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Home City Solitude
Location Bards College
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bards College

Leiborn is a Nord bard and member of the Bards College who can be found at their building in Solitude. He is the current Professor of Northern Strings and is looking for someone to bring a collection back together.

Leiborn sans chapeau (old look)

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Quest-Related Events[edit]


When you enter the College, Leiborn will be standing near the entrance. Behind him are numerous empty pedestals, Talk with him to see what he wants.

"Look at you. Those resolute shoulders. That glint in your eye that says: I'm ready for action! After searching high and low, I've finally found just the person that Skyrim's premiere arts college calls out for!
How would you like to become a legend?"
What college do you refer to?
"The Bards College, of course. We who pluck heart strings and chill the blood.
Years ago, our prized antique instruments were, uh, borrowed by an overzealous member. She meant to heal a rift within the college, but it only made things worse."
Where are the instruments now?
"No one knows! The bard responsible left clues to their locations in a song, "Nel's Hidden Loves."
Just as yours truly solved the first verse, that instrument surfaced at a secret auction. Are you available for hire to retrieve the instrument"
I'll go recover the missing instrument.

If you happened to come across Dorbin's letter, he'll instead say:

"Hmm, I expected to see a drunken souse named Dorbin walk through that door. Not this incredible specimen before me. Tell me, what became of the man I hired?"
I found this letter next to a man passed out from mead. It says you need help.
"Well, Dorbin's indolence may be my gain. Look at you. I can see you are ready for action at a moment's notice.
How would you like to help Skyrim's premiere arts college in its moment of need?"
What college do you refer to?
"The storied Bards College! Home of honeyed words and tear-jerking tunes.
For years, a rift within the college threatened to split us apart. One overzealous member hid our antique instrument collection to bring about a truce, but it didn't work."
Where are the instruments now?
"Excellent question! The only clue to their location lie in a song written by the bard responsible, 'Nel's Hidden Loves.'
Just as I solved the first verse, that instrument emerged for sale at a secret auction. I wish to hire you to recover it."
I can retrieve the instrument for you.

Once you agree to help, you will need to continue speaking with Leiborn for more details about the auction.

"Now, naturally you can't walk into a secret auction without the proper attire. Especially not the Sapphire Society's. Their events are outré and rare. Mind-boggling and taboo fare. No serfs at their affair!
Sorry, I can't help myself."
What do I need to wear?
"All these secret societies love disguising themselves. It gives a sense of excitement to their lives of leisure. Fortunately, bards hear all sorts of secrets. Wearing this robe and mask will get you in the door.
You also need the right passphrase."
What should I say?
"The magnates of the Sapphire Society speak a simple phrase to gain entry into their events. "A jewel of blue rules the view." Truly underscores how they see themselves, doesn't it?
You might want to practice it, just to be sure."
The jewel of blue rues virtue.
"Ah. Earnest conviction, but no.
Not to worry, it is only a single line. I am sure you will get it with more practice."
A jewel of blue rules the view.
A jewel of blue rules the view.
"Excellent! You scan lines quickly, I see.
Still, I would avoid any ad libbing."
I'm ready.

You will then need to put on the Sapphire Society Disguise before you continue. If you speak with Leiborn beforehand, he will remind you of the passphrase and you can take the opportunity to ask him about the feud within the college and the musical instrument itself.

"Remember: "A jewel of blue rules the view.""
You said I'm saving the Bards College?
"Well, you and I will save it together. A joint effort. Brains and brawn. When they pen the song of this adventure, no doubt you will receive a mention.
And what a song it will be. A tale of civil war, misguided decisions, and my stalwart bravery."
What civil war?
"Many years ago, the college had a collection of legendary instruments. Each inspired great passions—strength, love, tragedy.
There was an argument among the bards. How best should the instruments be used?"
What were the options?
"Some said the instruments were too precious and needed protection. Others asked, "What use are they if they can't be played?" The two sides actually came to blows! Fretboards and inkwells flying every which way.
It was all quite exhilarating."
What became of the instruments?
"One of the college's greatest bards, Nel Farsong, took them. She thought if the instruments went missing, the fighting could end. So, she hid them throughout Skyrim. Which ended the war, but only because everyone was enraged at Nel."
Why can't we ask her where they are?
"Oh she died. Very sad. And she never told a soul where to find the instruments. But while reading "Nel's Hidden Loves" I realized it held clues to their locations!
If we recover them based on her clues, I'll be a legend!"
Tell me about this instrument you want me to recover. / Can you tell me more about this instrument you want me to recover?
"It's a lute called Petraloop. Actually it's Petralute, but try saying that after five strong meads.
It was the learning lute at the College for generations. Played by dozens—hundreds—of bards over the years! It means a lot to us."
Why can't you go to the auction yourself?
"Well, I hate to brag, but I am quite famous. Even if I wore the Sapphire Society disguise, the members would immediately recognize my voice. Such is the heavy burden of artistic success."

When you have the Petraloop you can return to Leiborn, he will be excited to know if you succeeded.

"You've returned! Have you brought back the Petraloop? Will my fingers glide over its gentle curves once more?"
I suppose they will. I have the lute you wanted.
"Ah, Petraloop returns home! You know, I wooed my first love with this very lute? And my third, as well.
Thus begins the restoration of the College's famed collection to its former greatness. The history books will remember you for this."
The lute—are you going to take it?
"I assembled the museum for just this moment, but I think you deserve the honor of placing Petraloop on its podium.
After you display the lute, perhaps you could read "Nel's Hidden Loves?" I could use your skill in recovering the other instruments."
Thank you, I wlll.

Before you place the lute on the pedestal, Leiborn will say:

"Word will spread that Petraloop belongs to us once more, but this is just the start. If you can recover all of the instruments, I think it will heal the divide within the college."

After you place the lute on the nearby pedestal, Leiborn will admire it:

Leiborn: "Ah! Wonderful!"
<He places a book on the small table.>
Leiborn: "I left a copy of Nel's Hidden Loves on the table there. Have a look."

Speaking with him before reading the book:

"Oh my, yes. Petraloop looks perfect in such a place of honor. Do you see how the light sparkles off its lacquered finish? Delightful.
Take a gander at Nel's Hidden Loves. I placed it on the table for you. Perhaps the clues will speak to you."

Once you have read the cryptic sonnet, you can talk to Leiborn again.

"Wonderful! Look at the proud Petraloop, in its proper place once more. And we're a step closer to undoing Nel's folly!
But there are many other priceless instruments lost somewhere out in the world. They need to come home."
So, you want me to find the other instruments that Nel pilfered?
"Yes indeed! Let the clues within "Nel's Hidden Loves" guide the way.
As you travel through Skyrim, keep your eyes open—and your ears, too. These are instruments we're pursuing, after all. If you find more of them, I'll be here."

If you've already found and placed some instruments, he'll say:

I already placed some other instruments in the museum.
"Ah, yes, I see that you have. I commend your dedication to the arts.
When all the instruments rest in their proper places, I will compose an epic, "An Adventurer's Triumph," to celebrate! You will star in it, naturally."
Will you perform it publicly?

If you haven't placed any instruments yet:

I'll remember that.
Continuing conversation with Leiborn:
Ending conversation and returning to it:
"They say the first one is always the hardest. Everything should be much easier from here!
Once you recover all the instruments, I will compose an epic, "An Adventurer's Triumph," to celebrate their return. You will star in it, of course."
That sounds like quite the event.
"Petraloop is just the start of your noble journey!
Once you collect all the instruments, I will stage an epic, "An Adventurer's Triumph", to celebrate their return. You will star in it, of course."
That sounds like a momentous occasion.
"Of course it will be! We will use the instruments, too. They should be revered yes, but used for special occasions.
But first, more instruments! You'll have expenses. Let me weigh you down with some gold before you go."

A Salskap to Remember[edit]

Once you have found all the missing instruments, Leiborn will feel like celebrating "A joyous day for the Bards College!"

When you talk, you can find out what he wants to do.

"As you fill the museum, bards from all over will make their way to Solitude.
Keep working on the clues in Nel's poem. Once we have all the instruments collected, the performance can begin!"
I've collected all the instruments.
"You did it! Just look at them all—on display and waiting to be played. Maestro Nel would be happy to see them back, I think.
No more reveries! We must celebrate this historic occasion. It is time for a salskap!"
A salskap?
"A gathering of the bards—poetry, song, and drink! It will be first performance of my epic, "An Adventurer's Triumph!"
Everyone in Solitude must know. I have handbills but there is so much to do. Can you put them up? Then hurry back for the show!"
Very well. I'll post the handbills around town.

You can ask Leiborn about the salskap. It is a tradition he decided to revive.

"There are many fine places to post handbills around Solitude.
You should only need to post four of them, but make sure people see them. We need to get the word out!"
Sorry, what's a … Salskap?
"Ahh, the Salskap. It's a congregation of masterful bards!
For generations, Master Bards would call for a Salskap in times of joy. They sent word across the region … or even all of Tamriel … for the most talented bards to gather to them."
So some sort of conference?
"No, no! A celebration! A days-long bash!
Bards and skalds gather to talk, play music, drink, tell stories, share recent events, and perform their latest works.
I revived this old ritual to bring us together again. A wonder to behold!"

Once you have posted the fliers, Leiborn will be outside the amphitheater, ushering in attendees.

Leiborn: "Greetings to all! Hurry now! Our entertainment begins momentarily!"

He will be thrilled to see you.

"Time for the salskap to begin!
You of all people should stay for the entertainment. I wish I had time to hear how you found all the instruments."
I posted the handbills. You should expect a crowd.
"Good! I spoke with my fellow bards and we are in agreement. The instruments shall stay on display and every year we will host a celebration of their return. This way everyone can play and hear them.
I reserved the Seat of Honor for you. Enjoy!"

Leiborn will then head over to the amphitheater to watch the performers begin playing "An Adventurer's Triumph". You can then talk with him.

"You have done the Bards College a great service. Look at all my fellow musicians playing these fine instruments in concert. Already it is healing old wounds.
Maybe I just finished Maestro Nel's plan. Who can say?"
What will you do now?
"It's an exciting time in the Bards College. We'll discuss the instruments, schedule times to take them down from their stands and cases to play for special events.
Some Maestros are even considering teaching lessons about them!
My thanks to you."
Do you think it will last?
"This agreement? I don't see a reason to upset the compromise.
Though future generations of bards … I can't say for certain. But that's why we write songs and poems about our triumphs … to light a path for others in their time of need."
I hope that works, for your sake.
Sorry, what's a … Salskap?
(Repeat of above dialogue thread)

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

If you have completed A Salskap to Remember Leiborn will attend the dirge at the Blue Palace during Daughter of the Wolf

"This is wonderful! A bard and a celebration go together like wine and … wine!"
You appear to be in good spirits.
"You know, the College has bonded together once again because of you? We won't soon forget it. Or maybe we will. We're bards after all. Truth is sometimes sacrificed on the altar of entertainment."


After the Salskap

After you have recovered the Petraloop, you can search for the other missing instruments around Western Skyrim. Leiborn will encourage you to keep searching.

"As you fill the museum, bards from all over will make their way to Solitude.
Keep working on the clues in Nel's poem. Once we have all the instruments collected, the performance can begin!"
What do you mean?
"With the clues in Nel's Hidden Loves and the return of Petraloop, word will travel fast among bards!
I hear the vibrations among students, members and alumni of the College already."
Is that a good thing?
"Certainly! It will likely open a new dialogue about our legendary instruments, should they return in good order!
You began something truly great here. Maestros that were once enemies have already started talking to each other again."
"Ah, yes. You may not be so familiar with the structure here.
Maestros are the faculty of the Bards College. Master Bards. The Headmaestro manages the College as a whole … currently that is Catrelle Georick."

After the salskap performance, he can be found in the amphitheater with Nimble Vadramea, Hrofgen, Thaezara and Beaucourt Madach.

"You have done the Bards College a great service. Look at all my fellow musicians playing these fine instruments in concert. Already it is healing old wounds.
Maybe I just finished Maestro Nel's plan. Who can say?"