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Investigate the source of the undead and spirits surrounding Morthal.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Objective: Morthal — Investigate strange events around Morthal.
Quest Giver: Evska, Lady Ninetha
Location(s): Morthal, Havil's Farmhouse, Kjenstag Ruins
Reward: Frost-Cursed Lament
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6459
The icy undead converge on Morthal
Attacks by unnatural forces plague the area around Morthal. Villagers report undead wolf attacks and visions of ghosts. I should find the source of these attacks and stop them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lady Ninetha.
  2. Investigate Havil's Farm and speak with Havil.
  3. Find Old Mjolen's Hut and talk to Old Mjolen.
  4. Collect specimen samples and bring back to Old Mjolen.
  5. Search Kjenstag Ruins.
  6. Talk to Freiwen
  7. Return to Morthal and talk to Lady Ninetha.
  8. Collect Freiwen's memories.
  9. Find Lady Ninetha and Freiwen.
  10. Help with Old Mjolen's ritual.
  11. Speak with Lady Ninetha.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]



  • The first two stages don't match what happens in the game. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Long Journey Home
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Evska asked me to check on her friends Koth and Lisalda, who were attacked by ice-covered wolves. They can be found in Morthal.
Objective: Find Lady Ninetha
I've found Koth and Lisalda. They appear non-responsive. I should speak to Lady Reddharn.
Objective: Talk to Lady Ninetha
Latest start I should investigate the western farm for details about recent wolf attacks. The survivors reported seeing undead and ghosts.
Objective: Investigate the Farm
An Orc hiding near the farm called me over. I should talk to him and see what he wants.
Objective: Talk to Makob
Makob says roaming undead on the farm trapped Havil inside his house. I need to take the key from one of the undead farmhands and check on Havil.
Objective: Find the Farmhouse Key
I obtained the key to Havil's house. I should enter and see if I can find him.
Objective: Enter the Farmhouse
I found the key to Havil's farmhouse. I should check inside to make sure he's safe.
Objective: Talk to Havil
Havil sent me to find Old Mjolen, a clever woman who might know about the undead around Morthal. She lives north in the wilderness.
Objective: Find Old Mjolen's Hut
I found Old Mjolen's hut. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Old Mjolen
I need to gather samples of skin from cursed people and blood from undead wolves. Old Mjolen says she can learn about the curse from these specimens.
Objective: Gather Blood Sample
Objective: Gather Tissue Sample
I gathered the ingredients. I should deliver them to Old Mjolen.
Objective: Talk to Old Mjolen
I need to wait and watch Old Mjolen study the cursed samples I brought to her.
Objective: Observe Old Mjolen's Ritual
Old Mjolen completed her study of the cursed samples. I should speak to her about the results.
Objective: Talk to Old Mjolen
Old Mjolen believes the origin of the necromantic curse lies at Kjenstag ruins, east of Morthal. I should investigate the ruins for clues.
Objective: Go to the Ruins
I arrived at the Kjenstag Ruins where Mjolen believes the curse began. I should look around for documents that explain Maxten's magic.
Objective: Investigate the Ruins: 0/2
Objective: Kill Swordthane Aelstrom
I obtained Maxten's ritual items from the Kjenstag Ruins. I should bring them to Old Mjolen at the Whispering Axe Tavern in Morthal.
Objective: Exit the Ruins
A strange woman emerged from a sudden ice storm and accused me of following her. I should speak to her and find out who she is.
Objective: Talk to Freiwen
Freiwen stopped me at the Kjenstag ruins and revealed she is still alive. I should return to Morthal and deliver the news to Lady Ninetha.
Objective: Return to Morthal
Freiwen told me she believes that only her death can end the curse. I should bring the locket she gave me to Lady Ninetha at the Whispering Axe Tavern.
Objective: Talk to Lady Ninetha
Lady Ninetha appears distraught from hearing that her daughter is dying. I need to ask Old Mjolen if there is anything we can do to stop the curse.
Objective: Talk to Old Mjolen
Old Mjolen told me to fill Freiwen's locket with life energy to break the curse. I need to use the locket to capture memories around Morthal.
Objective: Find Memories: 0/2
I obtained memories of Freiwen's life. I should deliver the locket to Old Mjolen.
Objective: Talk to Old Mjolen
Lady Ninetha left to find Freiwen at the tree overlooking Morthal. I need to find the tree before the curse kills her.
Objective: Find Lady Ninetha
Lady Ninetha insists on approaching Freiwen despite the danger. Old Mjolen plans on casting a ritual to break the curse. I should wait until she tells me when to use the locket.
Objective: Wait for Old Mjolen
We reached the critical part of the healing ritual. Mjolen says I should use the locket now.
Objective: Use Freiwen's Locket
The ritual broke Freiwen's curse and saved her life. I should talk to Lady Ninetha.
Objective: Talk to Lady Ninetha
Finishes quest☑ The ritual freed Freiwen and revived Lady Ninetha. I should talk to Ninetha.
Objective: Talk to Lady Ninetha
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