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Location Inside Lightless Hollow Mine
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Viggol is a Nord adventurer who can be found inside Lightless Hollow Mine with his dog, Pickle.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

One Last Adventure[edit]

When you first approach him in the mine:

Viggol: "What is it, Pickle? You smell something, boy?"
"Lightless Hollow is a dangerous place to wander, friend. I've heard rumors of bloodthirsty creatures roaming these tunnels. I fear they might be the ones responsible for a group of missing miners.
If you value your life, I'd advise you to turn back."
Bloodthirsty creatures?
"Mmm, yes, and that's putting it kindly if the rumors are true. I've heard them called a number of different things. Bogles, clatter-coats, snow ghosts … pale, hunched things with noses like bats and pointed ears.
I plan on killing any I see."
Your wife is concerned that it's too dangerous.
"You ran into Telline, did you? A good woman, but the older I get the more she worries. I'll admit I'm not as young as I used to be, but can I not have this one last adventure?
I've made my decision. Come along if you life, but don't try to stop me"
I'll join you.
"Lovely. Pickle and I are glad to have you. Right, boy?
Ah, I think he's found an odor of interest. He's quite the tracker, you know. Follow that scent, Pickle! Lead on and we shall endeavor to keep pace!"

If you talk to him while following Pickle:

"Come on then, don't lose sight of him! Pickle may be old as dirt but he's still got two legs more than you or I!"

As you follow Pickle, he will say:

Viggol: "Got something, Pickle? Lead on!"
Viggol: "Good boy!"
Viggol: "What is it, Pickle?

When you find one of the miners:

Viggol: "One of the miners. Poor bastard. Sorry we were too late."

Before you check the body, he will say: "Check the body. I'll make sure nothing catches us unaware."

After checking the body:

Viggol: "How strange."

When you talk to him:

"A blade made of chitin … how odd. I've never seen anything quite like it. The craftsmanship is unusual, too."
What's odd about a chitin blade?
"Aside from the fact no one uses them? At least, no one that I've ever heard of. Harvesting chitin tough enough to use as a weapon is much more complicated than simple forging. It's not easy work, which is why you don't see them around too often."
So what does that tell us?
"It's possible these bogles are intelligent enough to do something other than steal livestock and haunt nightmares. But one blade is hardly enough to go on.
This looks like where the miners set up camp. See if you can find anything else of interest."

After ending the conversation:

Viggol: "Pickle seems to be onto something. You search the camp while I see what he's onto."

He will approach a cart with scraps of Dwemer metal in it:

Viggol: "A bit of machinery? It looks to be of Dwarven make. The mystery deepens!"

If you talk to him before searching the camp:

"See what you can find. There has to be something here that will point us in the right direction."

After searching the camp:

"Did you find something?"
A journal from one of the miners. It seems something was hunting them.
"Must have been terrible. I can't imagine being stuck down here, afraid that something is lying in wait in the darkness.
Was there anything else?"
The author mentioned two others went to explore Dwarven ruins and never came back.
"Perhaps they still live. Maybe we're not too late after all. That gives us something to go on, at least.
Looks like Pickle's got a scent again. Let's follow him."

Pickle will then run off:

Viggol: "Wait for us, boy!"

If you talk to him before following Pickle:

"Let's keep moving. Pickle will point us in the right direction."

As you approach the Dwarven ruins:

Viggol: "Well, look at that! I suppose we've found our Dwarven ruins!
Viggol: "This chasm is no obstacle! I'll simply use this!"
<He uses a grappling hook to get across>
Viggol: "Ah, sorry, got ahead of myself. Not to worry! Pickle will help you find another way around."

After following Pickle to find another way around:

"You made it! Not that I had any doubt. Pickle's sense of direction is unparalleled. Couldn't ask for a finer adventuring companion!
Did you have any trouble along the way?"
I found one of the miners. He says that the creatures captured his friends.
"Then we must mount a rescue! How thrilling. I couldn't have asked for a better sendoff.
I'll scout an escape route for us to ensure that we have a way out. You track down the miners. We'll meet up and make our dashing getaway."
You scout the route, I'll find the captives.
"Excellent! Keep Pickle with you. He's likely to come in handy.
This is shaping up to be a fine last adventure. We're not finished yet, I know, but I'm already in your debt. You've helped grant an old man's last foolhardy wish. Let's finish this!"

After freeing the surviving miners and meeting up with him:

Viggol: "Quickly, up here!"
"Excellent work, my friend. And Pickle, of course.
Come, we must not waste time. I've found our way out of here."
What's the plan?
"The passage beyond this door is the most direct route back to the camp, though there is one small problem. Unfortunately, once I passed through it, a switch was set off and it locked behind me."
So what do we do?
"I've a bit of experience with Dwarven mechanisms, actually. There's a trick to releasing them from the ledge above the door. My grappling device should get me up there.
And remind me to tell you how I discovered it sometime, it's a fine story!"
What happens after you get up on the ledge?
"When I give the word, you throw the door lever while I tug on the counterweight. The door should open with no trouble.
I'll need to keep a solid grip on the counterweight to keep it from closing on you."
If the door closes, how will you escape?
"You let me worry about that, friend. Just get everyone else out safely.
Now, if you're ready, let's get a move on. The culmination of my final adventure awaits!"

He will then go to pull the counterweight and unlock the door for you:

Viggol: "Okay. Shouldn't be but a moment. Just need to find the proper … there it is!"
Viggol: "Oof! A bit more … There! Hit the lever now!"

After hitting the lever:

Viggol: "Wait … something's coming! Go! Get to safety! I'll draw them away."

Back at camp, Viggol will return just as his wife started to give up hope:

Viggol: "Don't plan the funeral just yet, love!"
Telline: "Viggol? Is it really you?"
Viggol: "Who else? Ah, what a finale that was!"

When you talk to him:

"Sorry if I gave you a bit of a scare! That was closer than I'm proud to admit. But it all worked out, didn't it?
This has been a memorable conclusion to a long and storied career. Thank you for your fellowship, and your indulgence!"
How did you escape from those creatures?
"Escape? Bah! I drove them off! Killed as many as I could, but I had to run when I got the opportunity.
It's not exactly a comfort to know the myths of pale beasts that steal babes and slaughter livestock are real, but it felt good to gut some."
What are they?
"Not sure I really want to know.
Anyway, thanks for looking after Pickle. The way he's looking at you! I don't know that he's ever looked at me that fondly. I think you've made a friend for life. And you've certainly found one in me, as well."
Was the adventure everything you hoped for?
"I used my wits, my faithful dog, and my grappling hook to rescue those who needed rescuing, and made it back in one piece! Best of all, I made a new friend. It was everything I hoped for and more!
Here, take this as a token of my appreciation."

After completing the quest:

"Now, I take on the most challenging adventure of all. Marriage, full time.
I got damned lucky with Telline. She's better to me than I deserve. I'm going to spend the rest of my life making it up to her."
What's next for you and Telline?
"My friend, I will always be the king of my castle, but from now on, I think I'll let Telline make all the decisions. I'm happy just to be with her. Wherever she takes me, I'll gladly go."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

At the Blue Palace

If you help Viggol previously, he can be found attending the dirge at the Blue Palace with Telline and Pickle. They have come to help Solitude after the harrowstorm and Gray Host attack.

"Solitude's had a rough time of it. Telline and I were planning on heading to Summerset, but I think we could both do some good work here. We can help rebuild and make the city better than it ever was."
What will you do after this?
"My thirst for adventure was sated during our time in Lightless Hollow, I assure you. After we help the people here, I fully intend to give Telline a few years of uneventful bliss. Maybe we'll start for Summerset again, who knows?"