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Lady Ninetha
Home Settlement Morthal
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Lady Ninetha

Lady Ninetha is a Nord who can be found in Morthal. She is Jarl Reddharn's wife and Freiwen's mother. Lady Ninetha is originally from Solitude and is somewhat skeptical of the townsfolk's stories of spirits and curses, though she will try and deal with their problems nonetheless.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Long Journey Home: Investigate the source of the undead and spirits surrounding Morthal.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Long Journey Home[edit]

Either Evska will send you to find her or you can come across Lady Ninetha yourself in the center of Morthal. She will be listening to Eriann who is supporting a half-frozen Brun and is explaining what happened to him.

Eriann: "Wolves of ice and bone attacked Brun, my lady! And he saw ghosts!"
Lady Ninetha: "Ghosts? Nonsense. Get him to the inn and I'll do what I can."
Eriann: "Come on, let's warm you up."
<Eriann and Brun walk away to the inn.>

You can then talk with Lady Ninetha, who will be skeptical of their story. You can offer to investigate for her.

"The rubes and oafs that reside in this town see spooks under every fish barrel. Normal animal attacks become works of supreme evil in their minds. My husband and I have too much on our plate to spend time investigating every wolf bite."
Animals are attacking people?
"I couldn't get much out of Brun, but it seems wolves attacked Havil's farm over to the west.
He claims the beasts were only bones and covered in ice. I'm not inclined to believe him. People here tend to view the truth through their mead."
Why would wolves attack farmhands?
"Wolf packs do roam around the outskirts of town. Occasionally they'll snatch away a chicken or goat. But attacking groups of people is unusual.
Tell you what … could you go to the farm and get the truth? There would be coin in it for you."
I will investigate farm and find out what happened.
'"Excellent. The people of Morthal are basically good, they just let their imaginations run wild. Learning the truth of this attack could help curb any future issues with the wolves.
I'll check on Brun at the tavern. His shivering concerns me."

You can ask her about herself and her skepticism before you leave.

"I hope you demonstrate more sobriety in your report than what I've grown used to since arriving in Morthal.
You'll find me attending to Brun's injuries over at the Whispering Axe when you return."
You don't believe in the supernatural?
"Oh, one can't live in this world without encountering a stray spectre. Seeing chains drop from the sky changes what we accept as normal. And magic … impacts all our lives, of course."
But you don't think these attacks are like that?
"Let's say I'm skeptical. The people of Morthal spend their days fishing, cutting logs, and drinking. They don't leave town and outsiders don't visit. Spreading wild tales is what passes for entertainment here."
Stories such as?
"Last week, Bandor accused invisible riekr of stealing his beard comb. The mill ceased operation completely while the town searched for holes in the ground where they might be hiding.
We found it in the stables where he'd been grooming the horses."
If you started quest through Evska:
Evska mentioned you are married to Jarl Reddharn.
"Indeed. I am proud to call him my husband. Without his strength, this town would certainly fall apart.
When I arrived in Morthal for our wedding, I believed my life was over. But, Reddharn made us a fine home here, for which I am grateful."
Who is your husband?
"Reddharn, the Jarl of Morthal. He watches over our little village. Before I arrived here to marry him, I thought it would be something like from a bard's song.
Morthal … disappointed. But Reddharn is a good man. I am proud to stand by his side."
You're not originally from Morthal?
"Gods, no. I hoped my diction would show that. Perhaps I've lived here long enough to adopt their backwards speech.
I came from Solitude, originally. My father was a wealthy merchant who needed access to Morthal's lumber. Thus, my wedding."

Your investigation will eventually lead you to Kjenstag Ruins where you will meet the source of the problem, Freiwen, the daughter of Lady Ninetha thought dead for years. Freiwen will explain what happened and asks you to pass a message on to her mother, as the curse will kill her soon. You can find Lady Ninetha on the top floor of the inn where she is watching Old Mjolen try and heal Brun.

Lady Ninetha: "Can you help him, witch?"
<The glow disappears from Mjolen's hands as she stops.>
Old Mjolen: "The curse rots his flesh. I've done what I can, but it won't last."

Speak with Lady Ninetha and hand her the necklace as proof.

"Good, you're back. Old Mjolen told me of your discovery at the farm. She believes that Freiwen's … ghost somehow heralds this curse.
I held out hope of her survival for years. Perhaps finally knowing her fate brings some relief, despite it all."
Freiwen is still alive. But her curse will kill her soon. She asked me to give you this locket.
"Still … alive? I can't believe it. After all these years, Freiwen finally comes home and you tell me she's dying?
Why would she have you deliver this locket? I must see her! There is so much to say. Where is she? Take me to her."
She told me about a place where she can watch Morthal and be happy.
"Is that by the water where the boats dock? Or perhaps her bedroom where she watched people from the window?
The tree! Oh, Freiwen. That old tree in the forest above Morthal. She would spend hours there. We must go now!"
You can't go to her. The curse kills anyone who approaches.
"But, you survived! Oh, the clever woman protected you.
Speak with Old Mjolen, please. She knows so much more about magic than anyone in Morthal. There must be something that can cure my daughter."
I will ask Old Mjolen if she has a cure.
"Thank you. I need a moment to process everything you told me.
And hold on to the locket. I refuse to take it while there's still hope to keep Freiwen alive."

Speak to her again and she'll add:

"After years of regret and worry, I can't believe Freiwen is still alive. It is almost too much to bear.
Please, find out if Mjolen can do anything to bring my daughter home."

After speaking with Old Mjolen about a possible cure for Freiwen.

"Please hurry and do what Mjolen asked of you. We must save my daughter. I refuse to let her suffer alone."

The memories you find will be of Lady Ninetha and Freiwen.

One is of them in her bedroom in front of the wardrobe:

Freiwen: "Mother! This locket is … wasn't this yours?"
Lady Ninetha: "Yes, darling. And, now it's yours. Keep it close to your heart."
<Freiwen puts it on and admires herself with a mirror.>

Another illusion of her will appear at the docks. Freiwen will be tying up her boat:

Lady Ninetha: "Did you have a good time on the water?"
Freiwen: "Oh, yes! I loved exploring! I can't wait to do it again!"

When you find the memories and collect them with the necklace, Old Mjolen will come up to you with a problem. Lady Ninetha couldn't wait and went to Freiwen's tree to be with her and you will need to get there before the curse kills them both. When you arrive at the location, it will be covered in a blizzard and Lady Ninetha can be found talking to her daughter.

Freiwen: "Mother, you can't be here. It will kill you."
Lady Nineta: "Freiwen, I thought you died! I can't leave you. Even if it kills me."
Freiwen: "It's already killing you! Please, get away from me!"
<The curse takes hold and Lady Ninetha freezes solid.>
Freiwen: "Mother! No!"
<Old Mjolen arrives.>
Old Mjolen: "Ninetha? Oh, no. We must act quickly. Use the necklace on my command!"
<She begins the healing ritual and a light appears on Freiwen's chest as she begins to scream in pain.>
Freiwen: "Agh! It burns! Mother!"
Old Mjolen: "Hurry! Use the necklace. Release the energy within!"

Using the necklace there is a flash of light. When it fades, Lady Ninetha will be unfrozen and Freiwen will be free of the curse.

Freiwen: "Wha … what's happening?"

You can speak with Lady Ninetha who will be feeling the lingering effects of being frozen.

"You did it! I can't believe it. You brought my Freiwen back to me. Thank you.
I have so many questions for her. And the Jarl, he still doesn't even know! We must … phew… please give me a moment."
Are you all right?
"I think so. I could feel my skin freeze over. For a brief moment I thought the end was upon me. All I wanted was for Freiwen to know she wasn't alone."
What happens to Freiwen next? She killed many people.
"I don't know, truly. Freiwen's return will raise many questions in Morthal. The jarl and I must discuss what to say. If we say anything at all about what happened here.
I promised you payment at the beginning of this. Here. I'm deeply grateful."

Speaking with her afterwards she will thank you once more.

"I have my daughter back! How can I ever repay any of you? Please, if you are ever in Morthal again, come see me. There will always be a warm fire waiting for you."

As you leave the area you can hear there conversation.

Lady Nineta: "Freiwen? Are you alright?"
Freiwen: "Am … am I? Mother, I thought I'd killed you!"
Lady Ninetha: "I would never leave you. It's over now."
Old Mjolen: "Rest. Then we shall return to town. You two have much to discuss."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

If you helped out in Morthal beforehand, Lady Ninetha will attend the dirge at the Blue Palace along with Freiwen.

"My friend. You have done so much for the holds of Western Skyrim, I fear it is a debt that can never be repaid. And bringing Freiwen back to us … you will always have my thanks."
How have things been in Morthal?
"Freiwen's return is a blessing. Some have just … taken longer to understand that. Sadly, there are no balms for broken trust."


After the quest, Lady Ninetha and Freiwen can be found on the second floor of the inn. As you approach you will hear them talk.

<Freiwen is looking over the balcony at the people down below.>
Freiwen: "Look at them all, together …."
Lady Ninetha: "Freiwen? Why don't you go down? Spend time with others?"
<Freiwen turns around and looks at her mother.>
Freiwen: "How can I? I caused so much pain. What if I don't belong here anymore?"
Lady Ninetha: "Oh, darling. Everything will be all right, in time."

You can then catch up with Lady Ninetha.

"Ah, I'm glad you've returned to Morthal. Freiwen has slowly recovered. The curse took its toll over the years. And though she claims to understand it wasn't her fault, I know she still feels the guilt."
What will you do now that your daughter is home?
"I spent so much time thinking about this moment that I don't know. There she is, but things have changed. She has changed. We need to get to know one another again.
Do you think she'll be fine here?
"Maybe. I suggested she visit my sister and their children in Solitude. It's a big city with many people who don't know her. It could be a fresh start."
How have the people of Morthal accepted her return?
"The Jarl and I chose not to discuss the events that lead to Freiwen coming home.
Most are suspicious, of course. Her arrival did coincide with a farm being overrun with undead. But, as I said, they are a superstitious bunch."
But they are right this time.
"Well, yes. But even if Freiwen had returned under the most innocent of circumstances, stories would still be invented. So best not to say anything and let them forget over time.
Thank you again for your help. Please visit Morthal anytime."