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Assist the priests of Kilkreath Temple.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Objective: Kilkreath Temple — Help save the survivors of Kilkreath Temple.
Quest Giver: Priest Isonir, Priest Bavian
Location(s): Kilkreath Temple
Concurrent Quest: The Gathering Storm
Reward: Meridia's Healing Rod
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6465
Many victims lie on the sacred grounds.
A strange storm has devastated the area around Kilkreath Temple. Now the priests of the temple want my help to find the priests and pilgrims that were lost in the storm.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Priest Direnna, Acolyte Hjolt and Roligmolf near Kilkreath Temple.
  2. Speak with Priest Bavian at the Pilgrims' Lodge.
  3. Enter Kilkreath Temple and search for the missing priests.
  4. Find the Catacombs Key.
  5. Retrieve Meridia's Brilliance from the catacombs.
  6. Speak with Priest Bavian outside Kilkreath Temple.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Upon approaching Kilkreath Temple you meet a distraught Priest Isonir. The temple was hit by a Harrowstorm causing many of the pilgrims and priests to be transformed into Harrowfiends. he asks you to find Priest Bavian in a nearby cave and assist her with rescuing any survivors.

Head north to a cave just west of the Kilkreath Temple Wayshrine and talk to Bavian. She will ask you to check on a group of pilgrims and priests taking shelter in some stables to the east and then meet her at Pilgrims' Lodge to the west of the temple. Head east to the stables and you will find an unresponsive Priest Direnna and the body of Roligmolf. Examine the body of Roligmolf to get his Meridian Medallion and examine the catatonic priest. Head inside the Stablemaster's House to find a frighted Acolyte Hjolt. Speak to him and tell him to head to the cave where the rest of the survivors are.

Head south to the Pilgrims' Lodge. Inside you will find Priest Bavian trying to use Meridian Magic to heal a catatonic Acolyte Eivina but it has no effect. Speak to Priest Bavian and she will ask you to accompany her to Kilkreath Temple to find High Priest Varkour.

Head east and enter the temple. Head down the ramp and examine Acolyte Larilvor to retrieve his Meridian Medallion. Head north through the eastern corridor and speak to Acolyte Croble through a window on the right side of the corridor. After talking to him he will be attacked by a harrowfiend forcing you to leave him behind a continue your search for the high priest.

Head north and up the stairs to the right to find Priest Triev standing over the body of Acolyte Molozu. Triev explains that her acolyte had transformed and she had been forced to kill him in self defense. After talking to her Priest Bavian will notice Priest Ahmin running into the vestry and run after him. follow them into the Kilkreath Vestry. kill Priest Ahmin who has been transformed into a harrowfiend and speak to Priest Bavian.

The priest explains that she believes that the high priest has taken a defensive position in the catacombs with the relic Meridia's Brilliance. She believes the relic could be used to channel Meridia's Light to purge the temple of the corruption plaguing the temple. She explains that you will have to retrieve the key to the catacombs from Chamberlain Marck.

Retrieve Meridia's Brilliance

Head through the door to the south to the Kilkreath Meeting Hall down the corridor and to the east and head across the balcony and through the door to the Chamberlain's Sanctum. Follow the corridor to it's end and kill Chamberlain Marck who has transformed into a harrowfiend and retrieve the catacombs key form the chamberlain's key box. Exit through the door to the right.

Jump down to the floor below and speak to Priest Bavian then enter the Catacombs. Follow the corridor south and then east into the door to the Lower Catacombs. Defeat High Priest Varkour who has transformed into a harrowfiend and retrieve Meridia's Brilliance. Exit the temple by the ladder to the northeast. head back to the cave where you first met Priest Bavian and give her the Meridian medallions that you recovered along with Meridia's Brilliance to Finish the quest.


Quest Stages[edit]

Meridia's Brilliance
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Priest Bavian in a nearby cave and see how I can help the priests and pilgrims of Kilkreath Temple.
Objective: Talk to Priest Bavian
Latest start Priest Bavian asked me to go to the Kilkreath Temple stables and look for Acolyte Hjolt, Priest Direnna, and Roligmolf the pilgrim.
Objective: Search for Kilkreath Survivors: 0/3
Objective Hint: Go to the Stables
Hidden Objective: Go to House
Hidden Objective: Go to Stable
I found the three people Priest Bavian sent me in search of. Now I should meet her at the Pilgrims' Lodge, west of the temple, and tell her of their fates.
Objective: Go to the Pilgrims' Lodge
I found Priest Bavian in the lodge with one of the acolytes. should talk to Priest Bavian.
Objective: Talk to Priest Bavian
Priest Bavian needs a moment to say a prayer for Acolyte Eivina. I should meet her outside of the Pilgrims' Lodge.
Objective: Leave the Pilgrims' Lodge
Now I should head to Kilkreath Temple so that Priest Bavian and I can look for High Priest Varkour.
Objective: Go to the Kilkreath Temple
Vampires have invaded Meridia's temple. Priest Bavian wants to make sure any remaining temple priests are all right, so we need to search for them.
Objective: Search for Temple Priests: 0/3
Priest Bavian ran off. I should follow her.
Objective: Follow Priest Bavian
Priest Bavian ran off. I should talk to her and make sure she's all right.
Objective: Talk to Priest Bavian
Priest Bavian thinks that High Priest Varkour went to the catacombs to secure a Meridia relic. I need to reach the chamberlain's sanctum and retrieve the key to open the door to the catacombs.
Objective: Find the Catacombs Key
I located the chamberlain's sanctum. I should look around and find the key that opens the door to the catacombs.
Objective: Take the Catacombs Key
Now that I have the key, I should find the door to the catacombs and open it.
Objective: Go to the Catacombs
Priest Bavian met me near the door to the catacombs. I should talk to her before we proceed.
Objective: Talk to Priest Bavian
Priest Bavian wants me to use the key and open the door to the catacombs.
Objective: Enter the Catacombs
I need to search the catacombs and find High Priest Varkour and the relic called Meridia's Brilliance.
Objective: Search the Catacombs
High Priest Varkour has fallen to the same corruption as the rest of the priests and pilgrims. I need to retrieve the relic called Meridia's Brilliance.
Objective: Take Meridia's Brilliance
Now that I have the Meridian relic, I should follow Priest Bavian and exit the catacombs through the old airshaft.
Objective: Leave the Catacombs
Priest Bavian asked me to meet her in the cave where all this began so I can present her with Meridia's Brilliance.
Objective: Talk to Priest Bavian
Finishes quest☑ I should talk to Priest Bavian and give her the relic known as Meridia's Brilliance.
Objective: Talk to Priest Bavian
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