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Jarl Reddharn
Home Settlement Morthal
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Jarl Reddharn

Jarl Reddharn is a Nord noble and the Jarl of Morthal.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Danger in the Holds[edit]

Svana will want to talk to the Jarls to help convince her father to do something about the Coven and vampire threat. Jarl Reddharn is the first one she decides to meet. When you enter the hall, the Jarl will want to know why Svana has come to Morthal.

Jarl Reddharn: "Why does the princess of Solitude grace my humble hall with her royal presence? Are you here on behalf of the high king?"
Svana: "I've come to warn you, Jarl Reddharn."
Jarl Reddharn: "Warn me? I already received orders from your father. What more is there to say?"
Svana: "Orders? Right … but you need to prepare the hold's defenses."
Jarl Reddharn: "And what must we defend ourselves against this time? More urns and fetishes?"
Svana: "Please, Jarl Reddharn. Let my friend explain. The threat to our holds is worse than you can imagine."

You can then introduce yourself to the Jarl and explain what you have witnessed. He will recognize you if you helped in Morthal beforehand.

Normal Greeting:
Completed Long Journey Home:
"Hmm. You're not a subject of this realm. And that woman with you—she's the Giantess of the East. The high king warned us to beware of Pact spies.
If Princess Svana trusts you, however, you have my ear. Tell me about this threat."
"You're the one my wife spoke of. The one who returned our daughter to us. I owe you my deepest gratitude. For that, you have my ear.
So, tell me of this danger that threatens our realm."
The Icereach Coven can summon deadly magical storms. One storm already destroyed Kilkreath Temple.
"We're not Daedra worshipers. Our blood's hot enough to boil a blizzard and we've got more pressing concerns than some northern squall.
We received Svargrim's orders, promptly ignored them, and immediately ran afoul of a gaggle of Reachmen."
High King Svargrim sent orders?
"The high king sent a royal decree! Said to leave any strange objects or fetishes we spotted around the hold alone. They were dangerous, he said! Just so happens we found a few. I had my soldiers destroy them.
That's when we encountered the Reachmen."
Sounds like the Icereach Coven's ritual items. Tell me about the Reachmen you encountered.
"The barbarians reacted poorly when we destroyed the strange witch sticks. We beat them back and chased them into the nearby barrow, but that was the last I heard from my soldiers.
Since you dealt with this before, would you investigate the barrow?"
I'll go to the barrow and find out what happened to your soldiers.
"If I were a few years younger and had more soldiers to spare, I'd march east to the Morthal Barrow and deal with this sorcerous nonsense myself. But I'm not, I don't, and I have other responsibilities.
Take this key. It will get you into the barrow."

After receiving the key, you can ask about the what the soldiers found.

Tell me more about the witch sticks you said you found and destroyed.
"They were tall, ugly things, covered in strange runes, fetishes, and a poultice that smelled like rotting fungus. They had been set up around the town. My soldiers assumed they'd find one at the barrow, but instead they sent word of the Reachmen."
Princess Svana has been trying to convince her father to take action against this threat.
"Really? Last I heard, the princess was more interested in … no, I won't indulge in idle gossip.
Svana carries herself well. Not with the grace of her mother, but she has the swagger of a warrior. I wish I could say the same about my daughter."
Normal response:
Completed Long Journey Home:
You have a daughter?
"She was taken from us five years ago. If I had pushed her harder, she might have had the strength to survive. Daughters are a father's greatest weakness.
Enough troubles of the past. We have the present to concern ourselves with."
How is your daughter doing?
"She's as well as can be expected. With that damned curse broken, her health has recovered, but the gloom it left behind still hangs over her.
But enough of the past, we have troubles enough in the present to deal with."

After investigating the barrow and finding an a Witch Pike, you can return to the Jarl to report. When if arrive, Svana will be in the middle of telling a story.

Svana: "And then Maugh threw up, all over the swordthane's boots!"
Jarl Reddharn: "Hah! This Orc friend of yours sounds—ah, your companions return."

Approach his throne and talk to him.

"Well, friend of Svana? Are you as good as your word? Tell me what you discovered at the Morthal Barrow."
A few of your soldiers escaped, but a harrowstorm claimed everyone in the barrow.
"A harrowstorm? Like the thing the princess was telling me about? The thing that destroyed Kilkreath? Gods! A pox on the Reach and its barbarian horde!
What else? What about the Reachmen in the barrow?"
We destroyed a witch pike and dealt with the Reachmen, but one of the coven witches got away.
"Disappointing, but not unexpected. Reach witches are a tricky lot. Still, you have my thanks.
In the meantime, Hjaalmarch shall prepare for war. We may not have a defense against the harrowstorms, but we can be ready to attack once we have a target."
As soon as we find out where the coven leaders are hiding, Svana will send word.

Svana will then speak with Jarl Reddharn..

Svana: "Jarl Reddharn, prepare your forces as you say, but we need you in Solitude."
Jarl Reddharn: "Solitude? I have troubles here in Hjaalmarch. Why should I leave when my hold needs me?"
<Svana kneels.>
Svana: "High King Svargrim won't listen to us, but he might listen to you."
Jarl Reddharn: "Get up, princess. If you think it will help, I'll talk to your father."
Svana: "Lyris, please escort the jarl to Solitude."
Lyris Titanborn: "Of course. What about you?"
Svana: "We need to warn Jarl Olfwenn, so we're going to Karthald."

Speaking with him afterwards, he will thank you for your help.

"Thank you for dealing with that trouble in the barrow. Morthal appreciates your service."

After you have spoken with Svana, he will assure you that he will do his best to convince Svargrim.

"Don't worry. I'll provide good counsel to the high king. It's obvious to me that we need to take the Reach threat seriously. By the time I'm done with him, Svargrim will see that, too."

Later on you will find out from Lyris that immediately started lambasting the king as soon as he entered the Blue Palace.

The Vampire Scholar[edit]

He can now be found inside the Blue Palace next Magister Fridelja, He will mention that Svana is looking for you if you haven't spoken with her yet.

"Don't waste your time with me. Princess Svana wants to see you. She's waiting in her private chamber.
We can talk later, if you're so inclined."

After you have talked to Svana he will approve of what he has seen of her.

"It warms my heart to see Queen Gerhyld's daughter stepping out of her father's shadow. After the stories I heard, I expected to find a drunk and a wastrel. So far, she appears to be neither of these things.
I'll make Svargrim listen if it kills me."

The Gray Host[edit]

If you return to the Blue Palace to speak with Svana to start the quest, he will now be in the throne room with Magister Fridelja and Old Mjolen. He'll comment on the architecture of the city.

"For all his protestations, Svargrim still modeled Solitude after the decadence of the east.
A jarl should live in a longhouse, just as our fathers before us. Still, anyone who can solve our problems can drape their palace in lace for all I care."

After you return from investigating the Gray Host camps, you will need to get some Arkay's Sacred Oil from the Hall of the Dead. Magister Fridelja and Jarl Reddharn will be standing outside.

Jarl Reddharn: "Gods, more refugees arrive by the hour. Why does Svargrim hesitate?"
Magister Fridelja: "The high king issues orders, but all they do is lock away the afflicted. When will we strike back?"

He will vent about the king being slow to action in defending the holds.

"The harrowstorms continue to ravage our land, filling the city walls with people crying for protection. And what does the high king do? Next to nothing!
Oh, he makes small gestures, but still things worsen."
I thought the high king agreed to help the holds?
"So he has. But have soldiers been sent to Morthal? Has aid been dispatched to Karthald? No. Not yet.
Svargrim helps the people that flow into the city while the rest of Western Skyrim suffers. We must find the perpetrators and attack!"

When you have tested the elixir and found out about the Gray Host's plans for Solitude, Reddharn will be with everyone else in the throne room, trying to convince the High King.

Jarl Reddharn: "Listen to your daughter, Svargrim. We need to do something."
High King Svargrim: "Don't test me, Reddharn. I know exactly what I need to do."

Before you talk to the king:

"High king or not, we have to make Svargrim listen to reason. He sees conspiracies in every shadow, but refuses to accept that Princess Svana has something that will actually help our people.
The man makes my blood boil!"

After Svargrim reveals his true allegiance:

"Svargrim, you bastard! People are dead … holds destroyed … and our high king had a hand in it?
How will we survive this betrayal?"

Greymoor Rising[edit]

After you have spoken with Svana, a an injured Solitude Warrior will run up the stairs with a report. The Gray Host just captured the Temple of the Divines and the Tower of the Wolf.

"We may have waited too long. The high king revealed his true colors and Solitude begins to fall. If they're already inside the city, there may be no way to stop them."

The Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

In the aftermath of the harrowstorm over Solitude and Svargrim's death, Lyris and Fennorian will ask you to check up on Swordthane Uthlet who was protecting people in the Hall of the Dead. When you arrive, the swordthane and Jarl Reddharn will be pleased to see you.

Jarl Reddharn: "Hah! Good to see you aren't raising mugs with Ysmir just yet."
Swordthane Uthlet: "We saw the storm break, but we heard nothing since you departed for Blackreach."

Reddharn will want to know how Svana is.

"I regret we didn't throw a parade to welcome you back, but I'll cheer enough for a hundred souls if you tell me you put that back-biter of a high king to the sword!
But what of Svana? Is she …?"
Svana's alive, but I can't say the same for the high king.
"That's good … but a daughter shouldn't have to kill her own father.
Svana has my support, for whatever that's worth. She's going to need all the help she can get in the days to come."
So Svana's the queen now?
"Not until we hold a moot to support her claim, and we need more than a single jarl for that to occur.
If Svana proves herself as the acting jarl, they might look past her father's failings and make her the queen. Eventually."
She's proven capable so far.
"We can settle the matter of the crown when there's kingdom enough to rule. What remains of the holds are still ravaged by the harrowstorms. And I doubt we've seen the last of the Gray Host, for that matter."
Any word from your hold?
"None good, but none bad either. My wife knows better than anyone how to care for our people. I trust she and my thane to protect and care for Morthal in my absence."

After you have spoken with both of them, a Solitude Warrior will run in with important news.

Solitude Warrior: "They're here! They're at the gates!"
Swordthane Uthlet: "The Gray Host? I thought we were done with them for now!"
Solitude Warrior: "Not the Gray Host. The Skald-King! With an army from the east!"
Swordthane Uthlet: "What treachery is this?"
Jarl Reddharn: "To the gates! We'll give the Skald-King a proper welcome, one way or another."

Speaking with the Jarl after this.

"What should I make of this timely visit? Has Jorunn finally decided to attack?"
No one told me to expect the Skald-King.
"The work of the she-giant, then? But did she call for him to aid us in our hour of need or to deliver the killing blow?
Let's see what words the poet has for us this time."

When you arrive at the gates, Jorunn the Skald-King will be standing with some of his soldiers and Lyris will be with them. Jarl Reddharn will ask you to speak with the king.

"Go on and talk with this eastern loud-mouth before there are two empty thrones today."

After hearing Jorunn's offer of assistance for Solitude, Jarl Reddharn will reject it just as Svana arrives.

Jarl Reddharn: "We have no need of help that involves welcoming your soldiers within our walls."
Svana: "My walls, jarl."
<The crowd parts for her as she walks up to Jorunn.>
Svana: "My father may have been willing to slap aside a helping hand, but I'm not. Permit me a word with your envoy, Skald-King."

Talking the Jarl before Svana, he'll want to see how well she does talking to the Skald-King.

"The moment of truth. Let's see how Svana handles herself with the Skald-King."

Afterwards, he'll be accepting of Jorunn attending the mourning ceremony.

"So we're to bow our heads with the Skald-King? Perhaps the poet's prepared a dirge."

When you arrive at the Blue Palace courtyard to attend the mourning, Jarl Reddharn will be among the crowd.

"I'm not the jarl you need to speak to. The longer you keep Svana waiting, the more anxious this crowd will get."

Talking to him after the send-off of the departed, you can ask what will happen in the future.

"I hadn't had a moment to honor the fallen of Morthal since you came to my doorstep. Kyne willing, they made their passage to Sovngarde."
Will you be returning to Morthal?
"When things are settled here. Hjaalmarch has weathered these storms better than Haafingar and Karthald—if we can keep the kingdom from complete collapse, it's worth a few weeks away from my home and hearth."