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Captain Mavvok
Location Verglas Hollow
Ship The Silver Cormorant
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Captain Mavvok

Captain Mavvok is a Redguard sailor and captain of The Silver Cormorant. The ship's latest voyage hit misfortune when a sudden ice storm caused the sea around them to freeze, trapping them in the ice. Afterwards, several crew members were abducted in the night leading Mavvok and First Mate Drigsen to go looking for them. Neither of them returned to the ship.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Of Ice and Death[edit]

After helping the crew with food supplies, you will be asked to look for the missing crew members. Soon you will find First Mate Drigsen who will tell you the captain was dragged away by a giant Khajiit when she was knocked out. Together your search will lead you to Verglas Hollow, where the missing people were brought. When you reach the laboratory of Maxten Favrete—the mage responsible, she will be in the middle of a ritual and Captain Mavvok will be the focus of it.

As you enter, Mavokk will shout for help:

Captain Mavvok: "Help me! Destroy the frozen dais, it's where she draws her power!"
Maxten Favrete: "Behold the frost focus, the font of my creations!"

Once you have killed Maxten and destroyed the focus, Mavvok will be freed and will want to get outside, Drigsen will follow him.

Captain Mavvok: "I'm not staying here a moment longer! I need to see the sky!"
<He runs to the exit.>
First Mate Drigsen: "You did it, friend! Meet us back at the ship!"

When you arrive at the ship, the crew will be busy freeing it from the ice and you can overhear Mavvok and Drigsen talking on the deck.

First Mate Drigsen: "After we resupply and get ourselves out of this ice, we can get underway again."
Captain Mavvok: "Fine work, Drigsen. I'm proud of this crew, as always."

You can then talk to the Captain.

"Ah, my savior! I apologize for running off like that, but I had to ensure my crew was safe.
I'm glad you're here now. The Silver Cormorant owes you a great debt, stranger."
How is everyone handling the loss of your crew members?
"Our dead will be missed dearly. We'll make sure they have a proper funeral after all is said and done.
This crew is family. We mourn together, but we endure together too. You've given us the luxury to do both."
The storm has stopped. You should be safe now.
"Looks that way, thanks to you. With any luck we might even be able to salvage the Cormorant. She's a fine ship.
Please, take this. I wish I had more to give."

After receiving a reward you can talk to him some more.

"When the last of my blood thaws, I'll start chipping away at the ice myself. I'm sure the Cormorant is as eager to be free as her crew is."
How do you feel?
"Better, now that I'm not in danger of turning into one of those frozen thralls. I was halfway there when you and Drigsen showed up, thought I was done for.
That woman was a terror."
You mean Maxten?
"Was that her name? Doesn't matter, I'm just glad she's gone.
There was such darkness in her eyes. Pain, too. Bone-deep pain. It was eating her up, I could feel it even as I stood there freezing to death."
What will you do now?
"Free the Silver Cormorant from the ice and assess her damage. It'll take some doing to get her free, but this crew isn't averse to hard work.
In the meantime, I sent a few of them to Morthal to gather supplies."
Will you be able to survive in the meantime?
"Now that the storm has settled, and my crew heartened, we're much better equipped to handle the delay. Supplies from Morthal will help, too.
We've gotten through the worst of it. Now, the only way to move is forward."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

He will also appear for the ceremony during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed his quest beforehand:

"We heard what happened to the city, my friend. After everything you've done for my crew, it seemed only right that we come to offer our help."
What have you and your crew been up to since we last met?
"Trying to get things up and running again. We're still searching for a shipwright to make the necessary repairs on the Silver Cormorant, but her sailing days are far from over."