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Help the crew of the Silver Cormorant to get out of the ice.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Objective: The Silver Cormorant — Help the crew of the Silver Cormorant.
Quest Giver: Deckhand Bazler, Bosun Narz
Location(s): The Silver Cormorant, Verglas Hollow
Reward: Frost-Cursed Staff
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6460
Help the crew avoid death by freezing
The Silver Cormorant was hit by a strange ice storm that seemed to come out of nowhere. The ship is locked in ice and unable to move. I offered to help the crew.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Hunt some beasts for Raw Meat.
  2. Bring meat to The Silver Cormorant and speak to Bosun Narz.
  3. Look for missing crew members among the ice and shipwrecks.
  4. Talk to First Mate Drigsen.
  5. Search hunting camp and find clues to crew's whereabouts.
  6. Investigate Verglas Hollow.
  7. Disrupt Maxten Favrete's experiment and stop her.
  8. Return to ship and talk to Captain Mavvok.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Quest Stages[edit]

Of Ice and Death
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The crew of The Silver Cormorant are close to starving to death. I should gather meat for them so they have something to eat.
Objective: Gather Raw Meat: 0/5
I need to get this meat to the surviving crew before they succumb to the cold.
Objective: Bring Meat to the Silver Cormorant
I should present the meat I gathered to Bosun Narz so he can give it to the crew.
Objective: Talk to Bosun Narz
Bosun Narz told me that a strange beast dragged some of the Silver Cormorant's crew away in the night. The captain and first mate left to track them down and haven't returned. I should see if I can find any sign of them.
Objective: Search for Missing Crew

(Appears if you find certain items)
I found evidence that suggests there is some truth to the Cormorant's crew claims about a beast roaming this frozen tundra. Perhaps the captain and first mate are close by.

Hidden Objective: Search for Missing Crew
I found first mate Drigsen taking refuge in a shipwreck. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Drigsen
Drigsen says the beast that took her crew mates and captain is actually a large Khajiit. I should track down this Khajiit to find the captain.
Objective: Find the Khajiit
The captain doesn't seem to be at the Khajiit's camp. I should search the area for clues.
Objective: Search the Camp
Hidden Objective: Kill Zan'ikh
I found orders from Maxten Favrete. These instructions mention a stronghold and a place beneath called Verglas Hollow. I should see if the ruins up ahead lead to anything.
Objective: Investigate Verglas Hollow
Zan'ikh's orders detail the collection of frozen corpses. Maxten may have Captain Mavvok held in a lab somewhere beneath Verglas Hollow.
Objective: Find Captain Mavvok and the Missing Crew
I found the entrance to the stronghold and ventured inside. There is no sign of the captain or the Silver Comorant's crew. They must be held deeper within the ruins.
Objective: Find Captain Mavvok and the Missing Crew
(When you reach door) A frozen door blocks our path. I must find a way to destroy the ice that prevents us from passing.
Objective Hint: Remove the Ice Barrier
I found the entrance that leads to Maxten's laboratory. I should explore further.
Objective Hint: Enter Maxten's Laboratory
Maxten uses a strange Frost Focus to harness her magic. I need to destroy it in order to stop her.
Objective: Destroy the Focus
I destroyed Maxten Favrete's Frost Focus, releasing Captain Mavvok. I should meet him back at his ship, the Silver Cormorant.
Objective: Return to the Silver Cormorant
I freed Captain Mavvok from Maxten's clutches. I should talk to him and see how he and his crew are fairing.
Objective: Talk to Captain Mavvok
Finishes quest☑ I rescued Captain Mavvok and put a stop to Maxten Favrete's plot. I should speak with the captain for a reward.
Objective: Talk to Captain Mavvok
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