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Help an Orc stronghold in crisis with the collapse of their mine.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Objective: Mor Khazgur — Help the Mor Khazgur clan save their trapped miners.
Quest Giver: Umgaak at Mor Khazgur's entrance, Chief Urzikh at mine entrance
Location(s): Mor Khazgur
Reward: Mor Khazgur Crusher
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6484
It's Chief versus the Overseer
An accident at the Mor Khazgur Stronghold trapped many Orc workers inside the mine. Unfortunately, a conflict between the clan's chief and the mine's overseer have only added to the crisis.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Umgaak.
  2. Speak to Chief Urzikh and Overseer Thulsgreg outside the mine's entrance.
  3. Speak to Mazog inside the longhouse's storeroom.
  4. (Without persuasion) Search Mazog's traps and bring game to the camp.
  5. Find the mine's key and bring it to Chief Urzikh.
  6. Rescue the survivors of the mine's collapse.
  7. Find the ingredients for the Chief's stonemelt solution.
  8. Mix the stonemelt solution and applying to the rocks blocking the passage.
  9. Search for survivors past the cave-in.
  10. Find and speak to Mugha, the mine's foreman.
  11. Search for Narzba and Blograth.
  12. Take the altered recipe and leave the mine.
  13. Return to the stronghold and decide Mazog's fate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A stronghold in crisis[edit]

Right outside the entrance to the orc stronghold of Mor Khazgur you will find Umgaak, who advises you on turning back the way you came, as there's trouble at the stronghold and the entire clan is on edge. He explains that the mine has collapsed, and that the clan's Chief, Urzikh, and the mine's Overseer, Thulsgreg, are clashing and it's raising the tension.

When you inquire about the mine, Umgaak tells you that some miners are still trapped, but the Chief has not decided on a plan on what to do about it. Furthermore, the collapse's cause is under debate — some think the blame is on the Chief and her new mining methods, while others think the Overseer responsible. Umgaak then encourages you to help solve the clan's problem, as the mine is their main source of sustenance.

Head to the mine's entrance to find the Chief and the Overseeing arguing about monsters inside the mine. Speak to the Chief and she will tell you that the Overseer's wife hid the key to the mines in order to trap strange creatures that emerged from the depths after the mine's collapse. However, some miners are still trapped inside, and the Chief is set on rescuing them.

Mazog does not seem very comfortable.

Now it's the Overseer's turn to tell his side. He will say that it's too dangerous to expose the stronghold to the creatures and that the Chief is just too stubborn to admit it. Plus, he believes the miners trapped inside to be dead already, and that Chief Urzikh's alchemy won't do anything to help the situation.

When asked about the alchemy, Overseer Thulsgreg will explain that the Chief has potions that dissolve stone, which he claims is faster but dangerous and that it's probably to blame for the explosion. He then directs you to see his wife, Mazog, which is imprisoned beneath the longhouse, and hear what she has to say.

Go to the storeroom beneath the longhouse to find Mazog inside a cage. She will tell you she believes the Chief's alchemy is to blame for the collapse, and that opening the door to the mine will only lead to senseless death inside the stronghold. If you can convince her you can protect the stronghold, she will tell you that the key is hidden on top of the watchtower. Otherwise, if you tell her that the Chief will go through her husband without the key, she will ask of you a favor: collect the game from the traps she set outside the stronghold and bring it to the miner's camp.

After you fetch the key from the top of the watchtower, return to the Chief. You ask her what she believes is the collapse's reason, to which she responds that it was not her alchemy — which is perfectly safe — but that it was definitely neither Thulsgreg nor Mazog, as "sabotage is not in their nature". The chief will then unlock the mine and the two of you enter in order to find the survivors.

The Falmer's pets are now pests of the mine.

The collapsed mine[edit]

Descending into the caverns in search of the survivors, you will come across several Falmer and their various Chaurus, which have overrun the mine. The survivors you find will tell you their sometimes conflicting thoughts on the crisis: that the Chief pressured them into finding more ore when the mine was running dry, all while using her alchemic solution; that the disaster is responsibility of both the Chief and the Overseer; or that people who were siding with Tholsgreg modified the Chief's recipe to increase the ore output.

One of the survivors will tell you of the location of the cave-in. Go there to find Chief Urzikh and Overseer Thulsgreg arguing. The Overseer's workers are picking at the cave-in, but the Chief wants to melt the stone with her alchemy. She will task you with searching for the mixture's ingredients which have been scattered across the mine by the Falmer, and creating a sample in order to open the cave-in and allow the trapped survivors to escape.

First, fetch the ingredient list and recipe from nearby and gather the three necessary components. Next you should follow the Chief's recipe in order to mix the solution: add Snow Bear Bile, Shalk Resin, and Ashpit Powder, in that order. Once you apply the mixture to the rock, the passage will be open and you can continue to look for survivors.

An enormous fissure reveals something mysterious.

Deeper still[edit]

Go deeper into the mine in order to find a large fissure with strange, glowing ore visible. Chief Urzikh will catch up to you and instructs you to find the mine's foreman, Mugha, who will probably know what exactly happened to the mine. You will find Mugha injured, sitting on one of the superior walkways. He will say that he was working with two others, Narzba and Blograth, when the mine suddenly collapsed. Your new mission is to look for these two and see if they survived.

Continue on the walkways and you will find the two miners' corpses, along with new mining instructions. It seems Mazog instructed the miners to quadruple the Chief's original solution, just as the rumor you heard before. As you inspect these instructions, Overseer Thulsgreg makes his way to the deeper end of the mine and you confront him with the evidence that Mazog altered the recipe in order to meet the Chief's quota while cutting time spent in the mine.

Mazog ia at the mercy of the Chief.

The Blood Price[edit]

Fight your way to the secondary exit the Overseer points you to, and use the solution to melt the rocks blocking the door. Once outside, speak to Thulsgreg who is in the middle of the stronghold courtyard with the Chief, Mazog, and others. As punishment for causing the cave-in, Mazog faces the Blood Price: her tusks are to be extracted. Thulsgreg urges you to speak to the Chief and try to convince her to not make Mazog go through the punishment, as she acted rashly but without malicious intent.

Chief Urzikh is not eager to make justice with the Blood Price. She recognizes that she pushed too hard for results, causing Mazog to inadvertedly cause a catastrophe. Now you can tell the Chief what you think she should do: take Mazog's tusks, or spare her.

If you choose to spare Mazog, the Chief will be thankful, for you helped her show that she does not only offer a new approach to mining, but also in a lifestyle of mercy.

If you choose to punish Mazog, the Chief will declare that she will extract the Blood Price herself. Ironically, she will finally heed Thulsgreg's advice, acknowledging that a return to tradition is in the interests of the clan. Thulsgreg himself will be distraught at the prospect of his wife losing her precious tusks, but he plans to persevere to prove to the clan how tough his family really is.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Clan Divided
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should investigate Mor Khazgur mine and see what caused the collapse.
Objective: Find the Mine Entrance
I found the entrance to the Mor Khazgur mine. Chief Urzikh and Overseer Thulsgreg are arguing outside it. I should talk to Chief Urzikh to learn more.
Objective: Talk to Chief Urzikh
Overseer Thulsgreg refuses to stop blocking the mine entrance. The chief threw his wife, Maxog, in a cage for not revealing the location of the mine key. I should talk to Overseer Thulsgreg and get his side of the story.
Objective: Talk to Overseer Thulsgreg
Overseer Thulsgreg believes the accident is a result of the chief's alchemical mining methods. He asked me to speak to Mazog in her cell to learn more, and possibly help them convince the chief.
Objective: Find Mazog
I found Mazog's cell. I should see if I can convince her to reveal the mine key's location.
Objective: Talk to Mazog
(If cannot or do not persuade her.)
Mazog won't tell me where to find the key until I help the clan. I need to check her game traps and bring any meat I find to the workers.
Objective: Search Traps: 0/3
I should bring the meat to the camp.
Objective: Bring Meat to Miners
I did what Mazog asked. I should return to her to see if she'll reveal the key's location.
Objective: Talk to Mazog
(If you can persuade Mazog, the quest will skip straight to this stage.)
Mazog hid the key at the top of the watchtower. I should retrieve it and bring it to Chief Urzikh.
Objective: Find the Mine Key
I acquired the mine key. I should bring it to Chief Urzikh and see if it helps to resolve the conflict between her and Thulsgreg.
Objective: Talk to Chief Urzikh
The chief unlocked the mine. I should follow her and Thulsgreg inside.
Objective: Enter Mine
I should explore the mine and see if I can locate any survivors.
Objective: Explore the Mine
There are miners trapped farther inside the mine. I should find them and help them to safety.
Objective: Rescue Miners: 0 / 4
One of the trapped miners revealed the location of a cave-in that's blocking other survivors from escaping. I should see if I can locate this cave-in and help.
Objective: Locate Cave-In
I found the cave-in location. Chief Urzikh and Thulsgreg are already here. I should talk to the chief and see what she plans to do.
Objective: Talk to Chief Urzikh
The chief asked me to find ingredients to make her special stonemelt solution.
Objective: Find Instructions
Chief Urzikh asked me to gather the ingredients used to make her stonemelt solution.
Objective: Gather Shalk Resin
Objective: Gather Bear Bile
Objective: Gather Ashpit Powder
I gathered the ingredients. I should assemble them in the order listed in the instructions Chief Urzikh provided.
Objective: Mix the Stonemelt Solution
Objective Hint: Check Recipe
I need to use the stonemelt solution to dissolve the rubble blocking the passage.
Objective: Use the Stonemelt Solution
With the rubble cleared, I can continue searching for survivors.
Objective: Search for Survivors
Chief Urzikh says there are still three people missing—the mine's foreman included. Our priority is to locate them first, and then see if we can discover the truth of what really happened here.
Objective: Talk to Chief Urzikh
The mine's foreman, Mugha, might have information about what really happened. I should see if I can find him.
Objective: Find Mugha
I found Mugha. He's injured, but alive. I should speak to him and find out what he knows.
Objective: Talk to Mugha
Mugha says two miners were seen with Mazog just before the explosion. I should try to find them.
Objective: Find Missing Miners
I found the two remaining miners dead. One of them dropped some kind of instructions. I should investigate further.
Objective: Read Instructions
There don't seem to be any more survivors. Overseer Thulsgreg is nearby. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Overseer Thulsgreg
Overseer Thulsgreg encouraged me to clear a path up ahead to a secondary exit so he and Mugha can leave safely.
Objective: Find a Path Out
I cleared the way for Mugha and the others. I should exit the mine and meet them outside.
Objective: Exit the Mine
We made it out of the mine. Overseer Thulsgreg wants to speak to me, most likely concerning Mazog.
Objective: Talk to Overseer Thulsgreg
I need to tell Chief Urzikh what I learned in the mines.
Objective: Talk to Chief Urzikh
Finishes quest☑ I advised Chief Urzikh to free Mazog.
Objective: Talk to Chief Urzikh
Finishes quest☑ I advised Chief Urzikh to invoke the Blood Price and take Mazog's tusks as punishment.
Objective: Talk to Chief Urzikh
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