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Claudina Ildene
Location Just outside of Dusktown
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Claudina Ildene

Claudina Ildene is a Breton who can be found just outside of Dusktown with Phebe Peronard.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Digging Up Trouble: Help a pair of ghost hunters uncover the secret of the missing miners.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Digging Up Trouble[edit]

As you approach their camp outside of Dusktown, you can hear:

Phebe Peronard: "You've done it, Claudina! Truly excellent work!"
Claudina Ildene: "Phebe … we have a visitor."

If you have not started the quest, Claudina will just warn you to walk carefully:

"Watch your step. Would hate for you to lose a foot when we've only just met."

After speaking to Phebe for the quest Digging Up Trouble, you can talk to her:

"Phebe convinced you to help us, did she? You have my thanks.
But I hope you're prepared to work. This is a very serious responsibility, we owe it to these people to ease their fears. This is my life's work. I do not take it lightly."
Who are you?
"My name is Claudina Ildene. I deal in the supernatural and strange. Sometimes that means reuniting families with their lost loved ones that were taken too soon, other times it means hunting dark, malicious spirits in ancient ruins."
What are you doing in Blackreach?
"Phebe and I go where these is need. Our work often takes us to strange places, though I will admit this place tops the list.
There are restless spirits everywhere. They exist on the peaks of mountains just as they do in the underbelly of the earth."
What do you think is happening here?
"It's too soon to tell. I have endless theories, but I need more evidence.
I would be happy to indulge your curiosities after our business here is concluded, but as it stands, I cannot afford to become distracted by mere possibilities."

Once you leave them, they will begin speaking again:

Phebe Peronard: "What an exciting case! I simply must write down this new development."
Claudina Ildene: "Focus on the task at hand, Phebe. There will be time for that later."

After you return from setting up traps:

"There's a darkness to this place …."

After you speak to Phebe but before you leave to speak to Elle:

"You're going to talk to Elle?
Good. You have my gratitude. The less people I have to deal with, the better I can concentrate on my work."

If you spoke with Elle Bitterblade, you'll find Phebe and Claudina outside of the Bitterblade Mining Consortium building.

Phebe Peronard: "This is the place, Claudina! The locals say Captain Ageran disappeared from this very spot!"
Claudina Ildene: "It's locked. We must find a way inside."

If you speak with her prior to talking to Phebe, she says:

"This site is vital to the investigation … perhaps we should break down the door. Talk to Phebe. I need space to come up with a solution."

After talking with Phebe, she says:

"Don't let your guard down for a second. We don't know what we'll find in there. Phebe gets … excitable, but make no mistake. Whatever we're dealing with will likely not go easy on us."

When you speak to her after entering the building, she says:

"Go ahead and use the whistle. Phebe's eagerly waiting."

When you use the smelling salts:

Phebe Peronard: "Do you hear that? It's coming from upstairs!"
Claudina Ildene: "Slow down, Phebe! Be vigilant, not hurried!"
<The pair will run upstairs.>
Phebe Peronard: "Did you see that basket move?"

Going upstairs, you will find Claudina and Phebe carefully watching an overturned basket. Once you lift the basket, something will scurry out:

Phebe Peronard: "Eeek! A spirit!"
<Phebe flees as the startled cat dashes out.>
Claudina Ildene: "Phebe, wait! What have I told you about jumping to conclusions!"

Talking with Claudina before examining what came out the basket, she'll assure you about Phebe:

"Don't worry about her, she'll come to her senses. What came out of that basket there?"

After reading the letter, you can show Claudina what you found:

"You'll have to forgive Phebe. She's still young … and for all her scholarly knowledge, she's prone to startling at the slightest provocation.
Did you find anything worthwhile?"
I found proof that Captain Ageran was looking for the missing miners.
"Let me see that.
Hm, this is from Urlvar, the mine Overseer. Could it be mere coincidence that the town guard investigating the mystery of the miners just happens to be the next to go missing? I think not.
There is something amiss here."
Are you familiar with the cavern he mentions in the letter?
"I have some idea. There's one just below, tucked away in the back of the town.
Phebe may be … indisposed for the moment, so I'm counting on you to join me. Keep her whistle on you, we may need it."

Claudina Ildene will then become your follower and if spoken to will only say:

"Let's move. Every second we waste is one we could be using to our advantage."

When you arrive at the caves, she says:

Claudina Ildene: "I'm certain these are the caves mentioned in the letter. Use the spirit whistle here."

If you speak to her at this point, you can ask how she first started this:

"Try the whistle, but ready yourself. We still don't know what we're dealing with here."
How did you get into this line of work?
"Knowledge of my history is hardly imperative to the success of this mission … but if you must know, I was much like Phebe. At that age, I was obsessed with all things supernatural, but had no outlet for it.
So I made one for myself."

After using the whistle, she says:

Claudina Ildene: "What was that? It came from inside!"

Talking to her, she says:

"Hurry, push forward! There's something in the cave!"

Inside the cave, you'll find Overseer Urlvar kneeling beside the body of Captain Ageran, Urlvar appears to be shocked. Claudina will motion for you to talk to him:

"Is that the missing captain? Let's find out what happened to him."

Speaking with Overseer Urlvar, you'll learn that did come down here to meet with the captain but they were bleeding out when they arrive. After you ask if he has an idea of who did it, he will warn you to stop investigating and runs off:

Overseer Urlvar: "We're wasting time, just go."
Claudina Ildene: "We need to talk."

Claudina feels that the Overseer knows more but will put that aside to track the killer:

"I feel Overseer Urlvar knows more than he told us. The last thing we should do is heed his advice to quit now."
Why would Overseer Urlvar mislead us?
"That I do not know. But he seems to be increasingly agitated as we continue to investigate. I may deal in spirits more often than I deal with the living, but I know when I'm being led by the nose.
He's hiding something. Let's find out what."
How do we do that?
"Captain Ageran's wounds are fresh, which means the culprit can't have gone far. We didn't see anything on our way in, so whatever attacked him must have left through the other side of the cave.
We should see if we can pick up its trail."

Ending the conversation, she says:

Claudina Ildene: "Come, it can't have gone far."

After exiting the cave, you will find one of the spirit traps broken. Bright green paint is splattered everywhere and there are foorprints:

Claudina Ildene: "Look! Whatever killed Captain Ageran must have triggered one of our traps! There's footprints!"

Talking to her, she says:

"Follow those footprints! This thing's not getting away!"

Upon reaching the end of the footprints, they will stop in front of a trapdoor behind the Mining Consortium building:

Claudina Ildene: "Hmm, curious. Spirits don't use trapdoors."

Speaking to her at this point, she says:

"The culprit clearly went through that trap door … but the Overseer was adamant about keeping us out of the mines.
I don't see what choice we have. If we are to solve this disturbing mystery, we must press on!"
What do you think we're dealing with here?
"I am less and less convinced that we're dealing with a spirit. This brute seems too calculating, and yet equally too clumsy, to be part of that world.
My intuition says we are dealing with something far more sinister."
More sinister than spirits?
"Not all supernatural beings are sinister. Some are lost, some are fearful, some are simply misguided. My life's work has been determining one from the other. Monsters, however, rarely have such distinctions."

After entering the trapdoor, she will suggest stealth:

Claudina Ildene: "Be one with the shadows! We cannot afford to be seen."

This is this correct action as you will be considered trespassing:

"Avoid detection if at all possible. The workers are fearful and may react to trespassers with aggression."

A little ways on, Claudina will notice something:

Claudina Ildene: "A strange mist?"
Claudina Ildene: "Follow it!"

You then witness a conversation:

Claudina Ildene: "It's Urlvar! Stay low!"
<You can watch Urlvar speak with someone called Bruik.>
Overseer Urlvar: "Bruik! Killing Captain Ageran was not part of our deal!"
Bruik: "I am a vampire, Urlvar. I have needs. I made that clear when you hired me."
Overseer Urlvar: "I hired you to protect my people! This was not what we agreed … you've taken it too far!"
Bruik: "Who are you to reprimand me? You haven't seen too far! Just wait!"
<The vampire disappears in a cloud of bats.>
Claudina Ildene: "It's all beginning to make sense."

You can then discuss what you just witnessed but Claudina feels that you'll need more proof:

"Overseer Urlvar employed a vampire to protect the mine! How dastardly. I believe that explains the missing miners quite succinctly. He must have given the vampire people in exchange for protection for the rest of his workers. But from what, I wonder?"
Should we tell Elle what we discovered?
"Not yet. Despite our ingenious detective work, right now it's still the Overseer's word against ours. And he's already given Elle reason to distrust us.
What we need is definitive proof. Then she'll have to listen."
How do we find that?
"I believe the Overseer's office is just across the mine. We should investigate!
Of course, we have to find a way in, first. Perhaps you could pick the lock, or steal his key? I'm somewhat out of my element now."
I'll find a way into the office.
"Excellent! You are truly the purveyor of justice Phebe made you out to be.
Just be careful. If we manage to get ourselves caught, we won't get the chance to prove anything."

Speaking to her again at this point, she'll say:

"There has to be something in Overseer Urlvar's office. Either steal his key while he's not looking, or pick the lock."

After getting the key, she'll say:

"Come on, let's get inside before anyone spots us!"

After entering the office, she says:

"See anything suspicious?"

After reading the letter, Claudina will ask:

Claudina Ildene: "What did you find?"

Once you have explained it to Claudina, the only thing you can do is track the vampire down:

"That look on your face … Tell me you found something."
This proves Overseer Urlvar gave miners to a vampire in exchange for the mine's protection.
"And explains what he was trying to protect his people from.
It is not enough to simply turn this evidence over to Elle. I was hired to help this town. Spirits or no, I have a responsibility. We must stop this horror."
So what do we do?
"The vampire seemed as though he was threatening Overseer Urlvar at the end of their altercation. Perhaps he's planning some kind of retaliation. If so, there's a chance we could catch him in the act if we find him."
Let's track him down.
"We need to investigate the mines. There has to be a clue that will point us in the direction of that monster. Let's leave here. Dusktown needs us!"

Talking to her again, she says:

"Let's go before we miss our chance!"

After exiting the building and searching around a little, you'll find a body. Upon discovering it, she says:

Claudina Ildene: "A body? This has to be the vampire's doing! I bet he didn't stop at one … Look for more!"

More bodies along the way, you will eventually sight the vampire in his mist form:

Claudina Ildene: "The vampire! Follow him, but stay out of sight!"

Chasing him through the mine site, you will soon witness him attack another miner before disappearing once more:

Claudina Ildene: "The fiend! We have to stop him!"

When you talk with her, Claudina will have an idea:

"Curse him! We'll never be able to catch him like this!
How do we apprehend a man who can vanish into thin air right before our eyes?"
Do you have anything that can trap him?
"Vampires do not obey the same laws as specters and ghosts. My tools will be useless against him … unless!
Phebe's whistle! Do you still have it? It's designed to emit a tone that's unsavory to immortal creatures. Perhaps it will disturb him!"
Do you think it will work?
"It's impossible to say without evidence. But it wasn't made specifically with spirits in mind, so there is a chance!
Go on, try it! This is the only plan we've got!"

She'll then prompt you to use the whistle:

Claudina Ildene: "Use the whistle!"
<The noise causes him to flee up a passage.>
Bruik: "Argh! My head!"
Claudina Ildene: "There he goes! Follow him!"

Talking to her, she says:

"We're so close to solving this, hurry!"

Along the way:

Claudina Ildene: "More bodies! He's leaving a trail!"

When you enter the cave where he has reformed:

Claudina Ildene: "Come on, he's not getting away!"

After killing Bruik and collecting the pieces of evidence, she'll say:

Claudina Ildene: "We have our proof! Let us return to Dusktown!"

After returning to Dusktown, you'll find her gathered with Phebe, Elle and Urlvar. Speaking to her at this point, she says:

"Go on, my brave apprentice. You should have the honor of presenting the evidence to Elle. You certainly worked hard enough for it.
It's time everyone learns what kind of man Overseer Urlvar really is."

After talking with Elle, she says:

"Another case solved. Though we weren't dealing in spirits today, I have no doubt you'd make a fine ghost hunter. You have a natural talent for investigation.
Elle has my sympathy. It is not easy to condemn someone you love."
She seems to be taking it well.
"She's strong, she will be fine. Anyway, it was an honor to work with you. If you ever find yourself tangled in the world of spirits again, I do hope you 'll seek us out.
Here, take this for your time. You undoubtedly deserve it."

After completing the quest, she continues:

"You know, I think Phebe looks up to you. You've become a point of inspiration for her. I know we both hope our paths cross again."
Will the two of you stay in Dusktown?
'"Perhaps. I still sense dark energies here. This place writhes with uneasy spirits. Overseer Urlvar was the culprit this time, but with him removed perhaps the true spiritual mysteries of Blackreach will unravel themselves."
Are you happy we caught Overseer Urlvar?
"Happiness is not something I often associate with my line of work. Dealing with the dead is often a somber affair. But, dealing with the living can be too, I suppose.
I am merely satisfied with our end result."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

She will also appear for the ceremony during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed her quest beforehand:

"The bastards who did this … I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to make them pay for it. But we're done chasing ghosts below ground for now. We're here to help, however we can."
What will you and Phebe do after this?
"Once we help the people of Solitude get back on their feet, I imagine we'll go back to Blackreach. Though our initial investigation didn't reveal anything supernatural, there is still much to uncover and explore.
I do not believe our work is over."