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Rescue the citizens of Karthwatch from the Reachmen.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Objective: Karthwatch — Find the missing citizens of Karthwatch.
Quest Giver: Adelrine, Fenrar
Location(s): Karthwatch, Bleakridge Barrow
Reward: Karthwatch Walking Boots
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6468
A harrowstorm destroyed the town of Karthwatch and left it overrun with monsters. I agreed to help with the efforts to rescue any survivors.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. (Optional) Talk to Fenrar
  2. Enter and explore Bleakridge Barrow
  3. Talk to Hafskjar
  4. Find the People of Karthwatch
  5. Follow the Caverns
  6. Search For the Civilians and talk to Helsi
  7. Find the Tower Key and enter the tower
  8. Search for and talk to Bjora
  9. Talk to Hafskjar
  10. Disrupt the Witches’ Spell
  11. Return and talk to Bjora
  12. Return to Karthald Camp and talk to Hafskjar

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

On the road to Karthwatch, a Nord named Adelrine is warning travelers of the monsters in the town. She will direct you to one of the town guards, Fenrar, who she last saw setting up camp near town, if you offer assistance. If you manage to miss Adelrine, Fenrar will still ask your assistance.

Fenrar bemoans the fate of Karthwatch, explaining when questioned that a storm rose over the town and changed most of the citizens into monsters. He also mentions his brother Hafskjar and his friend Bjora took people to the barrow west of town, but has no idea what happened to them. He cannot check on them himself, because someone has to keep people away from Karthwatch, and as the last of the guard it’s his duty. Fenrar is desperate though, and promises you any gold he has if you can find out if they are safe or not.

After you promise to help, he thanks you, explaining that Hafskjar is the only family he has. Upon questioning, he will also describe the storm he saw and explain what happened to him and his neighbors.



  • At the conclusion of the quest, the survivors will relocate to Solitude, where they can be found just outside the bank.


Quest Stages[edit]

The Blood of Old Karth
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
(This entry appears only if you accept the quest from Adelrine)
A traveler from Karthwatch told me that monsters overran the town after a terrible storm. She mentioned a survivor name Fenrar set up camp outside town. I should ask if he needs help with the rescue.
Objective: Talk to Fenrar
Latest start I need to enter the old barrow on the west side of town. Fenrar says I might find survivors there.
Objective: Enter Bleakridge Barrow
I should search the barrow for any surviving townsfolk. Fenrar's brother Hafskjar escorted them there for safety.
Objective: Search the Barrow
I found Hafskjar hiding alone inside the barrow. I should talk to him and learn about the rest of the survivors.
Objective: Talk to Hafskjar
Hafskjar told me Reachmen dragged the survivors deeper into the barrow. I need to follow their trail and find where they took the villagers.
Objective: Find the People of Karthwatch
I found tunnels that the Reachmen mined through the caves beneath Karthwatch. I should follow them to see where they lead.
Objective: Follow the Caverns
The caves led to a Reachmen camp on the opposite side of the cliffs near Karthwatch. I need to find the captive civilians in the camp.
Objective: Search For the Civilians
A captured woman called out for help when she saw us. I should speak with her to find out more.
Objective: Talk to Helsi
Helsi told me the Reachmen took the townsfolk into the western tower and the Warleader has the key. I need to retrieve it in order to find the remaining captives.
Objective: Find the Tower Key
I found the tower key. I should enter the tower and free the captive townsfolk.
Objective: Enter the Tower
I've freed the captives of Karthwatch, but Bjora is still missing. Helsi speculates that the Reachmen need her for a special purpose. I should see if I can find her.
Objective: Search for Bjora
I found Bjora alone at the base of an ancient briarheart tree. I should see if I can speak with her to find out what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Bjora
Hafskjar caught up with me while I talked to Bjora. I should see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Hafskjar
Hafskjar fears the witches turned Bjora to their cause with foul mind magic. I need to kill the nearby witches to release their spell.
Objective: Disrupt the Witches' Spell: 0/3
Hafskjar believes killing the witches will free Bjora. I should go to the tree and check on Bjora.
Objective: Return to Bjora
Objective: Talk to Bjora
Bjora has been freed of the Icereach witches' spell and returned to Fenrar's camp. I should meet the rest of the survivors there.
Objective: Return to Karthald Camp
Finishes quest☑ With the civilians safely returned, I should check in with Hafskjar.
Objective: Talk to Hafskjar
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