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Lyris Titanborn
(lore page)
Location Coldharbour
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Lyris Titanborn
Lyris with her recovered equipment

Lyris Titanborn is a Nord warrior with giant blood in her veins who you meet as you escape Coldharbour. She is a friend and ally of the Prophet, a strange but wise man who instructed you to find Lyris while you were still imprisoned.

In Daughter of Giants, you return to Coldharbour to rescue Lyris. It appears the Daedra realized how important she was and fragmented her memories to keep her from escaping. You need to help her overcome her traumatic past in order to escape. As you hunt for memories, you learn more about Lyris: her mother died after giving birth to her, she ran away from home to fight for Emperor Varen, she was bullied by her fellow soldiers, and her father was murdered. However, she remains focused on escaping, regaining her incredible strength. After completing this quest, she can usually be found in the Harborage.

Lyris appears to enjoy traditional Nord pastimes, including drinking with friends at taverns to celebrate a victory. Although, Abnur Tharn teases her intellect, she proves she has an acerbic wit, as well.

Lyris: "You must be the ugliest princess I've ever rescued from a tower, Tharn."
Tharn: "I'm shocked that your lack of education and repeated blows to the head haven't dulled your wit, Titanborn."

Related Quests[edit]


Soul Shriven in Coldharbour[edit]

You first encounter Lyris as you enter the Bleeding Forge:was this from a previous update? someone who knows, put that down.

"You've got more meat on your bones than most of these poor bastards. And I see you've armed yourself. Good! I hope you've still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it."
"Ha! That sounds like the Prophet, all right. He's a prisoner here too. It was very dangerous for him to speak to you, even for a moment. He must think you can help me."

Agree to help her, and she warns:

"Keep your weapon ready and stay sharp. This place is full of surprises."

In the current update, Lyris rescues you from your cell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Whoa, there! Are you all right? The name's Lyris. I hope you've still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it."

Lyris examines a nearby dead Dremora after freeing you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Dead. Must have been the runt of the litter."
Lyris Titanborn: "Keep your weapon ready and stay sharp. This place is full of surprises."
Lyris Titanborn: "Keep moving! There are more Daedra on the way!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Let's get out of here, my friend."

After the Prophet contacts you:

Lyris Titanborn: "Hold a moment. Come here, we need to talk."
"The Prophet!" "He's a prisoner here, too. It was very dangerous for him to speak to you, even for a moment. He must think you can help me."
Help you do what?
"Break him out, of course! Believe me, I can use all the help I can get. That blind old man is the only person alive who can help us get back home. Tamriel's a long way from here."
Where do we go from here?
"These tunnels will eventually take us to the Towers of Eyes. That's where we'll find the Sentinels."
What are these Sentinels?
"Magical constructs created by Molag Bal to guide his vision in Coldharbour. The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, the others will be blinded. With any luck, that will buy us the time we need to free the Prophet."
How can we destroy it?
"I've no idea. Brute force? We'll find a way. We have to. Be ready for anything. I doubt Molag Bal left the Sentinels unguarded."
I have so many questions.
"I'm sure you do. And I'll answer them as best I can."
Who is this Prophet?
"He's a strange one, no doubt about it, but he's the wisest man I've ever met. He sees things. The past, the future."
What is this place? Where am I?
"You're obviously not in Tamriel anymore. Think of the most miserable, depressing place you've ever been in your life. That's paradise compared to Coldharbour. And to top it off, well... there is no easy way to say it. You're dead."
Then how are we having this conversation?
"I don't know. Once we rescue the Prophet, he can tell you about the Gods and the ways of Oblivion. I don't understand any of it, myself."
If I'm dead, who killed me?
"A man named Mannimarco. His Worm Cult is doing some kind of ritual back in Tamriel. They sacrificed you, and everyone in this prison, to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal.
After you died, whatever was left showed up here. They call you the Soul Shriven."
What does that mean?
"It means you're a slave and you'll spend the rest of eternity here in Coldharbour, working under the lash of the Daedra. Unless of course, you come with me."
Are you dead, too?
"No, I wasn't sacrificed. The Prophet and I were brought here ... conventionally, if that makes any sense. But we're prisoners here, same as you."
How can we rescue the Prophet?
"It won't be easy. The place is watched by magical construct called Sentinels. We won't stand a chance unless we can blind them. I'll tell you more when we get there. And we'll never get there if we don't get moving."
Lyris Titanborn: "We should keep moving."

After defeating Vaekar the Forgemaster:

Lyris Titanborn: "Well played, friend! Arkay's beard, you're good in a fight!"

Having left the prison:

"The God of Schemes can see every part of Coldharbour. We need to distract him."
How do we do that?
"The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, the others will also be blinded for a time."

Lyris has dialogue that occasionally occurs after you kill Daedra:

Lyris Titanborn: "What was your name? Target Practice?"
Lyris Titanborn: "(?)"
Lyris Titanborn: "(?)"
Lyris Titanborn: "(?)"

Approaching a Sentinel:

Lyris Titanborn: "Try to be inconspicious. We just got free of this place. The last thing we need is to get recaptured."
Lyris Titanborn: "I'll keep watch."

After blinding one of the Sentinels:

Lyris Titanborn: "Quickly, while he's blinded we must get to the Prophet's Cell."

Speaking with her here:

"The Prophet's enclosure isn't far. Let's go!"

After Molag Bal wards the Prophet's cell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Herma-Mora's wagging tongue! The door's warded. We'll never get in this way."
"Damn it! Destroying the Sentinel must have triggered these wards. We'll need to find another way in. Hmm. Maybe Cadwell can help us."
Who's Cadwell?
"Cadwell is the oldest of the Soul Shriven. After years of torment, Soul Shriven usually go insane and turn feral, but not Cadwell. He was already insane before he left Tamriel. Mad as a box of frogs, but completely harmless. You'll see."
How can a madman possibly help us?
"Cadwell sees things as he wishes them to be. To him, Coldharbour is a wondrous place. It's his home. And he knows it like the back of his hand. He's usually down by the river. Let's go find him."

After speaking with Cadwell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Cadwell seems to think this Undercroft is a delightful place. That probably means it's a death trap. We'd better be careful."

Arrival at the Undercroft:

Lyris Titanborn: "The sooner you get that door open, the sooner we can get out of here."

Within the Undercroft:

Lyris Titanborn: "This place stinks of death and decay."
Lyris Titanborn: "The Prophet's cage should be just ahead. Quickly, now! We haven't much time."

Approaching the entrapped Prophet:

Lyris Titanborn: "All right. The good news is, we made it here in one piece and the Prophet looks unharmed. Now the bad news. It's going to be up to you to keep him safe and get him back to Tamriel. I'm not going with you."
"There's a trick to opening the cell. The only way for a prisoner to leave is for another living soul to take their place. I need to swap places with the Prophet."
There's no other way?
"Believe me, I wish there was. But ... I don't see anyone else here with a beating heart, do you? If Molag Bal isn't stopped he'll destroy everyone and everything we've ever loved."
I'm ready when you are.
"Once it's done, get moving. The Prophet will know where to go, but he'll need your eyes, and your protection."

Lyris then trades places with the Prophet, so you can escape with him to Tamriel.

Daughter of Giants[edit]

"You! You're alive! Are you really here, or is this another trick?"
It's me. The Prophet sent me to find you.
"Then he's still alive. Thank the gods! But, you! You can't stay! You have to leave before they find you here!"
I'm not leaving without you.
"You don't understand. They've ... done something to me. I can't leave!"
What do you mean?
"It's hard to describe, My memories, my feelings, they've been fragmented. Ripped apart. And all the fragmented pieces have been locked away in different parts of the Foundry."
Then we'll retrieve them.
"I've tried. The Daedra took everything. My willpower, my courage, my sense of self. I'm an empty shell. The fragments are reflections of my worst fears and most painful memories. I can't... I don't think I can face them."
We'll face them together. Come on.
Lyris Titanborn: "I'll do my best. Lead on."

You'll pass by some Soul Shriven slaves as you progress through the foundry.

Lyris Titanborn: "These lost souls are barely aware of their humanity. The guards don't even beat them anymore."

Speaking with her here:

"Be careful. The Daedra love to toy with prisoners."

The next area looks different.

Lyris Titanborn: "This can't be! It... it looks like my childhood home in Skyrim!"
Lyris Titanborn: "My parent's graves. My mother died in childbirth."
Lyris Titanborn: "I ran off to become a mercenary when I was sixteen. I never saw my father again. He was murdered by an old enemy."

Lyris will become distracted.

Lyris Titanborn: "Father? Papa, is that you?
Ragjar: "Bleed, you bastard! Die like the monster you are!"

Defeat Ragjar. During the battle, he will reveal himself to be a Dremora.

Manifestation Of Regret: "Her mind and soul are already ours! Abandon your pathetic rescue!"

Speak to Lyris' father.

Gjalder: "Lyris! Is this true, child?"
Lyris Titanborn: "You were always so cold. So distant. My mother died giving me life. It was my fault! I should never have been born!"
Gjalder: "Lyris, look at me. The blood of giants flows through my veins. Your mother was a Nord. I gave her my seed without thought for her safety. That's why she died. Not because of you, child. Because of me!"
Lyris Titanborn: "I thought you blamed me. You... you couldn't even look at me, Papa!"
Gjalder: "Do you not see? When I looked at you, I saw her face. I loved her, child. Just as I love you- more than life itself. We cannot change the past, nor should we cling to it. You must not let these feelings haunt you. Let them go. Let me go."
Lyris Titanborn: "I love you too, Papa. Rest now. Be at peace."
Lyris Titanborn: "He's gone. Come on, let's get out of here."
Lyris Titanborn: "This place is a labyrinth of hopelessness, built to compound the misery of those who labor here."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"This started out as a nightmare, but now... everything's different. I never thought I'd get the chance to tell my father how I felt. It's like a weight has been lifted.
We should keep moving."

Within Lyris's Solitude:

Lyris Titanborn: "Careful, keep your head down."

Speak with her after retrieving her armor:

"Did you find something?"
I believe this armor belongs to you.
"I can't believe it! This armor is who I am. It's what I am.
A warrior without her armor is like a bear without claws."
Suit up. I'll wait.
Lyris Titanborn: "Excellent. I'm ready."
Lyris Titanborn: "Watch your step. All the mining has made these tunnels unstable."

Seeing the projection of Tharn:

Lyris Titanborn: "Abnur Tharn, you traitorous bastard! I should have expected to find you here!"
Abnur Tharn: "Don't be a fool, Titanborn. I'm trying to help you. Your hatred poisons you. Warriors are like steel. When you lose temper, you lose your worth."
Lyris Titanborn: "Help me? You betrayed us all, then went back to licking Mannimarco's boot before the smoke cleared!"
Abnur Tharn: "I did what I had to do. And, as a show of my good intention, I have a gift for you. But, be warned. Coldharbour will not give it up, easily."
Lyris Titanborn: "Is that...? Shor's bones, it is! Vestige, that's my battle axe!"

After retrieving her axe:

Lyris Titanborn: "It's good to have you back. Are you thirsty for Daedric blood, old friend?"
"My axe! It feels good to have it back. It's part of me. Losing it was like losing an arm."
Why would Tharn try to help you?
"I don't know. I don't trust him and I never will.
But it's odd. The blind hatred I felt when I saw him? I could have strangled him with my bare hands. but now... I think he was right. That hatred was poisoning me."
How do you feel, now?
"Better. Stronger. Almost whole again. Isn't that strange?
I feel powerful enough to take on Umaril the Unfeathered, himself! I feel... like a warrior again!"
What's next?
"We're not done yet. We need to keep moving forward. The passage is blocked by a rock slide, but now that I have my axe back I might be able to break through it."
Let's check it out.

Your path is blocked by a cave-in.

Lyris Titanborn: "Stand back. No damned pile of pebbles is going to stop me now!"

Lyris then punches the wall in, clearing enough of a path for you two to pass through. Giant Strength.

Lyris Titanborn: "So many Daedric beasties, so little time. We need to keep moving."
Lyris Titanborn: "Did you hear that? That sounded like... no, it couldn't be."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai! What's happened to you? What have they done?"
Sai Sahan: "Lyris! Lyris, I can see you! Are you really there?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, it's me! We're seeing some kind of vision of you. Do you know where you are?"
Sai Sahan: "I... I don't know. They're torturing me. They... want the Amulet of Kings. Want me to tell them where it's hidden. But I haven't broken. Not yet."
Lyris Titanborn: "We'll find you! Somehow, we'll get you out of there! Sai? Sai! No! Bring him back, you bastards!"
"That was no trick. That was Sai Sahan!"
Are you going to be all right?
"Sai's a friend. Maybe my best friend. We need to find him and get him out of there!"
There must be a way to find out where they're keeping him.
"We need to tell the Prophet about this. He'll know what to do.
But first, we need to find a way out of here. I don't care what else they throw at us, nothing's going to keep me from helping Sai."
Let's go.

Approaching Lyris's Terror:

Lyris Titanborn: "Something's wrong. All the doubt, the fear, the loneliness... it's all coming back! I... I have to push through this! Let's go!"

The Manifestation Of Terror appears:

Lyris Titanborn: "Stendarr defend us! That thing! It's the source of all my fears! I can hear it whispering to me. Taunting me!"

After defeating the Manifestation Of Terror:

Lyris Titanborn: "We did it! The voices ... the whispering ... it's gone! This whole time, it was like watching myself from a distance. I felt ... disconnected. But now, this is the best I've felt in years. Like I've been reborn! And I owe it all to you. Thank you. Let's get out of here! We need to rescue Sai, then we've got a world to save!"

Returning to the Harborage:

The Prophet: "Lyris, child. Are you all right?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Yes, Prophet. I'm fine. The Vestige freed my mind from the Daedra's control."
The Prophet: "Thank the Divines. Your loss would have thrown all into chaos."
Lyris Titanborn: "They won't take me again. Not alive, at least. Prophet, Mannimarco captured Sai Sahan! He's torturing him to find out where the Amulet of Kings is hidden. We have to rescue him!"

Speaking to her after the Prophet:

"You pulled me from the pits of Oblivion. I owe you a debt of honor, small one. And a Titanborn pays her debts."
What was it like in the Foundry?
"It's a wretched place. A haunt of cowards, traitors, and lost souls.
And Daedra. Their vile spells violated my mind, Forced me to doubt myself. To disobey my own will. They'll pay for that, and pay dearly."
What is our next course of action?
"After the Soulburst, one of the five, Sai Sahan, fled with the Amulet of Kings. According to the Prophet, it's the only object in the world that an repair the tear in the veil between Tamriel and Oblivion."
How can the Amulet do that?
"I'm no mage, I'm a warrior. I have no knowledge of such things.
My skill is with a blade, as Mannimarco will discover when I remove his head from his narrow shoulders."
Are you going to be okay?
"Yes, I'll be fine... now.
I know it sounds strange, but... I knew you would come. I had faith in you. I still do. I hope we can be good friends."

Chasing Shadows[edit]

Before speaking with the Prophet (Lyris is playing the lute):

"My father taught me this song. Pretty, isn't it? I guess I'm feeling a little homesick."

After speaking with the Prophet:

"I've dealt with these Worm Cultists before. They use the darkest magic, ad they don't fight fair. Be careful."

After returning with the Orb of Discourse, before speaking to the Prophet:


After speaking with the Prophet:

Lyris Titanborn: "Hold a moment. Come here, we need to talk."
"I heard you and the Prophet talking about Abnur Tharn."
Why do you dislike Tharn so much?
"Didn't the Prophet tell you the story of the Five Companions?"
He showed me a vision about them, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
"I don't know where to start. There's so much to tell."
Tell me about the five companions.
"We were chosen by Emperor Varen to join him on a quest to recover a lost artifact called the Amulet Of Kings. The five included Varen, myself, a Redguard named Sai Sahan, Abnur Tharn, and the traitor, Mannimarco."
Tell me more about Mannimarco.
"You only know him as the man who killed you and stole your soul, but back then he was emperor Varen's most trusted advisor. It was Mannimarco who convinced Varen to search for the Amuleet of Kings."
Why would Varen need the Amulet?
"Varen wasn't a true Dragonborn Emperor. He didn't share Alessia's bloodline.
Mannimarco said the amulet could change all that. He said he could use it to perform a ritual that would turn Varen into a true Dragonborn."
What happened next?
"It took us more than two yers, but we finally recovered the amulet and returned to Cyrodiil to perform the ritual.
Mannimarco set us up. The ritual caused a violent explosion of magical energy. We lost Varen. Sai Sahan and I were declared outlaws."
What then?
"Mannimarco convinced the Elder Council to recognize Abnur Tharn's daughter Clivia as Empress-Regent, but Mannimarco was the true power behind the throne.
Sai Sahan and I went into hiding. There was a bounty on our heads."
What are the Dragonfires?/Tell me about the Dragonfires.
"Well, the legend says that the Dragonfires were created by the blood of Akatosh and given to Saint Alessia. When a new Emperor is crowned, they're supposed to relight them to prove that they're a true heir of Alessia. One of the Dragonborn."
I've heard enough for now.
"I know it's a lot to take in. We'll talk more later. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on the Prophet. Hopefully that orb will help him find out where Sai Sahan is being held. Once we know that, we can plan our next move."
Tell me about Abnur Tharn.
"Abnur Tharn is Grand Chancellor of the Elder Council, and chief advisor to his daughter, the Empress-Regent. He's also Mannimarco's toady."
Tharn didn't seem too happy working for the Worm Cult.
"Tharn's first loyalty is to his family and the Empire, and he's a ruthless bastard when it comes to defending them.
The Worm Cult obviously doesn't share those loyalties. Tharn would never trust them, but he's too much of a coward to betray them."
What if he got something out of it?
"Maybe. But what could we offer him? He's already got more gold than the Gods themselves!"
Yes, I've already heard this story. No need to repeat it. {skip hearing about the Five Companions from Lyris)
"I know it's a lot to take in. We'll talk more later. In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on the Prophet. Hopefully that orb will help him find out where Sai Sahan is being held. Once we know that, we can plan our next move."

After the quest:

"If anybody can find out where they're holding Sai, the Prophet can. We'll find him."

Castle of the Worm[edit]

Speaking to her before the Prophet:

"Don't ask me. I don't like this any more than you do."
The Prophet: "Tharn is quite correct. We have little choice in the matter."
Lyris Titanborn: "You can't be serious! How can we possibly trust him?"
The Prophet: "As our visitor so eloquently pointed out, we cannot. But if we are to locate Sai Sahan, we must do this. Go with the Vestige, Lyris. Rescue Tharn. Give him a chance to redeem himself. He may surprise you."

Before entering Coldharbour:

"Don't ask me. I don't like this any more than you do."
"I don't like this. But if it's the only way to find Sai Sahan, I'm with you."

In Coldharbour, after speaking to Tharn:

Lyris Titanborn: "What a skeever!"

After Tharn speaks to you upon your arrival in the Wretched Squalor:

"Improvise, he says. I can't believe we're risking our lives to rescue that skeeving horker."
Any suggestions?
"Subtlety and stealth. Let's not bring the entire castle guard down on our heads.
And didn't he say this was a town of soul shriven? Maybe we can find one who knows his way around."
We'd better get started, then.
"Try to be inconspicuous. We just got free of this place. The last thing we need is to get recaptured."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"Now, don't go around smashing things like a guar in a pottery shop. We don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention."

After finding Cadwell:

Lyris Titanborn: "Why am I not surprised to find Cadwell here? He certainly does get around."

Fighting through the undercroft:

"Can we try to keep it a little quieter? It's a wonder the whole castle doesn't know we're here!"

After getting into the castle:

Lyris Titanborn: "Sir Cadwell came through again! That crazy knight is starting to grow on me. Should I be worried?"

Finding Flesh Atronach parts:

Lyris Titanborn: "Is that a lung?"
Lyris Titanborn: "I'm not going near the city butcher for a while, I'll tell you that much."
Lyris Titanborn: "Ugh. Not the most glamorous task, is it?"
Lyris Titanborn: "It takes a lot to make me ill, but this is getting there."
Lyris Titanborn: "It's freezing in here. At least that means the body parts won't smell as bad."

Speaking to her during this:

"Let's not tell any bards about this part of our adventure, agreed? This is not what I want to be remembered for."

Before performing the ritual:

"This part's on you. I'm a dunce when it comes to magic."

After the flesh atronach breaks the door:

" I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing Tharn again."

Progressing through the Tower Summit:

Lyris Titanborn: "There he is! Looks like we've got him under guard."

At the summit, before speaking with Tharn:

"Look, there he is! I'll follow your lead."

After the battle with Mannimarco:

"Find out what he wants. We need to get out of here!"

Back in the Harborage:

"I want to punch Tharn in the throat with every fiber of my being, but I'll be civil. Just keep him out of my face."

After speaking with Tharn in the Harborage:

Lyris Titanborn: "What? You son of a bitch!"

(Lyris punches Abnur in the face)

Abnur Tharn: "Gah! Are you insane? Get away from me, you brutish she-troll!"
The Prophet: "Lyris! Stand down!"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's done nothing but lie to us from the beginning! I don't care what he says, he'll always be Mannimarco's toady!"
Abnur Tharn: "Please. Mannimarco wants me dead! Did I pretend to capitulate to him? Yes, I did. Do you have any idea how many lives I saved by doing so?"
Lyris Titanborn: "The only thing you saved was your holdings and your own hide, you pompous ass!"
The Prophet: "Enough! Abnur had no choice, Lyris. And we are guilty of our own deceit, are we not? The time has come for the Vestige to know the truth!"
Abnur Tharn: "What's this? The Vestige doesn't know? Oh, this is rich!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sire, don't ...!"
The Prophet: "Vestige. Until now, you have only known me as the Prophet. But that is not my true name. I ... am Varen Aquilarios!"
Abnur Tharn: "Our fallen Emperor, in the tattered robes of a Moth Priest, blind as a newborn kitten!"
Varen Aquilarios: "I am sorry I deceived you, Vestige."

Once the truth is out:

"I'm sorry I lied to you. I ... I hope we can still be friends."
So, the Prophet was the Emperor all along?
"I wanted to tell you the truth, but the Proph ... Varen didn't think it was wise.
I hope you can forgive us. Forgive me."
Why did you hit Tharn?
"After Mannimarco betrayed us, Tharn went right on being his lap dog so that his daughter, Clivia, could remain on the throne. He's a traitorous pig. Bastard had it coming."
So now what do we do?
"Varen will figure something out. Maybe Tharn can actually help us, but I still don't trust him. He'll knife us in the back the first chance he gets, mark my words."

The Tharn Speaks[edit]

Go to speak to Varen in The Harborage and Lyris will comment on Tharn:

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a wraith.
Tharn's been gone for hours. I think he's up to something."

After speaking to Varen, she'll tell you:

"We'll find Sai Sahan, and if Mannimarco gets in our way, I'll chop that sniveling knife-eared puddle of troll piss into little bite-sized pieces."

Halls of Torment[edit]

During the argument:

Lyris Titanborn: "Put a cork in it, Tharn! Sai's my friend. Probably the best friend I have. If the Vestige is going, I'm going too!"
Abnur Tharn: "Yes, I see. And you are the most qualified, why? Is it your superior knowledge of Coldharbour? Your expertise in dealing with Daedric entities? Or is it simply the unrequited puppy love you feel for that shirtless mammoth?"

When spoken to after the argument:

"I'm glad you're here. I'm about to punch Tharn in the teeth again, and I didn't want you to miss it."

After speaking with Varen:

"What's wrong? What did Varen say?"
He said that only one of you can join me.
"Then your choice is clear! I've known Sai Sahan longer than anyone. I should be the one to go!
It's your decision, just know that I'd give my life for you or for Sai. Would Tharn do the same?"
[Choose Lyris] I want you by my side, Lyris.
"Thank you. You won't regret it.
Back in the Coldharbour slave pits, the shriven used to whisper about the Halls of Torment. When I think of what Sai Sahan must be going through .... We'll bring him back, or die trying!"

If you choose Tharn, she'll comment:


If chosen to go with you to the Halls, Lyris will have dialogue for if you speak with her unprompted:

"I heard about this place when I was a prisoner in Coldharbour. It's a living nightmare. Be ready for anything."

After having seen the Tharn Doppelganger for the first time:

Lyris Titanborn: "That's Tharn's voice! What is he doing here?"

Speaking with Lyris after defeating Tharn's Doppelganger:

"Sai was right here. We had him! We were so close."
Why would his torturer be made to look like Tharn?
"Tharn was always mocking Sai. Making jokes at his expense. Sai never responded, but I know it hurt him deeply. The Daedra must have sensed that.
On the plus side, a doppelganger with Tharn's face was much more satisfying to kill."
What was that about being a sword-singer?
"The sword-singers are legendary. They were a group of Redguard swordmasters, wiped out in the First Era by the Yokudan Emperor Hira.
Sahan spent years trying to resurrect their lost art, but never succeeded. He considered it his greatest failure."
So, the doppelganger was using that failure to torment him?
"And it took on Tharn's appearance because he was a familiar rival that Sai secretly despised.
Imagine seeing your nemesis succeed where you failed, day after day, year after year. I can't think of anything worse."

Continuing to speak without prompt:

"Sai's alive, but he's far from safe. We need to hurry!"

Outside The Chamber of Dark Seduction, you'll hear the doppelganger trying coerce Sai. Lyris will exclaim:

"That sounded like my voice! What's going on? I never said that!"

Entering the chamber with the Lyris Doppelganger:

"That's not me! It's nothing like me! Why is she pretending to be me?
We need to destroy that shield. When I'm finished with her, she won't resemble me in the slightest!"

Seeing Sai held captive, she'll say:

Lyris Titanborn : "She seems to be drawing power from those stones. Destroy them, quickly!"

As you defeat the seducers, she'll comment:

"This can't be real. It's not like this between Sai and me."
"They pulled these thoughts from Sai's head? I don't understand!"
"Why does she look like me?"

After defeating the Lyris Doppelganger, she calls to you.

Lyris Titanborn: "Vestige! Hold a moment!"

Speak to her.

"When I get my hands on Mannimarco, I'm going to slice that traitor stem to sternum and wash my hands in his body cavity!"
I don't understand. Why did that doppelganger look like you?
"How should I know? Sai and I are friends! Good friends. Nothing more!"
They pulled the idea from Sai's head, didn't they?
"What? No! Our friendship is based on honor and loyalty, not foolish games of love!
I ... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. This is just so ... unexpected. Confusing."
I think we just met Mannimarco's Duchess of Anguish.
"I'll show her anguish when I bury my axe in her skull!
Let's keep moving. And, listen ... don't mention this whole thing to anyone. I need some time to figure out what it means."

Speaking with Lyris again:

'"First a doppelganger of Tharn, then one of me? What are these horkers playing at?
It's a wonder Sai hasn't lost his mind, completely. Let's keep moving and hope he still has a soul to save."

After entering the last chamber, before the fight:

Lyris Titanborn: "There he is! Let's finish this!"

Speaking with Lyris before the fight:

"That vile daedra appears to be our host, The Duchess of Anguish. What say we settle our dispute, Tamriel style? Kill her!"

After the fight, before saving Sai:

Lyris Titanborn: "Help me with his bonds!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai is in pain. Release his bonds, quickly!"

Before speaking to a freed Sai:

"Sai, it's Lyris!
He looks terrible. We need to get out of here, fast! See if he can walk."

Speaking with Lyris after finishing Sai's Dialogue:

"Sai's been through a lot, but it looks like he can walk on his own. That's a good sign."

When you return, Lyris will have dialogue if you took Tharn to the Halls of Torment:

"After he came through the portal, Tharn made a wisecrack about Sai being in love with me, and Sai actually blushed. Now he can't even look at me!
What happened in there? Wait, I don't want to know. Sai's safe, and that's all that matters, right?"

If you chose Lyris, back at the Harborage and before speaking with Varen she will say:

"We did it. We got him. Sai's going to be all right.
Thank you."

After speaking with Varen, and before speaking with Sai:

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai needs to rest. Don't say anything that might upset him, all right?"

After the quest has been completed:

"We did it. Sai's going to be all right.
I have a favor to ask. Let's not talk about what happened with that doppelganger. Not yet, anyway. I ... I had no idea Sai had feelings for me. I just need time to sort it all out."

Valley of Blades[edit]

If you talk to her when you first enter the Harbourage, she will be looking forward to the journey.

"I'm looking forward to this. I'm curious to see where Sai Sahan trained in his youth."

Once you arrive in the Valley and have spoken with Sai, he will start reminiscing.

Sai Sahan: "It is strange to return to these mountains. Memories of youth flood my mind, each one bringing its own sorrow, or its own smile."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, joy. We've been here less than five minutes and Sahan is already getting maudlin and weepy."
Lyris Titanborn: "Shut up, Tharn! Don't let him get to you, Sai. Let him roll his eyes. Maybe he'll find a brain back there."
Sai Sahan: "Kasura often said that rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength. She is wise beyond her years. You will like her, Snow Lily."

Trekking further into the valley will reveal that the Abbey is under attack.

Sai Sahan: "What is this? The abbey burns!"
Lyris Titanborn: "So much destruction! What could have done this?"
Abnur Tharn: "I'm afraid I've seen this before. Keep an eye skyward, Titanborn!"

After finding Kasura:

Kasura: "A gigantic beast... like nothing I've ever seen! The cultists... they're opening rifts to Oblivion!"
Sai Sahan: "Save your strength, Kasura. We will make them pay, I promise you!"
Lyris Titanborn: "What do you think? Trap?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's only a trap if you don't know about it. I assume everything is a trap. Therefore, it's a challenge."

If you talk to her, she will comment:

"Sometimes it feels like these cultists really are worms. When you slice them to pieces, you just wind up with more of them!"

Once the titan is defeated, Kasura will lead the group to the crypts.

Kasura: "Follow me. The hidden entrance will not be obvious."
Lyris Titanborn: "Why would a crypt need a secret entrance?"
Abnur Tharn: "It's a wonder there's an unplundered crypt in all of Skyrim! You Nords could learn a thing or two from the builders of Hammerfell."
Sai Sahan: "Perhaps Hammerfell could also teach Nibenay the virtue of good manners."

If you talk to her while in the crypt, Lyris will say:

"This place stinks of dust and death. Let's finish this and get out of here."

Once you have picked up the ring, Mannimarco will appear.

Mannimarco: "I knew you would lead me to the ring, eventually. Give it to me!"
Sai Sahan: "Your presence defiles this place, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Give me the ring and I might spare your pathetic lives!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We struck down your Titan and we'll strike you down soon enough!"
Mannimarco: "The Titan was a prelude of what's to come if you continue to defy me!"
Abnur Tharn: "Defy you? Your delusions of godhood are laughable, you ignominious corpse-herder!"
Mannimarco: "Very well, then. I'll simply take the ring from your corpses."
<The dead start to rise.>
Sai Sahan: "Blasphemy! How dare you raise the honored dead to fight your battle!"
Kasura: "Sai, look out! He's raising Ra Abah!"

If you talk to her during the fight, she will yell:

"Go back to the Harborage. Get the ring to safety!"

If you talk to Lyris after fighting back the undead, she will mention that she will stay behind for now.

"I'll stay with Said and Kasura. Get the ring back to the Harborage. We'll meet you there as soon as we can."

After you agree to take the ring back to Varen, the trio will have a conversation.

Kasara: "The damage is great, but if you had not arrived when you did, there would be nothing left to rebuild. Be safe in the coming days, my friends. I look forward to your return."
Sai Sahan: "The Abbey of Blades will rise from these ashes. If I survive the dark path we must walk, I will return to help Kasura shape a new generation of blademasters."
Lyris Titanborn: "A noble goal, Sai. Perhaps I'll join you. For now, we should see to the survivors."
Abnur Tharn: "You continue to surprise me, Sahan. And just when I thought I had you figured out."
Sai Sahan: "You can never know me, Tharn. In the Book of Circles, Divad wrote that the greatest warriors suffers his pain in silence, for he knows that an open oven bakes no bread."
Abnur Tharn: "My great grandfather Knavus Tharn put it another way: better to keep your silence and be thought an imbecile, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!"

Shadow of Sancre Tor[edit]

When you first arrive at the Harborage, Lyris will admit her unease.

"I know we don't stand a chance against Molag Bal unless we recover the Amulet of Kings, but I'm still uneasy about this. That damned thing has been nothing but trouble from the beginning."

After you have spoken with Varen.

"I'm worried about Sai. First the Halls of Torment, then the destruction of the Valley of Blades? A lesser man would have already crumbled."

Once you have arrived in Sancre Tor.

"I've heard stories of this place, but I've never had the opportunity to come here. I trust Sai had good reasons for placing the amulet in a place such as this."'

Lyris will question Sai Sahan about the dubious choice of hiding places:

Lyris Titanborn: "You could have hidden that amulet anywhere in Tamriel, and this was your first choice?"
Sai Sahan: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
Abnur Tharn: "Brilliant. Why is it that the people with the most ridiculous ideas are always the ones who are most certain of them?"
Sai Sahan and Lyris Titanborn, simultaneously: "Shut up, Tharn."

After walking through the passageway, you will be greeted by a massive projection of Mannimarco.

Mannimarco: "What brings you to Sancre Tor, old friends? Looking for an amulet, perhaps?"
Sai Sahan: "Mannimarco? How did you find this place?"
Mannimarco: "Do you really think I'd allow you to escape the Halls of Torment if I couldn't track your every movement?"
<Sai Sahan is lifted into the air by magic.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, no! Mannimarco, stop! You're killing him!"
Mannimarco: "Where is the Amulet of Kings? My master, Molag Bal, demands it!"
Abnur Tharn: "Your master. Please! You would use the amulet to betray Molag Bal!"
Mannimarco: "Fool! When I ascended, you could have been at my right hand, Tharn. Instead you chose to align yourself with mongrels and imbeciles. Now you'll die with them!"
Abnur Tharn: "You won't get away with this. Do you really think you can betray a Daedric Prince?"
Mannimarco: "With the Amulet of Kings, all things are possible! Nations will tremble and bow before me! I will be a god!"
Sai Sahan: "The Amulet of Kings will never be yours! It is protected by a ward of the Divines!"
Mannimarco: "You mean your ward of Stendarr, God of Merciful Forbearance, patron of gutless, law-abiding dimwits? It won't even slow me down!"

When you talk with her afterwards:

"Mannimarco, again? You know, after we've killed him, I'm really going to miss hating that skeever."

Once you have spoken with Sai, Lyris will be concerned while Abnur will speculate on things.

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, are you well enough to continue?"
Sai Sahan: "Have no fear, Snow Lily. I am Redguard. We are like mountain bamboo: far stronger and more flexible than we might appear."
Abnur Tharn: "I find it hilarious that Mannimarco chose such a massive projected appearance. He's obviously overcompensating for something."

If you speak with Lyris, she will give her opinion on fighting the undead.

"I hate killing things that are already dead. It's just not as satisfying."

Once you arrive at the inner chamber, Mannimarco will appear to taunt you again and to explain his ambitions to replace Molag Bal.

Mannimarco: "Persistent, aren't you? Do you really think you can keep me from acquiring the amulet?"
Sai Sahan: "The Amulet of Kings is under the protection of Stendarr's ward! It will never be yours!"
Mannimarco: "Ah, Sai. You still don't understand, do you? My plan will succeed because of your ward of Stendarr! It will prevent Molag Bal from observing or interfering. By the time the ward is down and the amulet is mine, it will already be too late!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You're insane if you think you can betray the God of Schemes!"
Mannimarco: "Naive child! You know nothing! Chim-el Adabal, the red diamond at the center of the Amulet of Kings, is the most powerful Soul Gem ever created!"
Mannimarco: "With the amulet in my possession, I will absorb Molag Bal's power, reducing him to an empty husk of ethereal flesh. Then I will trap his essence within the gem!"
Mannimarco: "In time, the name Molag Bal will be forgotten! In time, all of Tamriel will bow down before me! Soon, the God of Schemes will have a new name: Mannimarco!"

The projection disappears and a bunch of undead minions attack you.

If you speak with afterwards she will say:

"I can't shake the feeling that we're being watched."

When you arrive at the Inner Courtyard, Sai will need to take a break.

Sai Sahan: "Please. A moment, my friends. I … I must rest before we continue."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai? Are you all right? That bastard really hurt you, didn't he? I swear to the gods I'll take his head off!"
Sai Sahan: "I'll be fine, Snow Lily. I just need a moment to catch my breath."
Lyris Titanborn: "Take all the time you need. I'll keep watch. If there's anything I can do, just name it."
Abnur Tharn: "An enchanting moment. I'll be over here, bringing up my lunch."

Speaking with Lyris:

"You better keep an eye on me. I'm getting ready to punch Tharn again."
Is Sai going to be all right?
"Sai Sahan is nothing if not determined. He once told me that achieving victory is like wrestling an ogre. You don't quit when you're tired, you quit when the ogre is tired.
He'll see this through, don't worry."
What about you?
"Me? I'll chase Mannimarco to the furthest corners of Oblivion if I have to. Vengeance is a powerful motivator.
And I don't know if you've realized it yet, but under this hardened shell, I'm an optimistic fool who'd take a blade for any one of you."
Did you and Sai ever talk about what happened in the Halls of Torment?
"We're two of a kind. Stoic.Is that what people call us?
Our hearts are connected, but we don't talk about our feelings. We don't even understand them ourselves. Maybe we'll talk about it someday, but today's not that day."

After Mannimarco reveals his Dragonguard surprise to Sai, Lyris will be increasingly worried.

"I've never seen Sai like this. He's in a lot of pain."

Once you have consecrated the shrine in the Dragonguard Tomb.

Sai Sahan: "Now, we have only to consecrate the second shrine before we can enter the vault."
Lyris Titanborn: "You certainly did a thorough job hiding the amulet, Sai. Couldn't you have just stuffed it in a mattress or something?"

If you talk with her:

"One shrine left. Let's move! I don't know if Sai can take much more of this."

Before solving the lever puzzle in the Reman Vault:

"Don't look at me. I'm terrible at puzzles!"

After solving the lever puzzle in the Reman Vault:

Lyris Titanborn: "You did it! The bridge is down!"

An enchanting conversation:

Abnur Tharn: "Dank corridors, crumbling walls, nauseating smells. This place has all the charm of a Riften brothel. It must feel very much like home to you, Titanborn."
Lyris Titanborn: "You mean a crypt filled with the rotting corpses of inbred kings and failed statesmen. Must be what it's like at a Tharn family reunion."
Sai Sahan: "It is more pleasant in the summer months."

After you have consecrated the second shrine:

"That's the last shrine. Let's get the amulet and get out of here!"

When you reach the Vault Antechamber,

Mannimarco: "Your pathetic efforts will not succeed! The Amulet of Kings will be mine!"
Sai Sahan: "I swear by Stendarr's grace and the sword of my father, you will not win, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Soon, you will know the extent of my power and bow before me!"
Mannimarco: "Through the power of the Amulet of Kings, I will be transformed!"
<Ghostly figures of the various national leaders will appear in a circle surrounding you.>
Mannimarco: "All the nations of Tamriel will bow before me! They will worship me and beg for my mercy! All will know the name of Mannimarco as their one, true god!"
Lyris Titanborn: "You'll never get away with it, Mannimarco! We'll fight you to our last breath!"
Mannimarco: "By all means, my old friends. Try and stop me!"

Before entering the Vault of Kings:

"We're almost there. Let's finish this!"

Afterwards, it is clear that Lyris just wants to find the amulet and leave.

"How many more doors are between us and this vault?"

After getting instructions from Sai, she'll remark:

"The sooner you get that door open, the sooner we can get out of here."

When you enter the Vault of Kings, Mannimarco will be waiting for you. As he nears defeat:

Mannimarco: "I grow tired of these games!"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's weakening! Don't stop now!"

If you speak with her afterwards, Lyris will be shocked:

"We did it! I … I don't believe it! Mannimarco is gone!"

Once you take the Amulet of Kings, the trio will have a conversation.

Lyris Titanborn: "Everything Mannimarco did was designed to pit us against each other. We can't let that happen. Look what we can accomplish when we work together."
Abnur Tharn: "How uncharacteristically optimistic of you, Titanborn. I may have that embroidered on a pillow."
Lyris Titanborn: "The Divines gave you a nose for a reason, Tharn. So you can keep your mouth shut and still keep breathing."
Abnur Tharn: "Well played, Titanborn. Well played."
Sai Sahan: "We are finished here. It is time to go home."

Back at the Harborage Lyris will be happy with what has been achieved.

"We got the Amulet of Kings and sent that traitorous bastard to Oblivion where he belongs. All in all, I'd say that's a good day's work!"

After you talk to Varen.

"I can't believe there's still more to do. But whatever the future holds, come Oblivion or high water, the Five Companions will face it together."

Council of the Five Companions[edit]

When you arrive at the Harborage, you'll find Lyris to the side of the main room playing her lute to Sai. Speak to her before speaking to Varen and she'll only say:

"You've returned. We have a lot to discuss, but Lord Varen is anxious to speak with you first. We'll talk later."

After speaking to Varen, but before Sai, she'll only say:

"Sai Sahan has something to ask you."

If you agreed to regroup the five companions:

Sai Sahan: "I, Sai Sahan, steward of the Abbey of Blades, call for the Five Companions to be reforged this day."
Sai Sahan: "By the light of Stendarr, and the heart of Lorkhan, may our blade of fellowship be forged anew. And may the Vestige, our mutual friend and ally, become its tip, that we may thrust it straight into the heart of a Daedric Prince."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sai Sahan is right. You are the member that we should have had all those years ago."
Varen Aquilarios: "It is as the Scrolls foretold. The soulless one will become the brightest of five stars, and they shall guide us to the coming dawn."
Abnur Tharn: "Oh, please. You melodramatic sots! Fine, fine. If seeing one of your foolish prophecies com true will help to ensure the safety of the Empire, I'll play along."
Sai Sahan: "We stand united once more- the Five Companions are reforged, and together we will strike down the God of Schemes!"

After that speech:

Lyris Titanborn: "Come here, my friend. I've got a few things I want to say before you go."

If you decided not to regroup, Sai will instruct you to speak to Lyris.

Either choice, she'll say:

"It's been a long road, hasn't it? My father used to say that if you avoid all of life's abrasions, you'll never be polished enough to shine. We must be pretty damned shiny by now."
He was a wise man, your father.
"I've been thinking about our adventures and the hardships we've faced together. We're in the last leg of this journey, aren't we?
I don't regret any of it, but it occurs to me that we haven't had much of a chance to talk as friends."
We may not get another chance. What did you want to talk about?
"Where do you see yourself going after all of this is over? I mean, assuming we survive, get your soul back, and stop Molag Bal?"
Option Dialogue
There's a war to win. I intend to take up the fight in Cyrodiil. "Bloody business, war. There was a time I loved my axe for its sharpness and my armor for its sheen, but no more. Today, I love what they defend. Don't lose sight of what's behind you in the hatred of what's before you. "
There's a whole wide world to explore. I want to see what's out there. "Traveling is a humble experience. You see first hand what a small place you occupy in the world. Funny thing is, the farther you go, the harder it is to return. But when you do... if you do... you get to see the place you came from with new eyes."
There's nothing to talk about. We've got work to do.

""I guess you're right. Ah, well. I won't take up too much of your time. You've got destiny and all that, written on some moldy-old scroll.""
What about you?
"Me? I don't know. Maybe I'll go back to Skyrim and settle down. Squeeze out a few whelps. Maybe raise sheep or grow cabbages."
Are you serious?
"What? No! Can you imagine it? Lyris Titanborn, shepherd? Farmer? Housewife? I need to be out in the wind and wild. And if I ever find my life mate, he'll feel the same way.
My turn. What's your one regret about what we've all been through?"
Option Dialogue
I have no regrets. "You're a hard-heart, eh? No regret, no tears, no doubts? Don't look back unless you're planning to head in that direction.
I guess that that's exactly the kind of person we need right now. "
The deaths of so many people. "You never get used to it. My father... he'll die over and over again for the rest of my life. Grief doesn't go away. You just learn to live with it.
But I can live my life with his daring and spirit and joy. That way, he'll never die. Not really."
Missed opportunities to seize power. "That's the real test of character. Anyone can face adversity,but give them power and you'll see their true colors. Power over other is the way of cowards. Seize the power to choose your own path. To control your own life. That takes real courage. "
What about you?
"Oh, lots of things. Friends lost, missed opportunities, failed endeavors. Maybe the best that we can hope for is to end up with the right regrets.
I do regret not taking the time to get to know the people I fought with. I hope to change that."
What else is on your mind?
"One last thing.
You like mead?"
Sure. Not really. Never had it.
"I knew I liked you! So, let's toast...
To Molag Bal, that ugly skeever! May his privates be infected with Brown Rot Fever! May our course be true and our hearts be brave, as we march into Coldharbour to spit on his grave!"
"Oh, my small friend, you are hopeless, aren't you? I've been saving a bottle for a special occasion. Real Skyrim mead, too. I don't suppose you'd want to share one, regardless of the taste?" "Never? Mead is the honeyed kiss of the gods themselves! You must try some!"
I'll drink to that!

No, I'll pass.
Why not?
No, I'll pass.
Why not?
No, I'll pass.

Lyris Titanborn: "Let's not forget the struggles that got us to this point. We're almost home. We just have a bit further to fight."
Abnur Tharn: "Are you all insane? You do realize what we need to do, right? We have to fight a Daedric Prince. Amulet or no, this is going to mean more death. Vestige! Come here. I'll tell you what they're afraid to mention."

Speak to Lyris before Tharn:

"The vein in Tharn's forehead looks like it's about to pop. You better see what he wants."

After the conversation with Tharn:

Abnur Tharn: "Of course it is. The fact of the matter stands, however. One of the Five will need to give their life to fuel this attack, when the time comes."
Lyris Titanborn: "So you said before the Vestige arrived. And I've already thought it over. I'll do it."
Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, no! You should not need to give your life this way. This is my duty- penance for my numerous failures. This is my chance to make things right."
Varen Aquilarios: "The Scrolls said nothing of this moment, and so I am not bound to their dictates. Vestige, I ask that you let me do this one thing. All that has happened was because of my hubris. I shall be the one."
Lyris Titanborn: "Sire, you've done enough. This was Mannimarco's doing, not yours."
Abnur Tharn : "As the one who will fight the Daedric Prince, the Vestige should decide."
Lyris Titanborn: "I don't see you leaping to volunteer, Tharn. Saving your own backside again?"
Abnur Tharn: "Had as it may be, Lyris, don't be an idiot. I am the only one who knows the ritual and we don't have time to teach anyone else."
Varen Aquilarios: "That's enough. It won't be decided here and now. Vestige, come here. I have some final words for you."

Speak to Lyris before Varen:

"Lord Varen is waiting for you."

After speaking to Varen she'll say:

"We'll be by your side for the final battle. In the meantime, we'll prepare ourselves and keep the Amulet of Kings safe."

God of Schemes[edit]

When you speak to her inside the Harborage:

"Lord Varen is waiting for you. It's time."
Fighting with Sai in at Heart's Grief

When spoken to without need at Heart's Grief:

"No matter how this ends, I'm proud of how far we've come, and what we've accomplished."

Upon entering the Heart's Grief Vestibule:

Varen Aquilarios: "This place is alive with pain and suffering. This must be where Molag Bal torments those who displease him."
Lyris Titanborn: "Look there! Is that Mannimarco?"
Abnur Tharn: "Mannimarco! He was a back-stabbing hypocrite with delusions of godhood. The fool got precisely what he deserved!"

If you choose to release Mannimarco, he will say the following:

Mannimarco: "You actually released me? Naive fool! Future generations will pay for your weakness!"
Abnur Tharn: "Are you insane? That worm didn't deserve your mercy!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Why do I get the feeling we're going to regret this?"

Arriving at the Seat of Tyranny:

The Prophet: "Molag Bal is here. I can feel his presence. Sense his foul breath upon the wind."
The Prophet: "There. That place should serve us well. Let us assemble and prepare the ritual."
Lyris Titanborn: "What do you suppose this place was?"
Sai Sahan: "A temple of some kind. The Dark Anchors may have pulled it into Coldharbour. Or, perhaps it was created by the Daedra to mock the Divines."
Abnur Tharn: "What does it matter? We can't wait any longer. We must perform the ritual. Vestige, it is time for you to make your decision."

You can then speak to Lyris, and have the option to choose her as the sacrifice:

"We've had some crazy adventures, haven't we? But adventures are what you call them when everybody comes back alive, so maybe they've come to an end.
I don't regret any of it, though. Not for a moment."
Nor do I.
"My father once told me that the most important thing anyone can know is what they would die for. I know that now."
You're young. You still have a long life ahead of you.
"I feel like I've already lived a dozen lifetimes. I'm so tired. And I look forward to seeing my parents again, in Sovngarde.
If my death has meaning, then so will my life. It would be my great honor if you would choose me."
Very well. I choose you, Lyris. (Lyris Titanborn is sacrificed in the ritual)
I need more time to decide. (You exit dialogue and can speak to him again, or to others)

Once you have made your decision on how to sacrifice, Abnur Tharn will bring out the Amulet of Kings and say:

Abnur Tharn: "Position yourself over there, Vestige. And brace yourself."
Lyris being sacrificed.

If you have chosen to sacrifice Lyris Titanborn:

Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, no... don't do this. Please."
Lyris Titanborn: "Death is simply life's next great adventure, and I am prepared to make the journey. I hope to see you all again one day, in Sovngarde. Until then, it has been my greatest honor."

If you have chosen to sacrifice Sai Sahan:

Lyris Titanborn: "Sai, I... I'll never forget you. And we'll finish this, I swear it."
Sai Sahan: "I am honored to make this sacrifice. When you think of me, I hope you remember me fondly, and sing songs of this day while you toast to my memory."

If you have chosen to sacrifice Varen Aquilarios:

Lyris Titanborn: "We'll never forget you Sire, or your sacrifice."
Varen Aquilarios: "Great Akatosh, Dragon God of Time, forgive me for my hubris. Grant your divine power to the Vestige and restore your protection to Tamriel, that my sacrifice might not be in vain."

If you chose to not sacrifice Lyris and speak to her, she will say:

"Don't stop now! We'll take care of things here."

After the final battle, there are several possible dialogue outcomes that can occur.

If Varen was sacrificed:

Lyris Titanborn: "What... what happened? How did we get here? I remember being overwhelmed, but then..."
Cadwell: "Right. Sorry about that. I called in a bit of help to pull you out of there. I do hope I didn't overstep my bounds."
Sai Sahan: "Snow Lily, I..."
Lyris Titanborn: "I know, Sai. It's over. It's all over."
Cadwell: "Well then! Happy endings all around! Smashing! Who's got the brandy?"
Sai Sahan: "Wait, where is Tharn? Did he survive?"
Cadwell: "He vanished. Ran off, I think. And he took the amulet you chaps found, with him."

You speak to her before talking to Sai:

"You're not going to get all weepy with me, are you? I mean, I've got that stoic reputation to maintain..."
What now?
"What now? For you, it seems there's more to do. For us...
We've seen too much, my friend. Been through too much. I think it's time for us to go."
Where will you go?
"Sai and I talked about it a few days ago. What would happen if we both survived. I'd like to go back to the Abbey of Blades with him, and help them rebuild."
Will we see each other again?
"Maybe some day. It's not as though I'm dropping off the face of Tamriel!
And if not, well, I'm sure there's a seat for you in Sovngarde. If you get there first, save me a cold mug of mead."
Farewell, Lyris Titanborn.
"We really shook the pillars of Oblivion, didn't we? I'm going to miss you."

If Sai Sahan was sacrificed:

Varen Aquilarios: "The scents of the Harborage fill the air. But what happened? How did we return? Lyris? Lyris, are you there?"
Cadwell: "Not to worry, not to worry! Lyris is fit as a fiddle, and you all seem quite intact, as well."
Lyris Titanborn: "I'm here, sire. But where's Tharn?"
Cadwell: "He vanished. Ran off, I think. And he took the amulet you chaps found, with him."
Lyris Titanborn: "That bastard! Sai died for that Amulet!"
(?) "The Amulet's power is expended for generations to come. It will be of no use to him, now."
Varen Aquilarios: "Things feel different. Molag Bal's hold on my mind has been lifted. I am finally free of him!"

You can talk to her afterwards:

"We did it. Tamriel will go on. But what a terrible price we had to pay." [verification needed — lyris says this?]
missing dialogue beforehand?
"I'll bring the news of Sai's death to Kasura at the Abbey of Blades. Maybe I'll stay there for awhile. Help rebuild. Sai would want that.
After that, I don't know."
Sai's death must be hard to accept. Will you be all right?
"Grief doesn't change us, it reveals us. That's what my father always said.
I'll mourn Sai in my own way. I loved him. I know that now. There's a big, deep hole of aching inside me. Even when I'm finished mourning him, it's not going to go away."
Will I see you again?
"I've never been able to sit still long. Eventually, the road will call. But where I'll wind up? Who knows? Roads are for journeys, not destinations.
Maybe we'll run into each other again. Have a drink. Maybe crack some skulls for old times sake."
I'd like that. Farewell, Lyris Titanborn

Cadwell delivers a eulogy for Lyris.

If Lyris was sacrificed, Varen and Sai will speak:

Sai Sahan: "How have we returned? The last hing I remember was being overwhelmed!"
Cadwell: "Right. Sorry about that. I called in a bit of help to pull you out of there. I do hope I didn't overstep my bounds."
Varen Aquilarios: "He is gone! Molag Bal no longer touches my mind! I am finally free of him!"
Sai Sahan: "My Lord Varen, are you injured?"
Varen Aquilarios: "I'm fine, Sai. But where is Tharn? I do not hear his steps nor his breath."
Cadwell: "He vanished. Ran off, I think. And he took the amulet you chaps found, with him."
Sai Sahan: "I cannot believe Snow Lily is gone. Why did she do it, My Lord?"
Cadwell: "Here now, my good man! Lyris Titanborn is a good hero! She gave her life for a noble cause!"
Varen Aquilarios: "Sir Cadwell is right, Sai. We will all mourn her, but it was her choice. her sacrifice to make."

Cadwell will later give you Light of Meridia, showing a projection of Lyris and he will deliver a eulogy:

Cadwell: "Ah, fair Lyris. She will be missed. Her light may have left this world, but her spirit lives on in you … perhaps even in a literal sense. Take comfort in that."
Cadwell: "And she did give her life to save this world, didn't she? Though I can't understand why you're all so fond of it. Dreadful place. Ah well, it's horses for courses, I suppose.
That's all well and done, then. There's just one bit of business left."



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