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First Mate Drigsen
Ship The Silver Cormorant
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During Of Ice and Death
First Mate Drigsen

First Mate Drigsen is a Redguard sailor who is a member of The Silver Cormorant, which was recently beached on the icy shore. After some of the crew were abducted in the night, she and Captain Mavvok went out searching for them but neither returned to the ship.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Of Ice and Death[edit]

After you have brought meat to the ship, Bosun Narz will ask you to look for the Captain and the First Mate. An injured Drigsen can be found sheltering aboard one of the wrecked ships in the area.

"I didn't think anyone would ever find me out here. If not for you, I'd be a frozen corpse in a few hours."
Narz sent me to look for you and the captain.
"Captain Mavvok and I left the Cormorant together, tracking a monstrous beast. It was pulling a cart stacked with corpses … and some of our crew, I fear.
Once we got close, we realized it wasn't some horrifying monster. Just a Khajiit. A big one."
Did you confront this Khajiit?
"Tried to. The thing tossed me like a ragdoll and knocked the captain out cold. Threw him on the cart and hauled him straight into the blizzard.
I'm too weak to fight, but I can still accompany you to find my people. I saw which way the beast went."
Let's go find your captain and crew.

She will then get to her feet and begin to follow you around.

First Mate Drigsen: "We have to find Captain Mavvok."

You can ask her questions as you search.

"The Khajiit that took the captain has to be close."
Can you tell me more about this Khajiit?
"It didn't talk, I remember thinking that was strange. Maybe it's mute?
There wasn't a lot of time to get a good look, but I remember there was something … off about it. The eyes were all wrong, like there was nothing going on behind them."
Why did you go with Captain Mavvok?
"The crew of the Cormorant is like family. I care about our missing people just as much as the captain does.
Besides, even if I didn't, no way I'd let him go after that beast on his own. I'm the first mate, it's my duty."

If you bring her back to ship, she will not want to stay before finding what happened to the rest of the crew.

"You've done a great thing already, friend. I'm glad to see the crew looking better.
But there are still more missing, and I can't carry on without knowing their fate."

As you approach the Khajiit's camp, the ever-present blizzard will suddenly get worse. Making it hard to move and see far away.

First Mate Drigsen: "The blizzard … it's getting worse!"

When you reach the camp, the Khajiit Zan'ikh can be seen wandering around but no one else can be seen.

First Mate Drigsen: "This must be the camp. Keep an eye out for the captain."

It is time to search for clues.

"Let's look around. There has to be something here that will help us find Captain Mavvok."

You can find a note addressed to Zan'ikh on a broken barrel. Drigsen will comment on it:

First Mate Drigsen: "Collecting corpses? Gods. But that amulet … I wonder if it's around here somewhere."

Speaking with her about the note.

"That note troubles me. If that Khajiit really was collecting corpses … what's become of the captain? And the rest of the crew?
Let's keep looking."

Picking up the amulet from a small bag, will immediately have an effect on the blizzard.

First Mate Drigsen: "That amulet! It almost seems like it's calming the blizzard!"

Once you have found everything thing can, you can talk to Drigsen about it before you leave.

"That amulet seemed to calm the storm … how is that possible?
And that note, that list of corpses. What kind of monster is this Maxten Favrete?"
Do you think this amulet really calmed the storm?
"Well, it got a little clearer as soon as you picked it up. Must be some kind of magic at work.
That note did say it would protect from the storm. You should keep it on you, it might come in handy."
What do you think is actually going on here?
"Nothing good. Strange weather is one thing. A giant Khajiit collecting corpses is another. I don't like any part of it. I just hope the captain and the others are safe.
We need to look into that Verglas Hollow mentioned in the note."

If you leave the camp before find eveything and speak with her.

"The Khajiit seems to be collecting frozen corpses, but I didn't see the captain among them. There has to be another clue at that camp."

As you head west, the imposing architecture of Verglas Hollow will become visible, no longer hidden by the storm.

First Mate Drigsen: "Look up the hill! Those ruins were hidden by the storm … is that Verglas Hollow?"

When you are inside the ruins, Drigsen will be determined to find her crew.

First Mate Drigsen: "Captain Mavvok and the crew have to be here somewhere!"

Talking with her after entering.

"What kind of horrible place is this?"

The ruins will be filled with frosty animated skeletal and eventually Drigsen will come across a familiar figure.

First Mate Drigsen: "Mamdahan! What's become of you?"

Mamadahan is frozen solid like an ice sculpture, Drigsen will talk about him if you ask her.

"Mamdahan was our cook … What did that monster do to him?"

Once you have rescued the captain, she can be found standing with him on the deck of the Cormorant.

"I hate that the bodies of those we lost won't be committed to the sea. But I know they would want us to carry on, now that we have a fighting chance.
Thank you, wayfarer. This ship and crew owe you their lives."

When you enter the large hall just after finding Mamdahan, a disembodied voice will call out:

Maxten Favrete: "You are not Zan'ikh … should I assume that you are here to kill me?"
First Mate Drigsen: "That voice … it sends a chill through me. That must be Favrete."

There will be a door covered by ice at the other end of the room. Drigsen will have a suggestion:

First Mate Drigsen: "That ice doesn't look natural. Maybe the amulet could melt it."
"That looks like an entrance, but it's all iced over. What about the amulet? Can you use it on the door?"

When you use the amulet, warm orange waves of light will emanate from it and the way will be clear.

First Mate Drigsen: "You did it! The amulet destroyed the ice!"

You can then enter the Verglas Hollow Depths which is an icy tunnel filled with icles and numerous ice sculpture-like bodies.

"Gods … these frozen corpses, they were people once. What are they now?
We need to be careful."

As you continue down the tunnel, some of the frozen bodies are not so frozen and will shatter revealing the undead skeletons beneath. Along the way, Drigsen will recognize another of her crew.

First Mate Drigsen: "Qasnareen! No! This must be Maxten's doing!"

Leaving the tunnel, you will emerge in a cavern where a frozen tower sits. Another crew member can be found frozen in front of it.

First Mate Drigsen: "Terga! No!"

When you enter the tower, Maxten Favrete will talk to you again.

Maxten Favrete: "I will not let my shame snuff out the power I have wrought. I must finish my work."
First Mate Drigsen: "We must be getting close."

As you search the tower, you can find the fourth missing crew member.

First Mate Drigsen: "Dringolir … Gods!"

Speaking with Drigsen during this, she will be determined to find her captain.

"I'm scared, but I'm not leaving. I need to know if Mavvok survived this."

When you enter the laboratory below the tower, Mavvok will be alive but trapped as part of Maxten's ritual. You will need to disrupt the crystal and stop Maxten to free him. Meanwhile, Drigsen will hide behind some cages and will offer some advice if you manage to speak with her.

"The captain said that dais is how she amplifies her power! You must do something to disrupt it!"

Once you have killed Maxten and destroyed the focus, the captain will be freed and will want to get outside, Drigsen will follow him.

Captain Mavvok: "I'm not staying here a moment longer! I need to see the sky!"
<He runs to the exit.>
First Mate Drigsen: "You did it, friend! Meet us back at the ship!"

When you arrive at the ship, the crew will be busy freeing it from the ice and you can overhear Mavvok and Drigsen talking on the deck.

First Mate Drigsen: "After we resupply and get ourselves out of this ice, we can get underway again."
Captain Mavvok: "Fine work, Drigsen. I'm proud of this crew, as always."

Speaking with Drigsen she will be looking better and will thank you for the help.

"I hate that the bodies of those we lost won't be committed to the sea. But I know they would want us to carry on, now that we have a fighting chance.
Thank you, wayfarer. This ship and crew owe you their lives."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

She will also appear for the ceremony during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed her quest beforehand:

"As soon as we heard you were caught up in everything going on in Solitude, Captain Mavvok had us set out straightaway. You may not sail with us, but you're crew. And we look after our own."
What will you do after all this?
"We'll have a proper funeral for our lost crew when we return home. Eventually, we'll refit and continue our work ... a little older and wiser, I suppose."