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This article is about the person. For the book, see Jorunn the Skald-King (book).

Jorunn the Skald-King
(lore page)
Home City Windhelm
Location Skald-King's Temporary Court, Hall of Trials, Trolhetta Summit, Palace of Kings
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Jorunn the Skald-King

Jorunn the Skald-King is a Nord and the High King of Eastern Skyrim and leader of the Ebonheart Pact. He presides over the Great Moot in the Pact's capital of Mournhold. He may be found in Windhelm, in the Skald-King's Temporary Court (located southwest of The Adept's Retreat), and in the Palace of Kings. King Jorunn is the twin brother of Fildgor Orcthane and younger sibling to the late Queen Nurnhilde. He is also Prince Irnskar's father.

The Fractured Spirit of the King

Related Quests[edit]


At his temporary court in Windhelm

"I don't really stand on ceremony, so out with it. I'm very busy today."
I just wanted to say congratulations.
"Thank you for that. I'm not really fond of these kinds of events, but the thanes insisted. It's good for the people and good for the alliance, they said.
If only we had been able to get the palace ready in time for all this."
What's wrong with the palace?
"The damned Akaviri! Their invasion a decade ago continues to haunt us! They caused extensive damage to the palace, but I made sure the rest of the city was repaired first.
Work on the palace proceeds, but it goes exceedingly slowly."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

One Victor, One King[edit]

As you race through the tunnel towards the Hall of Trials, you can hear King Jorunn speaking to the champion of the festivities.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Your prowess is impressive, champion. Come up here so that—"
Windhelm Defender: "My King! The Stormfist cheated! These Nords have been poisoned!"
Leimaer the Raven: "Your brother Fildgor sends his greetings, false king. He wants you to know that he has returned from exile to claim what is his by birth and right. Your rule is over, pretender! Prepare to die!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Poison? Fildgor? What is the meaning of this? Guards! Seize that woman!"
Leimaer the Raven: "For Fildgor! For the rightful king of Skyrim! Show no mercy!"

After the Stormfists have been defeated:

Jorunn the Skald-King: "The Stormfist bastards did their worst, yet I am still alive. Thanks to you."

Speak with him after you've quelled the invasion.

"This was a message from my brother. One I wasn't meant to survive. I feared this day would come."
Are you all right, King Jorunn?
"A mere scratch, nothing more. The Stormfist clan's assassins are dead, and that's good enough for me.
I guess I've become too complacent, while Fildgor's hatred has obviously deepened and festered."
Your brother hates you?
"After dear Nurnhilde fell in battle, my brother and I threw back the invaders. Afterward, we disagreed on who should succeed our sister. I believed in diplomacy and wisdom. Fildgor believed in rule by force.
I couldn't let him take the throne."
Why has Fildgor returned?
"When I won the throne, I was forced to exile Fildgor. He never forgave me for that. I assume he's returned to take the throne. I wonder what he promised his Stormfist and Orc allies?
I need to think about this. Please, tell Thane Mera that I'm fine."

Speaking to him again:

"You have demonstrated valor today. Thank you. Please let Thane Mera know what happened and that everything is fine.
I need to consider my brother's plans and how to best counter them."

The War Council[edit]

Enter the safe room inside Fort Amol and you'll find a projection of the king. Once you begin speaking to him, it's clear you're not speaking to the actual King Jorunn. It is actually Dhalen in disguise (see Dhalen's page for dialogue).

Eternal Slumber[edit]

After seeing all three of the visions at the totems of the Three Old Gods, the King's body will begin to levitate.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Arrrggghhh!"
Prince Irnskar: "What is this sorcerery, priest? What's happening to my father?"
High Priest Esling: "The dream … it's leaving the King's body. How … how is this happening?"

Gods Save the King[edit]

You will overhear King Jorunn talking to his soldiers in the first phase of his nightmare.

Departed Soldier: "Look at your soldiers, Jorunn. This is what happened to us. Locked away in some crypt like commoners. No one cared that we died, especially you. We were just pawns for you!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "No. I respected and cared for each and every one of you. With each of your deaths, I lost brothers and sisters. But we fought for what we all believed in. We fought for our freedom!"
Departed Soldier: "We had families. The day we died for you, we lost our lovers. Our children. You know how it feels, don't you? Yet you didn't care. You threw us out there. You let us be killed by the Akaviri!"
Dream Eater: "Listen to them. Listen to their wailing cries. They died because of you. You threw their lives away. Now you are paying for it!"

You can speak with the Fractured Spirit of Jorunn in Mistwatch Crevasse. You will also hear memories of him and his sister while traversing this portion of the dream.

In the third part of the dream, the will face the Dream Eater.

Dream Eater: "Give in to your dreams. Submit to the darkness!"
Fractured Spirit of Jorunn: "Never! I will wake from this dream. I will find my brother and any others who put our people at risk. They will all fall to my blade! This I swear!"
Fractured Spirit of Jorunn: "You underestimate me and my allies, foul creature!"

After defeating the Dream Eater, King Jorunn will be whole once more.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "I remember when my sister sat upon her throne. My brother and I would tease her endlessly about being the queen."

Speak with him.

"My people trusted my sister. Loved her. Great Queen Nurnhilde, they called her. Leader of the Nords. Then the Akaviri attacked. The people lost their Queen and I lost my sister.
The realm wept the day she died."
The Argonian said you chased a woman up here.
"It was a trick. Conjured by that creature you killed. Nurnhilde is dead. Her beautiful soul is gone.
I'm all that's left to lead my people. I cannot fail them!"
How are you feeling?
"Different. Strange. Like a part of me is missing. No guards, no castle walls, just the limits of my own mind.
Fabrications and illusions—perhaps that's all you are."
I'm real. I came here with the Argonian to save you.
"Your face is familiar … but I can't remember. You have my thanks, regardless. Both you and the Argonian."
We need to get you out of here.
"I know. There's so much to do, and I cannot allow my brother Fildgor to complete his plan. Not while he has our sister's body and her crown.
Nothing good will come from his machinations."

After your conversation, the spirit of Queen Nurnhilde will appear.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Sister! This can't be. This must be part of my dream."
Queen Nurnhilde: "Jorunn, my beloved brother. It's been so long. I wish the news I bring you wasn't so dire."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "What is it, Nurnhilde? What's wrong?"
Queen Nurnhilde: "It's Fildgor. I know why our brother stole my body and the crown. He plans to call forth my spirit and merge it with his own. He believes that by possessing me, he shall become the rightful king."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Please, friend, leave us so that we can talk. I'll join you in the waking world shortly."

Speaking with him again before leaving:

"It's so good to see my sister again. I promise I won't be long, but I need to speak to her.
Go. I will meet you after and we'll stop my brother!"

You must speak with him when he awakens.

"I can never repay you for all you've done. I should throw a grand feast and make you part of my personal guard, but there are still dangers to deal with.
Fildgor plans to desecrate my sister's spirit. That must not be allowed to happen."
Why is Fildgor doing this?
"The Crown of Freydis, the symbol of our people, can only be worn by the true heir of the throne. It won't fit upon an unworthy head.
Fildgor believes that he can merge our sister's spirit with his own, making him worthy of the crown."
And if that works?
"If the crown fits, it proclaims Fildgor as the true King. Not even I can oppose the one who wears the crown.
That's why Fildgor must be stopped. He can't be allowed to desecrate Nurnhilde's spirit."
What happens now?
"Fildgor and his Stormfist Brigade have gone to the dragonshrine of Skuldafn. The Prince and I must go to the camps at the foot of the mountain and plan our counter move.
I need to leave now. The people need their King."

After the quest, he says:

Jorunn the Skald-King: "You are welcome to join us at our camp if you wish. Whatever you decide, thank you for what you have done."

A Council of Thanes[edit]

You will be asked by Thane Harvald to deliver a package to King Jorunn in the healer's tent.

"I am recovering, but the process is slower than I'd like."
King Jorunn, Thane Harvald asked me to give you this.
"I don't have to open this. I know that Harvald is concerned about Irnskar. Assure him that I'm well enough to guide my son and my kingdom.
Tell Harvald that I will talk to him later."

In the middle of the war council, King Jorunn will emerge from the healer's tent.

Prince Irnskar: "Father! You honor us! I'm glad to see you up and around."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "My brother seeks to pull my sister's soul from Sovngarde. The Crown of Freydis will see the soul, not the man."
General Yeveth Noramil: "It's good to see you well, Jorunn. We've been discussing how to approach Skuldafn."
Thane Jeggi Gap-Tooth: "Yes, yes. We discuss and we strategize while Fildgor digs in and strengthens his defenses."
Thane Oda Wolf-Sister: "So, have we come to any conclusions?"
Eyes-of-Steel: "The Stormfists have fortified the primary path to the dragonshrine. A frontal assault would take time that we may not have."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Time is a luxury we don't possess. If Fildgor completes this ritual, all is lost."
General Yeveth Noramil: "That's why you wanted to see those scouting reports! You think there's another way into Skuldafn."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "There is always another way. Champion, may we speak?"
"Well met, my courageous friend! The time of our victory is at hand!"
You wanted to speak to me?
"Yes. Thank you for all you've done, but your skills are needed again.
Our troops will begin the assault on Skuldafn, but we need a faster approach to reach Fildgor."
General Yeveth mentioned scouting reports?
"Yes. We have several of our best scouts searching the area.
Thane Mera found something in the hills, north of here. Those Dragonshrines are rife with passages and secret entrances."
And that's where I come in.
"Good. Make sure the way is clear for our assault. Speak to General Noramil. He's been coordinating our efforts to scout the area for another way in.
The Ebonheart Pact stands together to defeat the Orcthane!"

Songs of Sovngarde[edit]

"The Stormfists were panicked by the raging fires. We cut through their ranks as quickly as we could, but I'm afraid we were too late.
Tell me ... my sister ...?"

If you killed Fildgor in Sovngarde:

Fildgor is dead. I saved your sister's spirit and the Crown of Freydis.
"Nurnhilde is safe and my brother … dead? I am all that remains of our family. My brother was honorable, if misguided. Despite his crimes, he will receive a royal burial.
I will mourn later. Now, there is business to attend to."

If you spared Fildgor:

Your sister's spirit and the Crown are safe. Fildgor awaits your judgment.
"I almost wish Fildgor had not survived his encounter with you. Now I must deal with my own brother.
And there's only one possible punishment for treason."
[Persuade]Fildgor could prove useful to the Pact.
"Such a shrewd, calculating proposal. It's not the Nord way, but the idea has merit. If we could make him work with us, think of what we could accomplish.
And, I confess, it would break my heart to put my brother to death. Thank you for your counsel."
Jorunn the Skald-King: ""
Fildgor brought this on himself, King Jorunn.
"True. But I find no joy in ending my own brother's life.
Move back and let me get this damnable duty over with."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Brother. Why did it come to this?"
Fildgor Orcthane: "I was wrong, brother. Please, spare me. I am capable of helping you!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "No, brother. I know all too well what you are capable of. The King's judgment stands."
<Jorunn kills Fildgor>
Jorunn the Skald-King: "May the spirits forgive you, Fildgor, for I have not."

Then, the Great Moot begins at the summit of Skuldafn.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Esteemed allies. I stand before my ancestors, at this holy dragonshrine, to seal our pact for the greater good."
Eyes-of-Steel: "I stand on this mountain to proclaim how far the Argonians have come from the swamps of Black Marsh. In the name of my people, I add my voice to form this Ebonheart Pact."
General Yeveth Noramil: "I represent the Dunmer and the Tribunal. I stand on this frigid rock to affirm our place in the Ebonheart Pact. I fervently hope we can move this along, because it's freezing up here."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "The Nords offer the Crown of Freydis. This symbol of power and wisdom provides the Pact with the strength and authority of our Nord ancestors."
General Yeveth Noramil: "The Dunmer offer the Judgement of Veloth, an artifact of ancient magic. This provides the Pact with our skills and the blessing of the Tribunal."
Eyes-of-Steel: "The Argonians offer the Mnemic Egg, sacred symbol of birth and life, thus granting our wisdom and memories of the Hist to the Pact. With these offerings, the Pact is sealed. Let our nations become one."
General Yeveth Noramil: "Further, the Dunmer call for a single leader to hold this pact together. We believe Skald-King Jorunn is the one to lead us. We believe Skald-King Jorunn is the one to lead us!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Let our enemies tremble at our combined might. I accept the role of High King of the Ebonheart Pact. We have much to discuss here. Please, Champion, return to Jorunn's Stand and tell my son what has transpired."

You can speak to him after the Great Moot. His dialogue changes depending on your choice during the quest.

If you had Jorunn execute Fildgor:

"The Ebonheart Pact is sealed and this threat to Skyrim has ended.
Please, go and tell my son. Tell him that the battle is won and ... tell him about Fildgor."

If you spared Fildgor:

"We are victorious and the Ebonheart Pact is sealed.
Go, inform my son that the battle is won. Have him prepare to take Fildgor to prison."

To Honrich Tower[edit]

Speak with him at the Pact's camp near Honrich Tower.

"Damn Worms! Driving them out will cost us dearly.
And with all that we have accomplished, we still may not have the numbers to win this."
I'm here to help.
"And not a moment too soon.
We can't wait for more reinforcements. We must strike back against these bastards before we lose our chance."

Shattered Hopes[edit]

Speak with King Jorunn at the Pact camp near Honrich Tower. He is holding council with Hakra and Valdur.

"Valdur told me of your deeds at Taarengrav.
Now our heroes have gathered, and we will need all of you to beat these damn Worms and take back what is ours!"
What is the Worm Cult doing here?
"They are building an army of Daedra! Their leader, that bastard, Thallik Wormfather, stole Ysgramor's axe, Wuuthrad. He has roused the ghost giant Sinmur!"
Sounds like it's going to be quite a battle.
"Many have gone to Sovngarde today, many more will follow unless we close the portals and stop Thallik Wormfather.
No ordinary soldier can deal with this. For this task, I need you."
You can count on me.

You can ask him more questions after accepting the quest.

"The spirits of Ysgramor's companions will ride with you against the Worms!
Talk to Valdur before you go. And Kyne's speed, my friend!"
You rallied all these people here?
"When the Skald-King calls, the people answer! I should have dealt with the Worm Cult long ago. Before they grew in strength and numbers.
We must defeat them here. Then we can attack their base at Arcwind Point."
Where is Arcwind Point?
"In the mountains to the west. It will not be easy to get there.
But first, we stop the Worm Cult here and retrieve Wuuthrad!"
What's the plan for the troops?
"My soldiers are stretched thin, and they can only keep the Daedra contained until you close the portals.
If you can cut off the reinforcements, I will give the command to engage."

Speaking with him if you persuaded Valdur to allow a Legendary Companion to fight by your side:

"We must stop Wormfather. To battle!"

Returning to him after killing Thallik:

"Hakra said Wuuthrad shattered when you defeated Thallik Wormfather.
Ah, do not blame yourself. You fought with the courage of Ysgramor."
I did everything I could.
"And you turned the tide and cut off the head of the worm! Without Thallik Wormfather, the cult will be severely weakened.
Thanks to you, I now see victory on the horizon."

A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks[edit]

Speak with Jorunn after the completion of the previous quest.

"Before you returned, our soldiers saw the ghost giant Sinmur. He came from the mountains and he went east, toward Riften."
Should we go after him?
"Yes! To the very edge of Tamriel if we must!
I have sent troops into the Smokefrosts to warn Riften of his approach. But you should also head in that direction."
What about Wuuthrad?
"The Shards of Wuuthrad have been scattered across the Smokefrosts. Be watchful. Recover any fragments you find on your journey.
In Riften, speak to Captain Viveka. Tell her I sent you."
I'll do what I can.

You can ask him more questions after accepting the quest.

"We will meet in the Smokefrosts, my friend. If not there, then in Sovngarde.
Kyne speed you."
What will you do now, Your Highness?
"I will lead the Pact forces to Trolhetta, on the Skyrim border. It is a place of great magic."
Why go to Trolhetta?
"Because I'm worried, my friend. If not for our success this day, the Planemeld may have spread to all of Tamriel.
So, I will travel to Trolhetta and see what the Pact mages can tell me."

To the King[edit]

Captain Vari Warhammer will find you in Riften and send you to the Skald King at Trolhetta. Meet him there and he'll say:

"I see Captain Warhammer tracked you down. Good."
I'm ready to put an end to the Worm Cult.
"As am I, my friend. But there is much to do.
The Worms hide inside Trolhetta. Mark my words—Mannimarco's spawn dies today."

Securing the Pass[edit]

Speak to King Jorunn at the Pact camp at the base of Trolhetta.

"What a collection of Pact warriors! The time has come to end this!"
How can I help?
"The Worm Cult mages guard the passage to Trolhetta. A full assault would be suicidal, but a small force might push right through.
Especially with you at its head."
What do you want me to do?
"Lower the Worms' defenses. Kill them as you must, but leave some for us. As you destroy each ward, we will secure the caves behind you.
For Ysgramor! For glory!"
I'll get it done.

You can speak with him further after accepting the quest.

"You must clear the way. We have to reach Sinmur before it's too late!"
[Persuade] If I'm to lead the charge, give me someone to lead.
"Ha! You have the spirit of Ysgramor, my friend. Yes. Two blades are more dangerous than one.
Speak to Holgunn, Walks-in-Ash, and Valdam Andoren. Choose a companion and tear the Worms apart!"
"Speak to Holgunn, Walks-in-Ash, and Valdam Andoren. Choose one to fight by your side."

Stomping Sinmur[edit]

Make it to the Summit and Jorunn will be there with other Pact warriors:

"We must defeat Sinmur and the Worm Cult once and for all. Are you ready?"
Yes. What needs to be done?
"We must push forward or all is lost. Follow me!"

Jorunn will lead you through several battles:

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Stay beside me, friends. We face the cult together!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "You face the Skald King now, Worms! Come and die on my blade!"

Until you reach the ghost of Sinmur himself:

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Face me, Sinmur! Friends—activate the shards of Wuuthrad while I occupy the beast!"

Defeat Sinmur and Thallik Wormfather.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Shor's Bones! The monster's down! Well done, my friends, well done!"

Once the battle is done, Jorunn will notice something below:

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Kyne's Breath. Can it be? The Five Hundred Companions?"
Ysgramor: "Sinmur is dead. You have won a great victory this day!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Ysgramor! I am not worthy."
Ysgramor: "Rise Jorunn, Skald King. Rise and greet me as the true champion of the north."
Ysgramor: "You have united not just the Nords. The ancient Elves and the crafty lizard folk stand with us as well."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I had help, my liege."
Ysgramor: "Your champions! We've met. A hard road lies ahead of you. But for now, savor this victory."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Thank you, Ysgramor!"
Ysgramor: "Companions! Three cheers for the Skald King and his brave champions! Wormcrushers and giantslayers!"
Ysgramor: "Again!"
Ysgramor: "Once more!"
Ysgramor: "For the Pact and the north!"
Ysgramor: "Companions! We ride to Sovngarde!"

And with those last words, Ysgramor and the five hundred fade back to Sovengarde. Speak to Jorunn:

"Well done, my friend. May Sinmur never again arise to haunt us!"
Is he dead at last?
"Yes. Sinmur and the Worm Cult are crushed, but Ysgramor's warning concerns me. What could he mean?
Find Vigrod Wraithbane. He should be outside. I must think on this."
"Leave this place and find Vigrod Wraithbane. I will meet you outside."

Go and speak to Vigrod and Jorunn will soon follow to speak to you again:

"I hope the Worm Cult has been shattered. But I fear they are just the foot of the mountain."
You believe the Worms were pawns?
"Yes. As Ysgramor said, their masters reside in Coldharbour. We have no choice but to invade.
I must return to Mournhould, my friend. I hope to see you there."

After the quest he'll say:

"Our alliance has never been stronger thanks to you, but your work is not complete.
I have a message for you—from Vanus Galerion of the Mages Guild."

Messages Across Tamriel[edit]

During Messages Across Tamriel you may have to speak with Skald-King Jorunn to convince him to attend the meeting between the alliances on Stirk. When you approach, his agents will warn you off before Jorunn waves them away.

Thrush: "Watch yourselves, outsiders. Give us a good reason, and the Armigers will cut you down where you stand!"
Hopper: "We'll burn you …."
Longfin: "Freeze you …."
Scathecraw: "And shatter you."
Thrush: "Any questions? I didn't think so."
Vanus Galerion: "Honored Skald-King, I am here with the personal champion of Queen Ayrenn/High King Emeric …."
Thrush: "You dare to bring a Dominion/Covenant lapdog here?"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Silence, Thrush! Master Galerion, please continue."
Vanus Galerion: "My companion hopes to speak with you about the impending Coldharbour crisis."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I have heard tales of this one. The Skald-King favors the bold, even among his enemies! Come, champion. let us speak."

You can then approach him.

"I will stay your execution since you came all this way. But choose your words carefully. I'm not a patient king."
Thank you for speaking with me, Honored Skald-King.
"Yes, well, I am both suspicious and curious. If you are an assassin, though, get on with it. But remember this: you're coming to Sovngarde with me!"
You don't fear death?
"To fear death is to fear life! I am Nord. When my time comes, I will embrace it. Sovngarde will be glorious! No meetings, no schemes!
But you're not here to talk philosophy. What do you want?"
It's time to take the offensive against Molag Bal.
"Who? The three alliances? Has magical travel rattled your brain?
Speak plainly. What do you ask of me?"
I propose a moot. A meeting of all three alliance leaders on the island of Stirk.
"Where the All-Flags Army was born …? Hmm. If the other leaders agree, I will attend. If nothing else, it should make a good story.
Now leave me before my dinner gets cold."

Weight of Three Crowns[edit]

Jorunn has come with Vigrod Wraithbane and a small contingent of Companions. Once the meeting between the leaders starts, it rapidly becomes clear it won't remain civil and is halted shortly after.

Queen Ayrenn: "We must put aside our differences and work together or this assault is doomed from the start."
High King Emeric: "How do we know this isn't a ruse? A clever plan to divert out forces while your armies take the Imperial City?"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I thought backstabbing was your favorite tactic, Emeric!"
Queen Ayrenn: "Please! Are you both so arrogant? Your weapons are children's toys compared to the horrors that Molag Bal commands!"
High King Emeric: "I will not wager the future of my people on the word of snow barbarian and an adolescent female. I fear for Tamriel's future if either of you were to sit upon the Ruby Throne!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Since when do you care about your people? You never lift a finger except to count your gold!"
Vanus Galerion: "Please, my lords! This bickering is pointless!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "What a waste of time!"
<Jorunn goes back to his camp.>
Queen Ayrenn: "Obstinate fools, both of you!"
<Ayrenn returns to her camp.>
High King Emeric: "What a mess. Apologies, Vanus, but I'm going to check on my Lion Guard."
<Emeric leaves for his camp.>

In the end, all three have retreated back to their camps. If you try to speak to him before getting advice from Vanus, he'll only say:

"Leave me. I have much to consider."

After speaking to Vanus you get the idea to convince the leaders to allow the neutral Guilds to fight in Coldharbour instead. Jorunn's dialogue will differ depending on your alliance.

If you are Pact:

"I tried, but these thick-skulled bastards will not see reason."
We need to cooperate.
"What about the war in Cyrodiil? If I commit troops to this invasion, the Pact will be vastly outnumbered there."
What if we send the guilds to Coldharbour?
"Bah. Wizards and mercenaries? Against the Daedric hordes? Without the Ebonheart Pact, they do not stand a chance!"
Both guilds have experience fighting Daedra. They may be our best chance.
"Huh, you make some sense after all.
I will support this foolish plan if you can convince the other leaders."

If you are Covenant, he is immediately dismissive of you. But you can convince him by appealing to his pride.

"Save your breath. I will not be swayed by Emeric's lapdog."

If you are Dominion:

"Save your breath. I will not be swayed by some Altmer lapdog."

Regardless of your Alliance, the conversation continues.

We need to cooperate.
"What about the war in Cyrodiil? If I commit troops to this invasion, the Pact will be vastly outnumbered there."
What if we send the guilds to Coldharbour?
"Bah. Wizards and mercenaries? Against the Daedric hordes? Without the Ebonheart Pact, they do not stand a chance!"
[Intimidate] Do you want history to remember you as the king who surrendered to Molag Bal?
"How dare you! I should kill you where you stand!
History will remember the Skald-King as the Bane of Molag Bal! I will support your foolish plan. Now get out of my sight!"
I don't see any other options.
"Perhaps. But I must think about this.
Go! All this talk has given me a headache."
Jorrun versus Sormorask

Soon the island will come under attack by the Daedric forces of Molag Bal, with the most powerful focusing on the leaders. The Skald-King will be squaring off against the Titan Sormorask. Once the titan is defeated, Jorunn will mourn his guards:

"My guards … all dead …."

Speak to him after the rifts are closed and he'll state:

"Damn that Molag Bal!"

Once the Daedra have been repelled, Vanus Galerion and Countess Hakruba will call out to the leaders, trying to convince them that there is no more time to waste.

Vanus Galerion: "Honored leaders! You have seen the face of our enemy!"
Vanus Galerion: "Molag Bal threatens every living being in Tamriel! The Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild have agreed to join forces to launch an assault on Coldharbour!"
Countess Hakruba: "Trust in us! Sanction our actions! Give us your blessings! We will not let you down!"
High King Emeric: "Vanus is right. The Guilds are our best and only choice. Send them to Coldharbour!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I hate to admit it, but I agree with Emeric."
Queen Ayrenn: "As do I. It appears that much of the distrust between out alliances was sown and nurtured by the God of Schemes."
Countess Hakruba: "Molag Bal thrives on deception and chaos, but if you'll forgive me, this Alliance War is of your own making."
Vanus Galerion: "Countess Hakruba. Gather the surviving members of both Guilds in the Stirk Interior. The champion and I will go there new to open the portal."
Countess Hakruba: "We'll be right behind you, Vanus."
<Vanus begins to head towards the valley.>
Vanus Galerion: "The time has come, Champion."
Countess Hakruba: "Let's go!"

Jorunn will give you some final encouragement as you leave.

"Bury an axe in that Daedric bastard!"

Circus of Cheerful Slaughter[edit]

During the first act of Sheogorath's play, you'll hear the following:

Sheogorath: "Splendid, splendid! But wait? Do I hear someone approaching?"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Why do you fight, you milk-drinking dogs?"
Sheogorath: "Oh, it's simple my king. The Mages Guild caused this in-fighting. It's all their fault!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "The Mages Guild? This mewling puppy? You want trouble? Here is trouble! For the Pact!"

At this point Jorunn becomes hostile (with a health of 31364) along with General Noramil and Eyes-of-Steel. You will be forced to defeat all three.

The Coven Conundrum[edit]

After rescuing his majesty from Sister Balra of the Icereach Coven, he'll want to speak to you from his throne.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "They wanted to turn me into a monster!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "I've had enough of this dungeon. Let's talk in the throne room."

Enter the throne room and talk to him.

"Held captive in my own dungeon! If word gets out, I'd be laughed off my rebuilt throne—and rightly so!
On to business. I heard Lyris's report. Now tell me, what did you uncover?"
The Icereach Coven developed a ritual that turns people into a new kind of bloodfiend.
"Yes, so Lyris mentioned. Harrowfiends, she called them. An ominous name. And that Sister Balra claimed she was turning me into a monster.
What else did you learn about the Icereach Coven?"
The coven appears to be allied with vampires.
"Vampires? I've known both decent and terrible folk burdened by that curse. I take it the ones working with the coven fall into the latter category.
Anything else?"
The coven seems interested in the Haafingar hold.
"Haafingar? High-King Svargrim rules that hold from the city of Solitude. We don't see eye-to-eye, especially since neither of us will openly acknowledge the other's reign. Still, he should be warned.
Talk to Lyris. I have much to think about."
Yes, Skald-King.
"You have given me much to consider. If these Reach witches really do plan to attack Haafingar, I need to inform Svargrim at once.
I fear that this plot against Skyrim is only the beginning."

If you speak to him after speaking to Lyris Titanborn, he'll add:

"You have done a great service to Skyrim, my friend. The Skald-King is in your debt.
For now, let me enjoy the nearly complete comforts of my palace. One day, perhaps, the place will actually be finished."
Appears only with Greymoor

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

King Jorunn in his Greymoor attire

In response to Lyris' reports about the harrowstorms and general situation in Western Skyrim, Jorunn will have assembled some forces to help. When you hear the report of Jorunn and his retinue at the gates of Solitude, you can go to the gates to find a frustrated Jorunn trying to convince the suspicious locals that he didn't come with hostile intentions.

Jorunn the Skald-King: "Stand down, you idiots! We come in peace!"
Lyris Titanborn: "Partner! Could really use your knack for diplomacy right now. Speak to the Skald-King before we start a war."
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Shor save me from fools and prophets! Will no one properly greet a weary traveler?"

Engage your skills of diplomacy and greet Jorunn and ask why he has come to Solitude.

First time meeting:
Met previously (At least completed "The Coven Conundrum"):
"You don't look like one of these western milk drinkers. Tell them we're not a damn invasion—we're here to help!
Maybe you can tell me what's going on?"
"Ah, a familiar face. Maybe you can talk some sense into these western milk drinkers. We're not a damn invasion—we're here to help!
Do you know what's going on?"
The Gray Host was behind the attacks on Western Skyrim. High King Svargrim … we had to kill him.
"So the rumors are true? Svargrim joined the Gray Host? I knew he had ambitions, but to throw away his humanity like that? It's inconceivable.
Svargrim once told me that he would die before welcoming me to Solitude. I suppose he was right."
The Gray Host caused a lot of damage. These people could use your help.
"That's why I sent Lyris here in the first place. I'm not the king of these holds, though. I can't do anything if they refuse my help.
Svargrim despised me. He would never accept my aid. But Svana? Here she comes now. Let's see what she has to say."
Whatever you think, King Jorunn.

After Svana arrives, she'll be more open to accepting the help. Talking to Jorunn before Svana, he'll see Queen Gerhyld in her.

"It seems Princess Svana takes after her mother. That bodes well for the people of Solitude."

At the mention of the harrowstorm elixir, Jorunn is ready to help with production.

"Did the princess say something about an elixir? Windhelm will provide whatever resources are necessary to produce as much of an elixir as possible."

The Skald-King can be meet in the Blue Palace courtyard where he will be attending the dirge to mourn the dead.

"A proper Haafingar dirge for Svargrim? I haven't attended one of those since I snuck into Solitude as a young man.
Not the most auspicious start to Svana's rule, but it will teach her wisdom."

During Svana's address to the crowd and the dirge, while Jorunn isn't mentioned in the subtitles his voice can be heard during it.

<A mournful instrumental with drums and string instruments begins.>
Svana: "Sons and daughters of Skyrim. We have the honor today of remembering the dead."
Lyris Titanborn + Crowd: "Honor to the fallen!"
Svana: "Sons and daughters of Skyrim, our trials were fierce, but we are still here."
Lyris Titanborn + Crowd: "We stand and we remain!"
Svana: "Now we raise our voices—to tell Sovngarde of the coming of the worthy dead, and to tell the world that the Nords are still here! We are still standing!"
<The music ends.>
Svana + Crowd: "The fallen now march home to hallowed halls."
Svana + Crowd: "To join our ancestors in boundless drink, and song, and brawls."
Svana + Crowd: "Let sound the horns! Let peal the bells! Let loose the ancient hymn!"
Svana + Crowd: "We will remain until time ends! We children of Skyrim!"

After this and completing the quest, Jorunn can be asked about the future between Eastern and Western Skyrim.

"In their own way, the people of Western Skyrim are as strong as the Nords of the east. Even after so much suffering, they still stand against the howling wind.
We shall do everything within our power to help them recover."
Do you think Svana's ready to rule Western Skyrim?
"Blood alone does not make one worthy to rule a hold, let alone an entire kingdom.
The princess will lead for now, but many questions must be answered before the jarls crown a new ruler of Solitude. That's what a moot is for."
What are you going to do now, King Jorunn?
"If Princess Svana agrees, I want to bring more of my people from Eastmarch to help restore Solitude and the western holds. My retinue is too small to deal with everything. We need more hands!"
Will the people of Western Skyrim accept help from Eastmarch?
"All I can do is to offer my aid in good faith. Whether they decide to grab my hand or to slap it away, that's up to them.
Despite our differences, I love this land. It's as much Skyrim as my beloved eastern holds. I would not see it suffer."
Do you think Eastern and Western Skyrim might reconcile?
"Today? No, the time isn't right. As for the future, who can say? Svargrim was never interested in finding a path to reconciliation.
Princess Svana isn't her father, that much is clear. So, I suppose I can hope, hmm?"

Second Chances[edit]

Jorunn will be present at the moot with Ard Caddach, Jarl Svana, and Prince Irnskar at Understone Keep.

"We may be a divided nation, but in our hearts we are all Nords. I have faith that one day Skyrim will be whole once more."
What are you doing here, King Jorunn?
"This business with the Gray Host is far from over. As long as Skyrim is threatened, I will be close by to lend a hand."
Still, this is far from your holdings.
"The Reach is far from everyone's holdings! This Gray Host business started with me, though, and I always intended to see it through to the end. Thankfully, we prevailed. This time."
Do you think Svana is ready to become the ruler of Western Skyrim?
"I do. She's an impressive young woman. Is Western Skyrim ready for Svana? That's the more pertinent question.
Solitude shuns the outside world while Svana reaches for it. We'll have to see how that works out in the end."
Are you here to take over the Reach?
"I have no desire to replace a despot. Haven't these people suffered enough?
In any event, my forces are stretched too thin to take on much more. If the people request help, however, I will put whatever resources I can at their disposal."
Why are you so willing to help people who consider you their enemy?
"Shor's bones, why does everyone insist on seeing ulterior motives behind every kind act? Can't a king just be a nice person?
Look, someone has to extend the hand of friendship before it can be grasped. Besides, helping the Reach helps all of Skyrim."

If you speak to him again, he'll say one of the following:

  • "Whenever I see you, I know that Skyrim is in good hands."
  • "We may be divided nation, but in our hearts we are all Nords. I have faith that one day Skyrim will be whole once more"
  • "Looking for another adventure, my friend? You need to learn to relax for awhile.
    Eat, drink, find a companion. Life's too short for anything else."
  • "No matter what befalls Skyrim, we are Nords! We are strong!
    Shor's bones, if I had my lute, I would sing it loud for all to hear!"

After speaking to Arana and the ard, the speeches will begin:

Ard Caddach: "Freehands of Markarth! You long suffering lot I call my kin! We've survived another long night. Darker than we've ever known."
Ard Caddach: "But we didn't endure it alone. Against the Gray Host we found unlikely allies and put aside old grudges. Together we not only survived, we flourished."
Jarl Svana: "We owe these miracles to the efforts of all kinds: Reachman, Nord, vampire, outlander. Heroes of every stripe."
Jarl Svana: "Let us follow their example. We have warred together, we celebrate together, let us rebuild together!"
Prince Irnskar: "From this day forward we clash mugs instead of swords! Peace and prosperity to all our kingdoms! Cheers to the heroes of Skyrim!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "Let us remember them with song and drink!"
Jorunn the Skald-King: "We, the children of Skyrim! We shall endure!"