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Location Dragon Bridge Smuggler Caves, Dragon Bridge, Blue Palace
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Ulang is an Orc and Ena White-Eye's partner in her operations at Dragon Bridge

Related Quests[edit]

  • Crisis at Dragon Bridge: Help Dragon Bridge against a threat from the southwest — and from beneath their own feet.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Crisis at Dragon Bridge[edit]

After he and Ena were captured by Reachmen, Ulang was held hostage and threatened so Ena would talk. Pending your attack on the Reachmen hiding in the Dragon Bridge Smuggler Caves and stopping their plot, Ena will ask you to rescue Ulang.

While in the caves. Ulang can be found tied up and will call out when he sees you:

Ulang: "Hey! Get me out of here!"

Talk with Ulang to free him:

"You don't look like these tusking Reach bastards. I assume that means you're here to rescue me."
Ena sent me to find you.
"I knew Ena wouldn't give up on me. What'd I ever do to deserve her?
These skinny weaklings are setting up explosives farther in the cave. I hurt my arm or else I'd help. I can make my way out of here by myself, but you have to stop them."
I'll deal with the explosives. You get to safety.
"Thanks, I won't forget this.
Now untie me so I can get my sorry hide out of here."
<Untie Ulang.>

Once he is freed, he will run towards the entrance. After dealing with the explosives and Warlord Vund, you can leave the caves where you will find Ulang being tended to by Ena:

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. You should talk to the captain."

After you have spoken to Captain Hingrid, she'll ask how everyone is:

Captain Hingrid: "Everyone all right? Did we lose anyone?"
Ena White-Eye: "Ulang's arm! I told him he not to—"
Ulang: "I'm fine, Ena, really."
Captain Hingrid: "We'll get him healed up, don't worry."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

He will also appear for the ceremony during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed his quest beforehand:

"Ena acts like I'm made of glass these days, but I feel stronger than ever.
I may have injured my arm, but I can still help Solitude."
How have things been in Dragon Bridge?
"Better without those Reach bastards crawling through our tunnels like rats. The bridge still stands, thanks to you, and with the strain taken off our operation and the garrison, we're free to help out around here."


After the quest, he can be found playing dice with Lieutenant Korleva at Dragon Bridge:

"You'd think the Reachmen took my arm clean off rather than just grazed it with the way Ena frets. She's a good woman. Thanks for making sure I got to see her again."
Do you plan to stay in the smuggling and black market business?
"I guess it depends if the garrison needs us or not.
Ena and the captain have a good thing going here. They may bicker like old maids, but relationships that work are hard to find in this business. Don't think we're ready to give that up just yet."