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Kilkreath Temple
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Risen Arcanist, Risen Charger, Risen Marauder, Harrowfiend, Vampire Darkblade, Vampire Fearmonger, Vampire Legionary, Vampire Skullguard
Death Hound, Great Bear, Vampiric Bear, Vampiric Sabre Cat
High Priest Varkour, Priest Ahmin
HaafingarWestern Skyrim
West of Solitude
Other Buildings
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This ancient Nord temple, dedicated to the Daedric Prince Meridia, sits on the side of Kilkreath Mountain. To this very day, Meridia's faithful pilgrims continue to flock to the temple to pray and seek guidance.
Statue of Meridia

Kilkreath Temple is a Nordic ruin temple dedicated to Meridia found in Haafingar. In addition to the main temple complex, there is a small, unmarked Pilgrims' Lodge to the west of the temple.

A copy of Divines and the Nords can be found on the altar in front of Meridia's statue.

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Priest Bavian Quest Giver
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Kilkreath Temple
Acolyte Croble
Acolyte Larilvor
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A cave that serves as a refuge for the surviving worshipers. A cooking fire can be found here.

The Stables[edit]

The Stables

Kilkreath has a dedicated stables which can be found north to the north of the temple, and is accessible from the winding road. The Stablemaster's House can also be found here. The stable is surrounded by vampires and harrowfiends.

Pilgrim' Lodge[edit]

Pilgrims' Lodge

The Pilgrims' Lodge is a house which hosts the various pilgrims which come to the temple. Like the stables, it is surrounded by harrowfiends and death hounds.

The Temple[edit]

Entrance to the Temple Complex

Kilkreath Temple is overrun by harrowfiends. The priests within have either been slaughtered or turned. Acolyte Molozu and Priest Triev are here.

Kilkreath Vestry[edit]

Kilkreath Vestry
Kilkreath Vestry

Kilkreath Vestry is deeper inside the temple. Priest Ahmin can be found here.

Chamberlain's Sanctum[edit]

Chamberlain's Sanctum

Deeper still is the Chamberlain's Sanctum. Chamberlain Marck can be found here. You must take the key to the catacombs out of his Key Box so you can find High Priest Varkour.

Kilkreath Meeting Hall[edit]

Kilkreath Meeting Hall

The Meeting Hall is the last bastion before the catacombs. You will encounter risen skeletons and harrowfiends here.

Kilkreath Catacombs[edit]

Lower Catacombs
Lower Catacombs

The catacombs are the deepest part of the complex, this is where a priceless relic of Meridia's is held—Meridia's Brilliance.


Kilkreath Temple Wayshrine

Kilkreath Temple Wayshrine can be found north of the temple.


Map of temple interior