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Ena White-Eye
Location At a camp southwest of Dragon Bridge
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly
Ena White-Eye

Ena White-Eye is a Nord smuggler who has been helping out the Dragon Bridge garrison after they stop receiving supplies for an extended time. When you and the Captain Hingrid going looking for her, you'll find that she has been captured along with her partner Ulang.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Crisis at Dragon Bridge: Help Dragon Bridge against a threat from the southwest — and from beneath their own feet.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Crisis at Dragon Bridge[edit]

After learning that Reachmen have captured her, you can search for her at a camp southwest of Dragon Bridge. She will be tied up by Warlord Vund before he leaves. When Ena sees you she will plead for her friend's life:

Warlord Vund: "Don't move until we return!"
Ena White-Eye: "Don't hurt him or I'll — ugh! Hey, you! Untie me!"

Once she has been freed, Ena will want to talk:

Ena White-Eye: "Ah, that's better. Now, let's talk."

See what she has to say, it will turn out to be very important:

"Look, we don't have much time. These curs plan to destroy our bridge, and I just gave them exactly the information they need to do so."
Why would you give them that information?
"They have Ulang. They would have killed him if I didn't cooperate!
I told them about the smuggling tunnels. The ones that lead to the cavern beneath the bridge's foundations. They plan to use explosives to bring down the bridge."
What kind of explosives?
"The Reachmen leader, Vund, is an alchemist. He created a powerful alchemical reagent. He's going to ignite the reagent and collapse the cavern.
He's down there now, but there's still time. We need to warn Captain Hingrid!"
I'll go warn the captain.
"Good. The bridge is a symbol of Western Skyrim. It serves as both a vital thoroughfare and a monument to our people. I really don't want to see it destroyed because of my mistake.
Find Captain Hingrid. She'll know what to do. I'll be along shortly."

At this, she will go over to the nearby backpack and start rummaging through it. You can ask questions before you leave.

"You'd better hurry. There isn't much time."
You said they threatened Ulang. Where is he now?
"Vund took him. He's keeping Ulang close to ensure my cooperation. Which makes this all the more urgent. You need to warn the captain, stop Vund from igniting his reagent, and save Ulang before the bridge is destroyed."
Can you tell me anything else about Vund's reagent?
"Not much. I overheard Vund speaking about it as he ordered his warriors around. It's apparently an alchemical monstrosity designed to make everything go boom.
Someone needs to defuse the explosive reagent before he gets the chance."
You were working with the Reachmen?
"I admit it. I'm a smuggler. I try to deal locally, but Dragon Bridge was desperate. They needed supplies and I had exhausted my usual sources.
Look, food, mead, and other goods from Markarth usually don't come with a contingent of Reach marauders!"
Tell me more about Vund.
"When I first met Vund, he presented himself as a mercantile agent, just like me. Turns out, he's an alchemist and warlord, the leader of this band of Reach marauders.
He used me to get close enough to Dragon Bridge to carry out his awful plan."

After you have returned to Dragon Bridge and reported to Captain Hingrid, Ena will run up to her with a problem:

Ena White-Eye: "Wait! There's a problem!"
Captain Hingrid: "Ena! Care to explain the smuggler caves beneath my garrison?"

She heard something as she was leaving the camp:

"I got back here as quickly as I could! The Reachmen, I heard something troubling as I made my way out of the camp!"
What did you hear?
"It's not just the bridge that's in danger! The Reachmen intend to utilize the smuggler cave entrances to surround the town. They're going to attack the garrison!"
How do we stop them?
"If the Reachmen can use explosives, so can we! Gather the kindlepitch and fire salts from the garrison barn. We can use that to make our own explosives and seal those entrances!"
I'll get the fire salts and kindlepitch.
"Here, I'll mark the entrances on your map. Use the fire salts and kindlepitch at each location. Then find the main entrance to the smuggler caves behind the waterfall.
Seal the side entrances, then go stop Vund. And save Ulang, too. I need him!"

Captain Hingrid will warn Ena after this:

Captain Hingrid: "If we survive this, Ena, we are going to have a very long talk."
Ena White-Eye: "Whatever you say, captain."

You ask her a question or two before going to the smuggler entrances.

"The kindlepitch and fire salts are in the barn. Now go. You really need to hurry!"
What were the side entrances used for?
"Here I am, revealing all my secrets. I hope the town appreciates it after all this.
Look, the side entrances are sort of like bolt holes. Not the safest path, but quick in a pinch or if the river is running particularly high."

If you talk to her after grabbing the materials:

"Good, you've got them. Now go collapse those bolt holes and then get to the caves to stop Vund!
My partner, Ulang, is still missing … he might be down there. I hope that big idiot hasn't tried anything heroic."

Before entering the cave, she'll be there with Hingrid:

"Remember to look for Vund's alchemical explosives. And if you see Ulang, please try to rescue him. If he gets hurt, I'll never forgive myself."

After you have ventured in the smuggler caves, freed Ulang, sabotaged the explosives and killed Warlord Vund; you can find Ena outside the cave along with Captain Hingrid, Lieutenant Korleva and Ulang. She will be tending to him if you talk to her before the captain:

"Thank you for rescuing my Ulang. And I assume you defused the explosives, seeing as our bridge is still standing.
But you should report to Captain Hingrid. She hates to be kept waiting."

Once you have spoken to Captain Hingrid, she'll ask how everyone is:

Captain Hingrid: "Everyone all right? Did we lose anyone?"
Ena White-Eye: "Ulang's arm! I told him he not to—"
Ulang: "I'm fine, Ena, really."
Captain Hingrid: "We'll get him healed up, don't worry."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

She can be found at the Blue Palace courtyard along with Ulang and Captain Hingrid.

"You've got a habit of saving people and places, don't you? I'm not complaining, of course! Merely observing.
I've certainly got my work cut out for me here, anyway. Doing the only good I know how."
Which is?
"Boosting morale, of course. With the mess in Dragon Bridge cleaned up, I've been getting my regular shipments again. Which means mead, and a lot of it.
I may not be much good at rebuilding, but I know how to keep cups flowing."


After you have completed Crisis at Dragon Bridge, you will find Ena with the others in the pavilion at Dragon Bridge. She and Hingrid will be chatting as you pass by:

Captain Hingrid: "Do I even dare hope you have another supplier? Or shall I savor this drink?"
Ena White-Eye: "I thought I might do business with a few trolls, actually. They have excellent mead."

You can then talk to Ena, her dialogue will be the same as if she were being spoken to at the waterfall after the quest:

"Never trust a Reachman, that's what I always say. Or … at least that's what I say now. I swear to you, this won't happen again. I'll deal with more trustworthy sources from now on.
And thank you for saving Ulang. I'd be lost without the old oaf."
So you're done dealing with the Reach?
"Don't worry, I learned my lesson.
Provided Captain Hingrid doesn't skin me alive for this, I plan to make all future transactions through legitimate sources only. I'm not eager to end up in this kind of mess again."