaking with Cadwell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Cadwell seems to think this Undercroft is a delightful place. That probably means it's a death trap. We'd better be careful."

Arrival at the Undercroft's entrance:

Lyris Titanborn: "The sooner you get that door open, the sooner we can get out of here."

Speaking to her within the Undercroft:

"This place stinks of death and decay."
In the Prophet's Cell

Entering the Prophet's Cell:

Lyris Titanborn: "The Prophet's cage should be just ahead. Quickly, now! We haven't much time."

Approaching the entrapped Prophet:

Lyris Titanborn: "All right. The good news is, we made it here in one piece and the Prophet looks unharmed."
Lyris Titanborn: "Now the bad news. It's going to be up to you to keep him safe and get him back to Tamriel. I'm not going with you."

Speak with her.

"There's a trick to opening the cell. The only way for a prisoner to leave is for another living soul to take their place. I need to swap places with the Prophet."
There's no other way?
"Believe me, I wish there was. But … I don't see anyone else here with a beating heart, do you? If Molag Bal isn't stopped he'll destroy everyone and everything we've ever loved."
I'm ready when you are.
"Once it's done, get moving. The Prophet will know where to go, but he'll need your eyes, and your protection."

Lyris then trades places with the Prophet, so you can escape with him to Tamriel.

The Harborage[edit]

The Five Companions

A vision of Lyris appears as the Prophet takes you through his mind. Emperor Varen is preparing to perform the ritual that he believes will turn him into a proper Dragonborn.

Varen Aquilarios: "There it is. The Dragonfire brazier. Mannimarco, you're certain this will work?"
Mannimarco: "It will work, my liege. The Amulet of Kings will rekindle the Dragonfires, and ensure your rightful place as Emperor. You have my word."
Lyris Titanborn: "It better work, Mannimarco, or you'll find your neck at the business end of my axe."
Abnur Tharn: "My Lord, I wonder if you'd muzzle your half-giant pet? She really is annoying."
Sai Sahan: "Enough, both of you! We are here to ensure My Lord's rightful claim to the Ruby Throne."
Varen Aquilarios: "Abnur, begin the ritual. I have a destiny to fulfill."

Daughter of Giants[edit]

During Daughter of Giants, you will return to Coldharbour to rescue Lyris, who has been transported to The Foundry of Woe. It appears the Daedra realized how important she was and fragmented her memories to keep her from escaping. You need to help her overcome her traumatic past in order to escape.

"You! You're alive!
Are you really here, or is this another trick?"
It's me. The Prophet sent me to find you.
"Then he's still alive. Thank the gods!
But, you! You can't stay! You have to leave before they find you here!"
I'm not leaving without you.
"You don't understand. They've … done something to me. I can't leave!"
What do you mean?
"It's hard to describe, My memories, my feelings, they've been fragmented. Ripped apart. And all the fragmented pieces have been locked away in different parts of the Foundry."
Then we'll retrieve them.
"I've tried. The Daedra took everything. My willpower, my courage, my sense of self. I'm an empty shell. The fragments are reflections of my worst fears and most painful memories. I can't … I don't think I can face them."
We'll face them together. Come on.
Lyris observes her parents' graves

She speaks after this exchange.

Lyris Titanborn: "I'll do my best. Lead on."

You'll pass by some Soul Shriven slaves as you progress through the foundry.

Lyris Titanborn: "These lost souls are barely aware of their humanity. The guards don't even beat them anymore."

Speaking with her here:

"Be careful. The Daedra love to toy with prisoners."

The next area looks different.

Lyris Titanborn: "This can't be! It … it looks like my childhood home in Skyrim!"
Lyris Titanborn: "My parent's graves. My mother died in childbirth."
Lyris Titanborn: "I ran off to become a mercenary when I was sixteen. I never saw my father again. He was murdered by an old enemy."

Speaking with her here:

"Why is this happening?"

Lyris will become distracted.

Lyris Titanborn: "Father? Papa, is that you?
Ragjar: "Bleed, you bastard! Die like the monster you are!"

Defeat Ragjar. During the battle, he will reveal himself to be a Dremora.

Manifestation Of Regret: "Her mind and soul are already ours! Abandon your pathetic rescue!"
Lyris confronts her father

Speak to Lyris' father about her feelings. He will turn to her and confront her about it.

Gjalder: "Lyris! Is this true, child?"
Lyris Titanborn: "You were always so cold. So distant. My mother died giving me life. It was my fault! I should never have been born!"
Gjalder: "Lyris, look at me. The blood of giants flows through my veins. Your mother was a Nord. I gave her my seed without thought for her safety. That's why she died. Not because of you, child. Because of me!"
Lyris Titanborn: "I thought you blamed me. You … you couldn't even look at me, Papa!"
Gjalder: "Do you not see? When I looked at you, I saw her face. I loved her, child. Just as I love you- more than life itself. We cannot change the past, nor should we cling to it. You must not let these feelings haunt you. Let them go. Let me go."
Lyris Titanborn: "I love you too, Papa. Rest now. Be at peace."

She speaks after her father disappears.

Lyris Titanborn: "He's gone. Come on, let's get out of here."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"This started out as a nightmare, but now … everything's different. I never thought I'd get the chance to tell my father how I felt. It's like a weight has been lifted.
We should keep moving."

Approaching the next area:

Lyris Titanborn: "This place is a labyrinth of hopelessness, built to compound the misery of those who labor here."

Within the Imperial Encampment:

Lyris Titanborn: "Careful, keep your head down."

Speaking with her before retrieving her armor:

"Do you think this is a test of some kind? I'm not sure why the Daedra would pick this moment in my life …."

Speak with her after retrieving her armor.

"Did you find something?"
I believe this armor belongs to you.
"I can't believe it! This armor is who I am. It's what I am.
A warrior without her armor is like a bear without claws."
Suit up. I'll wait.

After she puts her armor on, she'll let you know she's ready to go.

Lyris Titanborn: "Excellent. I'm ready."

Speaking with her here:

"It's good to be back in my armor again."

Entering the tunnels:

Lyris Titanborn: "Watch your step. All the mining has made these tunnels unstable."
Lyris Titanborn's confiscated axe appears: a show of good will from Abnur Tharn

Seeing the projection of Tharn:

Lyris Titanborn: "Abnur Tharn, you traitorous bastard! I should have expected to find you here!"
Abnur Tharn: "Don't be a fool, Titanborn. I'm trying to help you. Your hatred poisons you. Warriors are like steel. When you lose temper, you lose your worth."
Lyris Titanborn: "Help me? You betrayed us all, then went back to licking Mannimarco's boot before the smoke cleared!"
Abnur Tharn: "I did what I had to do. And, as a show of my good intention, I have a gift for you. But, be warned. Coldharbour will not give it up, easily."
Lyris Titanborn: "Is that …? Shor's bones, it is! Vestige, that's my battle axe!"

Speaking with her here:

"That's definitely my axe, but be careful. Tharn said that Coldharbour won't give it up, easily."

After retrieving her axe:

Lyris Titanborn: "It's good to have you back. Are you thirsty for Daedric blood, old friend?"

You need to speak with her to advance.

"My axe! It feels good to have it back. It's part of me. Losing it was like losing an arm."
Why would Tharn try to help you?
"I don't know. I don't trust him and I never will.
But it's odd. The blind hatred I felt when I saw him? I could have strangled him with my bare hands. but now … I think he was right. That hatred was poisoning me."
How do you feel, now?
"Better. Stronger. Almost whole again. Isn't that strange?
I feel powerful enough to take on Umaril the Unfeathered, himself! I feel … like a warrior again!"
What's next?
"We're not done yet. We need to keep moving forward.
The passage is blocked by a rock slide, but now that I have my axe back I might be able to break through it."
Let's check it out.

Speaking with her again:

"I almost feel like myself again!"

Your path is blocked by a cave-in.

Lyris Titanborn: "Stand back. No damned pile of pebbles is going to stop me now!"

Lyris then punches the wall in, clearing enough of a path for you two to pass through. Giant Strength.

Lyris Titanborn: "So many Daedric beasties, so little time. We need to keep moving."

Moving further through the hallway, it becomes apparent that Lyris has noticed something out of the ordinary.

Lyris Titanborn: "Did you hear that? That sounded like … no, it couldn't be."

As you enter the next large chamber, her suspicions are confirmed.

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai! What's happened to you? What have they done?"
Sai Sahan: "Lyris! Lyris, I can see you! Are you really there?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, it's me! We're seeing some kind of vision of you. Do you know where you are?"
Sai Sahan: "I … I don't know. They're torturing me. They … want the Amulet of Kings. Want me to tell them where it's hidden. But I haven't broken. Not yet."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, you need to hold on. We're going to find you. I'll make sure of it."
Lyris Titanborn: "We'll find you! Somehow, we'll get you out of there! Sai? Sai! No! Bring him back, you bastards!"

Speak with her to advance.

"That was no trick. That was Sai Sahan!"
Are you going to be all right?
"Sai's a friend. Maybe my best friend. We need to find him and get him out of there!"
There must be a way to find out where they're keeping him.
"We need to tell the Prophet about this. He'll know what to do.
But first, we need to find a way out of here. I don't care what else they throw at us, nothing's going to keep me from helping Sai."
Let's go.

Speaking with her again:

"The quicker we find a way out of here, the quicker we can rescue Sai. Let's go!"

Approaching Lyris's Terror:

Lyris Titanborn: "Something's wrong. All the doubt, the fear, the loneliness … it's all coming back! I … I have to push through this! Let's go!"

Speaking with her here:

"All my fears are coming back, even stronger than before! But Sai needs me. I have to shake this off!
All right Titanborn, pull yourself together. You can do this."

The Manifestation of Terror appears:

Lyris Titanborn: "Stendarr defend us! That thing! It's the source of all my fears! I can hear it whispering to me. Taunting me!"

After defeating the Manifestation Of Terror, she turns to speak with you about her current condition.

Lyris Titanborn: "We did it! The voices … the whispering … it's gone!"
Lyris Titanborn: "This whole time, it was like watching myself from a distance. I felt … disconnected."
Lyris Titanborn: "But now, this is the best I've felt in years. Like I've been reborn! And I owe it all to you. Thank you."
Lyris Titanborn: "Let's get out of here! We need to rescue Sai, then we've got a world to save!"

Returning to the Harborage:

The Prophet: "Lyris, child. Are you all right?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Yes, Prophet. I'm fine. The Vestige freed my mind from the Daedra's control."
The Prophet: "Thank the Divines. Your loss would have thrown all into chaos."
Lyris Titanborn: "They won't take me again. Not alive, at least."
Lyris Titanborn: "Prophet, Mannimarco captured Sai Sahan! He's torturing him to find out where the Amulet of Kings is hidden. We have to rescue him!"

Speaking to her before ending the quest:

"I just need a minute to catch my breath."

Speaking to her after the quest:

"You pulled me from the pits of Oblivion. I owe you a debt of honor, small one. And a Titanborn pays her debts."
What was it like in the Foundry?
"It's a wretched place. A haunt of cowards, traitors, and lost souls.
And Daedra. Their vile spells violated my mind, Forced me to doubt myself. To disobey my own will. They'll pay for that, and pay dearly."
What is our next course of action?
"After the Soulburst, one of the five, Sai Sahan, fled with the Amulet of Kings. According to the Prophet, it's the only object in the world that an repair the tear in the veil between Tamriel and Oblivion."
How can the Amulet do that?
"I'm no mage, I'm a warrior. I have no knowledge of such things.
My skill is with a blade, as Mannimarco will discover when I remove his head from his narrow shoulders."
Are you going to be okay?
"Yes, I'll be fine … now.
I know it sounds strange, but … I knew you would come. I had faith in you. I still do. I hope we can be good friends."

Chasing Shadows[edit]

Lyris is playing the lute. Before speaking with the Prophet:

"My father taught me this song. Pretty, isn't it? I guess I'm feeling a little homesick."

After speaking with the Prophet:

"I've dealt with these Worm Cultists before. They use the darkest magic, ad they don't fight fair. Be careful."

After giving the Orb of Discourse to the Prophet, she calls you over.

Lyris Titanborn: "Hold a moment. Come here, we need to talk."

Speak with her.

"I heard you and the Prophet talking about Abnur Tharn."
Why do you dislike Tharn so much?
"Didn't the Prophet tell you the story of the Five Companions?"
Yes, I've already heard this story. No need to repeat it. (skip hearing about the Five Companions from Lyris)
"I know it's a lot to take in. We'll talk more later.
In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on the Prophet. Hopefully that orb will help him find out where Sai Sahan is being held. Once we know that, we can plan our next move."
He showed me a vision about them, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
"I don't know where to start. There's so much to tell."
Tell me about the Five Companions.
"We were chosen by Emperor Varen to join him on a quest to recover a lost artifact called the Amulet Of Kings.
The five included Varen, myself, a Redguard named Sai Sahan, Abnur Tharn, and the traitor, Mannimarco."

You now have the opportunity to ask Lyris a bunch of questions related to the Five Companions.

Tell me more about Mannimarco.
"You only know him as the man who killed you and stole your soul, but back then he was emperor Varen's most trusted advisor. It was Mannimarco who convinced Varen to search for the Amulet of Kings."
Why would Varen need the Amulet?
"Varen wasn't a true Dragonborn Emperor. He didn't share Alessia's bloodline.
Mannimarco said the amulet could change all that. He said he could use it to perform a ritual that would turn Varen into a true Dragonborn."
What happened next?
"It took us more than two yers, but we finally recovered the amulet and returned to Cyrodiil to perform the ritual.
Mannimarco set us up. The ritual caused a violent explosion of magical energy. We lost Varen. Sai Sahan and I were declared outlaws."
What then?
"Mannimarco convinced the Elder Council to recognize Abnur Tharn's daughter Clivia as Empress-Regent, but Mannimarco was the true power behind the throne.
Sai Sahan and I went into hiding. There was a bounty on our heads."
What are the Dragonfires?/Tell me about the Dragonfires.
"Well, the legend says that the Dragonfires were created by the blood of Akatosh and given to Saint Alessia.
When a new Emperor is crowned, they're supposed to relight them to prove that they're a true heir of Alessia. One of the Dragonborn."
Did you ever find the Amulet of Kings?
"It took us more than two yers, but we finally recovered the amulet and returned to Cyrodiil to perform the ritual.
Mannimarco set us up. The ritual caused a violent explosion of magical energy. We lost Varen. Sai Sahan and I were declared outlaws."
What then?
"Mannimarco convinced the Elder Council to recognize Abnur Tharn's daughter Clivia as Empress-Regent, but Mannimarco was the true power behind the throne.
Sai Sahan and I went into hiding. There was a bounty on our heads."
Tell me about Abnur Tharn.
"Abnur Tharn is Grand Chancellor of the Elder Council, and chief advisor to his daughter, the Empress-Regent. He's also Mannimarco's toady."
Tharn didn't seem too happy working for the Worm Cult.
"Tharn's first loyalty is to his family and the Empire, and he's a ruthless bastard when it comes to defending them.
The Worm Cult obviously doesn't share those loyalties. Tharn would never trust them, but he's too much of a coward to betray them."
What if he got something out of it?
"Maybe. But what could we offer him? He's already got more gold than the Gods themselves!"
I've heard enough for now.
"I know it's a lot to take in. We'll talk more later. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on the Prophet. Hopefully that orb will help him find out where Sai Sahan is being held. Once we know that, we can plan our next move."

Exiting conversation after telling her you've heard enough and re-entering conversation to end the quest:

"Anything else?"
I need to think about what you've said.
"I know it's a lot to take in. We'll talk more later. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on the Prophet. Hopefully that orb will help him find out where Sai Sahan is being held. Once we know that, we can plan our next move."

After the quest:

"If anybody can find out where they're holding Sai, the Prophet can. We'll find him."

Castle of the Worm[edit]

Speaking to her before the Prophet:

"Don't ask me. I don't like this any more than you do."

After speaking to the Prophet and Tharn, Lyris reacts.

The Prophet: "Tharn is quite correct. We have little choice in the matter."
Lyris Titanborn: "You can't be serious! How can we possibly trust him?"
The Prophet: "As our visitor so eloquently pointed out, we cannot. But if we are to locate Sai Sahan, we must do this. Go with the Vestige, Lyris. Rescue Tharn. Give him a chance to redeem himself. He may surprise you."

Before entering Coldharbour:

"I don't like this. But if it's the only way to find Sai Sahan, I'm with you."

In Coldharbour, after speaking to Tharn:

Lyris Titanborn: "What a skeever!"

After Tharn speaks to you upon your arrival in the Wretched Squalor:

"Improvise, he says. I can't believe we're risking our lives to rescue that skeeving horker."
Any suggestions?
"Subtlety and stealth. Let's not bring the entire castle guard down on our heads.
And didn't he say this was a town of soul shriven? Maybe we can find one who knows his way around."
We'd better get started, then.
"Try to be inconspicuous. We just got free of this place. The last thing we need is to get recaptured."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"Now, don't go around smashing things like a guar in a pottery shop. We don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention."

After finding Cadwell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Why am I not surprised to find Cadwell here? He certainly does get around."

Speaking to her here:

"Sir Cadwell always seems to turn up when we need him the most. Maybe he really is a knight."

After talking to Cadwell about the cistern, she pipes up.

Lyris Titanborn: "That might be our best chance to get inside."

Speaking with her after talking to Cadwell about the cistern:

"That cistern sounds like our best bet. Let's hope Cadwell knows what he's doing."

Speaking to her after entering the undercroft:

"This place smells like dead slaughterfish."

Speaking to her while fighting through the undercroft:

"Can we try to keep it a little quieter? It's a wonder the whole castle doesn't know we're here!"

Speaking to her after getting to the door into the castle, but before talking to Cadwell:

"I think Cadwell has something to tell you."

After speaking to Cadwell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Sir Cadwell came through again! That crazy knight is starting to grow on me. Should I be worried?"

Speaking to her after talking to Cadwell:

"Cadwell's plan worked! We might actually pull this off!"

Speaking to her after entering the Inner Keep:

"Keep moving. I'm right behind you!"

After entering the Tower of Bones, a projection of Abnur Tharn appears.

Lyris Titanborn: "Oh good, another projection of Tharn! Maybe if we ignore him he'll go away."

Speaking to her here:

"Have a look around. I'll keep watch."

Finding Flesh Atronach parts:

Lyris Titanborn: "Is that a lung?"
Lyris Titanborn: "I'm not going near the city butcher for a while, I'll tell you that much."
Lyris Titanborn: "Ugh. Not the most glamorous task, is it?"
Lyris Titanborn: "It takes a lot to make me ill, but this is getting there."
Lyris Titanborn: "It's freezing in here. At least that means the body parts won't smell as bad."
Lyris Titanborn: "I can't imagine how the Worms get used to this."

Speaking to her during this portion of the quest:

"Let's not tell any bards about this part of our adventure, agreed? This is not what I want to be remembered for."

After collecting all four organs:

"I can't believe we're doing this. Repulsive."

Before performing the ritual:

"This part's on you. I'm a dunce when it comes to magic."

After the flesh atronach breaks the door and before Tharn tells you to head through it:

"I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing Tharn again."

After Tharn tells you to head through the door:

"I don't like this. But if it's the only way to find Sai Sahan, I'm with you."

Progressing through the Tower Summit:

Lyris Titanborn: "There he is! Looks like they've got him under guard."

Speaking with her at the summit before approaching with Tharn:

"Look, there he is! I'll follow your lead."

After the battle with Mannimarco, she tells you to speak with Abnur:

"Find out what he wants. We need to get out of here!"

Speaking with her after talking to Tharn once more:

"Keep moving. I'm right behind you!"

Back in the Harborage:

"I want to punch Tharn in the throat with every fiber of my being, but I'll be civil. Just keep him out of my face."

After speaking with Tharn in the Harborage:

Lyris Titanborn: "What? You son of a bitch!"

(Lyris punches Abnur in the face)

Abnur Tharn: "Gah! Are you insane? Get away from me, you brutish she-troll!"
The Prophet: "Lyris! Stand down!"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's done nothing but lie to us from the beginning! I don't care what he says, he'll always be Mannimarco's toady!"
Abnur Tharn: "Please. Mannimarco wants me dead! Did I pretend to capitulate to him? Yes, I did. Do you have any idea how many lives I saved by doing so?"
Lyris Titanborn: "The only thing you saved was your holdings and your own hide, you pompous ass!"
The Prophet: "Enough! Abnur had no choice, Lyris. And we are guilty of our own deceit, are we not? The time has come for the Vestige to know the truth!"
Abnur Tharn: "What's this? The Vestige doesn't know? Oh, this is rich!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sire, don't ...!"
The Prophet: "Vestige. Until now, you have only known me as the Prophet. But that is not my true name. I ... am Varen Aquilarios!"
Abnur Tharn: "Our fallen Emperor, in the tattered robes of a Moth Priest, blind as a newborn kitten!"
Varen Aquilarios: "I am sorry I deceived you, Vestige."

Once the truth is out:

"I'm sorry I lied to you. I … I hope we can still be friends."
So, the Prophet was the Emperor all along?
"I wanted to tell you the truth, but the Proph … Varen didn't think it was wise.
I hope you can forgive us. Forgive me."
Why did you hit Tharn?
"After Mannimarco betrayed us, Tharn went right on being his lap dog so that his daughter, Clivia, could remain on the throne. He's a traitorous pig. Bastard had it coming."
So now what do we do?
"Varen will figure something out. Maybe Tharn can actually help us, but I still don't trust him. He'll knife us in the back the first chance he gets, mark my words."

The Tharn Speaks[edit]

Go to speak to Varen in The Harborage and Lyris will comment on Tharn:

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a wraith.
Tharn's been gone for hours. I think he's up to something."

After speaking to Varen, but before turning in the quest:

"Sai Sahan is alive? Thank the gods! He's a tough old boulder, but even a rock will crack if you strike it in the right place."

After the quest:

"We'll find Sai Sahan, and if Mannimarco gets in our way, I'll chop that sniveling knife-eared puddle of troll piss into little bite-sized pieces."

Halls of Torment[edit]

During the argument:

Lyris Titanborn: "Put a cork in it, Tharn! Sai's my friend. Probably the best friend I have. If the Vestige is going, I'm going too!"
Abnur Tharn: "Yes, I see. And you are the most qualified, why? Is it your superior knowledge of Coldharbour? Your expertise in dealing with Daedric entities? Or is it simply the unrequited puppy love you feel for that shirtless mammoth?"

When spoken to after the argument:

"I'm glad you're here. I'm about to punch Tharn in the teeth again, and I didn't want you to miss it."

After speaking with Varen:

"What's wrong? What did Varen say?"
He said that only one of you can join me.
"Then your choice is clear! I've known Sai Sahan longer than anyone. I should be the one to go!
It's your decision, just know that I'd give my life for you or for Sai. Would Tharn do the same?"
[Choose Lyris] I want you by my side, Lyris.
"Thank you. You won't regret it.
Back in the Coldharbour slave pits, the shriven used to whisper about the Halls of Torment. When I think of what Sai Sahan must be going through …. We'll bring him back, or die trying!"

If you speak to her again after choosing her, she'll say:

"You made the right choice. Tharn's a snake. You want somebody you can trust at your side.
Come on. Let's go split some skulls and bring Sai home."

If you choose Tharn, she'll comment:

"Keep an eye on Tharn. Remember, he's a politician. That means he knows nothing, but thinks he knows everything.
Just bring Sai back in one piece, all right?"

If chosen to go with you to the Halls, Lyris will have dialogue for if you speak with her unprompted within the dungeon:

"I heard about this place when I was a prisoner in Coldharbour. It's a living nightmare. Be ready for anything."

After having seen the Tharn Doppelganger for the first time:

Lyris Titanborn: "That's Tharn's voice! What is he doing here?"

If you speak to her before fighting the doppelganger, or after the fight and before the quest stage changes:

"There's Sai! But why is he being tormented by a shade of Abnur Tharn?"

Speaking with Lyris after defeating Tharn's Doppelganger:

"Sai was right there. We had him! We were so close."
Why would his torturer be made to look like Tharn?
"Tharn was always mocking Sai. Making jokes at his expense. Sai never responded, but I know it hurt him deeply. The Daedra must have sensed that.
On the plus side, a doppelganger with Tharn's face was much more satisfying to kill."
What was that about being a sword-singer?
"The sword-singers are legendary. They were a group of Redguard swordmasters, wiped out in the First Era by the Yokudan Emperor Hira.
Sahan spent years trying to resurrect their lost art, but never succeeded. He considered it his greatest failure."
So, the doppelganger was using that failure to torment him?
"And it took on Tharn's appearance because he was a familiar rival that Sai secretly despised.
Imagine seeing your nemesis succeed where you failed, day after day, year after year. I can't think of anything worse."

Continuing to speak without prompt:

"Sai's alive, but he's far from safe. We need to hurry!"

Outside The Chamber of Dark Seduction, you'll hear the Lyris Doppelganger trying coerce Sai into disclosing the Amulet's location. If you speak to her, Lyris will exclaim:

"That sounded like my voice! What's going on? I never said that!"

Speaking to her after entering the chamber with the Lyris Doppelganger:

"That's not me! It's nothing like me! Why is she pretending to be me?
We need to destroy that shield. When I'm finished with her, she won't resemble me in the slightest!"

The impostor will notice you when you enter the room.

Lyris Doppelganger: "Intruders! They're after the amulet! Don't worry, my love. My sisters will deal with these pests."
Lyris Titanborn: "She seems to be drawing power from those stones. Destroy them, quickly!"

As you defeat the seducers, she'll comment:

Lyris Titanborn: "This can't be real. It's not like this between Sai and me."
Lyris Titanborn: "They pulled these thoughts from Sai's head? I don't understand!"
Lyris Doppelganger: "Nothing can hurt you, Sai. Unless you want me to hurt you."
Lyris Titanborn: "Why does she look like me?"

After defeating the Lyris Doppelganger, she calls to you.

Lyris Titanborn: "Vestige! Hold a moment!"

Speak to her.

"When I get my hands on Mannimarco, I'm going to slice that traitor stem to sternum and wash my hands in his body cavity!"
I don't understand. Why did that doppelganger look like you?
"How should I know? Sai and I are friends! Good friends. Nothing more!"
They pulled the idea from Sai's head, didn't they?
"What? No! Our friendship is based on honor and loyalty, not foolish games of love!
I … I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. This is just so … unexpected. Confusing."
I think we just met Mannimarco's Duchess of Anguish.
"I'll show her anguish when I bury my axe in her skull!
Let's keep moving. And, listen … don't mention this whole thing to anyone. I need some time to figure out what it means."

Speaking with Lyris again:

"First a doppelganger of Tharn, then one of me? What are these horkers playing at?
It's a wonder Sai hasn't lost his mind, completely. Let's keep moving and hope he still has a soul to save."

After entering the last chamber, before the fight:

Lyris Titanborn: "There he is! Let's finish this!"

Speaking with Lyris before the fight:

"That vile daedra appears to be our host, The Duchess of Anguish. What say we settle our dispute, Tamriel style? Kill her!"

After the fight, before saving Sai:

Lyris Titanborn: "Help me with his bonds!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai is in pain. Release his bonds, quickly!"

Before speaking to a freed Sai:

"Sai, it's Lyris!
He looks terrible. We need to get out of here, fast! See if he can walk."

Speaking with Lyris after finishing Sai's Dialogue:

"Sai's been through a lot, but it looks like he can walk on his own. That's a good sign."

Back at the Harborage and before speaking with Varen she will say:

"We did it. We got him. Sai's going to be all right.
Thank you."

After speaking with Varen, and before speaking with Sai:

"Sai needs to rest. Don't say anything that might upset him, all right?"

If you spoke to Sai but haven't turned in the quest, she will say:

"I can't believe Sai's back. I … we owe you so much."

After the quest has been completed, if Lyris went with you to the Halls:

"We did it. Sai's going to be all right.
I have a favor to ask. Let's not talk about what happened with that doppelganger. Not yet, anyway. I … I had no idea Sai had feelings for me. I just need time to sort it all out."

If Tharn went with you to the Halls, Lyris will say the following before and after you turn in the quest:

"After he came through the portal, Tharn made a wisecrack about Sai being in love with me, and Sai actually blushed. Now he can't even look at me!
What happened in there? Wait, I don't want to know. Sai's safe, and that's all that matters, right?"

Valley of Blades[edit]

If you talk to her when you first enter the Harborage, she will be looking forward to the journey.

"I'm looking forward to this. I'm curious to see where Sai Sahan trained in his youth."

Once you arrive in the Valley and have spoken with Sai, he will start reminiscing.

Sai Sahan: "It is strange to return to these mountains. Memories of youth flood my mind, each one bringing its own sorrow, or its own smile."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, joy. We've been here less than five minutes and Sahan is already getting maudlin and weepy."
Lyris Titanborn: "Shut up, Tharn! Don't let him get to you, Sai. Let him roll his eyes. Maybe he'll find a brain back there."
Sai Sahan: "Kasura often said that rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength. She is wise beyond her years. You will like her, Snow Lily."

Trekking further into the valley will reveal that the Abbey is under attack.

Sai Sahan: "What is this? The abbey burns!"
Lyris Titanborn: "So much destruction! What could have done this?"
Abnur Tharn: "I'm afraid I've seen this before. Keep an eye skyward, Titanborn!"

After finding Kasura:

Kasura: "A gigantic beast... like nothing I've ever seen! The cultists … they're opening rifts to Oblivion!"
Sai Sahan: "Save your strength, Kasura. We will make them pay, I promise you!"
Lyris Titanborn: "What do you think? Trap?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's only a trap if you don't know about it. I assume everything is a trap. Therefore, it's a challenge."

If you talk to her, she will comment:

"Sometimes it feels like these cultists really are worms. When you slice them to pieces, you just wind up with more of them!"

Once the titan is defeated, Kasura will lead the group to the crypts.

Kasura: "Follow me. The hidden entrance will not be obvious."
Lyris Titanborn: "Why would a crypt need a secret entrance?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's a wonder there's an unplundered crypt in all of Skyrim! You Nords could learn a thing or two from the builders of Hammerfell."
Sai Sahan: "Perhaps Hammerfell could also teach Nibenay the virtue of good manners."

If you talk to her while in the crypt, Lyris will say:

"This place stinks of dust and death. Let's finish this and get out of here."

Once you have picked up the ring, Mannimarco will appear.

Mannimarco: "I knew you would lead me to the ring, eventually. Give it to me!"
Sai Sahan: "Your presence defiles this place, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Give me the ring and I might spare your pathetic lives!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We struck down your Titan and we'll strike you down soon enough!"
Mannimarco: "The Titan was a prelude of what's to come if you continue to defy me!"
Abnur Tharn: "Defy you? Your delusions of godhood are laughable, you ignominious corpse-herder!"
Mannimarco: "Very well, then. I'll simply take the ring from your corpses."
<The dead start to rise.>
Sai Sahan: "Blasphemy! How dare you raise the honored dead to fight your battle!"
Kasura: "Sai, look out! He's raising Ra Abah!"

If you talk to her during the fight, she will yell:

"Go back to the Harborage. Get the ring to safety!"

If you talk to Lyris after fighting back the undead, she will mention that she will stay behind for now.

"I'll stay with Sai and Kasura. Get the ring back to the Harborage. We'll meet you there as soon as we can."

After you agree to take the ring back to Varen, the trio will have a conversation.

Kasara: "The damage is great, but if you had not arrived when you did, there would be nothing left to rebuild. Be safe in the coming days, my friends. I look forward to your return."
Sai Sahan: "The Abbey of Blades will rise from these ashes. If I survive the dark path we must walk, I will return to help Kasura shape a new generation of blademasters."
Lyris Titanborn: "A noble goal, Sai. Perhaps I'll join you. For now, we should see to the survivors."
Abnur Tharn: "You continue to surprise me, Sahan. And just when I thought I had you figured out."
Sai Sahan: "You can never know me, Tharn. In the Book of Circles, Divad wrote that the greatest warriors suffers his pain in silence, for he knows that an open oven bakes no bread."
Abnur Tharn: "My great grandfather Knavus Tharn put it another way: better to keep your silence and be thought an imbecile, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"

Shadow of Sancre Tor[edit]

When you first arrive at the Harborage, Lyris will admit her unease.

"I know we don't stand a chance against Molag Bal unless we recover the Amulet of Kings, but I'm still uneasy about this. That damned thing has been nothing but trouble from the beginning."

After you have spoken with Varen.

"I'm worried about Sai. First the Halls of Torment, then the destruction of the Valley of Blades? A lesser man would have already crumbled."

Speaking with her after the portal to Sancre Tor opens, but before she walks through it:

"I'm right behind you. Let's go get that amulet!"

Once you have arrived in Sancre Tor.

"I've heard stories of this place, but I've never had the opportunity to come here. I trust Sai had good reasons for placing the amulet in a place such as this."

Lyris will question Sai Sahan about the dubious choice of hiding places:

Lyris Titanborn: "You could have hidden that amulet anywhere in Tamriel, and this was your first choice?"
Sai Sahan: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
Abnur Tharn: "Brilliant. Why is it that the people with the most ridiculous ideas are always the ones who are most certain of them?"
Sai Sahan and Lyris Titanborn, simultaneously: "Shut up, Tharn."

After walking through the passageway, you will be greeted by a massive projection of Mannimarco.

Mannimarco: "What brings you to Sancre Tor, old friends? Looking for an amulet, perhaps?"
Sai Sahan: "Mannimarco? How did you find this place?"
Mannimarco: "Do you really think I'd allow you to escape the Halls of Torment if I couldn't track your every movement?"
<Sai Sahan is lifted into the air by magic.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, no! Mannimarco, stop! You're killing him!"
Mannimarco: "Where is the Amulet of Kings? My master, Molag Bal, demands it!"
Abnur Tharn: "Your master. Please! You would use the amulet to betray Molag Bal!"
Mannimarco: "Fool! When I ascended, you could have been at my right hand, Tharn. Instead you chose to align yourself with mongrels and imbeciles. Now you'll die with them!"
Abnur Tharn: "You won't get away with this. Do you really think you can betray a Daedric Prince?"
Mannimarco: "With the Amulet of Kings, all things are possible! Nations will tremble and bow before me! I will be a god!"
Sai Sahan: "The Amulet of Kings will never be yours! It is protected by a ward of the Divines!"
Mannimarco: "You mean your ward of Stendarr, God of Merciful Forbearance, patron of gutless, law-abiding dimwits? It won't even slow me down!"

When you talk with her afterwards:

"Mannimarco, again? You know, after we've killed him, I'm really going to miss hating that skeever."

Once you have spoken with Sai, Lyris will be concerned while Abnur will speculate on things.

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, are you well enough to continue?"
Sai Sahan: "Have no fear, Snow Lily. I am Redguard. We are like mountain bamboo: far stronger and more flexible than we might appear."
Abnur Tharn: "I find it hilarious that Mannimarco chose such a massive projected appearance. He's obviously overcompensating for something."

If you speak with Lyris, she will give her opinion on fighting the undead.

"I hate killing things that are already dead. It's just not as satisfying."

Once you arrive at the inner chamber, Mannimarco will appear to taunt you again and to explain his ambitions to replace Molag Bal.

Mannimarco: "Persistent, aren't you? Do you really think you can keep me from acquiring the amulet?"
Sai Sahan: "The Amulet of Kings is under the protection of Stendarr's ward! It will never be yours!"
Mannimarco: "Ah, Sai. You still don't understand, do you? My plan will succeed because of your ward of Stendarr! It will prevent Molag Bal from observing or interfering. By the time the ward is down and the amulet is mine, it will already be too late!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You're insane if you think you can betray the God of Schemes!"
Mannimarco: "Naive child! You know nothing! Chim-el Adabal, the red diamond at the center of the Amulet of Kings, is the most powerful Soul Gem ever created!"
Mannimarco: "With the amulet in my possession, I will absorb Molag Bal's power, reducing him to an empty husk of ethereal flesh. Then I will trap his essence within the gem!"
Mannimarco: "In time, the name Molag Bal will be forgotten! In time, all of Tamriel will bow down before me! Soon, the God of Schemes will have a new name: Mannimarco!"

The projection disappears and a bunch of undead minions attack you.

If you speak with afterwards she will say:

"I can't shake the feeling that we're being watched."

When you arrive at the Inner Courtyard, Sai will need to take a break.

Sai Sahan: "Please. A moment, my friends. I … I must rest before we continue."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai? Are you all right? That bastard really hurt you, didn't he? I swear to the gods I'll take his head off!"
Sai Sahan: "I'll be fine, Snow Lily. I just need a moment to catch my breath."
Lyris Titanborn: "Take all the time you need. I'll keep watch. If there's anything I can do, just name it."
Abnur Tharn: "An enchanting moment. I'll be over here, bringing up my lunch."

Speaking with Lyris:

"You better keep an eye on me. I'm getting ready to punch Tharn again."
Is Sai going to be all right?
"Sai Sahan is nothing if not determined. He once told me that achieving victory is like wrestling an ogre. You don't quit when you're tired, you quit when the ogre is tired.
He'll see this through, don't worry."
What about you?
"Me? I'll chase Mannimarco to the furthest corners of Oblivion if I have to. Vengeance is a powerful motivator.
And I don't know if you've realized it yet, but under this hardened shell, I'm an optimistic fool who'd take a blade for any one of you."
Did you and Sai ever talk about what happened in the Halls of Torment?
"We're two of a kind. Stoic. Is that what people call us?
Our hearts are connected, but we don't talk about our feelings. We don't even understand them ourselves. Maybe we'll talk about it someday, but today's not that day."

After Mannimarco reveals his Dragonguard surprise to Sai, Lyris will be increasingly worried.

"I've never seen Sai like this. He's in a lot of pain."

Once you have consecrated the shrine in the Dragonguard Tomb.

Sai Sahan: "Now, we have only to consecrate the second shrine before we can enter the vault."
Lyris Titanborn: "You certainly did a thorough job hiding the amulet, Sai. Couldn't you have just stuffed it in a mattress or something?"

If you talk with her:

"One shrine left. Let's move! I don't know if Sai can take much more of this."

Before solving the lever puzzle in the Reman Vault:

"Don't look at me. I'm terrible at puzzles!"

After solving the lever puzzle in the Reman Vault:

Lyris Titanborn: "You did it! The bridge is down!"

An enchanting conversation:

Abnur Tharn: "Dank corridors, crumbling walls, nauseating smells. This place has all the charm of a Riften brothel. It must feel very much like home to you, Titanborn."
Lyris Titanborn: "You mean a crypt filled with the rotting corpses of inbred kings and failed statesmen. Must be what it's like at a Tharn family reunion."
Sai Sahan: "It is more pleasant in the summer months."

After you have consecrated the second shrine:

"That's the last shrine. Let's get the amulet and get out of here!"

When you reach the Vault Antechamber,

Mannimarco: "Your pathetic efforts will not succeed! The Amulet of Kings will be mine!"
Sai Sahan: "I swear by Stendarr's grace and the sword of my father, you will not win, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Soon, you will know the extent of my power and bow before me!"
Mannimarco: "Through the power of the Amulet of Kings, I will be transformed!"
<Ghostly figures of the various national leaders will appear in a circle surrounding you.>
Mannimarco: "All the nations of Tamriel will bow before me! They will worship me and beg for my mercy! All will know the name of Mannimarco as their one, true god!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You'll never get away with it, Mannimarco! We'll fight you to our last breath!"
Mannimarco: "By all means, my old friends. Try and stop me!"

If you speak to her while in battle, she'll say:

"If I were a necromancer, I wouldn't raise up skeletons. No guts and you can see right through them."

Before entering the Vault of Kings:

"We're almost there. Let's finish this!"

Afterwards, it is clear that Lyris just wants to find the amulet and leave.

"How many more doors are between us and this vault?"

After getting instructions from Sai, she'll remark:

"The sooner you get that door open, the sooner we can get out of here."

When you enter the Vault of Kings, Mannimarco will be waiting for you. If you speak to her before engaging Mannimarco in battle, she says:

"Let's kill that traitorous bastard!"

As he nears defeat:

Mannimarco: "I grow tired of these games!"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's weakening! Don't stop now!"

If you speak with her afterwards, Lyris will be shocked:

"We did it! I … I don't believe it! Mannimarco is gone!"

Once you take the Amulet of Kings, the trio will have a conversation.

Lyris Titanborn: "Everything Mannimarco did was designed to pit us against each other. We can't let that happen. Look what we can accomplish when we work together."
Abnur Tharn: "How uncharacteristically optimistic of you, Titanborn. I may have that embroidered on a pillow."
Lyris Titanborn: "The Divines gave you a nose for a reason, Tharn. So you can keep your mouth shut and still keep breathing."
Abnur Tharn: "Well played, Titanborn. Well played."
Sai Sahan: "We are finished here. It is time to go home."

If you speak to her before she enters the portal:

"Finally! We've got the damned thing. Now can we get out of here?"

Back at the Harborage Lyris will be happy with what has been achieved.

"We got the Amulet of Kings and sent that traitorous bastard to Oblivion where he belongs. All in all, I'd say that's a good day's work!"

If you spoke to Varen but haven't turned in the quest:

"Speak with the Prophet. I need to catch my breath. It's been a long day."

After you talk to Varen.

"I can't believe there's still more to do. But whatever the future holds, come Oblivion or high water, the Five Companions will face it together."

Council of the Five Companions[edit]

When you arrive at the Harborage, you'll find Lyris to the side of the main room playing her lute for Sai. Speak to her before speaking to Varen and she'll only say:

"You've returned. We have a lot to discuss, but Lord Varen is anxious to speak with you first. We'll talk later."

After speaking to Varen, but before Sai, she'll only say:

"Sai Sahan has something to ask you."

If you agreed to regroup the five companions:

Sai Sahan: "I, Sai Sahan, steward of the Abbey of Blades, call for the Five Companions to be reforged this day."
Sai Sahan: "By the light of Stendarr, and the heart of Lorkhan, may our blade of fellowship be forged anew. And may the Vestige, our mutual friend and ally, become its tip, that we may thrust it straight into the heart of a Daedric Prince."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai Sahan is right. You are the member that we should have had all those years ago."
Varen Aquilarios: "It is as the Scrolls foretold. The soulless one will become the brightest of five stars, and they shall guide us to the coming dawn."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, please. You melodramatic sots! Fine, fine. If seeing one of your foolish prophecies come true will help to ensure the safety of the Empire, I'll play along."
Sai Sahan: "We stand united once more—the Five Companions are reforged, and together we will strike down the God of Schemes!"

After that speech:

Lyris Titanborn: "Come here, my friend. I've got a few things I want to say before you go."

If you decided not to regroup, Sai will instruct you to speak to Lyris.

Either choice, she'll say:

"It's been a long road, hasn't it? My father used to say that if you avoid all of life's abrasions, you'll never be polished enough to shine. We must be pretty damned shiny by now."
He was a wise man, your father.
"I've been thinking about our adventures and the hardships we've faced together. We're in the last leg of this journey, aren't we?
I don't regret any of it, but it occurs to me that we haven't had much of a chance to talk as friends."
We may not get another chance. What did you want to talk about?
"Where do you see yourself going after all of this is over? I mean, assuming we survive, get your soul back, and stop Molag Bal?"
Option Dialogue
There's a war to win. I intend to take up the fight in Cyrodiil. "Bloody business, war. There was a time I loved my axe for its sharpness and my armor for its sheen, but no more. Today, I love what they defend. Don't lose sight of what's behind you in the hatred of what's before you. "
There's a whole wide world to explore. I want to see what's out there. "Traveling is a humbling experience. You see firsthand what a small place you occupy in the world. Funny thing is, the farther you go, the harder it is to return. But when you do … if you do … you get to see the place you came from with new eyes."
There's nothing to talk about. We've got work to do.
"I guess you're right. Ah, well.
I won't take up too much of your time. You've got destiny and all that, written on some moldy-old scroll."

Sure. (ends the conversation)

What about you?

"Me? I don't know. Maybe I'll go back to Skyrim and settle down. Squeeze out a few whelps. Maybe raise sheep or grow cabbages."
Are you serious?
"What? No! Can you imagine it? Lyris Titanborn, shepherd? Farmer? Housewife? I need to be out in the wind and wild. And if I ever find my life mate, he'll feel the same way.
My turn. What's your one regret about what we've all been through?"
Option Dialogue
I have no regrets. "You're a hard-heart, eh? No regrets, no tears, no doubts? Don't look back unless you're planning to head in that direction.
I guess that that's exactly the kind of person we need right now. "
The deaths of so many people. "You never get used to it. My father … he'll die over and over again for the rest of my life. Grief doesn't go away. You just learn to live with it.
But I can live my life with his daring and spirit and joy. That way, he'll never die. Not really."
Missed opportunities to seize power. "That's the real test of character. Anyone can face adversity, but give them power and you'll see their true colors.
Power over others is the way of cowards. Seize the power to choose your own path. To control your own life. That takes real courage. "
What about you?
"Oh, lots of things. Friends lost, missed opportunities, failed endeavors. Maybe the best that we can hope for is to end up with the right regrets.
I do regret not taking the time to get to know the people I fought with. I hope to change that."
What else is on your mind?
"One last thing.
You like mead?"
Sure. Not really. Never had it.
"I knew I liked you! So, let's toast ….
To Molag Bal, that ugly skeever! May his privates be infected with Brown Rot Fever! May our course be true and our hearts be brave, as we march into Coldharbour to spit on his grave!"
"Oh, my small friend, you are hopeless, aren't you? I've been saving a bottle for a special occasion. Real Skyrim mead, too. I don't suppose you'd want to share one, regardless of the taste?" "Never? Mead is the honeyed kiss of the gods themselves! You must try some!"
I'll drink to that!

No, I'll pass.
Why not?

No, I'll pass.
Why not?

No, I'll pass.
Lyris Titanborn: "Let's not forget the struggles that got us to this point. We're almost home. We just have a bit further to fight."
Abnur Tharn: "Are you all insane? You do realize what we need to do, right? We have to fight a Daedric Prince. Amulet or no, this is going to mean more death. Vestige! Come here. I'll tell you what they're afraid to mention."

If you speak to Lyris before talking to Tharn:

"The vein in Tharn's forehead looks like it's about to pop. You better see what he wants."

After the conversation with Tharn:

Abnur Tharn: "Of course it is. The fact of the matter stands, however. One of the Five will need to give their life to fuel this attack, when the time comes."
Lyris Titanborn: "So you said before the Vestige arrived. And I've already thought it over. I'll do it."
Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, no! You should not need to give your life this way. This is my duty—penance for my numerous failures. This is my chance to make things right."
Varen Aquilarios: "The Scrolls said nothing of this moment, and so I am not bound to their dictates. Vestige, I ask that you let me do this one thing. All that has happened was because of my hubris. I shall be the one."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sire, you've done enough. This was Mannimarco's doing, not yours."
Abnur Tharn: "As the one who will fight the Daedric Prince, the Vestige should decide."
Lyris Titanborn: "I don't see you leaping to volunteer, Tharn. Saving your own backside again?"
Abnur Tharn: "Hard as it may be, Lyris, don't be an idiot. I am the only one who knows the ritual and we don't have time to teach anyone else."
Varen Aquilarios: "That's enough. It won't be decided here and now. Vestige, come here. I have some final words for you."

Speak to Lyris before Varen:

"Lord Varen is waiting for you."

If you exit out of the conversation with Varen before turning in the quest:

"Have you listened to everything Lord Varen had to say?"

After speaking to Varen she'll say:

"We'll be by your side for the final battle. In the meantime, we'll prepare ourselves and keep the Amulet of Kings safe."

God of Schemes[edit]

When you speak to her inside the Harborage:

"Lord Varen is waiting for you. It's time."
Fighting alongside Sai Sahan at Heart's Grief

When spoken to without need at Heart's Grief:

"No matter how this ends, I'm proud of how far we've come, and what we've accomplished."

Upon entering the Heart's Grief Vestibule:

Varen Aquilarios: "This place is alive with pain and suffering. This must be where Molag Bal torments those who displease him."
Lyris Titanborn: "Look there! Is that Mannimarco?"
Abnur Tharn: "Mannimarco! He was a back-stabbing hypocrite with delusions of godhood. The fool got precisely what he deserved!"

If you choose to release Mannimarco, he will say the following:

Mannimarco: "You actually released me? Naive fool! Future generations will pay for your weakness!"
Abnur Tharn: "Are you insane? That worm didn't deserve your mercy!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Why do I get the feeling we're going to regret this?"

Arriving at the Seat of Tyranny:

The Prophet: "Molag Bal is here. I can feel his presence. Sense his foul breath upon the wind."
The Prophet: "There. That place should serve us well. Let us assemble and prepare the ritual."
Lyris Titanborn: "What do you suppose this place was?"
Sai Sahan: "A temple of some kind. The Dark Anchors may have pulled it into Coldharbour. Or, perhaps it was created by the Daedra to mock the Divines."
Abnur Tharn: "What does it matter? We can't wait any longer. We must perform the ritual. Vestige, it is time for you to make your decision."

You can then speak to Lyris, and have the option to choose her as the sacrifice:

"We've had some crazy adventures, haven't we? But adventures are what you call them when everybody comes back alive, so maybe they've come to an end.
I don't regret any of it, though. Not for a moment."
Nor do I.
"My father once told me that the most important thing anyone can know is what they would die for. I know that now."
You're young. You still have a long life ahead of you.
"I feel like I've already lived a dozen lifetimes. I'm so tired. And I look forward to seeing my parents again, in Sovngarde.
If my death has meaning, then so will my life. It would be my great honor if you would choose me."
Very well. I choose you, Lyris. (Lyris Titanborn is sacrificed in the ritual)
I need more time to decide. (You exit dialogue and can speak to her again, or to others)

Once you have made your decision on how to sacrifice, Abnur Tharn will bring out the Amulet of Kings and say:

Abnur Tharn: "Position yourself over there, Vestige. And brace yourself."
Lyris being sacrificed.

If you have chosen to sacrifice Lyris Titanborn:

Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, no... don't do this. Please."
Lyris Titanborn: "Death is simply life's next great adventure, and I am prepared to make the journey. I hope to see you all again one day, in Sovngarde. Until then, it has been my greatest honor."

If you have chosen to sacrifice Sai Sahan:

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, I... I'll never forget you. And we'll finish this, I swear it."
Sai Sahan: "I am honored to make this sacrifice. When you think of me, I hope you remember me fondly, and sing songs of this day while you toast to my memory."

If you have chosen to sacrifice Varen Aquilarios:

Lyris Titanborn: "We'll never forget you Sire, or your sacrifice."
Varen Aquilarios: "Great Akatosh, Dragon God of Time, forgive me for my hubris. Grant your divine power to the Vestige and restore your protection to Tamriel, that my sacrifice might not be in vain."

If you chose to not sacrifice Lyris and speak to her, she will say:

"Don't stop now! We'll take care of things here."

After the final battle, there are several possible dialogue outcomes that can occur.

Sai and Lyris, should they both survive

If Varen was sacrificed:

Lyris Titanborn: "What... what happened? How did we get here? I remember being overwhelmed, but then..."
Cadwell: "Right. Sorry about that. I called in a bit of help to pull you out of there. I do hope I didn't overstep my bounds."
Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, I..."
Lyris Titanborn: "I know, Sai. It's over. It's all over."
Cadwell: "Well then! Happy endings all around! Smashing! Who's got the brandy?"
Sai Sahan: "Wait, where is Tharn? Did he survive?"
Cadwell: "He vanished. Ran off, I think. And he took the amulet you chaps found, with him."

You speak to her before talking to Sai:

"You're not going to get all weepy with me, are you? I mean, I've got that stoic reputation to maintain..."
What now?
"What now? For you, it seems there's more to do. For us...
We've seen too much, my friend. Been through too much. I think it's time for us to go."
Where will you go?
"Sai and I talked about it a few days ago. What would happen if we both survived. I'd like to go back to the Abbey of Blades with him, and help them rebuild."
Will we see each other again?
"Maybe some day. It's not as though I'm dropping off the face of Tamriel!
And if not, well, I'm sure there's a seat for you in Sovngarde. If you get there first, save me a cold mug of mead."
Farewell, Lyris Titanborn.
"We really shook the pillars of Oblivion, didn't we? I'm going to miss you."

If Sai Sahan was sacrificed:

Varen Aquilarios: "The scents of the Harborage fill the air. But what happened? How did we return? Lyris? Lyris, are you there?"
Cadwell: "Not to worry, not to worry! Lyris is fit as a fiddle, and you all seem quite intact, as well."
Lyris Titanborn: "I'm here, sire. But where's Tharn?"
Cadwell: "He vanished. Ran off, I think. And he took the amulet you chaps found, with him."
Lyris Titanborn: "That bastard! Sai died for that Amulet!"
(?) "The Amulet's power is expended for generations to come. It will be of no use to him, now."
Varen Aquilarios: "Things feel different. Molag Bal's hold on my mind has been lifted. I am finally free of him!"

You can talk to her afterwards:

"We did it. Tamriel will go on. But what a terrible price we had to pay." [verification needed — lyris says this?]
missing dialogue beforehand?
"I'll bring the news of Sai's death to Kasura at the Abbey of Blades. Maybe I'll stay there for awhile. Help rebuild. Sai would want that.
After that, I don't know."
Sai's death must be hard to accept. Will you be all right?
"Grief doesn't change us, it reveals us. That's what my father always said.
I'll mourn Sai in my own way. I loved him. I know that now. There's a big, deep hole of aching inside me. Even when I'm finished mourning him, it's not going to go away."
Will I see you again?
"I've never been able to sit still long. Eventually, the road will call. But where I'll wind up? Who knows? Roads are for journeys, not destinations.
Maybe we'll run into each other again. Have a drink. Maybe crack some skulls for old times sake."
I'd like that. Farewell, Lyris Titanborn

Cadwell delivers a eulogy for Lyris.

If Lyris was sacrificed, Varen and Sai will speak:

Sai Sahan: "How have we returned? The last thing I remember was being overwhelmed!"
Cadwell: "Right. Sorry about that. I called in a bit of help to pull you out of there. I do hope I didn't overstep my bounds."
Varen Aquilarios: "He is gone! Molag Bal no longer touches my mind! I am finally free of him!"
Sai Sahan: "My Lord Varen, are you injured?"
Varen Aquilarios: "I'm fine, Sai. But where is Tharn? I do not hear his steps nor his breath."
Cadwell: "He vanished. Ran off, I think. And he took the amulet you chaps found, with him."
Sai Sahan: "I cannot believe Snow Lily is gone. Why did she do it, My Lord?"
Cadwell: "Here now, my good man! Lyris Titanborn is a good hero! She gave her life for a noble cause!"
Varen Aquilarios: "Sir Cadwell is right, Sai. We will all mourn her, but it was her choice. her sacrifice to make."

Cadwell will later give you Light of Meridia, showing a projection of Lyris and he will deliver a eulogy:

Cadwell: "Ah, fair Lyris. She will be missed. Her light may have left this world, but her spirit lives on in you … perhaps even in a literal sense. Take comfort in that."
Cadwell: "And she did give her life to save this world, didn't she? Though I can't understand why you're all so fond of it. Dreadful place. Ah well, it's horses for courses, I suppose.
That's all well and done, then. There's just one bit of business left."


Appears only with Harrowstorm

The Frozen Isle[edit]

Lyris Titanborn
(lore page)
Location IcereachHarrowstorm
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 62,728
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) The Five Companions
Ebonheart Pact
Lyris Titanborn in Icereach

Lyris Titanborn returns in Harrowstorm. She is investigating strange occurrences on a frozen island for the Skald-King of Eastern Skyrim.

While you look for survivors of the forces sent to scout the island, you will encounter Lyris behind a barred gate, after she deals with one of the Icereach Warriors, she will notice you.

Icereach Warrior: "The bear-woman! She's here! She's—"
Lyris Titanborn: "Orkey take you, witch-scum. You there! Kyne's breath, it's good to see a friendly face …."
<A female warrior will then hear her.>
Icereach Warrior: "I heard her! She's this way!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Damn it! We can't talk here. Keep moving! I'll find you. Go!"

After you deal with Sister Skelga, an Icereach Warrior will run in to warn the hagraven about Lyris.

Icereach Warrior: "Skelga! The bear-woman! She's—"
Icereach Warrior: "Skelga?"
<Lyris cuts down the warrior>
Lyris Titanborn: "Shor's bones, there's no end to these hag-born bastards!"
Lyris Titanborn: "I'm glad to see you in one piece. Our initial assault … it didn't go well. I saved who I could, but these witches are dug in like hoarvors."
<She then notices the altar and walks over to it.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Hmm. You found an altar? Maybe the witches left some reagents, or scrolls, or something."
<Lyris looks through items on the altar.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Ugh … filthy. Wait, here we are. A medallion of some kind? Might prove useful eventually. You go on ahead. I'll catch up."

At this point you can talk to Lyris, depending on the status of the Main Quest, her dialogue may differ.

First time meeting Lyris:
Started Main Quest:
Completed God Of Schemes:
Completed God Of Schemes with Lyris sacrificed:
"You know, where I come from, we call this sort of thing "clever magic." Gods know why. Maybe we call it that so we feel smarter when we kick a wizard's teeth in."
Who are you?
"Name's Lyris Titanborn. Axe-wielding, jaw-breaking friend to the former emperor, Varen Aquilarios. Also a friend of High King Jorunn.
I sailed here as a personal favor to the Skald-King. Remind me to avoid personal favors in the future."
Have you discovered anything about the storm?
"Well, I can tell you this: this storm Jorunn sent us to investigate? It's not natural. These Icereach witches conjured it somehow. I don't know why yet, but I'm going to find out. One way or another."
"Lyris and the Vestige, together again. We should really stop meeting like this, you know?
Let's make a deal. Next time, no fighting. We tear up a mead hall and drink until dawn. First round's on me. All other rounds are on the Prophet."
Who are you, again?
"Shor's bones … I know you took some lumps in Coldharbour, but you might want to invest in a harder helmet.
Name's Lyris Titanborn. Axe-wielding, jaw-breaking friend to the former Emperor Varen. And to you."
You're part of the Skald-King's expedition to Icereach, right?
"Yeah. He wagered that someone who braved Coldharbour might be crazy enough to sail straight into a magic storm. He was right, of course. Ha!
I've seen my fair share of gales, Vestige. This one's different, and those witches are to blame."
"By Kyne, it's great to see you.
Way I hear it, you've kept very busy since that business in Coldharbour. It's good to know I'm not the only Companion still kicking down witches' doors and freezing her arse off."
Who are you, again?
"Shor's bones … I know you took some lumps in Coldharbour, but you might want to invest in a harder helmet.
Name's Lyris Titanborn. Axe-wielding, jaw-breaking friend to the former Emperor Varen. And to you."
You're part of the Skald-King's expedition to Icereach, right?
"Yeah. He wagered that someone who braved Coldharbour might be crazy enough to sail straight into a magic storm. He was right, of course. Ha!
I've seen my fair share of gales, Vestige. This one's different, and those witches are to blame."
"Ha! You look like you've seen a ghost!
Oh, that business with Molag Bal, eh? Water under the bridge, Vestige. Breaking out of Coldharbour once is damn hard. Breaking out twice? Easier than you'd think. Anyway, chin up. We've got work to do."
Who are you, again?
"Shor's bones … I know you took some lumps in Coldharbour, but you might want to invest in a harder helmet.
Name's Lyris Titanborn. Axe-wielding, jaw-breaking friend to the former Emperor Varen. And to you."
You're part of the Skald-King's expedition to Icereach, right?
"Yeah. He wagered that someone who braved Coldharbour might be crazy enough to sail straight into a magic storm. He was right, of course. Ha!
I've seen my fair share of gales, Vestige. This one's different, and those witches are to blame."

Regardless of your past encounters with Lyris, the conversation follows:

Have you found any other survivors?
I had a handful of thanes at my back, but most suffered terrible wounds during that first assault. I carried them as far as I could, but I'm no healer. One of them, Gulfrim, made me promise to kill five Reachmen for every Nord that fell."
How's that coming along?
"Not as well as I'd like. Then again, I'd like to cast every single one of these hag-born maniacs into the sea.
Losing comrades in arms … it's a terrible feeling. I just take solace in the fact that we'll all drink together in Sovngarde."
What does that medallion do?
"You're asking the wrong Nord. I've hunted enough mages to recognize the trinkets that are worth something, but as for what they do? Not exactly my area of expertise."
Have you found anything else that might help?
"So far? Not much. I found a few rancid potions, old knuckle-bones, crow feathers …. Gods know what any of those things do.
Remember, I'm a warrior. In my younger days, I left this sort of nonsense to that lecherous fossil, Abnur Tharn."
The Hagraven mentioned some kind of ritual.
"That's a word I've heard more than once since we came ashore. After spending time with Mannimarco, I actually have some experience with dark rituals.
These things often involve a focus, or a casting circle. If we find that, we can disrupt the spell."
Disrupt it how?
"Plenty of axe-swings and a few kicks in the stomach, I wager.
These witches will protect the ritual with their lives. We'll make sure they pay in full."

After you have entered Bani's Labratory and killed Vearogh the Shambler, Lyris will arrive.

Sister Bani: "Filthy, disgusting interlopers! You think summoning is all I can do?"
Lyris Titanborn "Why not come down and show us, hag?"
Sister Bani: "Brought a beast of your own, eh? She'll die soon enough. You all will!"
<Sister Bani teleports away.>
Lyris Titanborn "Cowardly witch!"
Lyris Titanborn "We've got them on the back foot. Let's keep the pressure on. Come on!"

Lyris then runs off through the doors.

After you enter the Icereach Bailey, Lyris will have defeated one of their champions, only for Sister Maefyn to intervene and create the Stormborn Reverant:

Lyris Titanborn "Stay down, witch-scum! Come on, we're getting close to the ritual, I know it."
Sister Maefyn: "So simple, is it? Arise, and fight on, champion!"

At the same time, Lyris will be locked out of the fight. Once the reverant is put down again:

Sister Maefyn: "So confident … so proud. You have no idea what kinds of forces you're meddling with."
Lyris Titanborn "Think you can lock me out? I'll knock that pretty head clean off your shoulders!"
Sister Maefyn: "Promises, promises. When our ally spreads his wings over the world, you'll lose so much more than your heads."
<Maefyn then leaves.>
Lyris Titanborn "Damn these crones …."
Lyris Titanborn "Come on. The ritual site can't be much farther."

You can speak with Lyris and ask for her opinion on Maefyn's words and the coven in general.

"Sorry you had to face that creature alone. That witch, Maefyn's, been locking doors, conjuring illusions, and turning rooms upside-down since we arrived. Luckily, I've got a strong stomach and a lot of patience.
Well, maybe not a lot of patience."
We've seen a lot of undead. Are all these witches necromancers?
"I don't think so.
Those last two practiced necromancy, sure. But the others seemed to focus on elemental magic … ice, wind, and flame. Maybe they're both connected to the ritual somehow?"
Connected how?
"Well, I'm no mage, but if they managed to make this gale conjure up undead as well? Weaving nature magic together with the dark arts … I'd rather not think about it."
How many witches are there on this island?
"Losing count, eh? Me too.
I managed to kill one of them during the initial assault. You killed another—the Hagraven, Skelga. I wager the more we kill, the less stable their ritual will become."
They seem difficult to pin down.
"Yeah. So we fight them where they can't retreat. At the ritual site.
I won't lie—facing a coven at the center of their lair doesn't fill my heart with joy, but I made a promise to sort this out. Titanborns honor their word, no matter what."
Who is this ally she was talking about?
"Hmph. Sounds like a real charmer, whoever he is. Provided he's not some kind of hag-tale bogeyman, I'm sure we'll meet him eventually. Axe-first."

Soon after, more reachmen will arrive and Lyris will be forced to part from you again to hold them off.

Icereach Warrior: "They're headed to the courtyard! Bring them down!"
Lyris Titanborn "Damn it! Reinforcements! I'll hold off the Reachmen as long as I can. You kill those witches!"

After you reach the courtyard and kill the remaining coven members to stop the ritual, Lyris will arrive, only to be disappointed that the fighting is over.

Lyris Titanborn "All dead? Damn …. I scattered their wicker-clad lackeys, but I really wanted a crack at those hags. Ah well."
Lyris Titanborn "I heard them prattling on about some ally. A shadow partner of some kind?"
<She pulls out a scroll.>
Lyris Titanborn "Look here. They inscribed part of the ritual on this scroll … but just a part. Hmph. This might just be the beginning of something."

You can then speak with her to complete the quest.

"A magical plot with a mysterious and powerful ally. Hmph. Looks like this axe has a few more necks to cleave."
So, what comes next?
"Well, I'm going to make my way back to Windhelm. If these hags and their sisters on the mainland really intend to make a play for Skyrim, the Skald-King needs to know.
As for you? I'd say get in out of the cold. And take this. You earned it."

Afterwards you can ask her some more questions.

"I wish I could say I was excited to go home, but I'm going to face a lot of widows and widowers when I go ashore.
Nords take bad news better than anyone. But still … delivering a broken shield to a weeping spouse is no walk in the pines."
Does the scroll you found mention anything about this mysterious ally of theirs?
"Hmph. Not that I can tell. Whoever this person is, they covered their tracks well enough.
I'll say this: anyone who can wrangle a coven of witches into doing their bidding is a serious threat. The Icereach Coven bowed to no one … until now."
Do you have any theories on what this ritual was supposed to accomplish?
"More than a simple storm. That much is certain. They were building to something. I'd bet my axe on it.
Hopefully the mages back in Windhelm can decipher this scroll and get a better idea of just what they were planning."
How do you think King Jorunn will react to all this?
"He's a bard. A temperamental one. I wager he'll yank at his beard, and grumble, and recite a poem in the sword-thanes' honor. But for all his theatrics, he's a practical man. He'll have me and a dozen other housecarls turning stones before long."
Turning stones and looking for what?
"More witches. And this shadowy ally.
If they really want to claim Skyrim for themselves, they couldn't have chosen a better time. The kingdom is sundered in two. The Skald-King's busy with the war in Cyrodiil. We're vulnerable. Plain and simple."

Greymoor Prologue[edit]

The Coven Conspiracy[edit]

You can find Lyris at the Fighters Guild halls in Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, and Davon's Watch. As you approach, you may her grumble:

"Where's that help I was promised? I can't deal with this on my own."

You can then greet Lyris, who may remember you.

First time meeting Lyris:
Met her during Main Quest:
"You must be the help the Skald-King promised. I just hope you're up to the task.
This threat, it's bigger than King Jorunn imagined."
"Vestige? You're the help the Skald-King promised? Suddenly, I feel a lot better about our chances.
Still, this threat is bigger than King Jorunn imagined."
What threat?
"The Icereach Coven. Witches operating in secret right under the Skald-King's ample nose. There's more going on than the usual Reach mischief, I'm sure of it.
I need to investigate, but I can't do it by myself."
What do you need me to do?
"Help me track down the coven and figure out their ultimate plan. Between the two of us, we can cover more ground and determine the full extent of this threat.
As long as the magic provided by Jorunn's wizards works as promised, that is."
I'll help you investigate the coven. Where do we start?
Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion:
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant:
Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact:
"Meet me in Grahtwood. The Skald-King's scouts spotted members of the coven near Boar's Run. We'll start there. Meet me near the overlook at the Elden Root Temple.
As for the magic, I'll tell you more about that when we're away from prying eyes."
"Meet me in Stormhaven. The Skald-King's scouts spotted members of the coven near the lumber mill at the Bangkorai border, by the Weeping Giant. We'll start there.
As for the magic, I'll tell you more about that when we're away from prying eyes."
"Meet me in Deshaan. The Skald-King's scouts spotted members of the coven near the Shrine to Saint Rilms. We'll start there.
As for the magic, I'll tell you more about that when we're away from prying eyes."

Lyris can then be questioned further about the Coven before leaving, if you previously completed The Frozen Isle your questions will differ.

Completed Icereach:
Have not completed Icereach:
Icereach? That island of witches we dealt with? What did you find out about their ritual and patron?
Not much. King Jorunn's mages are still studying the ritual fragment we discovered, but there's been no further word on the witches' mysterious patron.
So far, the evidence only suggests that they're planning an attack on the mainland."
What kind of attack?
"We're not exactly sure. That's why Jorunn sent me to investigate. But you saw the storms they controlled in the Sea of Ghosts. Imagine that kind of destruction unleashed on a town or city.
Look, are you ready to go or do you need time to prepare?"
How did you learn about the Icereach Coven?
"King Jorunn sent me to look into a sudden barrage of storms in the Sea of Ghosts. At least two ships sank beneath the freezing waves.
The Icereach Coven was responsible. I uncovered evidence suggesting they're planning an attack on the mainland."
What kind of attack?
"I'm not exactly sure. That's why we need to investigate. But if they have the ability to summon destructive storms on command, think of the damage they can inflict on towns and cities.
Look, are you ready to go or do you need time to prepare?"
Before we go, tell me more about the magic Jorunn's wizards provided. (Do Not Fast Travel)
"Keep your voice down! Buildings have ears, especially guildhalls.
I'll give you all the details when we get where we're going. I chartered a wagon to take us there. Is there anything else you need to know before we head out?"

The questions she can be asked will depend on progress and choices during the Main Quest.

Prior to completing the Main Quest:
God Of Schemes is completed:
Sai Sahan was sacrificed during God Of Schemes and encountered in Southern Elsweyr:
Lyris was sacrificed during God Of Schemes:
Who are you again?
"Lyris Titanborn. I served Emperor Varen before the Soulburst tore the empire apart and plunged Cyrodiil into civil war.
Still, my first loyalty has always been to Skyrim. When the Skald-King asked for my help, I obliged."
What was the Soulburst, exactly?
"That's a memory I'd rather not dredge up right now. But it wasn't Emperor Varen's fault. He was betrayed. We all were.
Let's not dwell on ancient history. We have a threat right in front of us. We can save Tamriel if we act fast."
What have you been up to since we defeated Molag Bal?
"We defeated Molag Bal and stopped the Planemeld, but the empire I knew was dead and gone. There wasn't anything else I could do for Varen or Cyrodiil, but Skyrim was still there.
So, I went home."
What have you been doing in Skyrim?
"Whatever I can. Traveling. Dealing with problems as I encounter them. My axe has been busy, that's for sure!
Mostly, I've been helping Jorunn the Skald-King. Looking into bad situations. Like this one with the Icereach Coven."
There's something you need to know. Sai Sahan is alive.
"What? How? We watched him sacrifice himself to empower the Amulet of Kings!
How could he come back from that? It can't be him. It must be some sort of trick!"
I saw him. It's him. He doesn't know how he survived, but he's alive.
"And he didn't send word to me? What an idiot!
I … enough of this. We need to focus on the threat in front of us. Sai can wait. He's good at that, apparently."
How are you alive? I watched you sacrifice yourself to empower the Amulet of Kings!
"Oh. That. Right. I'm not really sure. I remember white light as the Amulet of Kings took me, and then ….
I woke up. I wasn't in Tamriel. I was somewhere else. Somewhere cold. I was home."
"It felt like home. There was a great longhouse in the fog. It was warm inside, full of people like me. Warriors.
I don't know how long I was there, but eventually I woke up one day and I really was home. In Skyrim."
I don't understand.
"Neither do I. Was I in Sovngarde? Maybe. But then I was back here, in Tamriel. I guess there are still a few things that me and my axe need to do.
In general, though, I try not to think about it."
I'm ready to go to the meeting place now./I'm ready to go. (Fast Travel to the Meeting Place)

Once you agree to travel with Titanborn, you'll be teleported near the Shrine to Saint Rilms Ebonheart Pact/Weeping Giant Wayshrine Daggerfall Covenant/Elden Root Temple Wayshrine Aldmeri Dominion:

"This is the place. Can't say I know what Reach witches would be doing here, but the Skald-King's scouts have never sent me on a wild guar chase before.
Let's see if the trek out here was worth it."
Will you tell me about the magic provided by King Jorunn's wizards now?
"I was getting to that. At Icereach, I picked up a couple of the medallions the witches were wearing. For further study by the Skald-King's wizards.
The wizards determined that magic was infused into the jewelry, but not its purpose."
How is that supposed to help us?
"The Skald-King's wizards added their own spell to the medallions. We each get one. Here. They're supposed to lead us to magic similar to what's contained in the medallions. Icereach magic.
Wave it around and see what happens."
Wave the medallion around? If you say so.
"Don't look at me. It's not like Nords are known for being great mages, so whatever the Skald-King's wizards did may not work. Or it could explode.
Hold up the medallion and see if you can make it work."
What should we expect the medallion to do?
"Thanks to the Skald-King's wizards, it should lead us to magic similar to what's contained in the jewelry. Icereach magic.
Just take it out and give it a try."

Use the medallion and two trails of glowing red magic appear:

Lyris Titanborn: "It actually worked! Follow that trail. I'll take the other one."

Follow your path per her instructions and you'll come across a magic circle filled with burned corpses. After examining one, Lyris will come up behind you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Find anything?"

You can then tell her what you found:

"So? Find anything that will help us locate the Icereach Coven?"
The medallion led me to these burned bodies. I found this charred note on one of them.
"I was led to a similar site. Damn witches! Whatever game the Icereach Coven is playing at, we need to put an end to it. Preferably with multiple swings of my axe.
Let me see the note you found."
The only words I could make out were "a lucrative opportunity."
"Hmm. That's no help. Luckily, Jorunn's scouts provided a few locations of interest with their last report. Let me mark them on your map.
When you reach each location, use the medallion and see where the magic leads. I'll catch up with you shortly."
I'll see if I can learn anything at these locations.

As Lyris walks over to inspect the corpses you previously examined, she'll comment:

Lyris Titanborn: "First ice storms, now fire. Keep your guard up. The coven won't hesitate to kill anyone who gets too close."

If you speak with her before leaving she will muse about her previous experiences with the coven.

"The witches called forth freezing weather at Icereach. Now fire? It's almost like they're experimenting with different effects.
Head to the next location and see what you can find. I'll catch up soon."

Follow the trail to the Lord StoneEbonheart Pact Aldmeri Dominion/Hammerdeath Arena Daggerfall Covenant and you'll find a Witch Pike Shard. After taking care of a couple of Vampires, you'll hear Lyris near you:

Lyris Titanborn: "That's all you've got? It will take more than that to fell Lyris Titanborn, you bastards!"

When you reach her, she will be surround by the bodies of dead vampires. She will have also found a lead:

"Nothing like a quick battle to get the heart pumping, but I'm surprised we haven't faced more opposition. The coven must be preoccupied. Wasn't expecting to fight vampires, though.
Did you find anything interesting at the sites I marked on your map?"
I found another note on a strange bloodfiend.
"A bloodfiend? You don't usually run into them in this part of the world. Let me see the note.
There's that word again. "Lucrative." And what's that about a simple ritual? Sounds like coven activity to me. Anything else to report?"
I found this piece of a ritual item.
"I don't like the look of that. It feels … wrong. The Skald-King's mages will want to examine it.
In the meantime, we need to figure out what the coven is up to. How do rituals, vampires, and bloodfiends figure into their plan?"
Any idea where we go next?
"Just one. A note from a merchant named Goharth Ironbelly. Found it on these vampires. Ironbelly is apparently supplying something the coven requires, but the note doesn't go into details.
Says we can find him at a Riften inn. The Withered Tree."
I'm not ready to leave just yet. (Do Not Fast Travel)
"Our only lead is a note from a merchant named Goharth Ironbelly. The note suggests we can find him at the Withered Tree inn. Let's go and get him to lead us to the coven.
Ready to travel to Riften?"
All right. I'm ready to depart. (Fast Travel to Riften)

In a moment you'll find yourself in the middle of Riften:

Lyris Titanborn: "The note said Ironbelly does business at the Withered Tree inn. This way."
Lyris Titanborn: "This is the place. Let's head inside and finalize our plans."

Follow her into the inn, you can then ask Lyris what her plan is:

"Ironbelly's note suggested he'd meet with the coven after he did some business in this inn. When he arrives, don't do anything to alarm him.
We want the merchant completely at ease when he leaves to go rendezvous with the witches."
What do you want me to do once he gets here?
"Just mill about and try not to draw attention to yourself. Honestly, I'm more comfortable with the direct approach, but we need to play this carefully.
Then, when he leaves, he can lead us directly to the coven."
Right. I'll stand back and stay out of the way.
"Go away, little man, before I break you."

While you remain inconspicuous, Lyris goes to the bar and Goharth will arrive:

Goharth Ironbelly: "Ah, good lizard! I'll take a pint of your finest ale!"
<Gorharth notices Lyris and approaches her.>
Goharth Ironbelly: "And what have we here? You're a strapping lass! Let Old Ironbelly buy you a drink or two? What do you say?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Not interested."
<Gorharth grabs her shoulder>
Goharth Ironbelly: "Not interested? Goharth Ironbelly never takes no for an answer."

He then finds himself prone on the floor beneath your companion:

Lyris Titanborn: "Go away, little man, before I break you."
Goharth Ironbelly: "I beg your pardon! But things will be different after that witch lives up to her promise."

Speak to her and she'll order you to trail the Nord:

"What are you waiting for? Follow Ironbelly! But don't get too close. I already made him nervous enough for the both of us."

Follow Goharth into the Ratway and Lyris will join you:

Lyris Titanborn: "It never fails. Follow a rat and you wind up in a sewer."

You can then ask her what she knows about the Ratway:

"Why must sewers always smell so bad? When we find Ironbelly, I'm going to cave in his head for dragging us down here.
My armor will never be mistaken for a bed of roses, but sewer stink lingers like Thane Jeggi around the mead hall."
How did you know where to find me?
"You followed Ironbelly, I followed you.
Come on, let's find that slimy merchant and see what he's doing down here."
Do you think he's meeting the Icereach Coven down here?
"Thieves and murderers aren't the only scum that inhabit the Ratway. The local jarl keeps sealing the entrances, but it never stays closed for long. It would make a perfect lair for the coven.
Watch your step and try not to blunder into any traps."
"You lead. I'll guard our rear."

As you enter the first tunnel a trap will activate and the gate will slam shut separating you from Lyris:

Lyris Titanborn: "No, damn it! Sneaky bastard!"
Lyris Titanborn: "He rigged the gate to lock behind him! Don't wait for me. Find Ironbelly."

Continue to follow Goharth through the tunnels and you'll eventually catch up to him to listen to his meeting. However, by the time Lyris reaches you, it will be too late to interrogate him:

Lyris Titanborn: "Finally! This place is a maze of—wait, what happened?"
Lyris Titanborn: "I hope Ironbelly told you something before you killed him."

She will be annoyed but you can explain what happened and what you learnt:

"So, what happened? Did you get too close? Did he attack you?"
I didn't kill him. He argued with a woman he called Sister Balra. She murdered him.
"Damn! That must have been one of the Icereach Coven witches!
Any idea where she may have gone?"
This flier mentions an inn in Eastmarch.
"That's not much to go on, but it's all we have.
I'll meet you at the cart outside of town."
I'll meet you at the cart.

Lyris will run ahead. Once outside, she can be found next to a cart outside the southwestern gate:

"All right, the cart's ready. Now tell me what else you found out down in the Ratway."
I overheard Ironbelly tell the witch that the fliers were distributed. I found one on his body.
"Let me see that. Hmm.
Another lucrative opportunity. But this time we know where they're leading people. To an isolated inn somewhere in Eastmarch. Did you hear anything else that I need to know?"
Ironbelly said something about a vampire. He wanted them to turn him.
"A vampire? Working with the coven? That would explain the strange bloodfiends in the Ratway. We'll worry about that later. Right now, we have to get to Eastmarch and find that witch.
Oh, before we leave, take this. You earned it."

After your payment you can continue to help Lyris with her investigation of the Coven in Eastmarch.

The Coven Conundrum[edit]

If you leave before continuing to help her, Lyris will call you over once you approach her, "Over here, my friend. Time is short."

Speaking with her, she will tell you the next location for the investigation.

"The cart will take us to the Grinning Horker in Eastmarch. Hop aboard and we can get going.
I don't want to give the coven any more of a lead than they already have."
What do you think we'll find at the Grinning Horker?
"Answers, I hope. That's what Jorunn the Skald-King sent me to find, after all.
The witches of the Icereach Coven are definitely up to something, luring unsuspecting folk with promises of wealth. We saw what happened at those ritual sites."
You think the people who responded to the flier we found are in danger?
"Tempted to a desolate area in Eastmarch, most likely to be subjected to more of those strange rituals? If that doesn't scream danger, I don't know what does.
Will you accompany me, my friend? I'd appreciate your help in this matter."
I'll go with you to the Grinning Horker inn, Lyris.
"If you're ready to travel to the Grinning Horker, climb aboard the cart. We'll be in Eastmarch before you know it."
Before we go, let's review what we already learned about the coven's plans.
"Good idea, but so far the pieces don't tell a complete story.
We found evidence of the coven luring people with promises of gold so they could experiment on them. Ritual items, vampires, and strange bloodfiends. What does it all mean?"
Have you ever seen anything like the strange pike before?
"I've seen similar totems, but nothing exactly like that witch pike. It disturbed me just to look at it.
It appears to be a key component to their ritual, though the Skald-King's mages will determine that for certain."
Does the coven normally work alongside vampires?
"The Icereach Coven consists of witches and warriors of the Reach loyal to their cause. I never saw a connection to vampires before. Maybe the blood-suckers are hired help?
Come on. Hopefully we'll learn more when we get to the Grinning Horker."
What's strange about the bloodfiends?
"You saw what I saw. Those feral creatures were near some of the ritual sites. And each site appeared to be a slightly different version of the ritual.
Like they're trying to perfect it."
The Grinning Horker[edit]

Board the cart and you'll end up in Eastmarch, near Voljar's Meadery:

Lyris Titanborn: "We need to walk from here. Follow the path up the mountain."

If you talk with her while heading to the Grinning Horker, she will warn you to keep an eye out:

"We need to walk the rest of the way from here. According to the flier, this path up the mountain leads to the Grinning Horker inn.
You go first but be ready for anything. We don't know how long the coven has been using this place."

Make your way up the trail to the remote inn and enter. Once inside, Lyris will beckon you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Place looks empty. Let's talk."

Speak with her.

"Nothing waiting to impede our progress? No guards, no witches, nothing. Just a lonely inn on a desolate hillside.
If Ironbelly's flier led us astray, we're going to head back and kill him again."
Were you expecting the place to be deserted?
"I expected answers. Ironbelly sent people here for a reason. They have to be someplace. If we don't pick up the coven's trail, I'm not sure we'll find them again in time to stop whatever the witches have planned.
Let's take a look around."
What are we looking for?
"Anything that points to what the witches are up to. We need to determine the full extent of the threat.
Let's explore the inn and look for any clues as to what happened to the people they lured here. With luck, that may lead us to the coven."

If you speak to her again, she'll only say:

"Look around for clues but stay alert. This could have been an elaborate ploy to lead us into an ambush."

Wander around the inn and make note of the clues scattered around:

  • Half-eaten dinner:
Lyris Titanborn: "I've never known a Nord to abandon a meal while there's still food on the plate."
  • Used Bedroll:
Lyris Titanborn: "Bedrolls. For those who came for the "lucrative opportunity." I wonder where they are now?"
  • Blood Trail:
Lyris Titanborn: "Fresh blood. It leads to that hatch. Great. The trail leads into the basement."

Speaking with her after finding the trail of blood:

"Looks like they dragged whoever showed up for the promised wealth downstairs. At least one of them put up a fight. Well, always follow the blood.
Let's continue our search in the basement."

Down in the basement:

Lyris Titanborn: "Empty? That's not right. There must be a secret passage. See if you can find it."

As you investigate the various cabinets, Lyris will comment:

Lyris Titanborn: "Nothing important."
Lyris Titanborn: "Definitely not a secret passage."
Lyris Titanborn: "I'm not touching that."
Lyris Titanborn: "Never a secret passage when you need one."

Once you've located the correct secret door, she'll say:

Lyris Titanborn: "I knew there had to be a secret passage! Let's see where this goes."

If you talk to her before entering the secret tunnel:

"Through the secret passage! Let's go!"
The world below Skyrim[edit]

Enter the secret passage and you'll end up deep in Blackreach: Mzark Cavern:

Lyris Titanborn: "How far down does this tunnel lead?"

Speaking with her:

"They must have taken the people they lured to the inn down here. Let's look around but be ready for anything."

As you make your way through the tunnel, you'll encounter an hysterical Nord:

Hrolt: "Stay away! I won't go back! I won't!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We're not going to hurt you. Talk to him. I'll take a look up ahead."
Lyris' first view of Blackreach

After speaking to Hrolt, catch up with Lyris on an overlook at the edge of the great cavern:

"Look at it, my friend. I thought it was just an old legend, but it's real.
It's real."
What are you talking about, Lyris?
"Blackreach, the world below Skyrim.
Every Nord child hears the stories. How another world stretches beneath the Nine Holds. Each story is slightly different. Some talk about Dwarven cities. Others about terrible monsters or fabulous treasure."
You think this is Blackreach?
"What else could it be?
Whatever it is, it's a perfect hiding place for the Icereach Coven. We need to get down there and find the witches. We must put a stop to whatever evil the coven is planning."
Hrolt mentioned other prisoners and said he saw witch pikes.
"The poor man is frightened out of his mind. I'll escort him back through the tunnel to the Grinning Horker.
Meanwhile, get down there and see what you can find out. If you see any witch pikes, destroy them. I'll catch up with you shortly."
All right, I'll explore Blackreach and see what I can find out.

Once you rejoin Lyris, you'll find her cutting down one of the vampires:

Lyris Titanborn: "For Skyrim!"

Speak with her.

"I got back as quick as I could. Other than a few skirmishes, I didn't uncover anything important.
What about you? Tell me you found something."
I smashed a witch pike and freed some prisoners.
"Two things I wholeheartedly approve of. I carved a path through a number of witches and vampires, myself. Shor's bones, there are a lot of these bastards!
Anything else to report?"
I found notes describing some sort of ritual.
"This is it. This must be what the Skald-King is worried about. A ritual that produces … harrowstorms? Magic that turns people into a new kind of bloodfiend. A harrowfiend.
I wish I knew whose head I had to remove to stop this."
Sister Balra, from the Ratway, is in charge here. She might be in the nearby Dwarven ruins.
"Sister Balra? The same witch that killed the merchant back in Riften? I'd definitely like to get my hands on that one.
Let's go."
Right behind you.

Speaking with her again:

"This Sister Balra … I'm going to enjoy ending her miserable existence."

Inside the Kagalthar Ruins, you'll come across a Windhelm sentry:

Lyris Titanborn: "A Windhelm sentry? Down here? Hey! Are you all right?"

If you talk her, she will comment on his wounds:

"That wound's bad. He doesn't have a lot of time. Quick! Talk to him and find out what happened here while I keep watch."

Speak to Sentry Darfal and he'll tell you how he gave away information to the coven before dying:

Lyris Titanborn: "Idiot! Sells out the Skald-King for a handful of gold."

You can then speak with her which gives you the option of leaving immediately or making your own way back to Windhelm.

"Assassinating the Skald-King would be a terrible blow to Skyrim and the Pact, but I assumed the Icereach Coven had a grander plan than that.
Nevertheless, we have to save Jorunn."
You think the sentry was telling the truth?
"A death-bed confession? That tells me the sentry believed he put the Skald-King in danger. I can't take a chance when it comes to Jorunn's safety.
Back to the wagon. We leave for Windhelm at once!"
Go ahead. I'll meet you in Windhelm. (Do Not Fast Travel)
I'm ready. (Fast Travel to Windhelm)
Windhelm and the Palace of Kings[edit]

If you chose not to fast travel, you'll have to run to catch up with Lyris at the meadery. Meet up with her outside Windhelm's walls:

Lyris Titanborn: "The Palace of Kings, hurry! We must warn Jorunn!"

Speaking with her back at the surface:

"The Palace of Kings! That's what the sentry said. Come on, we have to hurry!"

Reach the main gate, and Lyris will comment on the situation:

Lyris Titanborn: "Doesn't look like anyone is on alert. Maybe we got here in time."

Make your way to the Palace of Kings and Lyris will approach Housecarl Vaer:

Lyris Titanborn: "Housecarl! The Skald-King, where is he?"
Housecarl Vaer: "I can't divulge such information. Even the great Lyris Titanborn must know that. It's a matter of royal security!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Royal security? Listen, you little fool … argh! You talk to her!"

Speak to Lyris before speaking to the housecarl, and Lyris will fume:

"Kyne give me strength! You better talk some sense into this fool before I cave in her skull.
We need to get into the palace and find Jorunn."

After convincing the housecarl to let you in the palace, Lyris will move:

Lyris Titanborn: "Into the palace. Let's move!"
Lyris fighting her way through the Palace of Kings

Inside you'll be met by coven members that have already infiltrated the edifice.

Lyris Titanborn: "Damn, they're already inside. We must find the Skald-King!"

Loot one of the coven members and you'll recover Maps of Western Skyrim:

Lyris Titanborn: "Maps of Haafingar? Why would the coven and its allies need that?"

Examine the Skyrim Reconnaissance Map on a nearby table and she'll remark:

Lyris Titanborn: "That map details the distribution of troops throughout Skyrim. Look, they tore off the western holds."

Palace of the Kings Lower Chambers you'll come across a dead sentry who has a key to the dungeons:

Lyris Titanborn: "The key to the dungeons? Jorunn wasn't up here, so let's search down there."

Inside the dungeons, you'll find the Skald-King in magical chains under the custody of Sister Balra herself:

Lyris Titanborn: "Leave the Skald-King alone, witch!"
Sister Balra: "Jorunn is ours! He will make a fine addition to our patron's forces!"

Defeat the witch and Lyris will exclaim:

Lyris Titanborn: "Damn shapeshifters!"

Lyris and Jorunn retire to the throne room. Rejoin them and you'll hear Lyris wrapping up her report:

Lyris Titanborn: "That's my report, Skald-King. Our friend can tell you more."

Speak to her before speaking to his highness and she'll say:

"I have a feeling we're not done with the Icereach Coven just yet, but at least the Skald-King is safe.
Go on. He wants to talk to you."

After speaking to Jorunn, he'll send you back to Lyris:

"Svargrim and the people of Western Skyrim can be real pains in the arse, but they're still Nords. Despite the differences between their holds and ours, we won't abandon them to the coven's conspiracy."
So let's go to Haafingar and deal with the coven.
"Not so fast, friend. Western Skyrim doesn't exactly get along with Eastern Skyrim. Politics can be a tricky business, so I tend to leave that to the politicians.
When King Jorunn gives the word, then we go. Not before."

Or if you exit the conversation before finishing the quest and talk to her again, she'll say:

"From everything we learned, I fear that the Icereach Coven plans to attack Western Skyrim in the near future."'

Then the conversation will continue normally.

So what happens now?
"Now we celebrate our victory and let Jorunn's scouts do what they do best. Meanwhile, I'll work with the Skald-King to figure out how to approach Svargrim with this news.
In the meantime, take this. You earned it. I'll be in touch soon."

You can then ask her about the situation between East and West Skyrim:

"This isn't over. Not from what we learned of the Icereach Coven.
For now, though, we rest and let the Skald-King make plans. They'll be plenty of time to kill more Reach witches another day."
Why can't King Jorunn just send us to Haafingar. Isn't he the High-King of Skyrim?
"There hasn't been a single ruler in over a hundred years. Jarl Svartr of Solitude refused to recognize Freydis as the legitimate heir. Ever since, the kingdom has been divided.
Damn inconvenient at times like this."
So who rules the two kingdoms?
"Jorunn rules over Eastern Skyrim from Windhelm, while Svargrim lords over the western holds from his palace in Solitude.
If the Icereach Coven has targeted Western Skyrim, it will take both nations to stop them—if we can ever agree on anything."
What do you plan to do while you're waiting for the Skald-King?
"Train. Eat. Drink. Probably drink some more. But don't worry. I'll be ready when the Skald-King gives the word. Then we'll move against the Icereach Coven.
You have my word on that."


Appears only with Greymoor

The Gathering Storm[edit]

When you arrive at Solitude, you will be approached by Nord named Brondold who will give you a cryptic warning about the Coven threat before dying. After some hostility from the guards, you will do some investigating of your own and find that he was an agent of the Skald-King who was supposed to contact Lyris to speak with Queen Gerhyld at the Blue Palace. Enter the palace courtyard and you will find Lyris waiting at the opposite end.

Her greeting will depending on previous encounters.

Completed Greymoor Prologue:
First time meeting:
Known as the Vestige from the Main Quest:
Previously completed Icereach:
"Jorunn didn't mention he was sending you to Solitude. Not that I'm sorry to have you along. An extra blade is always welcome.
As soon as Brondold shows up, we can get things started."
Brondold isn't coming. He's dead.
"I'm accustomed to stares, but I reached my threshold for gawkers a long time ago. Move along, I'm waiting for someone."
Brondold isn't coming. He's dead.
"Vestige? You're a sight for sore eyes. It feels like it's been ages since … well, you know.
I'd invite you for a drink, but I'm about to present myself to royalty. Just as soon as my contact arrives."
Brondold isn't coming. He's dead.
"You have a habit of turning up wherever the Icereach Coven appears. On another witch hunt?
We should catch up later. I've got urgent business to take care of, as soon as my contact arrives."
Brondold isn't coming. He's dead.
"He's what? Dammit. Queen Gerhyld will be here at any moment.
Look, her highness is expecting to talk to me and my contact. I need you to pretend to be that contact or this will go very badly."
What's this all about?
"We can exchange intimate details of our lives later. Right now, just know that the safety of all of Skyrim—maybe even all of Tamriel—depends on how this meeting goes.
So follow my lead and be on your best behavior with her highness."
Follow your lead with what?

At this point Queen Gerhyld and her guard will emerge from the palace and approach you.

Queen Gerhyld: "Lyris Titanborn. Your reputation is known even here in the west. Is this one of your famed Companions?"
<Queen Gerhyld stops nearby.>
Lyris Titanborn "No, but I assure you my partner is one of the Skald-King's best. Go introduce yourself, partner."

If you try to speak with Lyris she will have you attempt to masquerade as her contact.

"Now's not the time to lose your nerve, partner. Introduce yourself to the queen."

Once you have spoken the queen, Lyris will be impressed by your handling of the situation but will want to know what happened to Brondold.

"You handled that better than I expected. Now, what in Mara's name happened to Brondold?"
He was fleeing pursuit and gave me a bundle of papers before he died.
"Damn. Lucky thing he found you. Brondold was supposed to get the lay of the land before I got here. Without his information, my work for Jorunn the Skald-King could be over before it begins.
What did he give you? Hand it over."
Here's everything I found.
"Hmm. Smugglers and Reachmen up to illicit business. Nothing unusual there, but Brondold thought it could be connected to the coven.
I'm short a good investigator and you stepped into the role easily enough. Can I count on you to help me with this?"
What do you need me to do?

Lyris will then become your follower.

"Brondold mentioned some locals we should have a talk with. A snitch named Greyga who likes to gamble in back alleys, and an Orc named Maugh who frequents the Lonely Troll inn.
Let's find them and see what they can tell us."
How do we know the smugglers and Reachmen are even connected?
"We don't, but it's all we've got. Even if they aren't connected to the Icereach Coven, taking care of a few of Svargrim's problems might earn us some good will.
Now, let's go check out the back alleys and the Lonely Troll inn."

If it's the first time you meet Lyris, you will be able to ask her a few other questions:

Can you explain what this is all about?
"Succinctly? No, but I'll try.
The Icereach Coven recently attacked the Skald-King. We learned they're planning something in Western Skyrim as well, so Jorunn sent me to warn them. Beyond that, we have the leads Brondold found and that's about it."
I ran into the coven. I overheard them plotting, something about destructive storms and a harvest.
"I had a run-in with the coven, too. First at their stronghold in the Sea of Ghosts, then in Eastmarch. They tried to... well, let's say they had plans of an unkind nature regarding the Skald-King.
I stopped them, then came here to warn Svargrim."
Why did Jorunn send you to help Svargrim? They obviously have a bad history.
"While it's true that Svargrim and Jorunn don't get along, the Skald-King doesn't want something terrible to befall Western Skyrim. That would be bad for the east as well as the west. Besides, Jorunn was hoping for an opportunity to improve relations."
Who are you again?
"Lyris Titanborn. I was one of Emperor Varen's Five Companions. Currently, I serve Jorunn the Skald-King. Skyrim's my home, and I'll do whatever's necessary to protect it.
Whoever's behind these threats will regret it–as soon as we identify them."
The queen recognized you.
"This axe and I have been all over Tamriel. To Oblivion and back on more than one occasion, for that matter. I've earned my reputation.
Jorunn hoped my fame might persuade Svargrim to grant me an audience, but it seems to be working against me."
What makes you say that?
"Most of the tales of my exploits involve the liberal application of the blade of my axe.
Svargrim must think Jorunn sent me here to strong-arm him into joining the Pact. He's wrong, but I'd probably jump to the same conclusion."

As Lyris follows you around Solitude, she will make comments in certain places.

After you leave the palace courtyard:

Lyris Titanborn: "I'm not the first Nord from the East to receive a chilly reception at the Blue Palace. Doubt I'll be the last."

Passing by the Bards College:

Lyris Titanborn: "The Bards College. Hard to imagine the Skald-King spent his youth studying verse in this stodgy old kingdom."

Near the in-progress Castle Dour:

Lyris Titanborn: "Castle Dour is a monument to the western spirit. Stony and cheerless. Maybe the new tower will liven up the place."

After you have spoken with Greyga, you will learn about Kasalla's smuggling operation and her warehouse. If you haven't already spoken with him, Lyris will suggest also visiting Maugh at the inn.

"Let's stop by the Lonely Troll before we head to Kasalla's warehouse. If we can find him, this Maugh mentioned in Brondold's journal might know something about Kasalla's operation."

When you enter the Lonely Troll, Maugh will be drinking while leaning against a pillar. Lyris will approach him:

Lyris Titanborn: "You must be Maugh. I have questions."
Maugh: "Questions? Happy to oblige. Buy a few rounds and let's chat!"
<Lyris unsheathes her axe.>
Lyris Titanborn: "You're going to answer me, Orc, or …."
<Princess Svana walks out from the nearby table booth.>
Princess Svana: "Hey! Nobody intimidates my friends!"
<Lyris turns around in shock.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Princess Svana?"

If you speak with her now, she will admit she made a mistake.

"Sometimes you charge ahead and sometimes you step in a steaming pile of mammoth dung. I'll let you deal with the princess."

When you speak with the princess, she will tell you about the men who put the fliers up in the inn. Lyris will then head outside:

Lyris Titanborn: "Let's talk outside, partner."

Once outside you can speak with her again. If you haven't spoken with Greyga yet, she will suggest you do so.

"Not how I expected that to go. Thanks for smoothing things over. Hard to believe we ran into her royal princess in the local drinking hall.
We should pay a visit to Greyga before we wander out into the wilds in search of this mysterious Breton."

Otherwise, she will summarize what you have learnt, before deciding that the pair of you should go and investigate the smuggler's warehouse.

"So we've got a mysterious Breton, possibly working with Reachmen, recruiting workers for some unknown purpose. Plus, there's a smuggler hiding unknown contraband in a warehouse down by the docks.
I say we deal with the smuggler first."
Why the smuggler?
"We know where to find her and we more or less know what she's up to. And, if the two are connected, maybe the smuggler can help us narrow our search for the Breton.
Ready to visit Kasalla's warehouse?"
I'm ready to go to the smuggler's warehouse.
"Kasalla must have some security at her warehouse, so you take the lead when we get there.
I tend to lose my temper in the face of physical opposition, and I'd prefer not to draw the attention of the guard by slaughtering any belligerent hirelings."

You will need to leave Solitude and head down the road to the Western Skyrim Docks. When you arrive at the warehouse you will find a lone sentry guarding it.

Lyris Titanborn: "That's Kasalla's warehouse. Only one sentry. Let's try not to cause a scene."

She'll suggest that you talk to him first.

"See what the sentry has to say. If he doesn't cooperate, I can always hit him with my axe."

When you speak with Huzodir, you will quickly learn that he is a massive fan of Lyris. After promising that Lyris will autograph his scabbard he will rush off, leaving Lyris to bemusedly comment:

Lyris Titanborn: "I don't know what you said to him, but this is our chance. Try the lock."

Speaking with her before picking the lock:

"Good job with the sentry. You got rid of him and I didn't have to bash him or anything.
See if you can pick the lock while I keep watch."
I don't have any lockpicks. ( dialogue option appears only if you have no lockpicks in your inventory)
"Really? I feel like I've picked up a thousand of them by now.
Here you go. I've got plenty."

Once inside she'll look around and comment:

Lyris Titanborn: "See what's in those marked crates. I'll watch the door."

Talking with her:

"Search the crates. I want to know what Brondold got himself killed over."

While searching the marks crates you'll find funeral ashes and urns as well as Reachmen fetishes. After you finish searching, Kasalla will arrive with her flunkies wanting, leading to a tense standoff.

Kasalla: "I knew whoever was poking through our shipments would return. Brought muscle this time, I see."
Lyris Titanborn: "More than you. Care to try me?"
Kasalla: "I'll pass. I just want to know who's been meddling in my business."

Lyris will agree that talking it out might work.

"No harm in talking. Lots of harm in the alternative. For them, anyway.
Go ahead and converse with the smuggler."

After you have spoken with Kasalla you can return to Lyris.

"Brondold had good instincts. We're definitely on to something. Our mystery buyer is hiring locals to haul these urns and Reach fetishes out of the city. But for what purpose?"
Some sort of ritual, maybe?
"Without a doubt. The coven's attack on Jorunn involved a ritual. Why hire locals, though? Seems like an unnecessary risk. And how does the Breton figure in?
I suppose using different people draws less attention … but something doesn't feel right."
Should we should check out that abandoned lodge?

If you've completed Bound in Blood, you can ask about a connection to Deepwood Vale:

Could it have something to do with the ritual I saw the witch perform at the barrow?
"Hmm. The coven was also perfecting some kind of ritual in Icereach. Something to do with storms. If these fetishes are from Icereach, you may be on to something.
Still, why involve the locals? Seems like an unnecessary risk."
I guess we should check out the lodge.

Both options will lead to the same plan of action

"Good idea. Head there while I circle around from the other direction. Maybe I can catch them before they reach the lodge.
Just be careful. I'd rather not lose another partner at this point in the investigation."
I'll see you at the lodge.

Lyris will then leave the warehouse, but not before a parting shot at Kasalla:

Lyris Titanborn: "Give your sentry my best and tell him I owe him an autograph."
Kasalla: "Oh, he's going to get more than an autograph if I see him again."

When you search Gorn's Lodge, you won't find the hired Nord laborers or the shipment but you will find a letter telling you where it was sent. You will need to show Lyris who can be found by following the small road north and she will call out to you as you approach.

Lyris Titanborn: "Over here, partner."

She will be surrounded by the bodies of Reachmen warriors and witches who didn't feel like answering questions.

"All I found were these Reachmen stalking the pass. Decided they'd rather die than talk, so I obliged. They don't look like they're from Icereach, but they are wearing the coven's medallions.
Anyway, did you find the lodge?"
The lodge was empty, but I found a letter for the Breton. Orders to send the shipment to Kilkreath.
"Kilkreath? The temple to Meridia? Why would the Icereach Coven target a local Daedra cult?"

If the player has NOT completed Meridia's Brilliance, they will say:

The letter said they were ready to start the ritual as soon as they received the shipment.
"Damn. We're running out of time.
I'll head back to Solitude and try again to warn High King Svargrim. You go to Kilkreath Temple and alert Meridia's priests. I'll meet you there as soon as I can."
Warn the priests? Shouldn't I attempt to stop the ritual?
"You'll be going up against the coven by yourself. Warn the priests. If there's an opportunity to safely stop or delay the ritual, by all means. But don't take any unnecessary chances. I still don't want to lose another partner.
Good luck."
I'll see you at Kilkreath Temple after you warn the high king.

If the player has already completed Meridia's Brilliance, they will say:

The temple was the target of their ritual. It called forth a supernatural storm.
"Storms again? I saw the coven conjure a massive storm on Icereach. What did this storm do to the temple and how do you know it was supernatural?"
The survivors said the storm changed the pilgrims and priests into mindless husks or feral monsters.
"Sounds like what they tried to do to the Skald-King, but on a massive scale.
I'll head back to Solitude and try again to warn High King Svargrim. You go to Kilkreath and see if the coven left anything behind we can use as proof. I'll find you there."
I'll see you at Kilkreath Temple after you warn the high king.

Talking with her again she will give directions to the temple.

"Kilkreath Temple lies to the west. Be quick, but not reckless.
I'll head to Solitude as soon as I finish up here."

When you reach the Kilkreath Temple, you will find that the ritual was already completed. With Fennorian who joins you, you can witness the aftermath of a successful harrowstorm in a populated area, while also helping the survivors. Once your investigation is complete, you will need to bring Fennorian to his equipment. This is when Lyris comes rushing in, having returned from Solitude and ready to cut down the vampire.

Lyris Titanborn: "That's close enough, leech!"
<Fennorian throws his hands up.>
Fennorian: "Wait! Wait! I'm not part of the coven!"

Talk to Lyris and try to convince her not to kill Fennorian, as well as explain what you found at Kilkreath.

"Looks like I made it back just in time. This place is crawling with vampires and that one was about to make a meal out of you."
That's Fennorian of House Ravenwatch. He's investigating the Icereach Coven, just like us.
"House Ravenwatch? I've heard of them, but he's a long way from Rivenspire. Well, if you're willing to trust a vampire, I suppose I can, too.
I spotted a coven witch. If we hurry, we might be able to catch her."
A coven witch? Where?
"On the cliff overlooking the temple. Calls herself Sister Ambritt. I was going to rush her, but I wanted to make sure you hadn't run afoul of any of these monsters first. No offense, Fenn.
Come on, if we're lucky the witch is still up there."
I'll meet you up there.

Trying to talk with her afterwards:

"No time to talk now. We need to get up to the cliff and find that witch."

Follow the path to some small nordic ruins and Sister Ambritt will appear on top of the hawk arch and will comment on your apparent survival.

Sister Ambritt: "Not even harrowed? It seems the ritual needs refinement."
<She teleports to the ground and summons two Death Hounds which flank her.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Kill her before she can summon another storm!"

When you engage in combat, Lyris will assist. Sister Ambritt will be gleeful for new bodies:

Sister Ambritt: "Willing sacrifices? How nice!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sacrifice? I'd rather give you my axe, witch!"

After Sister Ambritt dies, Fennorian will arrive. He will be slightly annoyed that you couldn't keep her alive for questioning:

Fennorian: "I hoped you could take her prisoner. No matter, I found something. This way!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Go with your vampire friend. I'm going to look around here."

Once you have spoken with Fennorian at the altar he found, Lyris will arrive.

"So, what did your vampire friend discover?"
Fennorian thinks the harrowstorms create the harrowfiends and the harrowed.
"Reach witches summoning magical storms to create feral vampires? That's horrible, but to what purpose? Well, that's the next puzzle to solve. First, we need to get this information to the queen.
Here. This was for Brondold, but it's yours now."

Dark Clouds Over Solitude[edit]

If you decline to do the quest immediately, she will call out to you as you approach her in Solitude, "Hey, partner. Let's talk."

Lyris will want to return to Queen Gerhyld to report what you learnt.

"Queen Gerhyld needs to hear what we discovered at Kilkreath Temple. Hopefully, that will be enough for her to get us an audience with High King Svargrim."
Do we have enough evidence to convince the king and queen of the danger?
"The queen seemed reasonable. She'll believe us. As for Svargrim, who can tell? I haven't met the man, but everything I've heard describes him as prideful, arrogant, and hard-headed.
Even with the queen's help, there's no guarantee."
So what do we do if High King Svargrim refuses to see us?
"I'd like to knock down the palace door, grab him by the throat, and shake him until he listens. That would probably start a war, though, and Jorunn specifically asked me to avoid that.
For now, let's bring our evidence to Queen Gerhyld."
Let's go see the high queen.

Before you leave for the Blue Palace, you need to discuss a few more things with Lyris.

"If there's anything else we need to discuss, let's get it out of the way now, before we return to Solitude."

If the quest was abandoned and accepted again from Lyris Titanborn in Solitude she will say instead:

"Finish any other business you have in Solitude, then meet me at the Blue Palace so we can report to Queen Gerhyld."
Why do you think the Icereach Coven wants to turn people into harrowfiends?
"Hey, you and Fennorian came to that conclusion, not me. Still, it makes as much sense as anything. As to why, I have no idea.
This connection to vampires, though. That's troubling. We should keep Fenn away until we get into Svargrim's good graces."
Normal Dialogue
If player is a Vampire:
(Dialogue goes straight to the next question)
I'm a vampire, too. Do you want me to stay away?
"No. I need you and you've already been seen working with me.
What I don't want to do is risk bringing an unknown factor into the equation, especially not an unknown vampire when vampires are clearly working with the Icereach Coven."
Fennorian is going to seek help from a clever woman near Morthal.
"A clever woman? Out here? Nords are extremely distrustful of magic, especially Nords from Western Skyrim. I'm surprised the people of Morthal tolerate her presence.
If anyone can help Fenn figure out the coven's ritual, though, it would be her."
Should we help them with their research?
"Our priority remains getting an audience with High King Svargrim. We need to convince him that the Icereach Coven is a threat to his kingdom and get him to help us stop him.
Let's return to Solitude and present our findings to the queen."
What a clever woman?
"Clever men and women are Nords with an aptitude for magic, though most use the term to refer to practitioners of the old ways. They're rare. Not the usual adepts found at the Mages Guild.
Distrust of magic runs deep in Skyrim, especially out here."
Why do the people of Skyrim distrust magic?
"Could be that the Elves our ancestors fought soured our taste for magic. Or maybe there weren't enough skalds singing about wizards going to Sovngarde. Might be that Nords just prefer their natural talents.
Either way, magic isn't popular here."

When you arrive in the Blue Palace Courtyard, a woman will run screaming out of the palace doors.

Bekeigr: "Help! Assassins in the palace! Help!"
Lyris Titanborn: "That's one of the queen's attendants! Let's get inside!"
<Lyris runs ahead of you and enters the palace.>

In the room to the left of the entrance, it is a horrifying scene. The Queen Gerhyld lies on the floor dying as both the High King and Lyris can only stand by as Queen Gerhyld speaks to her distraught daughter.

Queen Gerhyld: "Be strong, Svana."
Svana: "Mother! No, no …."
Queen Gerhyld: "Svana … your father … the kingdom … watch over them …."
<Queen Gerhyld dies.>
Svana: "Mother—no! You can't die! Mother?"
Swordthane Uthlet: "Sire, the assassins might return. You must get somewhere safe!"

Svargrim is seething when he addresses Lyris.

High King Svargrim: "Have Jorunn's lackeys come to gloat?"
Lyris Titanborn: "We came here to warn you, your highness."
High King Svargrim: "And yet my wife lies dead!"
Lyris Titanborn: "If you had listened to us …."
High King Svargrim: "Like she did? If I determine Jorunn had a hand in this, there will be war! Someone take care of my wife!"
Svana: "Father, please!"
<Svargrim is then lead out through a side door by Swordthane Uthlet.>

You can then talk to Lyris who will direct you to investigate the scene while she goes to the princess.

"Gods … what a disaster. The queen's been assassinated and Svargrim still refuses to listen to reason.
We need to find a way to set things right."
How did an assassin get that close to the queen?
"Good question. The guards should have been able to handle a run-of-the-mill assassin. This could be connected to the Icereach Coven. In fact, I'd wager my axe that it is."
So what do we do now?
"Look around. See if you can find any indication of how the assassin got in and out of the palace so easily. Maybe even turn up something that ties the murderer to the coven.
I'll make sure the princess is all right."
I'll see what I can find.

Nearby the broken window a broken medallion can be found, you can bring it to Lyris who will be standing infront of the stairs.

"Svana's taking this pretty hard. I suppose most daughters feel close to their mothers. Not that I'd know. I never knew my mother. Sorry. Don't mind me.
Did you find anything that might lead us to the assassin?"
I found this medallion nearby, beneath a broken window.
"We've seen these medallions before. On the Reachmen near Kilkreath. And I saw them on the witches in Icereach.
The assassin definitely seems to be in league with the coven, but can we get Svargrim to believe that and accept the danger he's in?"
The high king seemed pretty angry to me.
"Svargrim has every right to be angry. He watched his wife die right before his eyes. But he's the high king! He doesn't have the right to be stupid.
Time to make Svargrim confront some hard truths. Come on, the swordthane led the king upstairs."
Lead the way.

You can follow Lyris up the stairs to where Swordthane Uthlet is guarding the door to High King Svargrim's Chamber.

Lyris Titanborn: "We need to see the high king."
Swordthane Uthlet "I should think not! The high king is in mourning. He's not to be disturbed."
Lyris Titanborn: "
"The queen's wasn't the only life lost today. Now get out of our way."
<Lyris glares at him, Uthlet steps to the side.>
Swordthane Uthlet "I … er … go right in."

Once you're inside, you will find King Svargrim standing by the fire. The meeting does not go well at all.

Lyris Titanborn: "Your highness, please. Your kingdom is in grave danger."
High King Svargrim: "My queen's blood hasn't yet cooled and already Jorunn's lackeys hound me!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We have proof that the coven threatening your kingdom is responsible for the queen's death. Show him, partner."

Your talk with Svargrim does not go well and you and Lyris are forced to leave empty-handed.

Lyris Titanborn: "We'll leave you to your grief, your highness."

After you leave the chamber, Svana will approach you with questions for Lyris.

Svana: "Is it true? Mother told me you were working for her before she …."
Lyris Titanborn: "I … I'm sorry, Svana. I would have saved her if I could."

Lyris will suggest you talk with the princess.

"You remember Princess Svana. From the Lonely Troll. Talk to her but go easy on her. She just lost her mother."

When you tell Svana what you were doing she will want support you and will ask you to track down her mother's killer. Lyris will opt to stay by her side for the moment while you search.

"I'd rather not leave Svana alone. We don't know if any more Icereach Coven agents are lurking about. Besides, you're better at talking to people than I am.
Find witnesses. Track where the assassin fled to. I'll make sure Svana gets someplace safe."
You don't think the Blue Palace is safe?
"The assassin may have leapt out the window, but he must have had help to get that close to the king and queen. Even Jorunn's guard had traitors willing to help the coven, so why not here, too?
Hmm. What was the name of that Orc at the Lonely Troll?"
"Yeah. Maugh. He's lazy and a drunk, but I don't see him as a backstabber. Svana trusts him. It might put her at ease to have a familiar face around.
The princess needs someone to lean on right now, and neither of us has time to play nursemaid."
All right. I'll try to track down the assassin.

Once you have spoken with Lyris she will approach Svana.

Lyris Titanborn: "Come on, princess. Let's get you somewhere safe."
Svana: "Don't call me princess. Just Svana. There's nothing noble about me."

Around you will find bodies left behind by the killer and those that grieve. From speaking with them you will find out that the killer is a vampire. Once you have spoken with the guard at the main gate. Lyris will have caught up to you.

Lyris Titanborn: "This is Svargrim's fault. He should have heeded us from the start."

She is furious at Svargrim's actions.

"Damn Svargrim and his distrust of Jorunn! How many more of his people have to die before he accepts the truth and lets us help him?
Forget that for now. Tell me about the assassin. Did anyone get a good look at the murderer?"
The assassin killed more people as he fled out the city gate. A priest identified him as a vampire.
"That would explain the assassin's swiftness and ability to escape so easily. We knew the Icereach Coven had vampires on their side, but using them so blatantly?
Anything else to report?"
Other than the assassin was a vampire who wore an eyepatch and escaped? No.
"Well then, time to fight fire with fire. They've got evil vampires, and we've got a friendly one. Let's find out exactly what your friend Fenn knows about vampire clans in the area.
Where did you tell me Fenn was going again?"
Fennorian. He said he was going to see a clever woman near Morthal.
"Right. To research the ritual. Go find them and see what you can learn. I'll stay with Svana. Bring her up to speed on everything we've uncovered. We're going to need her to get the high king to trust us.
And I'm calling him Fenn. It's simpler."
Fenn it is. I'll find him and see if he can help us track down Queen Gerhyld's assassin.

Speaking with her before you leave, she will give you some directions.

"Morthal lies to the southeast of Solitude. Bog farmers mostly. The clever woman's camp is probably northwest of the town.
You shouldn't have any trouble finding it. Not a lot out there but mud and marsh."

When you find Old Mjolen she will embue the medallion you found with the ability to track the vampire. You and Fennorian will follow the medallion to Chillswind Depths where you find the vampire's orders and where he is heading. While Fennorian fetches Lyris you can travel to Silversnow Mine in Karthald and wait for both of them to arrive.

Lyris Titanborn: "As evil lairs go, I'm not impressed."
Fennorian: "I'll take that as a good sign."

You can speak with her, Fenn briefed her well.

"We think this old mine is where our assassin fled to? Good a place as any to bury him."
Did Fenn inform you of our findings?
"The clever woman helped you track the queen's assassin to his hideout in Chillwind Depths. He got away, but left behind evidence that the coven's planning another harrowstorm in this mine and we're going to wreck those plans.
I miss anything?"
Since the assassin escaped, they're probably expecting us.
"Good. Less chance of them scurrying away if they think they have the advantage. I'm tired of chasing these rats through the shadows.
Are you ready to end this?"
Let's go.

Lyris and Fennorian will then run into the mine.

Lyris Titanborn: "These tunnels look freshly dug. The Gray Host has certainly been busy."

When in the mine proper, the pair will become your followers.

"Lead the way, I'm right behind you."

You will need to climb down a spiraling scaffold to reach the bottom.

Lyris Titanborn: "Scaffolding. Let's follow it down."
Fennorian: "Careful, the structure doesn't appear to be completely stable."
Lyris Titanborn: "Relax. It will take more than a rickety structure to take down Lyris Titanborn."
Fennorian: "Actually, I was more concerned for my own well-being, but if you insist …."

Once at the bottom there will be a short tunnel which appears open up into another cave.

Lyris Titanborn: "I think there's a cavern up ahead."

"Cavern" is an understatement as you find yourself in Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns.

Lyris Titanborn: "Blackreach again? Like beneath Eastmarch. Does it extend below all of Skyrim?"

If the player has not done the Greymoor prologue she will instead say:

Lyris Titanborn: "It's just like the old legends... Blackreach!"
Fennorian: "Blackreach? So the legends are true? But why is there a town down here?"

You will need to speak with both of them before making your move.

"Blackreach … again! It must be vast to extend this far from Eastmarch. I can't believe people are living down here."

If the player has not done the Greymoor prologue she will say:

"This is impressive, and that's coming from someone who's been to Oblivion and back.
I can't believe there's someone living down here, but at least it gives us a place to start looking."
No sign of the vampire assassin yet.
"No, but all the evidence you found suggests he's down here somewhere. Let's go see what the miners can tell us.
But be ready for anything. This place has ambush written all over it."
So how do you want to handle this?

If you spoke with her after Fennorian, she will lay out a plan.

"Let's split up. Take a look around. Ask some questions. If the assassin passed through that ramshackle town, maybe someone saw him.
Call out if you run into trouble, but don't make a move until we're all back together."
You really think we should split up?
"We can cover more ground that way. And lone travelers are less conspicuous than a large group. Plus, if one of us gets into trouble, the others can come to the rescue.
Just stay close to the town. We don't want to become totally separated down here."

After you have spoken to some people in Dusktown you will not have learnt anything about the vampire you are chasing. When you confer with Lyris, she had the same result.

"What a waste of time. These people have no clue as to what's going on down here. I wonder if being stupid was part of their service contract?
Did you turn up anything?"
No one I spoke to has seen a man with an eye patch.
"Just because no one saw him doesn't mean he wasn't here. Let's talk to Fenn before we start turning this place inside out. Maybe he's had better luck."
Fenn said he'd meet us outside the far side of town.
"Right, skulking in the shadows. Lead the way. I'm right behind you."

Speaking to her while she follows.

"Fenn said to meet him on the far side of town. You lead the way."

You can lead her to Fenn who is hiding on the outskirts of town. Unlike you, he found something while scouting. The vampire met with a Coven Witch and they were going to begin the Harrowstorm ritual mention in the letters from Chillwind Depths. Lyris will leap into action.

Lyris Titanborn: "Move! You take the east side, I'll take the west. Then meet in the middle."

After you find the witch pikes and destroy them, you can meet with the Fennorian. While you were gone he saw the ritual fail and the vampire and witch flee into the nearby ruin of Kagnthamz. When you reach the entrance, Lyris and Fenn will arrive.

Lyris Titanborn: "We're here. Let's find this assassin."

While in Kagnthamz, you will find it swarming with vampires and Pentarch Khorb—the vampire you were hunting—can be found in a furnished chamber, draining life essence from dead or comatose commoners. When you engage him in combat he will be exasperated.

Lyris Titanborn: "An eye patch! That's the assassin!"
Pentarch Khorb: "Don't you ever give up the chase?"

Midway through the fight he will transform into a monstrous creature before he is slain.

Lyris Titanborn: "That's for Queen Gerhyld, you bastard."
Fennorian: "Now we need to find Sister Tharda."

When you reach Sister Tharda, she willing be standing in a large ritual chamber but she won't be alone. Lyris will go over to the opening to watch the scene below. Sister Tharda and an unknown man stand before a stone construct with a large urn between her and it.

<As she performs the ritual a blue Reach sigil forms beneath her.>
Sister Tharda: "Rise exarch and be reborn!"
<The construct goes one knee and blue lights from the urn enter it.>
<A wolf howls is heard.>
<The stone construct shatters and a Werewolf Behemoth emerges from it.>
Exarch Ulfra: "Tzinghalis? Where is this place?"
<The man walks towards the werewolf.>
Exarch Tzinghalis:"The Ashen Lord commands it, and so we live once more, Ulfra."
Exarch Ulfra: "Alive again? How?"
Sister Tharda: "You have the Icereach Coven to thank for that, werewolf."
<Tzinghalis jabs his finger at her.>
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Using my recipes, witch."
Sister Tharda: "I meant no disrespect, Exarch Tzinghalis."
<Ulfra starts sniffing the air.>
Exarch Ulfra: "We're being watched, brother."
Exarch Tzinghalis: "Next time, Tharda, the Ashen Lord will expect more than the restoration of a single reliquary. Now deal with the intruders or I'll toss you to the harrowfiends."
<Exarches Tzinghalis and Ulfra leave the chamber.>
Sister Tharda: "Come out, little skeevers. Come out and play with Sister Tharda!"
Lyris Titanborn: "How many of your sisters am I going to have to kill before you give up?"

You can then go down to Sister Tharda and fight, once she is dead, Lyris and Fennorian will run after the Exarchs.

Lyris Titanborn: "One more witch for the pyre. Let's go after the other two."

Following them through a door, you can join them by jumping down a small cliff. Unfortunately the Exarchs have escaped.

Lyris Titanborn: "Damn, we lost them."

Speak with Lyris.

"Damn it, the vampire and the werewolf are long gone. They called themselves Tzinghalis and Ulfra. And they had an unusual rank or title. Exarch. I wonder what that means?"'
They also mentioned an Ashen Lord.
"Yeah, I heard. No idea who or what that is though.
Maybe Fenn can make sense of what we saw down here. In the meantime, I'm going to head back inside. I want to get a better look at those stone husks that were left behind."
What do you want me to do?
"While Fenn and I examine that ritual site more closely, you should return to Solitude and inform Svana that her mother's assassin has been taken care of. She'd want to know.
More than that, she deserves to know."
I'll go tell Svana the news.
"I left Svana back at the Lonely Troll, under the care of that drunken Orc, Maugh. Unless he ignored my rather stern warnings, he should be keeping the princess there.
I'll meet you back in the city once we finish here."
What are you hoping to find back at the ritual site?
"Anything that tells us more about what the coven and its allies are trying to accomplish. Maybe something about this Ashen Lord. I'd even settle for a clue that points us to any other strongholds they have down here.
We need something more to go on."
Why did you leave Svana at the Lonely Troll?
"Because I don't trust the security at the palace. Vampire or not, the assassin had too easy a time getting close to the queen.
Besides, Svana feels comfortable at the tavern. I figured she needed some comfort after watching her mother die."

While you return to Svana, Lyris will search the ritual site.

Danger in the Holds[edit]

Lyris in Morthal Barrow

After agreeing to help with Svana's plan to speak with the other Jarls to gain their support, you will need to head to Morthal. Lyris and Svana will be waiting for you outside Jarl Reddharn's Hall.

Lyris Titanborn: "Lucky Maugh passed along your message. I would have hated to miss all this mud."
<Lyris and Svana enter the hall.>

Once inside, Svana will talk to Jarl Reddharn about the threat and then ask you to explain it to him further. Lyris will prompt you if you talk to her.

Go ahead and explain the situation to the jarl. I'll stand back here and try to look friendly."

He will ask you to investigate what happened in the nearby Morthal Barrow, if you speak with Lyris you can ask about Draugr.

"You know what I hate about Nord barrows? Draugr! Let's make this quick."
Tell me about draugr.
"The servants of the ancient dragon priests, awakened from death by magic or a curse or some such. They're known to haunt barrows and sometimes appear in the Halls of the Dead.
They're tougher and smarter than typical zombies, so be on your guard."

You and Lyris can head to the Morthal Barrow to the east of the town. Lyris will point it out as you approach.

Lyris Titanborn: "See that mound? That's the barrow. The entrance will be down below."

Swordthane Enyra and some Morthal Soldiers will be guarding the entrance and will warn you off.

Swordthane Enyra: "Keep back, the barrow is unsafe!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Jarl Reddharn sent us. What happened here?"
Swordthane Enyra: "Reachmen. Let's talk if you want details."

You have the option of speaking with the swordthane before entering the barrow with Lyris. She will comment on the surroundings if you talk to her.

"Barrows are creepy enough without this clinging, red mist. Let's keep searching."

As you reach the deepest part of the barrow, Lyris will comment on the corpses:

Lyris Titanborn: "Those bodies. They're the jarl's soldiers."

Up ahead of the bodies, you will find an active Witch Pike and a fleeing witch.

"There it is! Let's smash the pike and get after that witch!"

Once you have destroyed it and its protector, Lyris will head to the side exit.

Lyris Titanborn: "That's done. Let's tell the jarl what happened here."

Once outside you will hear Lyris remark:

Lyris Titanborn: "If I never have to enter another barrow, it will be too soon."

If you speak with Lyris before you report to the jarl, you can discuss what you saw in the barrow.

"No sign of that witch or the reliquary she ran off with. We should get back to the jarl's hall."
What do you think we saw down there?
"We saw the last stand of what could have been a much larger attack on Morthal. The witch pike in the barrow was the only one that wasn't destroyed before they performed the ritual.
Soldiers were caught in the harrowstorm, but the town was spared."
So that's why the soldiers became harrowfiends?
"That's what happened in Kilkreath after the storm hit. I'm more curious about the witch, though. Why was that gray reliquary important enough for her to grab it and run off as soon as she spotted us?
Come on, let's go talk to Jarl Reddharn."
I'll see you at the jarl's hall.

When you arrive at the hall, you'll find Svana and Reddharn telling stories.

"Good to see Svana and the jarl getting along. Give him the news about the barrow and maybe we'll finally gain some ground with these western Nords."

After you have reported what you found in the barrow, Svana will stand before the Jarl and ask him to come to Solitude.

Svana: "Jarl Reddharn, prepare your forces as you say, but we need you in Solitude."
Jarl Reddharn: "Solitude? I have troubles here in Hjaalmarch. Why should I leave when my hold needs me?"
<Svana kneels.>
Svana: "High King Svargrim won't listen to us, but he might listen to you."
Jarl Reddharn: "Get up, princess. If you think it will help, I'll talk to your father."
Svana: "Lyris, please escort the jarl to Solitude."
Lyris Titanborn: "Of course. What about you?"
Svana: "We need to warn Jarl Olfwenn, so we're going to Karthald."

While Lyris will being escorting the Jarl, Svana and you will have a different destination.

"Don't worry about Jarl Reddharn. I'll make sure he gets to Solitude safely."

After talking with Svana about Karthald:

"Karthald? Well, I can't be in two places at once, so you need to keep the princess safe.
If you run into any trouble, send word to Solitude and I'll meet you as fast as I can."

While in Karthald with Svana you will find Karthwatch destroyed by a harrowstorm ritual. Once you have done all you can to find Jarl Olfwenn, Svana will send you back to Solitude to find Lyris. Once you arrive in the city, Lyris can be found watching a group of docile Harrowed being herded by Shield-Corporal Thjol and Shield-Sentries Brunn and Jurt to the Temple of the Divines. You can ask what happened while you were gone.

"Glad to see you're alive and well. I was getting worried with all the harrowed they've been bringing into the city."
What are they doing with the harrowed?
"They've been taking them to the Temple of the Divines in Castle Dour. I suppose it's really the only place to care for them in their condition."
So High King Svargrim is finally taking our warning seriously?
"Jarl Reddharn gave him an earful the moment we entered the Blue Palace. Nord politics, it's a wonder to behold. One step removed from a barroom brawl. I'm disappointed they didn't start slugging each other, but it worked out in the end."
We reached Karthwatch too late. It was destroyed by a harrowstorm.
"Damn it, I was afraid of that. We're running out of time and we still don't fully understand what we're facing out there.
Hey, where's the princess? Tell me you didn't lose Svana in Karthwatch."
Svana's fine. She wants us to meet her in her chamber in the Blue Palace.

Speaking with her again:

"Let's go to the Blue Palace and find out what the princess is planning."

After you arrive at Svana's chamber in the Blue Palace, she will silently enter behind you. If you talk with her after completing the quest, she will prompt you to talk to Svana and start the next quest.

"The high king's finally doing something, but Svana doesn't think it's nearly enough. Can't say that I do, either.
The princess wants to discuss options. Talk to her and let's come up with a battle plan."

The Vampire Scholar[edit]

Lyris Titanborn sharpening her axe

While you speak to Svana, Lyris will go sit down and sharpen her axe. If you talk to her before reading the message:

"Fenn's message is on the table. It's addressed to you, partner. Read it and find out what it says."'

After reading Fennorian's message where he mentions staying in Dusktown, you have the option of talking Lyris about it.

"Dusktown? I wonder what Fenn's found that led him back down there?
Does his message give any indication of where we can find him? The settlement isn't big, but it's not exactly small, either."
Fenn's message says he secured lodging on the south side.
Normal dialogue:
If the player is a vampire:
"Well, that's a start.
You know, I never imagined I'd be working alongside a vampire, let alone one I respect. With all the leeches we've already had to kill, it's nice to see another side. Fenn's … different."
He certainly is. Let's go find Fenn.
"You go on ahead. I need to get my axe sharpened before I go back down into Blackreach.
I'll catch up with you in Dusktown."
All right. I'll meet you there.
"Well, that's a start.
You know, I never imagined I'd be working side-by-side with vampires, let alone ones I respect. With all the leeches we've already had to kill, it's nice to see another side. Fenn's … different. And so are you."
We certainly are. Let's go find Fenn.
"I need to get my axe sharpened before we go back down into Blackreach. Don't wait for me. I'll catch up with you in Dusktown."
I'll meet you there.

Talking with her once more she will mention writing to King Jorunn.

"I should probably send word to Jorunn the Skald-King while I'm at it. Let him know the current situation.
Provided, of course, I can find a courier willing to carry a letter to Eastern Skyrim."

She will later meet up with you outside the Dusktown Lodgings:

Lyris Titanborn: "Hey, partner, glad I found you. Now let's get Fenn and return to the Blue Palace."

Speaking to her while looking for Fennorian.

"The message said Fenn found lodgings on the south side of Dusktown. We should look for him there."

Once inside, the place will appear to be empty and ransacked:

Lyris Titanborn: "Fenn? You in here? Hmm. Let's look around."

When you talk to her:

"Place looks deserted. Check around. Maybe we can find some indication of where Fenn has gone."

After examining the scattered objects:

Lyris Titanborn: "Fenn never struck me as a messy person. Could there have been a struggle here?"

After reading the Burnt Papers:

Lyris Titanborn: "Burnt papers? Someone was trying to hide something."

After finding Fennorian's Flask on the dresser upstairs:

Lyris Titanborn: "That's Fenn's flask. The way he handled it, I can't imagine he'd leave it here on purpose."

Once you have found all the items in the building, you can talk to Lyris about it:

"Burnt journal pages, Fenn's flask, and a strange, old key … all found among clear signs of a struggle. But other than what's in the flask, we didn't see any blood. That means Fenn was probably taken alive."
What do you make of the notes and the key?
"The key looks Dwarven to me. And the notes mention a Dwarven tower. They could be connected. The notes also indicate that Fenn was going to meet with someone named Edjar east of the Dusktown bridge.
You start there and I'll check with the locals."
I'll try to find this Edjar then.

After agreeing to find Edjar, you can speculate on why Fenn was taken:

"We have no idea who Edjar is. Or who took Fenn, for that matter. It could be this Ashen Lord we heard mentioned, or maybe the Icereach Coven.
The question is, why take Fenn at all? Why not just kill him? Does he have information they need?"
Do you think Fenn's disappearance is related to whatever drew him to Blackreach?
"More than likely. If they want to get information out of him, death might be preferable to whatever tortures they have planned.
Let's get to it. You find this Edjar and I'll see if the locals saw what happened here."

Once you find Edjar's camp you can talk to him and learn about the deal he and Fennorian had. After you agree to rescue his pack, Lyris will arrive as he gives directions:

Edjar: "The Lightless Hollow lies to the east and—Hircine's claws! Who is that tall woman?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Stand down. I'm a friend."

Talk to Lyris to let her know what's going on:

"None of the locals really wanted to talk. One or two admitted to seeing Fenn, but no one witnessed any kind of disturbance at his lodgings. At least, no one saw anything they were willing to tell me about.
Is this Edjar? Does he know anything?"
Edjar can lead us to Fenn, but first we need to fulfill the bargain Fenn made with him.
"Why is everything so complicated in this part of Skyrim?
All right, so tell me. What did Fenn agree to do for our half-naked friend over there?"
We need to free Edjar's pack mates from Exarch Tzinghalis in the Lightless Hollow.
"Pack mates? Edjar is a werewolf? This just keeps getting better and better.
So, I take it you know how you want to dela with this particular situation?"
I'll use the key we found to free the pack. Meet me in the Lightless Hollow, south of the work camp.

Before you leave:

"Edjar looks a little worse for wear. I'll make sure he makes it to the Lightless Hollow.
Vampire allies, now werewolves. I can imagine what Sai would think. Worse, I know what Abnur Tharn would say."

After freeing Edjar's pack, you can go the side entrance where Lyris and Edjar will be waiting:

"Looks like you made good on Fenn's promise. Now talk to Edjar and get him to do the same."

Once you have spoken to Edjar, Lyris will enter Tzinghalis's Tower and will be looking around the sealed door for clues when you arrive:

Lyris Titanborn: "Definitely Dwarven. Watch out for traps."
Lyris Titanborn: "That must be the door Edjar mentioned. Sealed tight. No lock. Not even a handle."
Lyris Titanborn: "I don't suppose the werewolf told you how to open it, did he?"
<Walks over and looks at the panel.>
Lyris Titanborn: "The panels are all different. I wonder what they mean?"

Talk with Lyris to brainstorm about the puzzle:

"That door's sealed tight. And since we can't climb up on the pipes and crawl in the way Edjar got out, we're going to have to be creative.
There's got to be a mechanism to open it. Take a look around and see what you can find."
Maybe those blocks on the pedestals in front of the pillars do something?
"Those cube things? Maybe.
It does look like they can be turned. Maybe changing their positions will do something. It's as good an idea as any."
Any other suggestions?
"I thought I spotted some papers over there. Certainly looks newer and less Dwarven than the rest of this place. Maybe they contain a clue or something?
If all else fails, I could try slamming my axe into the door."

After solving one cube:

Lyris Titanborn: "Something turned on. Keep going!"

After solving three cubes:

Lyris Titanborn: "The gears started moving. You must be doing something right."

After solving the puzzle and unlocking the door:

Lyris Titanborn: "That sounded promising. Let's try the door."

When you enter the First Laboratory, there will be several plant samples and vampires working at the tables:

Lyris Titanborn: "This chamber's been used recently. Let's look around."

If you talk to her, she'll comment on the smell:

"Uh, that smell! Like what we encountered at Kilkreath. The poultice spread on the witch pikes, only stronger, more concentrated.
Take a look around and let's try to figure out what they're using this makeshift laboratory for."

After reading Lycanthropic Immunity:

Lyris Titanborn: "Looks lik Edjar was telling the truth. They were experimenting on the werewolves."

After finding the Refined Netherroot Brew:

Lyris Titanborn: "Why does everything connected to vampires involve blood?"

After reading Netherroot Notes:

Lyris Titanborn: "That's an ugly plant. Must be the netherroot mentioned in the note."

Once you have investigated the laboratory and found the above items, you will hear Fennorian:

Fennorian: <Agonized screaming.>
Lyris Titanborn: "That was Fenn! We need to keep moving!"

Talking to Lyris at this point she won't have time:

"We can pour over these mysteries later. Fenn's in trouble. We need to get to him."

While in the corridor, you'll hear some people discussing Fennorian. When you emerge into the Netherroot Gardens, you will find a large room full of netherroot plants and large sprayer machines:

Lyris Titanborn: "That smell, it's overpowering! We need to shut down those machines."
Lyris Titanborn: "That's poison! Why are they spraying it on those plants?"
Lyris Titanborn: "More of that netherroot. Turn off those sprayers or we'll never get across this chamber."

She has no idea what they use the plant for:

"More of that netherroot. What in Shor's name are they doing to it?"

After you read the instructions near the calibrator, she will say:

Lyris Titanborn:"Turn those valves if you can disable those sprayers."

You will need to shutdown the machines to progress, this can be done by altering the calibrations of the machines. Lyris will comment as you progress or regress:

Lyris Titanborn: "The mist from that sprayer changed. Keep going!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You seem to be on the right track!"
Lyris Titanborn: "That did something."
Lyris Titanborn: "I think you've figured it out!"
Incorrect Choice
Lyris Titanborn: "No, not that. Try something else."
Lyris Titanborn: "No, not that valve!"
Lyris Titanborn: "That didn't help."
Lyris Titanborn: "That wasn't helpful."

After turning off the sprayers:

Lyris Titanborn: "You did it! Now we can cross the chamber."
<She will then notice the activated Stone Husk.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Shor's bones, that stone husk is moving!"

After defeating the stone husk, you can continue:

"Whatever they were doing to this strange plant, it looks like we put a stop to it.
Now let's go find Fenn."

Once in the Experimentation Chamber, you'll find Exarch Tzinghalis and Fennorian strapped into a machine. Lyris will run up to Tzinghalis and wait for you. Talking to Lyris before fighting the exarch:

"Come on, let's make that bastard pay for what he's done to Fenn."

After defeating Exarch Tzinghalis, Lyris will refuse to heed Fennorian claims of "being too late":

Fennorian: "It's too late … for me …."
Lyris Titanborn: "Fenn's delirious. See if you can free him!"

Talking to her before stopping the machine:

"We need to get Fenn out of there. See if you can figure out how to release him from that machine."

After releasing Fennorian and not talking to him:

"Fenn's been through a terrible ordeal. Go talk to him. And give him back his flask. It looks like he could use it."

When you enter Tzinghalis's Sanctum, Lyris will carefully escort Fennorian into the room:

Lyris Titanborn: "Take your time. You've been through a lot."
Fennorian: "They did whatever they wanted. I couldn't stop them."
Fennorian: "Exarch Tzinghalis was insane, but he was also a genius. If he kept records, they'll be in here."
Lyris Titanborn: "I see a map and some papers. Hey, partner, take a look."

Speaking with her beforehand:

"Turn this place upside down. We need to find out exactly what the Gray Host has planned."

After turning the place upside down:

Lyris Titanborn: "So, partner, what did you find?"
"We set out to find Fenn and bring him back to Solitude. Along the way, we learned more about our true enemy, killed one of their leaders, and acquired some valuable intelligence.
That's a victory in my book."
Anything else we need to do here?
"Not that I can think of.
I'll make sure that Fenn makes it to the Blue Palace. We'll meet you there. And don't forget that map and communique."
All right. See you at the Blue Palace.

After you finish the conversation:

Lyris Titanborn: "Come on, Fenn. Princess Svana herself requested your presence at the Blue Palace."
Fennorian: "I don't believe I'm very good company right now."
Lyris Titanborn: "Come on, Fenn. We'll help you through this."

Before you leave:

"I'll get Fenn to Solitude and sneak him into the Blue Palace. We'll meet you in Svana's chamber.
We've got a lot to discuss and not a lot of time to put a plan together, so let's not dawdle."

Back at the Blue Palace, in Svana's chamber, Svana will have just spoken to Lyris and is welcoming Fennorian when you arrive:

"We just arrived ourselves. I introduced Fenn to Svana, but I haven't had a chance to give her our report. Why don't you do it, partner?"

After talking to Svana and completing the quest:

"Fenn's fighting a battle with himself right now, but he'll be ready when we need him.
In the meantime, the princess wants to talk with you."

The Gray Host[edit]

If you talk to her before Fennorian:

"When you talk to Fenn, go easy on him. He's been through a lot."

After talking with Fenn, she will interrupt and say she has an idea:

Lyris Titanborn: "I can help with that. Bring the map from Tzinghalis's sanctum over here."
Lyris Titanborn: "Place it on the table. I want to show you something."

If you speak to her here, she says:

"The map we found in Tzinghalis's sanctum. Put it on the table where everyone can see it."

After placing the map on the table, Lyris will begin pointing out the Gray Host camps:

Lyris Titanborn: "See those marks? Gray Host sites that correspond to the communique we found."

Talk to her.

"I know a commander's map when I see one. Each of those marks matches a location mentioned in the communique from Rada al-Saran, the leader of the Gray Host.
I can already see where we need to go."
Where do you think we should look?
"That mark on the northwest coast, that's an Icereach Coven camp. The communique mentioned needing more medallions. Odds are they come from there.
And here, a midland camp between Dragon Bridge and Morthal. It's a staging ground for the harrowstorms."
And that's where we can find the refined netherroot brew.
"More than likely. Those two locations should provide what Fenn needs to finish his elixir. We can't bet everything on that, though.
The communique mentions a warlords' camp in Blackreach. Maybe we can learn more about their ultimate plan there."
Three camps. That's a lot of ground to cover.
"Svana, Fenn, and I will divvy up the camps and scout ahead. Fenn should investigate the coastal camp. I'll take the midlands camp. That leaves Svana with Blackreach.
Meet up with each of us when you're ready. Then we'll hit each camp in turn."

You can then ask about the camps.

What should we expect to find at these Gray Host camps?
"We don't have a lot of solid details, just what we've pieced together from the Gray Host's notes and communique, but I'll answer your questions the best I can.
Which camp did you want to ask about?"
What do we know about the midlands camp?
"The Gray Host isn't just hiding in Blackreach now. They're mounting an invasion, and this appears to be their primary staging ground.
I expect they're stockpiling witch pikes, gray reliquaries, and other supplies here, including the refined brew."
Tell me about the coastal camp.
"From what I can tell, the camp on the northwest coast is where the coven first made landfall from Icereach. It's as close to a home base as they've got. They've established themselves there, so I'd expect it to be well defended, if not fortified."
Why do you think this is where they're making their medallions?
"The communique mentioned orders to produce more of those medallions, probably to keep pace with the increase in harrowstorms.
I can't guarantee this is the coastal camp where the orders were sent, but it's the only one on the map."
I want to know about the camp in Blackreach.
"That's the one we know the least about, but it's where a lot of the Gray Host's warlords are gathering—at least according to the communique.
It's the best place I can think of where we can get a look at those orders the Ashen Lord mentioned."

When you arrive at the midlands camp, Lyris will call out to you from her perch looking over the camp.

Lyris Titanborn: "Just arrived? Don't worry. I found something to keep me occupied."

Talk with her to see what she's found out so far.

"A bold move, setting up camp in the midst of the western holds. I'll say this for the Gray Host, they aren't afraid to draw attention to themselves.
I learned a few things while I was waiting for you to show up."
Tell me what you found out.
"It's just as we thought. The Gray Host is using this camp as a supply depot for their raids across the countryside.
I saw stacks of witch pikes, rows of reliquaries, and jars of what I assume is the refined netherroot brew."
Fenn needs the refined netherroot brew for his elixir.
"Right. And I heard the camp leader, a nasty creature named Sable-Eye, tell his troops to make sure to use the new supply that just arrived from Blackreach.
Let's go grab a jar or two."
I'm ready.

Lyris will then follow you around the camp as you search the wagons for netherroot brew.

"Let's be quick. They loaded the jars of netherroot brew onto a cart for transport.
Unfortunately, I lost track of which cart when things in the camp became hectic. We'll need to check them all."

She may also call out while fighting the Gray Host:

Lyris Titanborn: "Time to dismember the monsters!"
Lyris Titanborn: "A fight? If you insist."
Lyris Titanborn: "I'll take that one!"

Checking the first cart:

Lyris Titanborn: "Hmm. No jars in this cart. Let's try another one."

The second cart with crates:

Lyris Titanborn: "Not this cart either. I hope we didn't miss it."

When you check the third cart, the camp leader Sable-Eye will be alerted to your presence.

Sable-Eye: "Stop them, my pack mates! I'll get this brew to the witches!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sable-Eye has the brew! Let's find him before he gets away!"

You can chasing him up to the cliff face overlooking the camp where he'll be guarding the brew.

"Sable-Eye has the netherroot brew! We need to go after him."

Once you have kill him and grabbed the refined netherroot, Lyris will want to talk.

Lyris Titanborn: "You got a jar of the refined brew? Let's talk over here."

After walking some distance away, she'll muse about the sheer luck you had.

"Luck was with us. If we had reached this camp even a few moments later, Sable-Eye would have gotten away with the netherroot brew."
This looks like the jar of refined brew we found in Tzinghalis's laboratory.
"After all this trouble, Fenn better be able to use it to make his elixir.
I'll take the jar of refined netherroot brew to Solitude. We'll meet up in Svana's chambers when everyone gets back from their missions. I hope they're all right."
You seem to have grown fond of Fenn and Svana.

After this, she will be ready to head back to Solitude, your response will depend on who else you have already helped.

"Fenn has proven himself, especially after what happened in Blackreach. House Ravenwatch … they're unusual, as far as blood-suckers go. As for Svana, she's braver than I originally thought.
Anyway, meet me in Solitude after you finish up."
What else do I need to do?
"In addition to the refined netherroot brew, Fenn needs information on the Icereach Coven medallions. Plus, we're hoping to learn more about the big storm the Gray Host has planned.
Help Fenn and Svana at the other camps, then meet me in Solitude."
Already helped Svana and Fennorian:
Already Helped Svana:
Already Helped Fennorian:
We got the medallion information and Gray Host plans. Fenn and Svana will meet us in Solitude.
"I suppose congratulations are in order. Just remember we still have a long way to go to end the threat of the Gray Host.
For now, let's get back to the Blue Palace. I'll meet you there."
"Princess Svana has something to prove, and that's never a good thing. At least she survived her mission. I'll ask her about it later.
Now, get to the coastal camp and assist Fenn. He needs to learn about how the medallions are created."
We learned more about the medallions at the coastal camp. Fenn's on his way back to the Blue Palace.
"Glad to hear that worked out. With any luck, Fenn will produce a working elixir in short order. Then we can stop worrying about the harrowstorms and concentrate on defeating the Gray Host.
Which reminds me. Go to the Blackreach camp and aid Svana."

Once you have investigated all three camps, you can return to the Blue Palace where you'll find Fennorian discussing an elixir with Lyris and Old Mjolen while Svana and Maugh look on.

Lyris Titanborn: "So, do we have a way to defend against the harrowstorms or what?"
Old Mjolen: "The elixir should do what we need … provided neither Fenn nor I made any miscalculations."
Fennorian: "Mjolen, don't be so negative! The elixir will work. You'll see!"

If you talk with her before Fenn, she'll ask about how Svana handled herself in Blackreach.

"I'm not sure I completely follow what Fenn and the clever woman are talking about, but it sounds like they may have made a breakthrough.
What about Svana? She took a big risk going to Blackreach with you."
Svana is fine. She handled herself well down there.
"That's not the point! I never should have agreed to let her put herself in that kind of danger. She's the daughter of a high king!
Besides, without Svana to help us, Svargrim could send us back to Eastmarch—or worse."
I see what you're getting at, but Svana did what we all do. Whatever's necessary.
"Shor's bones, you're as bad as she is! Let's just get back to the business at hand.
Talk to Fenn and see if you understand what he and the clever woman are going on and on about."

Speaking Fennorian, he'll have a list of reagents he needs for the harrowstorm elixir. You will need to procure Arkay's Sacred Oil from the Hall of the Dead while Maugh gets the rest.

"Go ahead. Get what Fenn needs from the Hall of the Dead. I'll make sure Maugh follows through on procuring the rest of the supplies. He can be easily distracted, in case you haven't noticed."

After you have managed to get a flask of the oil with Svana and return, Fennorian and Lyris will be discussing testing the elixir.

Lyris Titanborn: "Once it's ready, I'll test the elixir."
Fennorian: "As you say, Lyris. Ah, here they come now. You have the sacred oil? Add it to the cauldron."

Talking with her before adding the oil, she'll specificlaly not mention the other reagents.

"You have the oil? Then toss it in the cauldron.
You don't want to know what else Fenn and the old witch had me drop in that pot."

Once you add the oil, the mixture will begin to glow and Fennorian will announce it a success.

"Well, it didn't explode. That's a step in the right direction.
I just hope it doesn't taste anything like it smells when I test it."

But you will still need to test it. While speaking with Fennorian, he suggests hjacking the Gray Host's harrowstorm test site in the Deepgrove which is within a barrow in Blackreach.

"Blackreach again? And a flask of foul-smelling elixir waiting to be guzzled down? Oh joy."

When you arrive in the Midnight Barrow, Lyris will have Svana and Fenn stay behind while the two of you clear a path to the Deepgrove.

Lyris Titanborn: "You and Fenn stay put until we clear a path to the Undergrove."
Svana: "Fine. Just don't take all day."
<Lyris begins to follow you.>
Lyris Titanborn: "This is it. Look lively and let's get on with it."

If you talk to Lyris during your search:

"Come on. Let's clear a path for the others and find this Undergrove."
had reply from the 3 camps stages, dialogue seemed bugged in this section.

If you go in the wrong direction from where the quest marker is leading you:

Lyris Titanborn: "That's the wrong way. If you have something else more important to do, fine. I'll just wait here."

When you reach the entrance to the Deepgrove, you will find out that Svana and Fenn were following you:

Lyris Titanborn: "This must be the place. I'll go back and get—"
Svana: "No need, we're here."
Fennorian: "The princess insisted …."
Svana: "We followed at a safe distance and only advanced after you cleared the way."
Svana: "From this point on, we stay together. And that's an order."
Fennorian: "Um, yes. What she said. Now let's enter the Undergrove."

Talking with Lyris before entering the Deepgrove.

"Let's go inside and get this over with before I change my mind.
You know, I tried to convince Fenn to add some mead into the mix, but he totally ignored me."
Why did you volunteer to be Fenn's test subject?
"It needs to be done and I'm the logical choice.
King Jorunn sent me here to help Western Skyrim. If that means drinking Fenn's concoction and possibly becoming a mindless harrowed, so be it."
You're really all right with possibly succumbing to a harrowstorm?
Completed Daughter of Giants [verification needed — see talk page]:
"Have you forgotten? I survived Coldharbour's dungeons. That puts everything into perspective.
I trust Fenn. And if it doesn't work, it can't be worse than being a prisoner of Molag Bal."
"Look, I was once the prisoner of a Daedric Prince. If we get out of this, remind me to tell you about that sometime.
As for now, I trust Fenn. The elixir will work. We just need to have a little faith."

After you enter the Deepgrove you'll need to head to the center.

Fennorian: "We need to find where they're experimenting with the harrowstorms."
<Voices will echo from the center.>
Exarch Ulfra: "You honor me with your presence, my king."
Lyris Titanborn: "Gray Host! Stay quiet and listen!"
Rada al-Saran: "This harrowstorm must be the biggest we have ever wrought, my sister-in-arms."
Svana: "That's the leader of the Gray Host!"
Exarch Ulfra: "Have we heard from Solitude? Is everything in place?"
Rada al-Saran: "I have been assured city is ripe for harvest"
Fennorian: "Rada al-Saran and Exarch Ulfra? Should we postpone the test?"
Svana: "Certainly not! The holds are counting on us! Besides, we might be able to end this threat right here and now."
<The group stops outside the door.>

Lyris will believe that you need to take the opportunity and try and kill the Gray Host leaders.

"Two Gray Host leaders. This is an opportunity we can't let slip away."

When you enter, Rada al-Saran will recognize you.

Rada al-Saran: "Who dares intrude—you! The murderers who killed our beloved Tzinghalis!"
<Lyris walks forwards.>
Lyris Titanborn: "And you're about to join him."
Rada al-Saran: "Impudent mortal! You will pay for your crime!"
<Red lightning appears in his hands and he strikes Lyris who is thrown back.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Argh!"
Rada al-Saran: "Now for the rest of these curs!"
Exarch Ulfra: "My king, allow me the honor of spilling their blood!"
Rada al-Saran: "Very well, sweet sister. Join me in Greymoor Keep when the task is done."
<Rada al-Saran bat-teleports away.>
Exarch Ulfra: "Let this harrowstorm flay the flesh from your bones!"
<A red haze fills the air as the Harrowstorm begins.>
Fennorian: "We need to leave—Svana, no!"
<Svana stands up drinks the elixir, a golden glow surrounds her.>
Svana: "See to Lyris, Fenn. And pray your elixir works!"
<Svana shields her eyes as she walks into the storm.>
Fennorian: "Protect Svana! She needs time for the elixir to do its job!"

While you protect Svana and kill the exarch, Fennorian will look after Lyris. By the time you win, Lyris will have regained consciousness.

"Svana's as stubborn as a Skyrim winter … but she's definitely got the blood of a jarl coursing through her veins.
I'll be fine. Go check on the princess."

After speaking with Svana, she will waive off "coddling" attempts.

"Tell me … do I have a new scar?
Enough with the coddling. Let's get back to the Blue Palace."

When you arrive at the palace, she will be among the crowd in the throne room. The Hold representatives will try and convince Svargrim about the elixir. By now, her opinion of him is reaching rock bottom.

"Svargrim has the manners of a rabid horker. How do his people stand him?"

After you fail at convincing Svargrim, Svana will make a last ditch attempt to convince her father. Things will rapidly take a turn.

High King Svargrim: "Help? I need no help from the likes of you."
<Svana holds out the bottle of elixir.>
Svana: "Don't be a fool, father! This elixir will save our people!"
<Svargrim turns around.>
High King Svargrim: "I didn't think you had it in you, daughter. You have actually surpassed my expectations. More's the pity."
<Svargrim snatches the bottle out of her hand.>
High King Svargrim: "And I'll hear no more talk of this miracle elixir."
<A flash of red covers Svargrim's body and his complexion and eyes show him to be a vampire. Svana is thrown back and Svargrim breaks the bottle.>
Svana: "Father, no!"
High King Svargrim: "The Gray Host is my true ally! Once the harrowstorm engulfs Solitude, my kingdom will endure for all eternity!"
<Svargrim turns into a cloud of bats and disappears.>
Fennorian: "I should have sensed it … Svargrim's a vampire!"
<Svana staggers over to the dais and sits.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Svana …."
Svana: "Not now, Lyris. I … I need to think about this."

While Svana takes a moment, you'll need to talk to Lyris. She's sums up recent events in an understatement.

"Svargrim's a bastard, but King Jorunn believed he had the best interest of his people at heart. Obviously, something changed.
And with Solitude targeted for a massive harrowstorm, things have gotten more complicated."
With Svargrim's help, the Gray Host might already be prepared to summon their harrowstorm.
"Not everything is as grim as it appears. We did create an elixir. That's our best chance of protecting the people from the harrowstorm. We just need to distribute it.
In the meantime, take this. It may not seem like much, but you earned it."

After completing quest:

"This … this is bad, but we'll figure it out. We have Fenn's elixir. That's something, right?
Svana needed a moment after her father revealed his betrayal, but now it's time to act. Talk to her. We're just visitors here. She needs to lead."

Greymoor Rising[edit]

After you agree with Svana's plan to make more elixir from the stores at the Temple of the Divines, an injured Solitude Soldier will run up the stairs with a report from Castle Dour.

Solitude Soldier: "They've taken it! By the gods, it's fallen!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Fallen? What are you talking about?"
Solitude Soldier: "The Gray Host, they came out of nowhere! Captured the temple and the Tower of the Wolf! We're locked out!"
Fennorian: "Then the sacred oil …."
Swordthane Uthlet: "Damn it all! I need to get down there!"
<Swordthane Uthlet runs down the stairs and outside.>
Svana: "Follow him! Now, soldier, tell me exactly what happened."

Lyris will say to go ahead to the temple.

"Go on. Go see what the situation at the temple is. We'll catch up.
I'll wait for Svana and make sure nothing threatens her."

When you arrive a the doors to the temple, they will be covered by a red barrier. Soon your companions will arrive.

"Well, the soldier spoke true. The temple gates are sealed shut. If the Gray Host's forces are inside, I wonder what they're planning.
Talk to the swordthane. Maybe he has more information."

You can talk to the swordthane who will see evacuation as the only answer. You can listen to them discuss it until a thought strikes Fennorian.

Svana: "That's unacceptable, swordthane. If we can't get the sacred oil to make more elixir, then we have to stop the harrowstorm."
Swordthane Uthlet: "Princess, we've kept watch. There aren't any witch pikes around the city."
Svana: "Then you missed something. They needed the witch pikes for every other harrowstorm they summoned."
<Fennorian holds his finger up as a thought occurs to him.>
Fennorian: "Of course! Blackreach! The Gray Host must have gained access to the temple from beneath the city!"
Lyris Titanborn: "They could easily hide the witch pikes underneath our feet."
Fennorian: "We know the Gray Host has been using Blackreach to clandestinely move around Western Skyrim. Why not launch their attacks from there?"
Svana: "Then we're going back to Blackreach. If the witch pikes are there, we'll destroy them."

With a clear goal in sight, you have an option to talk to Lyris before leaving for Blackreach and finding whatever is below Solitude. [verification needed — may have different versions of conversatin]

"Jorunn sent me with a warning for Solitude. Now I'm about to march into the starless depths of Blackreach to try to avert a massacre.
How do I keep getting myself into these kinds of situations?"
You don't have to go with us.
"I thought you knew me better than that. Taking on the impossible challenge, beating the unbeatable foe … this is what I'm good at.
So, yes, I do have to do this. And we're going to win. We have to."
What do you think about High King Svargrim?
"Svargrim. To cast his lot with the Gray Host, become a vampire. Threaten his own people with a harrowstorm … it's madness!
One thing's for certain. We have to stop him."
How do we stop the harrowstorm?
"One step at a time. First we make our way down into Blackreach. Then we find the ritual site. It must be right beneath the city. We smash witch pikes and kill as many Gray Host bastards as possible.
After that, we pray to Kyne and hope for the best."

After talking to all your companions:

"It's a long shot, but it makes sense that the Gray Host would attack Solitude from below. Let's get down there and stop the harrowstorm. My axe is thirsty and it craves those vampires' black blood."

To find the group in Blackreach, you'll need to head to Greymoor Cavern where you will find Lyris and the others staring at Greymoor Keep with awe.

Lyris Titanborn: "That's … ominous. And, unless I miss my guess, it's directly under Solitude."

Talk to Lyris to see what her plan is for entering the keep.

"That's our target. The ritual site must be somewhere inside that horrid structure. I scouted the area before you arrived. It's full of Gray Host forces.
And from what I could tell, Svargrim and Rada al-Saran are both inside."
Then let's get down there and do this.
"Not so fast. If we rush down as a group, they'll be on us like a snow bear on a horker. You go ahead. Try to cross the bridge to the main entrance. It's well guarded, but you're more than capable.
Or you could try the alternative."
Completed The Lady of Blood:
I've been inside Greymoor Keep. It's not impregnable.
"So you know about the sluice gate in the outer courtyard, against the eastern wall of the keep? You can avoid the few patrols in the area if you're stealthy.
Opening the gate requires a key, but that should be simple enough to get your hands on."
Tell me about this alternative.
"There's a sluice gate in the outer courtyard, tucked away against the keep's eastern wall. The few patrols in that area can be avoided if you're stealthy.
Opening the gate requires a key, but that should be simple enough to find."
Cross the bridge or sneak in through a sluice gate. Sounds like a clear choice.
"You know your strengths and weaknesses better than I do. Play to those. But whichever path you decide, move quickly. We need to find the ritual site and deal with the witch pikes before they unleash the harrowstorm on the city."
I'll make my way inside.

Afterwards you can ask her about finding the ritual site.

"Cross the bridge or use the sluice gate to get into the inner courtyard. Then find the keep's side entrance, east of the main stairs.
I'll stay with Svana and Fenn. Make sure they don't get themselves killed. We'll meet you inside as soon as we can."
How do I find the ritual site?
"That's … a good question. I didn't see anything when I scouted the exterior, so the witch pikes must be somewhere inside the keep.
I expect that once we find Svargrim and Rada al-Saran, we'll also find the ritual site."

When you make your way to the side entrance, Lyris and company will have arrived. Meanwhile, Fennorian will have handed Svana some potions.

Lyris Titanborn: "Nice of you to join us."
Svana: "I don't understand. What am I supposed to do with these flasks?"
Fennorian: "If we run into trouble, throw one of them at the source. Then get out of the way."

You can ask how they got there before you.

"Fenn and Svana weren't as helpless as I imagined. Still, it took all my skill not to draw the entire Gray Host down upon us.
Let's get inside and look for that ritual site. We need to destroy the witch pikes or Solitude is doomed."
How did you get here before I did?
"We're about to enter the very heart of the Gray Host and that's what you're thinking about?
Get your head in the moment. We'll need you at your best if we're going to save Solitude."

Once inside the keep, Lyris will decide to split the group to cover more ground.

Lyris Titanborn: "Split up and find the ritual site. We need to disrupt it."
Fennorian: "Split up? I suppose that makes sense. I'll go with our friend here."

You can talk to Lyris before you go your separate ways.

"We've seen some amazing things in Blackreach, but this castle … it's beautiful and disturbing at the same time. And it's full of Gray Host warriors, so be careful.
Now take Fenn and see if you can find the ritual site."
Is splitting up really a good idea?
"Do we have a choice? Time is running out and this place is too big for one group to search quickly. Our chances get a whole lot better if you go one way and we go the other.
Just watch each other's backs. We don't get to try this twice."

After finding a library with some interesting reading with Fennorian, you can meet up with Lyris and Svana.

Svana: "There they are!"
Fennorian: "Lyris, Svana! I think this entire tower functions as a witch pike!"
Lyris Titanborn: "What? Fenn, how is that even possible?"
<Svargrim's voice can be heard as he cries out in pain.>
High King Svargrim: "Argh! The energy … it burns!"
Svana: "That's my father. This way!"
<The group begins running towards the voice.>

They will stop when they reach a balcony overlooking a massive witch pike, a beam of red energy shoots from the top while Svargrim and Rada al-Saran stand facing each other. Rada will be attuning Svargrim to keep so he can control the harrowstorm before they both rise upwards with the energy.

The group will split once more as you enter the central tower of the keep.

Lyris Titanborn: "You and Fenn take these stairs. Svana and I will go this way."

As you and Fennorian climb the tower, your path will intersect with Lyris and Svana as they enter the hallway from a side room.

Svana: "Lyris, we found them!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Good. This whole place—the Gray Host is preparing to go to war!"

You can ask Lyris about what she saw beforehand.

"I know war preparations when I see them. Harrowstorm or no, the Gray Host is ready to march."
What did you see?
"Plans being reviewed. Orders given. The Gray Host warriors are pulled as taut as a bow string ready to be loosed.
My guess is, once the harrowstorm begins, the Gray Host will fly out of Blackreach like an arrow toward its mark."
Warriors are bad enough, but we need to stop that harrowstorm.
"We have to find Svargrim and Rada al-Saran first. And this labyrinth of a keep isn't making that easy to do.
Let's keep moving."

Once you enter the Central Overlook, you'll find Rada al-Saran himself doing something while within a red barrier. If you talk to Lyris she'll ask you to talk to the Gray Host leader.

"That bastard's right in front of us, but he might as well be in Windhelm, for all the good it will do!
Talk to him. Distract him. Give Fenn some time to study the barrier."

After you have spoken with Rada, he'll leave afterwards. Svana will stay with Fenn to break the barrier.

Rada al-Saran: "Bold words, but futile. Svargrim rises, and the harrowstorm with him. Once the attunement is finished, they will be unstoppable!"
<He disappears.>
Lyris Titanborn: "What happened? What did that damned vampire do?"
Fennorian: "He's merging the power flowing through the keep with Svargrim, giving him control of the harrowstorm."
Svana: "Then you must undo it. I'll stay and help. Lyris, you and our friend keep going up and find my father."

She'll agree with Svana.

"Come on. Svana's plan is sound. While they attack one front, we attack the other. With any luck, one of us will figure out how to stop this coming storm."
Any idea how we find Svargrim?
"Svargrim was ascending the central tower. We need to find our own way up."

Lyris will then follow you around. Soon you'll come to the Stone Husk Gallery which is a veritable maze. There will be a wave of red energy and Lyris will then notice some activity:

Lyris Titanborn: "That energy, they're waking up! Get ready to fight!"

Talking to Lyris before entering the gallery.

"The stone husks are moving! We'll have to fight our way through."
What's causing these stone husks to animate?
"Those waves of energy. Whatever Rada al-Saran is doing, it's similar to the harrowstorm rituals. Somehow, it's bringing these stone husks to life.
Enough talk. We need to keep moving."

As you navigate the maze, Stone Husks will wake up randomly. Lyris will make comments as your progress.

Lyris Titanborn: "Keep moving! Don't let them surround us!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Come on! We're nearly through!"

When you reach the end, there will be a locked tower door.

Lyris Titanborn: "A dead end? Damn!"
<Svana and Fennorian arrive.>
Svana: "We weren't able to stop the attunement spell. It's just getting stronger!"
Fennorian: "That tower! It must lead to the upper levels. I need time to get that door open."
<Fenn runs over to door and starts working on the lock.>
Svana: "Everyone, protect Fenn!"

Speaking with Lyris during the fight.

"Fenn needs time to open that door. Let's get to work!"

After fighting off a few waves of Stone Husks, the door will be unlocked.

"The way is clear. Move, move!"

Once inside the upper keep, there will be signs of the attunement process reaching completion.

Fennorian: "Now we just—"
<Suddenly there is a noise and the world is bathed in a dark red light before it recedes.>
Fennorian: "The whole keep … the shaking is getting worse!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Damn magic! Give me something to hit!"
Fennorian: "The magic, it's al-Saran! The attunement is almost complete!"
Svana: "We need to find my father. Lyris, take Fenn that way. We'll go the other."

The air will remind Lyris of previous Harrowstorms.

"The air, it tastes like copper. Just like it did at Kilkreath and Karthald.
The harrowstorm is coming. We need to find Svargrim now."
How do we find Svargrim?
"We split up, just as Svana suggested. Take different paths to the upper levels and make sure he doesn't slip past us.
If I had to lay down a wager, I'd say we'll find the high king at the top of this structure-provided we reach it in time."

You will then travel with Svana and you'll witness Svargrim and Rada talk as they ascend. Once you reach the doors at the top of the tower, Lyris and Fennorian will catch up.

Lyris Titanborn: "Hold, friends!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We followed the booming voices. Where's Svargrim?"
Svana: "My father's ascended into Solitude. But Rada al-Saran, I think he's leaving."
Fennorian: "Interesting. Lyris assumed the Gray Host was preparing to attack, but it's just as possible they're relocating their forces."
Svana: "We'll figure that out later, after we stop my father!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Fair enough. Friend, lead the way."

Talking to her, she eager to leave.

"Let's put Blackreach behind us and follow these tunnels to Solitude."

While crossing the narrow bridge from the tower to the tunnels, Fennorian will happen to glance over the ledge.

Fennorian: "Oh my!"
Lyris Titanborn: "What is it now, Fenn?"
Fennorian: "Oh, nothing. Just don't look down."

Once within the tunnels:

"We're close to the surface. You can feel the fresh air."

Soon you'll enter a chamber full of caged harrowfiends.

Fennorian: "Harrowfiends! Is that what became of the harrowed Svargrim brought to Castle Dour?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Harrowfiends. Corralled like war hounds about to be set loose."

Talking to Lyris at this point.

"I can't believe those harrowfiend creatures were once regular people. It's horrific what's happened to them."
This tunnel leads to the surface?
"I'm pretty sure. I think this is how the Gray Host forces were able to sneak into the Temple of the Divines and take control of that location.
Go fast, but try to be stealthy. Maybe we can surprise them like they surprised the swordthane's soldiers."

When you reach the Temple of the Divines, there will be harrowfiends feeding and a distinct red tint to the atmosphere.

"Solitude's Temple of the Divines is legendary, even back in Windhelm. But look at it now, desecrated by the Gray Host.
We can't stop these bastards fast enough for my taste."

After you the enter the courtyard of Castle Dour, you will be too late to stop the storm.

Solitude Warrior: "Is that—? Princess Svana!"
<The world goes dark red and the warrior is turned into red energy which is drawn up into the new harrowstorm.>
Lyris Titanborn: "The harrowstorm, it's begun!"
Fennorian: "Look, above the Tower of the Wolf. The storm's only partially formed."
Svana: "My father's up there. Open the gates and let's go."
Fennorian: "But the harrowfiends below the temple! If they escape into the streets—"
Lyris Titanborn: "You and I will keep that from happening. Take the Princess and deal with Svargrim, partner."
Svana: "I—yes … it's the only option. Let's go."

Talking her before entering the city:

"Unlock the gate and get to the top of the tower. Fenn and I will make sure the harrowfiends don't break through."

When you enter the city proper, howling can be heard from inside Castle Dour.

Lyris Titanborn: "Behind us!"
Fennorian: "The harrowfiends, they've broken loose!"
<Lyris and Fennorian throw themselves against the door.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Get to the tower and stop Svargrim. We'll hold the gate."
Svana: "I'm with you, my friend. Up the stairs!"

Talking to Lyris before you leave:

"What are you waiting for? An invitation? Get moving and find a way to stop that storm.
Fenn and I will defend the gate from the harrowfiends. You have my word."
How are you going to fight them all?
"I've faced worse odds before. Maybe a little better than these. But I don't carry this axe around for show!"

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

After you have spoken with Svana, she'll want you to go to the Temple courtyard and see how Lyris and Fennorian fare after defending Solitude from the harrowfiend horde. Luckily, they can both be found alive and well when you enter the courtyard.

Fennorian: "Tell me truthfully, Lyris … how much of this blood is mine?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Not enough to be worried about."

You can talk to both of them, Lyris wants to know what happened.

"So, is it over? What happened to Svargrim? And where's Svana?"
Svargrim's dead and Svana's fine, but she needed a moment. She asked me to check on you.
"A parent's betrayal cuts deeper than a sword. But Svana's strong. Stronger than she's been given credit for.
And Solitude's going to need that strength in the coming days."
Do you think she can handle it?
"If you told me the tavern rat we met at the Lonely Troll would become my choice to lead this land, I'd have called you mad. Then again, my king's a skald, so what do I know?
Come on. There's probably something productive we should be doing."
What do you have in mind?
"Last I heard, Swordthane Uthlet was gathering everyone he could at the Hall of the Dead. Head over there and see how they weathered the harrowstorm. I'll take care of securing Castle Dour.
As for Fenn, you might remind him we need a lot of elixir."

You can then ask her how the fight with the harrowfiends went.

"Find out if everyone in the Hall of the Dead is all right. I'll make sure Castle Dour is secured."
What happened with the horde of harrowfiends?
"We did our best to hold the harrowfiends inside Castle Dour, but nothing short of stone walls were going to keep those monsters from pushing through. Seemed like every one I killed was replaced by two more."
How'd you stop them?
"Almost didn't. We were nearly overrun before Fenn went wild. I've never seen him like that! Snarling and showing what a true vampire can do. Took the harrowfiends by surprise and we routed them.
I did have to thwack him to clear his head, though."

After you have checked in with Swordthane Uthlet and Jarl Reddharn at the Hall of the Dead, they'll get a report that Jorunn the Skald-King has arrived at the city gates with soldiers. When you arrive, the situation will be tense and Lyris will be standing with her king.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Stand down, you idiots! We come in peace!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Partner! Could really use your knack for diplomacy right now. Speak to the Skald-King before we start a war."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Shor save me from fools and prophets! Will no one properly greet a weary traveler?"

Talking with Lyris before Jorunn, you can what she knows about this.

"Good to see you. Now work your magic before I have to teach these western Nords some manners."
Did you know the Skald-King was coming?
"It's as much a surprise to me as anyone. I'll admit my last report was pretty bleak, and I haven't had a chance to send another since we rescued Fenn.
But I never advised Jorunn to march into Solitude."
Why is he here?
"His grand gesture is supposed to be a show of support, but Jorunn's underestimated how much the westerners distrust him.
Damn bards and their lofty ideas."

Once you have spoken with Jorunn, Svana will arrive to take over the talks.

"Now we're finally getting somewhere. Help Svana clean up this mess as best you can."

After you have spoken with Svana, she'll want you to check in on Fennorian and the progess of the elixir. Lyris will opt to stay behind.

"I should remain with the Skald-King. I trust you can handle Svana's request without me."

You can later meet Lyris in the Blue Palace courtyard at the front of the crowd who gather to mourn those lost.

"We're all waiting for Svana and she's waiting for you. Go and talk to her."

During Svana's address, while the subtitles only mention a single voice, in actuality the crowd will also be speaking or singing the words with them.

<A mournful instrumental with drums and string instruments begins.>
Svana: "Sons and daughters of Skyrim. We have the honor today of remembering the dead."
Lyris Titanborn + Crowd: "Honor to the fallen!"
Svana: "Sons and daughters of Skyrim, our trials were fierce, but we are still here."
Lyris Titanborn + Crowd: "We stand and we remain!"
Svana: "Now we raise our voices—to tell Sovngarde of the coming of the worthy dead, and to tell the world that the Nords are still here! We are still standing!"
<The music ends.>
Svana + Crowd: "The fallen now march home to hallowed halls."
Svana + Crowd: "To join our ancestors in boundless drink, and song, and brawls."
Svana + Crowd: "Let sound the horns! Let peal the bells! Let loose the ancient hymn!"
Svana + Crowd: "We will remain until time ends! We children of Skyrim!"

After this send off, you can talk with Lyris and see what she plans to do next.

"I'm glad to be done with this. Diplomacy and investigation aren't my favorite pass-times. They seem to suit you, though. You stepped up to the task better than I could have hoped."
Will you be leaving Western Skyrim now?
"I'll be staying so long as Jorunn's here or until I can persuade him to send me after Rada al-Saran. That leech owes a lot of blood to us and I intend to squeeze it out of him.
We have to find him first."
Do we have any leads?
"Whatever his plans were after sacking Solitude, we haven't uncovered them. With any luck the Skald-King will send me on a raid of the Gray Host and I can beat some answers out of a few of them."
Let me know if you do.
"Count on it."


Appears only with Markarth

Red Eagle's Song[edit]

Hroldan Ring[edit]

In The Reach, you'll hear of a half-giant and an unnamed redguard warrior travelling around the area killing memebers of the Gray Host. You'll eventually track down Lyris at Hroldan Ring.

If you have never met Lyris:

Need other dialogue variations for the quests completed or not completed with Lyris

If you've met Lyris before

Lyris Titanborn: "There's my partner! Over here!"
"Welcome, partner. I take it you got my message?"
Scout Fulgof sent me to help. He said you were looking into a problem.
"Problem? More like an opportunity. And it all has to do with these letters we found on the Gray Host leaders at the Reachwind Ritual Site and Valthume."
We? Is this the handsome Redguard with the impressive beard people have been talking about?
"Well, I can't argue with that description. Sai Sahan is certainly all those things and more.
We were on our way to Markarth to meet Svana when we decided to help out the locals with their Gray Host problem. That's when we found the letters."
What's so important about these letters?
"Maybe nothing. But for Sai, maybe everything.
We think there's a third letter out there. Sai's in Gloomreach, trying to acquire it. Go help him while I finish here. I'm hoping to talk to one of the Reach lorekeepers, a vateshran. If I can find one."
I'll go to Gloomreach and help Sai Sahan find that third letter.
"Thanks, partner. I really want to talk to one of the vateshrans and see if they can tell me more about what's in these documents.
In the meantime, go to Gloomreach and help Sai."
What does a Reach lorekeeper have to do with letters from the Gray Host?
"It's not the letters themselves, it's what's in them. There are references to Rada al-Saran and a Reach hero, as well as something that ties them both to Sai Sahan's martial traditions.
It might be nothing, but Sai wants to investigate."
Can you give me any details?
"You're going to have to trust me on this one, partner. This is Sai's tale to tell. I'm just trying to help him. And I hope you are, too.
Now get to Gloomreach and do what you can."
What's Sai doing here?
"What? You have a problem with me and Sai spending some quality time together killing Gray Host vampires? Maybe even find a few moments to be alone?
Anyway, he came to see me and then agreed to help as we wrap up things here in the Reach."
What's so important about these letters?
"Maybe nothing. But for Sai, maybe everything.
We think there's a third letter out there. Sai's in Gloomreach, trying to acquire it. Go help him while I finish here. I'm hoping to talk to one of the Reach lorekeepers, a vateshran. If I can find one."

Speak to her again before leaving and she'll say:

"Thanks, partner. I really want to talk to one of the vateshrans and see if they can tell me more about what's in these documents.
In the meantime, go to Gloomreach and help Sai."
Red Eagle Redoubt[edit]

Speak to Vateshran Ovra at Red Eagle Redoubt and she'll give you some insight to the information you seek. Once you've finished speaking to the lorekeeper, Lyris and Sai will arrive:

Lyris Titanborn: "We just got here, partner. What did you find out?"
"We got here just in time to hear the very end of your conversation with the vateshran, partner. Want to fill me in on the parts we missed?"
The vateshran knows you helped the clans. She said we need to go to the cave beneath the redoubt.
"I appreciate that the Reachfolk noticed. You'd be surprised how often what we do is taken for granted.
If you can find that cave, Sai and I will follow shortly. I want to check something I learned in Hroldan Ring with the vateshran."
I'll find the cave and meet you there.
"As long as we're welcome here, I'm going to take advantage of the situation and have a brief conversation with the vateshran. Compare what she knows with what I learned at Hroldan Ring.
We'll see you down in that cave."

Enter the cave and Lyris and Sai will follow:

Lyris Titanborn: "Yeah, this must be the place. Hey, partner, let's talk."
"The vateshran was willing to open up a bit more. Must have been my shining personality.
She suggested that we'd find something important in this cave, but that we might have to work to uncover it."
What do you mean, work?
"The vateshran explained that the Reachfolk have a story concerning Red Eagle and a fallen Sword Saint. How they met in this cave to exchange knowledge.
Since that time, the cave has been left alone. Who knows what's beneath all the undergrowth?"
So what do we do?
"You clear the undergrowth. Sai and I will be ready to react to whatever we find."
All right. Stay close.
"Burn away some of this dense foliage. Let's see what's hiding in this abandoned cave."

As you move through the cave, you'll come across several monoliths covered in vines and roots. Burn away the vegetation and Lyris and Sai will take note of the markings.

First monolith:

Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, look! Is that … yes, it's a song!"
Lyris Titanborn: "(singing)'Reach out, Red Eagle, your destiny awaits ….'"
"It's a song. Burn away more of that foliage, partner, and reveal the rest of the words."

Second monolith:

Lyris Titanborn: "Another verse. Your turn, Sai."
Sai Sahan: "(singing)'Clear your mind, Red Eagle, don't surrender to the fates ….'"

Third monolith:

Lyris Titanborn: "(singing)'Fill your heart with the song that makes it roar ….'"
Sai Sahan: "(singing)'… and let your spirit, your love, and your life, let it soar ….'"

Final monolith:

Sai Sahan: "(pseudo singing)'… then it will come to you, your love, your life, your sword ….'"
Lyris Titanborn: "Of course, Sai! Don't you see? You never fight for what you want, only for what others need."
"I think I understand. I think I know the meaning of this ancient song."
What do you think the words of the song mean, Lyris?
"I think the song tells us that Red Eagle had to clear his mind before he could embrace his destiny. That he had to fill his heart with the thing he loved the most.
For Red Eagle, that was his people. For Rada al-Saran? Probably his Gray Host."
And what about Sai?
"Sai always lets duty guide his actions. He fights for others. For what they need. For the greater good. He needs to decide what he truly wants to fight for. Only then can he claim his spirit sword.
Meet us outside, partner. I need to talk to Sai."
I'll wait for you outside.
"We need a moment alone, partner. Wait for us outside, please."

Leave the cave and Lyris and Sai will eventually join you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Hey, partner, I think we figured it out!"
"Ancient legends, old songs … it's all up to Sai now."
So did you and Sai reach any conclusions? Does he know how to summon his spirit sword?
"The Shehai … it's a sacred and private thing to a Redguard. I tried to help Sai. Told him what I thought. What happens next? That's up to him.
Thanks for your help, partner. If we're keeping score, I owe you. A lot. Now I need to talk to Sai."
Lyris Titanborn: "I think I understand, Sai. You need to put aside your duty, just this once, and focus on what you want."
Sai Sahan: "Duty isn't easily set aside for someone like me, Snow Lily."
Lyris Titanborn: "Focus, Sai. Just this once, fill your heart with what you need."

(Both begin to sing)

Lyris Titanborn: "Reach out, Red Eagle, your destiny awaits …."
Sai Sahan: "Clear your mind, Red Eagle, don't surrender to the fates …."
Lyris Titanborn: "Fill your heart with the thing that makes it roar …."
Sai Sahan: "And let your spirit, your love, and your life, let it soar …."
Lyris Titanborn: "Then it will come to you, your love, your life, your sword …."
"Sai! That's amazing!"


Lyris Titanborn: "Sai! Your sword! It's working!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai! That's amazing!"
Sai Sahan: "The words, they led me to the true answer. The one thing I have always loved above all else."
Lyris Titanborn: "And what was that, Sai?"
Sai Sahan: "I thought of you, Snow Lily. I thought of you."

With Sai's true feelings expressed, Lyris turns away in thought:

"I knew Sai could summon his spirit sword. He's the bravest, strongest, most loyal man I've ever met. He just had to focus on what really mattered to him. I just didn't expect it to be … me.
I mean, I knew. But still. Now I really know."

The End of Eternity[edit]


West of Bthardamz you'll find an ancient Nord ruin. As you get closer, you hear Rada speaking to some of his lieutenants. Before your can strike he notices you and they all vanish in a mist. To your surprise, some old friends have joined you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Damn it! I knew we should have attacked when we had the chance!"
Fennorian: "My orders were to wait, Lyris. At least Rada left something in his haste."
Lyris Titanborn: "Wait—is that you, partner? Could have used you a moment sooner."

Speak to Lyris and she'll be none-to-happy:

"I was this close to finally planting my axe in Rada al-Saran's face. If Fenn hadn't insisted we wait for his Ravenwatch friends, that monster wouldn't have slipped through our fingers. Again.
You're still on the hunt for him, too, I see."
Verandis sent me, actually. He didn't mention you'd be here.
"When Fenn got his orders to investigate the Gray Host, I invited myself along.
Sorry about my temper. It's just that we've been shadowing these bastards for awhile and it looked like the opportunity to strike was finally at hand."
Did you learn anything while stalking them?
"Fenn's the one keeping notes, but Rada al-Saran gathered his subordinates and remaining forces here. It's clear that he's preparing to make a move, so Fenn sent word to the Ravenwatch.
I just wish we knew more about this Darkstorm Rada mentioned."
It's a lead, at least.
"Yeah, a lead that's dragging us in circles.
Look, Fenn can tell you more. I'm sure he'd love to talk to someone other than me. Brilliant conversation isn't one of my better-known graces, as you've experienced firsthand."
Could this Darkstorm be related to the harrowstorms of Western Skyrim?
"Possibly. And I've seen Icereach Coven witches among the Gray Host troops.
After we dealt with Svargrim and shattered the Gray Host's hold on Western Skyrim, it looks like Rada moved his operation to this part of the world."
What about Fenn's elixir? Was he able to produce enough for the holds?
"It was slow going, but the concoction he and Old Mjolen produced was the only reason the holds were able to start fighting back. Even after we stopped Rada al-Saran's plan in Solitude, I don't think the western holds would have survived without it."
How's Svana?
"Alive and well. She's taken to her role as Jarl of Solitude far better than anyone imagined. The people love her. There's new life in the hold despite all that's happened.
I admit, I'm hopeful for the future, too. Provided we stop Rada al-Saran."
What's Fenn examining over there?
"You're asking me? No idea. But it's here and so was Rada al-Saran, so I'd guess it's got something to do with whatever he's planning."

After speaking to Fennorian, examine the trinket that Rada left behind and you'll see yet another familiar face:

Fennorian: "Is that Count Verandis?"
Verandis: "A soul's ability to travel among the infinite planes of existence is equally boundless."
Lyris Titanborn: "Fenn, what did you do?"
Verandis: "Souls can go anywhere! Imagine if they had the freedom to choose their destination, or even return to life."
Fennorian: "It's the auramancy. We're seeing an image of the past."
"I don't see how we figure out where Rada al-Saran went from here. Let's hope this Count Verandis of yours is as smart as Fenn claims."
You saw that projection, right?
"I saw it. I don't know what it was, but I saw it. It didn't set you on fire, so as far as mysterious magic goes, I'd count your blessings.
Was that the illustrious Count Ravenwatch I've heard so much about? Well, let's not keep the real one waiting."
The Orrery

Inside the orrery, Fennorian and Lyris will have made it there before you.

"This just keeps getting better. Check on the count. Find out what we need to do."

Speak to Verandis and he'll send you to Understone Keep with Lyris. You can speak to her about your next mission:

"For the record, this plan sounds like a symphony of horker farts. I haven't got a better one, so I'll pinch my nose and go along with it. Especially if I'm headed to Understone Keep. Hope Caddach isn't half the rotten bastard I've heard he is."
Do you really think someone in Understone Keep knows about the land sundered from Tamriel?
"Ard Caddach's the ruler around here, right? I've never known a competent ruler who doesn't know his realm like the back of his hand. And I've never heard that the Despot of Markarth wasn't competent.
We'll find it, mark my words."
Sundered land. Does that sound like the Planemeld to you?(If the main quest is finished :(?))
"Now that you mention it, yeah. And come to think of it, Mannimarco spent time there with his Worm Cult. He's the backstabber who caused the Soulburst and helped Molag Bal plant his Dark Anchors.
Rumor has it, Caddach welcomed him with open arms."
Why would Caddach help Mannimarco?
"Reachmen had their arses on the Ruby Throne before Varen won the Empire. And Mannimarco was the architect of his destruction. I wouldn't be surprised if they welcomed the Worm King into Markarth with a parade.
Let's go ask Caddach all about it."
Understone Keep
Lyris Titanborn: "Over here, partner."
"I've got bad news and worse news. Caddach and I already exchanged words, most of them insults.
The only agreement we came to was that he'd stop sending his Stonehands to toss me out if I stopped breaking their noses."
You got into a fight with Ard Caddach?
"It wasn't a fight until he sent his Stonehands against me. Wasn't much of one after that, come to think of it.
We got as far as sundered land when he shouted something about Mannimarco and called up his personal guard."
What does Mannimarco have to do with all this?
"That's what I was trying to find out when Caddach got all angry and said something about my head and a pike on the wall.
Look, you talk to him. Maybe you'll have better luck than me."
I suppose Ard Caddach and I have a rapport.
"Markarth would be a ghost town if it wasn't for you. If that doesn't earn you the courtesy of an audience, I can go back to breaking noses."
I'll present myself to Ard Caddach.
"The ard is in his throne room. We just need to know where to find the land sundered from Tamriel. According to Rada al-Saran's letter, it's somewhere in the Reach.
Oh, and I'm not apologizing. Not to Caddach, anyway. Sorry."
What did you and Caddach argue about?
"Mannimarco, Emperor Varen, Nords, Reachmen, his flea-bitten beard.
I can stomach insults hurled at me, but I couldn't stand there quietly as he spoke ill of Varen while praising that traitor Mannimarco."

Speak to the ard and he'll be a little more forthcoming:

Lyris Titanborn: "Got the information we need? Good."
"Did you get a location? Give me the details and you go on ahead. I want to chase down a few leads about the Worm Cult while we're here in Markarth. Shouldn't take long, I'll catch up."
Ard Caddach says we can reach the place where the land was sundered by going through Nchuand-Zel.
"It's somewhere inside or beyond an old Dwarven ruin? Wonderful. Good thing I brought my construct-busting axe."
What leads are you looking into?
"Nothing I want to waste your time with, but I learned of a few places the Worm Cult used to stay in town.
They're long gone, but maybe I can figure out what Mannimarco has to do with this and why it interests Rada al-Saran."
Caddach says Mannimarco offered the land to Molag Bal.
"Oh good. This keeps getting better and better. I thought I was finished with Mannimarco's insanity a long time ago. Shows you what I know.
Go on. I'll catch up to you."

Make your way through Nchuand-Zel to the Mannimarco's holding. As you approach a dark anchor within the valley, you'll see Rada himself:

Lyris Titanborn: "It's Rada al-Saran! This is our chance!"
Rada al-Saran: "Pity. I wanted Verandis to see this place for himself."
Lyris Titanborn: "They chipped a hunk off this stone. If Rada al-Saran went through the trouble, we might as well, too."

Chip off a bit of the stone and Lyris notices another trinket:

Lyris Titanborn: "Hey, there's another memento here. Like the one Fennorian found near Bthardamz."
"Rada al-Saran must have left this for Verandis to find. We should see if it sheds any light on what he's up to.
Do whatever you and Fenn did the first time and see what happens."

After watching the vision:

Lyris Titanborn: "Verandis and Rada al-Saran seemed pretty friendly back in the day. Did you know about that?"
"I don't know what a chunk of Oblivion or that memento have to do with Rada al-Saran's Darkstorm, but maybe Verandis can explain it when we get back.
Speaking of which, did you know he used to be friends with our enemy?"
We knew Verandis was part of the Gray Host, but he cut ties with them centuries ago.
"Then why is Rada al-Saran sending cryptic messages to Verandis? Even if he can't win the count back to his side, these mind games may cloud your friend's judgment.
I suggest we keep an eye on the count, just in case."

If you completed Lyris' objective first before Gwendis and Fennorian:

What should I do now?
"I think we've gotten all we're going to from this place. You should follow up with Gwendis and Fenn about the other sites mentioned in Rada al-Saran's letter.
I'll go back to the orrery and check on Count Verandis.
Return to the Orrery

Back in the Orrery Chamber, you'll hear Verandis trying to defend his actions:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "The past is ancient history. Rada's intentions were to sway me back to his side."
Lyris Titanborn: "That's not good enough, count. Why didn't you tell us that this was all your fault?"
Fennorian: "Father, it wasn't just your research that let him revive the Gray Host. The actual procedure was your creation!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You don't understand. Please, tell me you found out more about the Darkstorm."

Speak to her:

"Don't let Verandis change the subject. I can't trust any plan the Elf comes up with if he doesn't reveal the whole truth."

After speaking to Verandis, Lyris will be ready to find Rada:

"If Rada al-Saran's hiding around here somewhere, we need to find him. I just hope the bastard's home when we come knocking."

You're small group starts the search for Rada:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Come, Ravenwatch, Titanborn. We can't let the specters of the past distract us from our mission."
Lyris Titanborn: "Very well, count."
The Library
"I wish we had more to go on. I'm about to try my luck by swinging my axe into the walls."

Once you finally find the laboratory:

"The bastard isn't here. Damn.
See what Verandis has to say so we can go back to hunting Rada al-Saran down."

Verandis will explain to you that the group needs to recreate the ritual Rada was attempting. It appears Lyris' talents aren't needed:

"Don't look at me. These hands weren't built to perform sensitive adjustments on Dwarven machinery."

After the ritual:

"I've seen a lot of things, but never anything like that.
See if the count learned anything useful. And make sure he's all right. He's not looking too good."

Everyone heads the orrery. Inside you'll find Rada al-Saran at the machine's platform. After he and Verandis exchange words, he vanishes:

Lyris Titanborn: "What happened? Where'd the bastard go this time?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "He's gone, Lyris. To the one place where he can complete his plan."

Speak to her:

"If Rada al-Saran thinks I won't follow him to Oblivion to end his miserable life, he's got another think coming."

Kingdom of Ash[edit]

After you agree to follow Rada into the Darkstorm:

"Fire up that rotten contraption. I'll be right behind you."

Once you've activated the machine, you can speak to her again:

"This is it then. Everything that happened in Windhelm, Solitude, and Markarth—it all leads to this. To Rada al-Saran."
Are you ready to face Rada al-Saran?
"More than ready. I've sworn my blade to thrones and causes, but my blood and bones are Nord. If Rada al-Saran thinks he can ravage my homeland and get away with it, he's about to be very wrong.
Besides, who else is going to watch your back?"
Verandis said we might not come back from this.
"Trying to scare me off? I know what we're getting into. But if we do get stuck in some lost realm of Oblivion, I could think of worse company.
Now, let's stuff the talk and kill this bastard."
"Can't say I'm looking forward to another romp in Oblivion. I've seen enough of the place for ten lifetimes. Let's make this a quick trip, all right?"
Any guesses as to what we're charging into?
"Every place I've visited in Oblivion has been different. Chains and machines for Molag Bal, endless libraries for Hermaeus Mora. Each realm shaped by its Prince. But Rada al-Saran chose a place beyond their reach. Guess we'll soon find out."

As you head to the portal, you'll hear:

Gwendis: "I expect you back before Fennorian gets bored. Don't make me come in there after you."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "We shall endeavor to return shortly. Farewell, my friends."
Lyris Titanborn: "Are we leaping into the gaping portal or not?"

Enter the portal and you'll find yourself in Rada's realm, separated from Verandis and Lyris. It's not long before you hear Lyris giving something whatfor:

Lyris Titanborn: "Get back, you bastards!"

She'll be grateful to see you:

Lyris Titanborn: "There you are! Damn shades are everywhere. Where's Verandis?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Come on. Up that rise. We'll find him."

Speak to her

"You don't know how glad I am to see you. Thought I might have been the only one to make it to this ugly hunk of rock."
Where are we?
"Rada al-Saran's sanctuary realm, I hope. Doesn't look like much, but it's got more charm than Coldharbour.
It does kind of remind me of Molag Bal's realm, though. That's probably the plane it was melding with before it got stuck between worlds."
Any sign of Verandis or Rada al-Saran?
"You're the first thing I've seen aside from those shades. They aren't tough, but they'll overwhelm you if you aren't careful.
You and I should be fine, but Verandis won't last long on his own. Not in his condition."

At the top of the rise, you'll see the maelstrom:

Lyris Titanborn: "Gods … in the sky. That must be the Darkstorm."
Lyris Titanborn: "It must lead to Rada al-Saran. Let's follow the storm. Hopefully, Verandis will do the same."
"We need to keep moving and find Verandis before Rada al-Saran or those shades do. Heading for the Darkstorm is the best course for now."
What makes you think heading toward the Darkstorm is our best course?
"It's pretty hard to miss, for one thing. And following an obvious landmark is basic navigation.
Besides, Verandis came here for one reason—to stop whatever that is. You can bet he's going to try to do that. With or without us."
What should we do if we don't find Verandis?
"We kill Rada al-Saran. I don't know if that will stop the Darkstorm, but it will make me feel a whole lot better."

As you and Lyris search for Verandis, you'll hear his voice:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Rada, stop! I don't want to fight you."
Rada al-Saran: "Look at you, Verandis. The Dark Heart is overwhelming you."
Lyris Titanborn: "You hear that? Voices in the storm!"

After Rada strikes down Verandis, she will say:

"Now's not the time! We need to stop Rada al-Saran!"

A massive explosion blinds you to reveal Verandis immobile on the ground and Rada turned hostile. Engage him in battle and Rada will mock:

Rada al-Saran: "Watch, Verandis, as I destroy everything you cherish!" Lyris Titanborn: "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this, you bastard."

As Rada lays down area magics, Lyris will give you a warning:

Lyris Titanborn: "Watch out, partner!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Keep your distance!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Stay away from that magic!"

Just when you think you've defeated Rada, he calls upon his true power and Rada turns into an Ashen Lord:

Lyris Titanborn: "That all you've got, leech?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Ugh!"

Finally, with Rada defeated, Verandis will reflect:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Goodbye, Rada. I wish I could have found salvation for us both."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Ah! The Darkstorm rages! I must take control!"
Lyris Titanborn: "It will kill you!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "If I don't stop the Darkstorm, then my death will be the least of our worries!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Gods—this power. It's everything Rada said it would be."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "I … I see. I can't end the Darkstorm. Not yet."

After speaking to Verandis, he opens a portal back to the orrery. Speak to her:

"Feel like I got stepped on by a mammoth, but I guess that means I'm alive.
What's going on? Why's the Darkstorm still going?"
When Verandis stops it, he'll be trapped here. He's staying behind.
"Damn. I take back every bad thought I had about the count. He's got conviction to match Sai Sahan's.
We should go while he's still got the strength to send us back."

After you go through the portal, Verandis and Lyris will speak:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "This is farewell."
Lyris Titanborn: "I don't want to owe you, Verandis."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Have faith. Rada's last gift was hope."

Back at the orrery:

Gwendis: "You're back! But—where's Verandis?"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's … staying behind. I'm sorry."
Gwendis: "He's staying …? No. He promised—he promised me!"
Lyris Titanborn: "It was the only way to—"
Fennorian: "Look out! The Dark Heart!"

The Dark Heart pulses... then stops:

Fennorian: "It's … dormant. Verandis must have done it. He stopped the Darkstorm!"

Then suddenly, an old friend shows up:

Gwendis: "Arana?"
Arana: "I—I can breathe … I'm alive?"

Speak to Lyris and she'll ask:

"Who is this? One of Caddach's witches?"

After speaking to Arana:

"Did I hear you right? Verandis brought that woman back to life? Not just raised her from the dead. Actually, restored her body and soul?"
That's what Arana claims.
"Was that what the count meant by making it right? He didn't just stop the Darkstorm, he used it to free the souls from the Dark Heart!
We've got to get to Markarth."
Why the sudden urgency?
"Isn't that where Rada al-Saran harvested souls for the Dark Heart? If Verandis released them all, maybe Arana's right and she didn't come back alone.
That's something we should see for ourselves."
I understand.
"You go on ahead. Fenn and Gwendis could use a moment. I'll make sure they make it to Markarth safely."
Do you really think Verandis could restore Markarth?
"Just bringing one person back should be impossible, short of Divine intervention. But we saw the Gray Host manage it more than once. If the Darkstorm was anything like the harrowstorms in Western Skyrim, it just might be possible."

Arrive back at Markarth and you'll find Lyris coming from the wayshrine:

Lyris Titanborn: "I was hoping to catch up to—"
Lyris Titanborn: "You hear that? Markarth is celebrating."
<Ambient shouts and cheers can be heard>
"That magnificent bastard really did it. He brought them back."
He said Rada gave him hope. You think this is what he meant?
"The count enjoyed his mysteries, but yeah, I think so. When we started this, I thought the best we could do is pay al-Saran back for the lives he stole. Guess I should have set my sights higher."
What's next for us?
"We rest. With Rada al-Saran dead, the Gray Host is finally buried for good.
We couldn't have done it without you, partner. So eat, drink. Find some company for your bed. And tomorrow … tomorrow we'll probably have to do this all over again."

If you back out of the conversation and reenter to turn in the quest, she will say:

"It's still hard to believe this is real. Verandis returned all these souls to Markarth."

Second Chances[edit]

If you exit out of the conversation prior to the previous quest and want to approach her for the quest, she will say:

"Hey partner! Over here!"
"It may seem odd coming from a Nord, but I'm glad to see all these Reachfolk alive and well.
They seem content, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind us bringing them a few more reasons to celebrate."
What do you mean?
"News of Rada al-Saran's death won't compare to the dead returning to life, but I'm sure Caddach will be relieved to hear it.
You find the ard and let him know there's nothing to fear from the Gray Host any more. Tell him he has Verandis to thank."
Aren't you coming?
"Why spoil the mood? I think … I'm going to take a moment. I haven't done that since Fennorian and I arrived in the Reach."
Are you all right?
"Just fine. Even the great Lyris Titanborn needs a rest sometimes. Don't tell anyone."

Inside Understone Keep, a very jovial Bradan will greet you:

Bradan: "Look! Look! Can you believe it? The keep is alive again!"
Bradan: "That's your doing, isn't it? The ard seems to think so. He'll want to see you. He's in his war room right now."

Just then, Lyris comes up behind you:

Lyris Titanborn: "What's this about a war room?"
Bradan: "Oh, you're here, too she-wo—ah, Titanborn. You come with me. I have a message for your ears alone."
Lyris Titanborn: "Fine, but if this is Caddach's idea of a joke, you won't find it funny."

If you try to speak to her, she'll just tell you to go on without her: "You go on and speak to Caddach. I'll see what's so important that your friend here has to tell me in private."

What message do you think Bradan wants to deliver?
"I imagine the only message the ard wants to share with me is of the unflattering variety, so I have no idea. Maybe the Skald-King sent word?
When I know, you'll know."

After meeting with members of House Ravenwatch she can be found in company of Sai Sahan. You can overhear their conversation:

Sai Sahan: "I thought you might enjoy a welcome surprise for once, Snow Lily."
Lyris Titanborn: "Oh, Sai. You always know how to—oh. Uh, hello, partner."

You can talk to her afterwards:

"Ahem. Sai and I were just talking about the Ashen Lord. And, well, a few other topics came up. Nothing that bears mentioning. Of course that bears mentioning, Sai.
Look, partner, you understand, right?"
Was the message earlier from him?
"Braden [sic] said there was a mysterious Redguard looking for me. The way he said it, my first thought was Rada al-Saran found his way back, too. But no. Just Sai trying to surprise me. I punched him extremely hard. And then I hugged him."
Will you two be traveling together?
"Skyrim is nice place to visit, but I need to see what's over the horizon. And yes, I think that Sai wants to go with me. The Skald-King can spare me for awhile. Besides, he owes me.
Where will we go? Somewhere far away. Maybe back to Skingrad."
Safe travels then.
"People like us can't stay out of trouble very long, so let's share a few casks of mead while things are quiet.
Oh, Caddach is looking for you. He and the other rulers want to make some big announcement. I'll be along in a moment."
Have you met with Svana or Skald-King Jorunn?
"I haven't, but I'm sure you can keep them busy for a while longer. Right, partner?
Sai and I still have a few … dents to bang out of my armor."
I'll go see about this announcement they are making.

She can be talked to in the Announcement Hall:

"Good work, partner. It's always a pleasure to fight by your side.
Forgive me for saying this, but I hope we don't need to do that again for quite some time."

After the speeches, she'll repeat the previous line, but you can remark:

I understand.
"Don't worry, I'll stick around to raise a glass or two with you. Celebrate our victory. If I stay too long, though, one of these leader types will try to send me on another mission.
Sai might not mind, but I'm determined to finally relax a little."
I didn't imagine you as the type to take a vacation.
"Hey, I enjoy saving the world as much as the next hero, but even I have my limits. I want to spend some time with the man I love, traveling and doing anything that doesn't involve hitting somebody with my axe."
Won't you get bored?
"Initially? Not even a little. There are a lot of things I've been meaning to do with Sai that should keep me occupied for a few weeks.
And when we do get restless, I have a knack for stumbling into the next threat to the realm. We'll be fine."

Depecrated and Cut Content[edit]

In the game's beta, you would first encounter Lyris as you entered the Bleeding Forge.

Lyris Titanborn: "Whoa, there! Are you all right? I heard fighting."

Speaking with her:

"You've got more meat on your bones than most of these poor bastards. And I see you've armed yourself. Good!
I hope you've still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it."
Who are you?
"A fellow prisoner. The name's Lyris."
Lyris Titanborn? I was told to find you.
"What? Who told you to find me?"
A strange figure appeared in my cell. An old man in rags.
"The Prophet! He spoke to you? What did he say?"
He said our fates are intertwined.
"Ha! That sounds like the Prophet, all right.
He's a prisoner here too. It was very dangerous for him to speak to you, even for a moment. He must think you can help me."
I can still hear his voice in my head. What does he want me to help you do?
"Break him out, of course! Believe me, I can use all the help I can get.
That blind old man is the only person alive who can help us get back home. Tamriel's a long way from here."
I'll help you.

You can ask her further questions after agreeing to help, before entering the Ashen Mines.

"Keep your weapon ready and stay sharp. This place is full of surprises."
I have so many questions.
"I'm sure you do. And I'll answer them as best I can."
Who is this Prophet?
"He's a strange one, no doubt about it, but he's the wisest man I've ever met.
He sees things. The past, the future. If he told you to find me, he must have had a very good reason."
What is this place? Where am I?
"You're obviously not in Tamriel anymore. Think of the most miserable, depressing place you've ever been in your life. That's paradise compared to Coldharbour.
And to top it off, well … there is no easy way to say it. You're dead."
Then how are we having this conversation?
"I don't know. Once we rescue the Prophet, he can tell you about the Gods and the ways of Oblivion. I don't understand any of it, myself."
If I'm dead, who killed me?
"A man named Mannimarco. His Worm Cult is doing some kind of ritual back in Tamriel. They sacrificed you, and everyone in this prison, to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal.
After you died, whatever was left showed up here. They call you the Soul Shriven."
What does that mean?
"It means you're a slave and you'll spend the rest of eternity here in Coldharbour, working under the lash of the Daedra. Unless of course, you come with me."
Are you dead, too?
"No, I wasn't sacrificed. The Prophet and I were brought here … conventionally, if that makes any sense. But we're prisoners here, same as you."
What's our plan?
"We need to make our way through the Ashen Mines to get to the enclosure where the Prophet's being held."
How will we get him out?
"It won't be easy. The place is watched by magical construct called Sentinels. We won't stand a chance unless we can blind them.
I'll tell you more when we get there. And we'll never get there if we don't get moving."

After exiting the Bleeding Forge:

Lyris Titanborn: "The Ashen Mines are dangerous, but they aren't as heavily patrolled as the other routes out of the prison."

Speaking with her here:

"These tunnels will eventually take us to the Towers of Eyes. That's where we'll find the Sentinels."

Exiting the Ashen Mines and approaching the Towers of Eyes:

Lyris Titanborn: "We made it!"

Speak with her.

"Come. The Sentinels are at the top of those towers. We need to find a way up."
What are these Sentinels?
"Magical constructs created by Molag Bal to guide his vision in Coldharbour.
The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, the others will be blinded. With any luck, that will buy us the time we need to free the Prophet."
How can we destroy it?
"I've no idea. Brute force? We'll find a way. We have to.
Be ready for anything. I doubt Molag Bal left the Sentinels unguarded."
Let's go.

Approaching the trapped Prophet:

"All right. The good news is, we made it here in one piece and the Prophet looks unharmed.
Now the bad news. It's going to be up to you to keep him safe and get him back to Tamriel. I'm not going with you."
What do you mean? Where are you going?
"I probably should have mentioned this before, but it never seemed like the right time.
There's a trick to opening the cell. The only way for a prisoner to leave is for another living soul to take their place. I need to swap places with the Prophet."
Don't do this, Lyris. There must be another way.
"Believe me, I wish there was. But … I don't see anyone else here with a beating heart, do you? If Molag Bal isn't stopped he'll destroy everyone and everything we've ever loved.
The Prophet chose you for a reason. Get him to safety. I'll be fine."
I'll keep him safe.
"There are magical locking devices on either side of the cage. You need to deactivate both of them so I can begin the transfer.
Once it's done, get moving. The Prophet will know where to go, but he'll need your eyes, and your protection."
I understand. Good luck.
Do what you must, Lyris.
"We can't possibly understand it right now, but the Prophet chose you for a reason. You're important, and everyone and everything we've ever loved is in danger.
Get the Prophet to safety. I'll find my own way back, if I can."

Speaking with her again before making the transfer:

"Keep moving! There are more Daedra on the way."

After deactivating the locks, she will stand before the altar and shout:

Lyris Titanborn: "I give myself, that the Prophet might be free!"


Harrowstorm Trailer Dialogue[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm Gameplay Trailer, Lyris Titanborn says the following:

"A terrible evil has come to Skyrim."
"It strikes without warning, like a mountain storm, and it conceals an ancient secret in the depths below."
"Together, we must confront this enemy, and unearth the truth, as we descend into the Dark Heart of Skyrim."

Greymoor Trailer Dialogue[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor - Descend into the Dark Heart of Skyrim trailer, Lyris Titanborn says the following:

"An insidious plot threatens this fractured kingdom."
"I have witnessed this darkness firsthand."
"Deception, division, destruction, draining the lives of men and women."
"Do not forget the strength that lies within you."
"It is this moment, warrior, that history will remember."
"Without your help, Skyrim will be lost forever."

Greymoor Official Gameplay Launch Trailer Dialogue[edit]

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor - Official Gameplay Launch Trailer, Lyris Titanborn says the following:

"An unholy alliance casts its shadow across Skyrim."
"And worse still, I fear there is something more sinister… something more foul hiding beneath the surface."
"With every lost soul, our enemy grows stronger."
"And our need to overcome this evil grows more urgent."
"We must unite, gather our allies. And together we will vanquish this Dark Heart of Skyrim."



  • In Greymoor quest The Gathering Storm, Lyris' dialogue and player responses (such as Could it have something to do with the ritual I saw the witch perform at the barrow?) will assume the character is new and did the Greymoor Tutorial, even when they have previously completed the Greymoor Prologue/Harrowstorm or Main Quest. ?