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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Check in with Solitude's survivors after the Harrowstorm.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Svana, Maugh, Melina Cassel
Location(s): Solitude
Prerequisite Quest: Greymoor Rising
Next Quest: The End of Eternity (Dark Heart of Skyrim Epilogue)
Reward: Sword of Solitude
Wolfcrown of Solitude (page)
Very High Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6481
With the Harrowstorm gone, it's time to pick up the pieces
Solitude has survived High King Svargrim's harrowstorm, but the damage done by his betrayal remains. Can Princess Svana pick up the pieces and carry on for the kingdom?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Lyris Titanborn and Fennorian outside the temple.
  2. Check in on Jarl Reddharn and Swordthane Uthlet in the Hall of the Dead.
  3. Go to city gates and see why Jorunn the Skald-King is here.
  4. Attempt diplomacy until Svana arrives.
  5. Talk to Fennorian at the Mages Guild.
  6. Attend the mourning ceremony at the Blue Palace and talk to Svana.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

With Svargrim defeated, the Harrowstorm ended and the Tower of the Wolf a smoking ruin; it is time to pick up the pieces. You can either continue talking with Svana or you can get word from Maugh or Melina Cassel to begin the quest. Talking with Svana, she will need a moment to collect herself but asks that you look for Lyris and Fennorian. They were last seen holding off the harrowfiends in the courtyard so you and Svana could reach the tower.

Lyris and Fennorian

To find the pair, head down the ramp and into Courtyard Marketplace and then enter the Caste Dour courtyard through the large wooden door. Happily you will find both Lyris and Fennorian unharmed and in conversation.

Fennorian: "Tell me truthfully, Lyris … how much of this blood is mine?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Not enough to be worried about."

You can then speak with both of them in either order to see how they are doing. After assuring them of your success, you can find out what happened while you were gone. Midway through the battle with the harrowfiend horde, Fennorian apparently went berserk and slaughtered many of them before Lyris had to knock him out. They will both suggest that you go to the Hall of the Dead as Swordthane Uthlet brought many people there to shelter them during the harrowstorm. In the meantime, your companions will attend to other matters, such as Fennorian beginning his research on the documents he took from Greymoor Keep and production of more elixir.

Exit the courtyard and head down the main street to the Hall of the Dead. On the map, it is the building with the shrine symbols. Once inside, you will find the swordthane along with Jarl Reddharn who is pleased to see you:

Swordthane Uthlet and Jarl Reddharn
Jarl Reddharn: "Hah! Good to see you aren't raising mugs with Ysmir just yet."
Swordthane Uthlet: "We saw the storm break, but we heard nothing since you departed for Blackreach."

Talk with them both, Swordthane Uthlet will report far fewer casualties than feared while cursing Svargrim's betrayal. Jarl Reddharn will already being throwing his support for Svana as Jarl once he knows of her survival. However, once you have spoken with both of them, a Solitude Soldier will run in with news of a new arrival at the city gates:

Solitude Warrior: "They're here! They're at the gates!"
Swordthane Uthlet: "The Gray Host? I thought we were done with them for now!"
Solitude Warrior: "Not the Gray Host. The Skald-King! With an army from the east!"
Swordthane Uthlet: "What treachery is this?"
Jarl Reddharn: "To the gates! We'll give the Skald-King a proper welcome, one way or another."

Jorunn the Skald-King has arrived at the gates with many soldiers in tow. Naturally, the people of Western Skyrim assume the worst. Head to the city gates to see what the situation is, it will already be tense when you arrive. The Skald-King will be flanked by his soldiers and Prince Irnskar and Lyris will be at his side.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Stand down, you idiots! We come in peace!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Partner! Could really use your knack for diplomacy right now. Speak to the Skald-King before we start a war."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Shor save me from fools and prophets! Will no one properly greet a weary traveler?"

At Lyris' request you can speak with Jorunn and try to calm the situation down. You have the option of speaking with Prince Irnskar beforehand and he can explain some things, he explains that, "Lyris's report on the rise of the Gray Host had my father preparing for the worst. When we hadn't received word for some time, he decided to intercede." However, Irnskar suggests you speak with his father about what he plans to do in Solitude. Speaking with Jorunn, he'll recognize you if you met previously and explains that he came only to provide aid in the wake of the Gray Host and their harrowstorms, but he cannot do anything if Western Skyrim refuses his assistance. "I'm not the king of these holds, though. I can't do anything if they refuse my help. Svargrim despised me. He would never accept my aid. But Svana? Here she comes now. Let's see what she has to say."

Diplomacy between East and West

After hearing Jorunn's offer of assistance for Solitude, Jarl Reddharn will reject it just as Svana arrives.

Jarl Reddharn: "We have no need of help that involves welcoming your soldiers within our walls."
Svana: "My walls, jarl."
<The crowd parts for her as she walks up to Jorunn.>
Svana: "My father may have been willing to slap aside a helping hand, but I'm not. Permit me a word with your envoy, Skald-King."

You can then talk to Svana, she'll thank you for stalling for time and asks you to check up on Fennorian's progress on the elixir while she speaks with Jorunn. Svana will also mention to meet her in the courtyard of the Blue Palace where there will be a gathering in remembrance of the lost. Fennorian can be found on the bottom floor of the Mages Guild where he is working with Old Mjolen:

Check on Fenn's work
Old Mjolen: "Ingenious! A rare thing to find an Elf with the makings of a clever woman."
Fennorian: "Despite what my kin might proclaim, it's not all in the blood."
<They then notice you and turn around.>
Fennorian: "Ah, good! You're here! We've made a breakthrough!"

See what Fennorian has to say. He will first talk about their breakthrough, he and Mjolen believe they are close to creating a restorative for those who have been harrowed though optimistically it would take weeks of testing. As for the elixir, they have more batches being brewed but the main problem is securing a source of netherroot to produce large quantities of it. Before you leave, you can ask him more about his take on how the gray reliquaries, stone husks and harrowstorms are supposed to work together.

After hearing his report, leave the Mages Guild and enter the Blue Palace gates just up the road. The courtyard will now be filled with various citizens and other people who have gathered for the ceremony. Some of these NPCs will be present depending on whether you have completed their related quests throughout Western Skyrim and Blackreach. A list of possible attendees are as follows:

Character Quest
Leiborn A Salskap to Remember
Viggol, Pickle, Telline One Last Adventure
Captain Hingrid, Ulang, Ena White-Eye Crisis at Dragon Bridge
Chief Urzikh A Clan Divided
Priest Bavian Meridia's Brilliance
First Mate Drigsen, Captain Mavvok Of Ice and Death
Claudina Ildene, Phebe Peronard Digging Up Trouble
Bjora, Hafskjar The Blood of Old Karth
Tranya Hounds of Hircine
Adusa-daro, Gwendis The Lady of Blood
Freiwen, Lady Ninetha Long Journey Home

Svana will be waiting for you at the opposite end of the courtyard near the wall. As you approach she will call out to you:

Svana: "I was hoping you'd return before we began. Tell me you've got good news."
"Sons and daughters of Skyrim. We have the honor today of remembering the dead."

You can then relay what you learnt from Fennorian, while need for a steady supply of netherroot is a problem, Svana will be pleased to hear of a possible cure for the harrowed. With that out of the way, she is then ready to begin the ceremony and wants you to attend:

"There's something I'd like to say, before we begin."
Very well.
"None of us would be here to sing dirges for the dead or celebrate the living if not for you. I certainly wouldn't be here, ready to lead my hold.
You've supported me since I started down this path. I'm honored to have you here at the end."

You will then receive some gold, a skill point, the Sword of Solitude and the Wolfcrown of Solitude. With the completion of the quest, Svana will then stand on the stone rostrum and address the crowd to lead them in the mourning dirge.

<A mournful instrumental with drums and string instruments begins.>
Svana: "Sons and daughters of Skyrim. We have the honor today of remembering the dead."
Lyris Titanborn + Crowd: "Honor to the fallen!"
Svana: "Sons and daughters of Skyrim, our trials were fierce, but we are still here."
Lyris Titanborn + Crowd: "We stand and we remain!"
Svana: "Now we raise our voices—to tell Sovngarde of the coming of the worthy dead, and to tell the world that the Nords are still here! We are still standing!"
<The music ends.>
Svana + Crowd: "The fallen now march home to hallowed halls."
Svana + Crowd: "To join our ancestors in boundless drink, and song, and brawls."
Svana + Crowd: "Let sound the horns! Let peal the bells! Let loose the ancient hymn!"
Svana + Crowd: "We will remain until time ends! We children of Skyrim!"

Quest Stages[edit]

Daughter of the Wolf
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Svana is reflecting on our battle with Svargrim on the battlements of Castle Dour. I should speak to her now that the threat has passed.
Objective: Talk to Svana
Latest start Svana asked me to check on Lyris and Fennorian. We left them in the courtyard of Castle Dour to hold out against a horde of harrowfiends while we faced Svargrim. Hopefully, they survived.
Objective: Find Lyris and Fennorian
Lyris and Fennorian survived their battle with the harrowfiends. I should see how they fared.
Objective: Talk to Fennorian
Objective: Talk to Lyris Titanborn
Now I should go to the Hall of the Dead and see if Swordthane Uthlet and the other people that took shelter there are all right.
Objective: Go to Solitude's Hall of the Dead
I found Swordthane Uthlet and Jarl Reddharn at the Hall of the Dead. I should speak to them about what transpired in Solitude during the harrowstorm.
Objective: Talk to Jarl Reddharn
Objective: Talk to Swordthane Uthlet
Jorunn the Skald-King, High King of Eastern Skyrim, has arrived at the gates of Solitude. It's unclear what his intentions are. I should head to the gates and see what the commotion is about.
Objective: Go to the City Gate
Lyris asked me to talk to Jorunn the Skald-King and try to peacefully solve this diplomatic situation.
Objective: Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King
Optional Step: Talk to Prince Irnskar
Svana came to meet Jorunn the Skald-King, but she asked to speak with me first. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Svana
Svana asked me to check on Fennorian at the Mages Guild and see how the harrowstorm elixir is coming along.
Objective: Find Fennorian
I found Fennorian and Old Mjolen at work on the elixir in the Mages Guild. Fennorian seems eager to share some discovery with me. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Fennorian
I need to report Fennorian's progress on the elixir to Svana. She said she would be holding a gathering in the Blue Palace courtyard. I should meet her there.
Objective: Go to the Blue Palace Courtyard
Svana's gathered survivors for a moment of mourning. She asked for my report before she begins the ceremony.
Objective: Talk to Svana
Finishes quest☑ I should speak to Svana so she can begin her ceremony.
Objective: Talk to Svana
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