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Help promote a bardic salskap to celebrate a momentous occasion.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Quest Giver: Leiborn
Location(s): Solitude, Bards College
Reward: Dancer's Treble Shoes
Music Box, The Merry Meadmaker
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6482
"BARDS of Tamriel! PEOPLE of Solitude!" — Inform people of the salskap at the Bards College
Leiborn intends to host a salskap—a bard's gathering to celebrate the recovery of the Bards College instruments. It's sure to be quite a show.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Post up the Handbills around Solitude.
  2. Return to Leiborn outside the Bards College.
  3. Watch the performance of "An Adventurer's Triumph" (Optional)

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Post "Bards College Salskap Tonight!" handbills around Solitude

Once you have found all nineteen of the missing musical instruments (as detailed here), you can return to Leiborn to inform him. The bard will be thrilled and decide that this is an occasion to celebrate—namely with a salskap—an old tradition where bards from everywhere would gather to celebrate and perform with each other.

He will ask you to help by handing you a stack of handbills and telling you to post them up around Solitude. There are multiple places where a Bards College Salskap Tonight! flier can be posted, just find a nearby quest marker. Once you have posted around four of these you can return to Leiborn who will be waiting for you outside the Bards College. Behind him you can see guests have already arrived.

Leiborn: "Greetings to all! Hurry now! Our entertainment begins momentarily!"

Talk with Leiborn to tell him that you have completed your task.

"Time for the salskap to begin!
You of all people should stay for the entertainment. I wish I had time to hear how you found all the instruments."
I posted the handbills. You should expect a crowd.
"Good! I spoke with my fellow bards and we are in agreement. The instruments shall stay on display and every year we will host a celebration of their return. This way everyone can play and hear them.
I reserved the Seat of Honor for you. Enjoy!"

At this, he will hand you some gold, a pair of Dancer's Treble Shoes and a music box. He will then walk over to the amphitheater to watch the performance begin.

Nimble Vadramea : "Very nice. Everyone in tune?"
Hrofgen : "Everyone ready?"
Thaezara : "Aye. Tuned up."
Beaucourt Madach : "One, Two, Three, Four."

They will begin to play the instrumental version of "An Adventurer's Triumph", and will continue to do so until you leave the zone.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Salskap to Remember
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Leiborn asked me to post handbills announcing the salskap. I should find good locations for them.
Objective: Post the Handbills: 0/4
I posted the handbills Leiborn gave me. Now, I should return to the Bards College.
Objective: Return to the Bards College
☑Finishes quest I posted the handbills for the salskap. I should inform Leiborn.
Objective: Talk to Leiborn