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Location Main street of Solitude
Race Nord, Reachman Gender Varies
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Harrowed
Male Harrowed in Solitude

The Harrowed are victims of harrowstorms which didn't die outright or transform into Harrowfiends. Instead their minds were shredded and they have next to no higher brain functions.

Some can be found staggering around in the ruined Karthwatch. They are also seen while looking for Lyris Titanborn in Solitude. You will find her watching a group of them being herded by Shield-Corporal Thjol and Shield-Sentries Brunn and Jurt to the Temple of the Divines. As per the orders of High King Svargrim. Unlike the people who were recently harrowed in Kilkreath Temple, these victims look far more zombie-like. Others can be found in Blackreach, discovered by Svana near the Blackreach Camp.

Harrowed can also be found in the Reach, wandering around Karthwasten, which was recently hit by a Harrowstorm prior to your arrival.

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