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Location Ravenwatch Castle
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Ravenwatch
Condition Vampire

Adusa-daro is a Khajiit vampire and second-in-command of House Ravenwatch. During your time in Rivenspire you can assist her in work dealing with the forces of House Montclair.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]


Hope Lost[edit]

Outside the small village of Moira's Hope, you'll find a female khajiit in leathers crouched behind a wall:

"You stomp around like a wounded guar! Do you want the enemy to hear us?"
"Get down, you fool! Do you want the bloodfiends to see us? Now hush, hush. Adusa needs her ears right now.
No, wait, strike that. Let's talk. You can help Adusa, yes?"
What kind of help are you asking for?
"What kind of help? The helpful kind, of course.
I meant to arrive before evil invaded this hamlet. Find Constable Maldred and provide what help I could. But this one was detained and the constable is nowhere to be seen. Moira's Hope is lost."
So what do you want me to do?
"Patience! Adusa will explain. The survivors. They are our priority. We move together to—no no, too obvious. We move separately. Draw less attention that way. Adusa noticed a few survivors headed toward the large barn in the distance. Meet me there."
All right, I'll meet you at the barn.

Continue to speak to her and she'll give you some more intel:

"You go first. Then Adusa shall sneak off. Less chance of both of us getting captured by these cursed creatures that way."
Can I ask you a few questions before we head into Moira's Hope?
"If you must, but hurry please. Survivors have a terrible habit of becoming dead when they are left unattended."
What is this place?
"Not is. Was. This was the peaceful hamlet of Moira's Hope. Now? Now it is a disaster area."
What's going on here?
"Must Adusa explain everything? Look around. The people of Moira's Hope were either turned into bloodfiends or turned into food for bloodfiends.
Now as to the who and the why of this horror, Adusa cannot say."
And who are you, exactly?
"Someone who wishes she had arrived in time to divert this tragedy. But if wishes were fishes, Adusa would be a very happy cat.
This one is here to help. Now, please, the survivors need us."

Enter the barn on your search for survivors and you'll find that Adusa-daro has beat you there and has already met the townsfolk:

Emiliard Daillon: "Stay back, vampire! I'll stick you with this sword. I mean it!"
Adusa-daro: "Calm down, shaveskin. Your courage is commendable, but highly misplaced. We are here to help."
Emiliard Daillon: "And how am I supposed to trust you?"
Adusa-daro: "This one could have overpowered you at any time. Now stand down or Adusa will stick that sword where the Bright Moons never shine."
Emiliard Daillon: "What? How dare you! Oh, very well! I'll just go and sit down or something."

Speak to her:

"Mortals! Show a little concern and this is the thanks you get! And where is the constable? Why isn't he here? But that is a mystery for another time.
The survivors are our priority. Still, these vampires … they are most unusual."
What do you mean, unusual?
"Such precision … such coordination. Rarely have I seen vampires behave like an army instead of raiders. This wasn't an incursion—it was an occupation!
We must work quickly. It won't take long for the enemy to discover our presence."
So what's the plan?
"You stay here and guard these townsfolk. I'll go search for more survivors. No, no, reverse that. Better for you to search and Adusa to stay here.
Watch for signs of the constable. I will try to learn more about our enemy while you are gone."
Tell me more about the constable.
"You ask many questions. Like a young one who has eaten too much moon-sugar.
Constable Maldred is a friend, a trusted contact. We have worked together in the past. And speaking of work, don't you have some survivors to save?"
That person. He called you a vampire./That townsfolk. He called you a vampire.
"That is what I am, yes? Surely you have learned by now that not every vampire is a monster.
Adusa hopes that this doesn't make you uncomfortable. We still have survivors that need our assistance."

Speak to her before heading out and she'll demand:

"So? Where are the other survivors? Adusa doesn't see them, so that means you need to get back to the looking, yes?"
Right. I'll get back out there and look around.
"That is all that Adusa asks. Is there something else you want to say?"
How will I recognize the constable?
"Constable Maldred is a Breton. He wears … Breton clothing … keeps himself moderately clean … is a … male ….
This one is sorry, but all of the furless ones look the same to me."

Find other survivors and get them to the barn:

"While you were gone, we had a few visitors. Nothing Adusa couldn't handle, of course. But we shouldn't linger in this place much longer."
I found as many survivors as I could.
"Yes, Adusa noticed. Fewer than I hoped but more than I expected.
Meanwhile, this one learned that the vampires left a commander here. He's up in the house atop the hill. Moira's Hope can never recover while he controls the town."
A vampire commander?
"Militant vampires require structure. Why is that so surprising?
But we have more pressing matters. I will get the survivors out of town. You must deal with the vampire commander. Meet us on the road when the deed is done."
"The vampire commander is in the house on top of the hill. As soon as you get up there and start causing a distraction, Adusa will use stealthy-stealth to escape with these townsfolk.
Meet us outside of town when the deed is done."

Once everyone makes it outside of town, she'll say:

"Ah, by the look on your face, Adusa assumes you were successful? The vampire commander is dead, yes?"
I killed the vampire commander. His name was Maldred.
"Maldred? That's the name of the … no. That unclawed traitor! Adusa only wishes she had been the one to end him!
You did well, five-claw. Adusa will see that these people reach a safe haven. Then I have business of my own to attend to."
"There is something sinister going on in Rivenspire, five-claw. Keep your wits about you and stay fragrant. What you saw here is only the beginning."
Where will you take the survivors?
"Adusa will take the survivors to Hoarfrost Downs. They should be safe enough there.
Pardon, but this one is still coming to grips with how fast the bloodfiends were created. And with the constable's betrayal."
What about the bloodfiends?
"Typically, a vampire degenerates over time, eventually withering into a mindless bloodfiend.
The process we observed in Moira's Hope was quite the opposite. The blood-curse appeared to change its victims into bloodfiends almost immediately."
I'm sorry the constable betrayed the town.
"Yes. Word of what happened here must be carried to my master, Count Verandis.
There is much work to be done and very little time if Lleraya has truly ventured this far south."

Dream-Walk Into Darkness[edit]

When you arrive at Ravenwatch Castle, Adusa can be found at the dining table where Kallin acts as their blood donor. Once Verandis and Gwendis stop talking you can speak with Adusa who will preemptively defend herself.

"Oh, don't look so shocked. Haven't you ever seen anyone enjoying a meal before?
Do not give Adusa such a look! We are not all Montclairs, you know."

After speaking to Count Ravenwatch, he'll ask Adusa to monitor Gwendis' appetite:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Adusa, please make sure Gwendis behaves herself. Poor Kallin needs time to recover."
Adusa-daro: "The little one gets no dessert this evening. Adusa will make sure."

Speak to her again at this point and she'll comment:

"Adusa has always liked this old castle. It has personality."

A Spy in Shornhelm[edit]

After The Blood-Splattered Shield is completed, Adusa-daro can be found resting against the fountain outside the entrance to Shornhelm Castle. Her greeting will depend on the status of Baron Montclair:

Baron Montclair still lives
Baron Montclair has been defeated at the Doomcrag
"House Montclair's hold on Shornhelm has been broken, but our job isn't done yet."
What more needs to be done?
"Smell that air. Smells like victory." [verification needed — see talk page]
"Montclair loyalists still operate out of Shornhelm, yes? Whatever they are planning, we must know. They use couriers to pass messages, and that is how we shall find their informer. Their spy."
How do I find the informant?
"Adusa would sniff him out. But for you, something more subtle. Start at the west gate. Find the courier named Guitaut. Follow him. Watch him.
He will try to pass a message. Watch and see who comes to find it."
I'll find out who the courier is in contact with.
"Follow the courier and see if he leads you to the informant."

There are multiple branches to this quest and depending how you go about it, different informants can be discovered.

If you picked up the coin the courier left in the fountain, when you return to Adusa, she'll say:

"Adusa was just thinking of you! Did the courier reveal anything important?"
The courier tossed this coin into the fountain in the town square.
"A coin? How clever! Who would suspect a simple coin thrown into a fountain for good luck?
And see this. There's a message on the coin!"
What does the message say?
"No clue. It's in some sort of code. Adusa can't make heads or tails of it. Hee hee. This one made a joke, yes?
Hmm. This date. Could it be the key to the code? Here. Take this copy of the message."
What do I do with this?
"Adusa has her own inquiries to make. You must decipher this code.
Seek out my friend, Sahil. He should be able to help. He's usually on the second floor of the Dead Wolf Inn. He loves to watch the fire burn in the hearth."
"Remember, seek out Sahil at the inn. But tell him Adusa sent you, or he might try to kill you or something."

If you tracked down who the contact was on your own, or if you discovered him with Adusa's suggestion of talking to Sahil you can decide how to deal with them and then return to Adusa:

"Have you discovered the identity of the informer?"
Keeping the informer's identity a secret:
Revealing the truth
I found this codebook in Edouard Celd's house.
"Edouard Celd? Really? It's always the ones you least suspect. We'll learn much from Edouard, though he may not be a willing teacher.
Thank you for your help."
I took care of the informer.
"That's a strange way to put it, but Adusa will not pry. I'm disappointed we can't interrogate the informer, but the threat has been taken care of.
Thank you."

Assassin Hunter[edit]

After retrieving the codebook from the informer, Adusa will have more work for you but at first she is easily distracted:

"You have been extremely helpful, Five-Claw. We unraveled the threads of this plot with skill and daring. Like unrolling a spool of yarn. Yarn ….
Sorry. This one gets easily distracted sometimes. What were we talking about?"
I found a codebook for you.
"Oh! Yes, yes. This proves Montclair's allies are still plotting and scheming. While you were tracking the spy, Adusa did some tracking of her own. Arcorion Two-Blades, a ruthless killer, is now on the Montclair payroll."
What do you need me to do?
"Kill the killer. Adusa would rather do the work herself, but this codebook demands immediate attention.
Find the assassin where he waits, west of town. When the deed is done, find me at Ravenwatch Manor. Bright Moons guide you!"
I understand. I'll take care of it.

You can ask her for some information on Arcorion Two-Blades before you leave:

"That Two-Blades, he has been a scourge on Rivenspire for years. But working for Montclair? That is the straw that broke the pony guar's back!"
What else can you tell me about Arcorion Two-Blades?
"He is a cold-hearted killer who enjoys what he does. Just last month, Two-Blades ambushed a caravan bringing supplies to an orphanage in Stormhaven. Slaughtered the guards and made off with the goods. He has no sense of honor."
Why don't you handle this yourself?
"This one is a master of stealth and a gatherer of information.
Sometimes Adusa strikes, but sometimes Adusa points the blade and lets another drive it home."

Once you have dealt with the assassin, you can find Adusa back at Ravenwatch Castle where she will be working at her desk on the upper floor:

"Give Adusa the good news. Tell this one that Arcorion Two-Blades is just a bitter memory."
Arcorion Two-Blades will no longer be a problem.
"Best news this one has heard all day. Rivenspire will sleep easier without that monster lurking in the shadows. Maybe we should change his name to No-Blades, yes? Get it?
Anyway, thanks for your help. It's good to see Verandis was right about you."

The Assassin's List[edit]

She will immediately have more work for you, as Adusa has learnt that the Montclairs are hiring killers to deal with a particular list of targets. She wants to get her claws on said list.

"You make Rivenspire a safer place with every task you complete. You had a taste with Two-Blades. Ready for something with a little more meat on its bones?"
What do you mean?
"Adusa has been studying this code book. Gathering information, learning what she can. It seems Montclair's forces are resolved. They hired Two-Blades to eliminate a list of targets.
We need that list."
You want me to get the list?
"Do you actually listen to what Adusa says? Yes. Get the list.
This one learned that Rasaba the Keen carries the list. Kill Rasaba, or do not, Five-Claw. As you choose. We only need the list."
I'll find the list, Adusa.
"To find Rasaba and the list, head due south from the manor. Follow the river and you should see them camped between Silverhoof Vale and Camp Tamrith."

You can ask her about Rasaba:

What should I know about Rasaba the Keen? / What else can you tell me about Rasaba the Keen?
"Rasaba the Keen's as cunning as she is brutal. She fought her way to the top of her organization, climbing a ladder of blood. There's always a group of fierce young warriors at her side.
If it turns into a battle, you're going to have a war on your hands."
Why don't you handle this yourself?
"This one is a master of stealth and a gatherer of information.
Sometimes Adusa strikes, but sometimes Adusa points the blade and lets another drive it home."

Return after retrieving the list from Rasaba and you'll find Adusa outside the castle surrounded by bodies:

"Ah, my friend! Your return, it is well timed.
For some reason, Montclair's forces have attacked the castle. This one can't imagine why they would do such a thing."
I have the list. Are you all right?
"Oh yes, Adusa is fine. Nothing to worry about. Let's take a look at that list.
Of course. Verandis. Adusa. And Gwendis. We're at the top of the list! That would certainly explain why they attacked the castle, yes?"

Threat of Death[edit]

Adusa sees the fact that people are trying to kill her an her family as sign they are doing something right. But there are still attackers in the castle that need to be gotten rid of:

"We are the targets? Well, that only proves we are doing something right!
If no one wants to kill you, you're not trying hard enough, this one always says."
Is the castle safe? Did you take care of all of Montclair's assassins?
"All? All is a very big number, Five-Claw. This one smells more of them. All around. In the shadows. We'll meet them here, in the open! No, no. Too open. Into the castle! Less directions to defend against.
Quickly, Five-Claw! Follow Adusa!"
I'm right behind you.

Once inside Adusa will shout a warning when the first wave of soldiers arrive:

Adusa-daro: "Ready yourself, Five-Claw! Here they come."

As the fight continues, Adusa will be constantly amused by their attempts:

Adusa-daro: "Adusa has claws enough for all of you."
Adusa-daro: "May your fur fall out and never grow back, you traitors!"
Adusa-daro: "How courageous of you. Ill advised, but courageous."
Adusa-daro: "Adusa warned you, but no one ever listens to Adusa."
Adusa-daro: "Thanks to these Montclair curs, this one will have fresh blood for weeks!"
Adusa-daro: "Adusa can smell your fear—and it is delicious!"
Adusa-daro: "That is the best you can do? Adusa laughs at you."

Once the attacks subside, she'll say:

Adusa-daro: "Meet this one outside, my friend. Let's make sure we eliminated all of the assassins."

When outside, you can talk to her. She will be enraged at the temerity of the Montclair forces:

"How dare the fools invade Ravenwatch Castle! Did they really think they could prevail against us?"
What do we do now, Adusa?
"Now? We fight back! These villains, they think they can strike at us where we live? They are fools and less than fools!
We will take the fight to them. Thanks to the information you have gathered, we know where the worm behind this hides."

A Dagger to the Heart[edit]

It is time to end it and bring the fight to the Montclairs:

"These assassins. They thought they were hunting us. Now Adusa turns the tables. Now we hunt them!"
What do you propose?
"Arcorion Two-Blades, Rasaba the Keen. They were hired by Montclair's nephew. A diseased worm named Rohlbert. He seeks to turn Montclair's remaining forces into an army, bolstered by hired blades."
And you know where we can find him?
"Thanks to the codebook you found, yes.
Rohlbert is hiding inside the old Montclair Manor in Shornhelm's upper city. We'll meet in front of the manor house. Then we finish this. One way or another."
I'll meet you there.
"Meet Adusa at Montclair Manor, Five-Claws. It's in Shornhelm's upper city. This one must clean up here first, or Verandis will become very cross. He hates it when we play with our food."
What else can you tell me about Rohlbert Montclair?
"A shallow man, lacking any redeemable qualities. This is a power grab, pure and simple. He's trading on his name to try to get a slice of the Rivenspire pie.
But if he wants pie, Adusa has a pie for him right here."

Travel to Montclair Manor and Adusa will be waiting for you:

"Montclair's nephew is close. Adusa can smell Rohlbert from here."
Are you ready?
"Adusa is very, very ready. Besides, the odds of actually dying … well, you know how it is with vampires. We're pretty hard to kill. Come, let us put an end to this."
I'll be right behind you.

When you are ready, Adusa is primed for battle:

Adusa-daro: "My claws and daggers are ready! This one will fight like a whirlwind of fury!"

Enter the manor and your partner will have already made it upstairs to face the younger Montclair:

Adusa-daro: "You are a worm and you will die like a worm, you worm!"
Rohlbert Montclair: "You've meddled in my family's business long enough. It looks like I'll have to kill you myself."

As soon as you finish Rohlbert, Adusa will vanish in a flash. Meet up with her outside and she'll say:

"Adusa is so happy she could just purr! The fighting, the blood, the excitement—Adusa hasn't had so much fun in an Elf's age!
And, yes, we ended another threat to Rivenspire. That, too. All in all, Adusa had a fine, fine day."
Is this threat eliminated, then?
"This threat, yes. But don't worry. Another will appear before you know it.
You have been a friend to Adusa. And to Rivenspire. Stay fragrant, Five-Claw. This one is sure we will meet again some day."

You then complete the quest. If you continue to talk to her she will comment that she is impressive by your work and wouldn't mind working with you once more.

"You did well, my friend. Adusa would fight at your side any time."
If you need any more help, just let me know.
"You'll be the first person Adusa calls. Promise."

Puzzle of the Pass[edit]

You can meet Adusa again at the foot of the Doomcrag, waiting on the beach with Gwendis:

"Adusa wishes she could go with you, but Verandis has other tasks for this one to perform."

The Crown of Shornhelm[edit]

During the celebrations, Adusa can be found on the floor overlooking the throne room:

"House Ravenwatch is in your debt, Five-Claw.
Thank you."
Appears only with Greymoor


The Lady of Blood[edit]

Adusa is being held captive in Greymoor Keep by a pureblooded vampire named Lady Essenia. When you enter the Ritual Chamber, Adusa-daro can be found suspended in the air while a red light surrounds her. Far below, Essenia is channeling her power.

Adusa-daro: "Gwendis! Help me!"
<The ritual is completed and Adusa falls to the ground with a thud.>
Lady Essenia: "You're too late! The experiment nears completion. The heir of Verandis is mine!"

After Lady Essenia dies, she acknowledges Gwendis's heroism.

Adusa-daro: "Gwendis … you came."
Gwendis: "Of course I did, you mangy scamp! Take a breath, then we're getting you out of here."

Speak to Adusa.

First time meeting:
Saved Rivenspire:
"So … you helped this one's sister, yes? Helped her find Adusa? You have the thanks of House Ravenwatch, walker. We have little to offer, but our memory is very long.
Now, you killed that monster Essenia, yes?"
"Ah, the hero of Rivenspire. It is good to see you again. You helped this one's sister, yes? You have the thanks of House Ravenwatch, walker. We have little to offer, but our memory is very long.
Now, you killed that monster Essenia, yes?"
We did. Are you all right?
"Heh. This one has seen better moons.
I … I do not know if any trace of Essenia's corruption still flows through my veins. Adusa feels weak, but clear-headed. Unlike the bloodknights. Only time will tell, yes?"
Will killing Essenia stop the bloodknights?
"Hard to say.
Essenia took long notes, you see? Very thorough. One of the Ashen Lord's alchemists may pick up where she left off, but it will take time. Time enough to strike this latest threat to Skyrim through the heart."
Why was Verandis's bloodline so important to this ritual?
"A good question. One Adusa has asked herself many times. Unfortunately, only one person can answer that, and he is far away.
We will have time to think on this later. First, we must escape this place, yes?"
Fair enough. Let's get moving.

After the quest, Adusa can be found sleeping peacefully at Gwendis's camp outside Greymoor Keep.

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

Adusa-daro and Gwendis at the Blue Palace

She will also appear for the ceremony along with Gwendis during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed her quest beforehand:

"Walker. You and Fennorian did well, to stop the traitor-king. We will make sure no other threats befall the city. We swear it."
What is the Ravenwatch planning?
"Rada al-Saran is still out there and, eventually, he might try something like this again.
Solitude might be safe, for now, but wherever he strikes next may not share the same fortune."