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Old Mjolen
Location Morthal, camp west of Morthal
House Old Mjolen's Hut
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly
Old Mjolen

Old Mjolen is an elderly Nord who is known as a "clever woman", a practitioner of old Nord magic. She can usually be found in her hut north of Morthal, or wandering around the nearby swamp. While most of the townsfolk stay out of her way, Mjolen is the one they go to if they have a problem with spirits or dark magic.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Dark Clouds Over Solitude[edit]

After losing the trail of an assassin which escaped Solitude you can seek out Fennorian who will be with Old Mjolen. He will suggest showing the assassin's medallion to her and seeing what she can do.

"Local wisdom dictates that only the very brave or the very foolish seek the council of vampires and old crones. Which are you, I wonder?
Well, out with it. What can Old Mjolen do for you?"

If you've completed Long Journey Home, she'll instead say:

"I had thought after our dealings with bone wolves and curses, you would find other ways to amuse yourself for a time. Yet here you are again, right in the midst of more problems.
What can Old Mjolen do for you this time?"

Either way...

What can you tell me about this medallion?
"A grim talisman. It bears an enchantment of some kind, though the symbol upon it holds no significance that I'm aware of.
I can help find the owner of this medallion, but I need some specific items to cast such a divination."
What do you need?
"Bring me the bones of a wolf and a deathbell plant pulled up by its roots. I need the plant alive. The wolf, not so much.
With those reagents, I can conjure a divination that will lead you directly to the last person to wear this medallion."
I'll gather the reagents and return soon.
"Deathbell grows throughout the bog. You should have no trouble acquiring it.
Wolves are plentiful in the wilderness around Morthal as well, but be cautious. Many seem afflicted by a strange curse. I would hate for you to run afoul of it."
What kind of curse?
"An icy rime clings to the wolves, sapping the heat and life from their bodies until only a frigid, shambling corpse remains.
You are safe from them here, but be mindful out in the wild."

Once you have reagents you can return to her.

"Welcome back. Warm yourself by the fire and tell me about the reagents I requested."
Here are the wolf bones and deathbell you asked for.
"Good. Good. Divinations can be fickle. The longer we delay, the colder the trail grows.
Let's see if we can catch the scent of your prey."
All right.

You can then watch her perform the divination ritual:

<A blue ritual circle appears around the fire as she invokes Mother Wolf.>
Old Mjolen: "Mother Wolf, hear me! We seek your blessing in our hunt. Lead us to our elusive quarry."
<There will be a wolf howl and the ritual will finish.>

Speak to Mjolen to learn the results of the divination.

"Mother Wolf smiles upon you. She has seen fit to join your pack and aid you in your hunt."
How will that help me find the vampire assassin?
"Mother Wolf has the scent and will lead you to your quarry. I have enchanted the medallion with a divination spell inextricably linked to its owner.
Hold it to your nose and breathe deeply. It will guide you along his trail."
It will take me directly to him?
"Mother Wolf will guide you along the way, but you must still complete the hunt and find him. If the assassin eludes you, use the medallion to recover his trail.
The Wolf is relentless in her pursuit. The question is, will you be like the Wolf?"
I'll find the queen's assassin.

If you talk to her before using the medallion.

"You have the enchanted medallion. Make good use of it.
Fennorian and I must return to our work. The answers he seeks about the witch's ritual will not come as easily as yours."

After using the medallion, you will see a vision of the vampire feeding on someone at a nearby hunter's camp. If you talk to her she will mention the direction to head in.

"The Wolf Mother showed the vampire you seek. At a small camp. And the magic points west.
What are you waiting for? Follow the trail and catch your quarry."

The Gray Host[edit]

If you return to the Blue Palace to speak with Svana to start the quest, she will now be in the throne room with Jarl Reddharn and Magister Fridelja. She'll comment on Svargrim's behavior.

"High King Svargrim isn't making it easier for the refugees flowing into the city. He's never been an inspiring leader, but lately he's been cold. Distant.
I suppose watching your love die in front of you will do that."

Once you have searched the three Gray Host camps for information and materials, Old Mjolen will have joined the group in Svana's room. Once you have investigated all three camps, you can return to the Blue Palace where you'll find Old Mjolen discussing an elixir with Lyris and Fennorian while Svana and Maugh look on:

Lyris Titanborn: "So, do we have a way to defend against the harrowstorms or what?"
Old Mjolen: "The elixir should do what we need … provided neither Fenn nor I made any miscalculations."
Fennorian: "Mjolen, don't be so negative! The elixir will work. You'll see!"

If you talk with her before Fennorian about the elixir:

"Fennorian has an amazing mind. His thoughts and theories wind up in the most interesting places.
Go ahead. Talk to him and see for yourself. An amazing mind …."'

After you have been asked to get Arkay's Sacred Oil, she will mention the similarities and differences between her and the priest.

"To the Hall of the Dead with you, hurry along. Ingurt still serves as high priest, I believe.
We're much the same, he and I, yet he gets the fancy temple. And I? I get a hut in the woods."

When you come back, she'll be standing with Fennorian at his makeshift alchemy table.

"So the high priest let you have some of his precious oil? No, I don't want the details. Empty the flask into the cauldron and we'll see what happens.
Oh, and make sure to stand back when you do it. Just in case."

After adding last ingredient to the elixir:

"Fennorian does exemplary work … despite his youthful exuberance and dashing appearance.
Of course, we still aren't sure if the elixir will actually keep the effects of a harrowstorm at bay."

Once you add the oil, the elixir will successfully be created. After she hears the testing location, Mjolen admits she would join you if she was younger.

"Blackreach. If I were a little younger, I'd love to go with you. Do a little exploring. Ah, well.
I suppose I'll stay here in the palace. Work on how to create more of the elixir once we know it's safe."

When you return to the palace, she will be among the crowd which are trying to convince Svargrim. She'll be suspicious of his behavior.

"Something is off about all this. Svargrim has always been stubborn, but now …?"

' Once Svargrim reveals his allegiance, she doesn't know why he chose to side with the Gray Host.

"I knew there was something wrong, but this? How could Svargrim throw in with the Gray Host? It's brazen, even for him."

Greymoor Rising[edit]

Speaking to Old Mjolen before you try to reclaim the temple:

"As long as the Gray Host controls the temple, we're cut off from the supply of sacred oil.
It's imperative we get our hands on that oil—and quickly!"

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

Old Mjolen will have survived the harrowstorm in Solitude and can be found on the bottom floor of the Mages Guild with Fennorian. They will be working on the mass-distribution of the elixir and Svana will ask that you check on their progress.

Old Mjolen: "Ingenious! A rare thing to find an Elf with the makings of a clever woman."
Fennorian: "Despite what my kin might proclaim, it's not all in the blood."
<They then notice you and turn around.>
Fennorian: "Ah, good! You're here! We've made a breakthrough!"

Speaking with Old Mjolen before talking to Fenn, you can ask Mjolen what she's doing at the Mages Guild.

"I have seen many things in my time, but never could I have predicted I would soon train adepts of the Mages Guild in the arts of my ancestors."
Why is that?
"This is an institution of Elves. They know nothing of the soul of the world. Here magic is a thing to be measured and weighed. Mages know. They do not feel."
Why teach them then?
"Necessity and a hope they can learn. If we're to brew enough elixir for everyone in the kingdom, it will take all the herb-grinders in the holds. Here, at least, they know how to use a mortar and pestle."

She disappears after the quest.

Long Journey Home[edit]

After visiting Havil's Farm, he will send you to Old Mjolen to ask about the undead and spirits haunting his home. She be found outside her hut near Morthal during Long Journey Home, and will greet you when you approach:

Old Mjolen: "Another traveler approaches. Come, warm yourself."

Tell her about what has happened. She will remember you if you asked for help for tracking a vampire assassin.

Completed Dark Clouds Over Solitude:
"Ah, so you come to me again. Were our dealings with your pale friend not enough?
Well, get close to the fire. Warm up. Pose your question."
"Visitors come so rarely to visit this old woman. But fate has a way of making one suddenly useful.
Well, get close to the fire. Warm up. Pose your question."
Undead wolves attacked Havil's farm. And he saw Freiwen's ghost. He thought you could help.
"Wondered when they would send someone. Though, an outsider surprises me.
Yes, I know of the fleshless wolves. But a ghost of young Freiwen? Disturbing. I may have answers for this haunting. But I'll need cursed specimens to study. You will get them."
What specimens do you need?
"Blood and tissue. Tear some decayed skin off an affected person and scrape dried blood from a cursed wolf.
Bring me these things so I can understand what kind of magic we're dealing with. I fear there is more to Freiwen's haunting than we realize."
I will collect the specimens.

After you agree to find the specimens she needs, you can ask her some questions.

"Good, go on. Return here when you have the samples. A simple ritual will provide the details we seek.
In the meantime, I'll consult my notes about Freiwen's disappearance."
Why did Havil call you a clever woman?
"Because I'm smarter than most Nords? Ha, I jest.
People from the north fear magic. Don't understand it? Must be dangerous. They believe my power comes from that trickster, Shor. If he was so clever, then I must be, too. At least as Nords see it."
Is that why you live outside of town?
"Out of sight, out of mind. The fools believe they can ward off magic's consequences by pushing it away. And yet, I'm the first person they visit when someone gets sick or they think they see Daedra."
Did you know Freiwen?
"I did. She was beloved by the whole town, even those of us pushed to the edges. Her disappearance hit hard. And the circumstances, well …."
What were the circumstances?
"No. No. I will not tell you what is not yours to know. At least, until I can see what causes these attacks.
Come back with the samples and you may learn more."

If you try to talk to her again, she'll give further directions about the specimens:

"You can find the creatures you need to the east and west. The fleshless wolves wander in packs, mimicking the life they lost. Finding the shriveled people may be more dangerous.
Remember — bring me skin and blood."

As you leave to find the specimens, she will walk into her hut saying:

Old Mjolen: "Now where did I put those runestones …"

Once you return with the specimens, she can be overheard talking to herself:

Old Mjolen: "Such sloppy magic … untrained."

Hand over the specimens.

"The scent of death enters my nose. Your time with the cursed creatures has marked you. Let's hope not permanently.
While you hunted, my studies proved fruitful. Do you have the blood and skin I require? They will complete my understanding."
I've obtained the specimens.
"Yes, these will do nicely. Fresh. Intact. Thrumming with magic. This shall make the ritual easy.
Hmm, they have an icy burn to the touch. Hope they weren't too much trouble. Perhaps those walking corpses willingly gave up their skin? Heh!"
What will the ritual tell us?
"Many things. Is this a spell or a curse? Where does it get its power? Magic holds unique patterns, like footprints in the snow. If it's known to me, perhaps you can track the source.
But first, I must extract this knowledge."
I'll wait for you to complete the ritual.
"Good. I won't be but a moment."

A golden light will appear from her hand as she performs the ritual.

Old Mjolen: "Just as I feared … Come, listen to a tale."

She will head back to the fire, speak with Mjolen and she will tell you what happened around five years ago.

"The ritual bears out my fears. I recognize the curse corrupting life around Morthal.
Years ago, a death-mage named Maxten killed a group of town guards at Kjenstag ruins. The same magic she used then now animates these undead."
Why did Maxten murder the town's guards?
"All I know are whispers. They say Maxten kidnapped Freiwen and forced her into the ruins.
Naturally, the Jarl dispatched the guards to rescue his daughter. But just as they arrived, a tempest of ice arose that froze the soldiers where they stood."
What became of Freiwen?
"Vanished. Until now, it seems. Though, the link between Freiwen's ghost and this curse still remains unclear.
To find a cure, I need Maxten's original spell. Go east to the ruins. Retrieve anything that could reveal the nature of her work."
I will look for information in the ruins.
"Good. Meet me in Morthal with what you find. I wish to examine the wounds made by these undead.
And take this rune. It bears an enchantment that will ward you from the curse's worst effects. At least … temporarily."

Before you leave you can ask her questions.

I want to know more about Maxten.
"As I said, she was a conjurer of death. From what I have seen, her magical understanding is incomplete. This curse is wild and sloppy. She approaches power like a babe crawling into a giant's camp.
A shame that Freiwen became caught in it."
Where did she come from?
"I never spoke with her. But, rumors still sometimes drift into my camp.
Maxten was a mystery in Morthal. Appeared late one evening to rent a bed at the tavern. No one saw her in the day, except to bring food. At night she left to wander the woods."
What was she doing in the woods?
"Oh, a forest night stroll is not so odd for a mage. It's the best time to collect mushrooms. And dug up bones hold the most power in the moonlight.
But, Maxten sought something in the woods. Perhaps she found it among the ruins."
Do you know why Maxten brought Freiwen to Kjenstag ruins?
"This I don't know. Let us hope that whatever you find in the Kjenstag ruins reveals what she wanted with the young woman."
I saw a ghost of Freiwen at Havil's farm.
"Interesting ….
Even as a child, Freiwen wandered outside Morthal to visit her people. She would come to my hut without fear. I would prepare her rabbit stew as we discussed her life. She told me once that Havil's farm brought her great joy."
Why would she curse a place she enjoyed?
"An excellent question. So many of the answers elude me for now. With any luck, you will know more once we meet again."
Tell me more about the rune you handed me.
"A simple stone imbued with the warmth of life. After the events of Kjenstag ruins, I explored new paths of magic for counteracting necromancy. One such trial led to the rune you hold.
It should protect you from the worst of the curse's effects."
And if it doesn't?
"Do you doubt my ability? My practice of magic extends back to when I first heard Shor's whispers as a child. Have faith when I say the rune will protect you.
And if it doesn't... well, then, I'll visit your frozen statue. Heh!"
Can you use the rune magic to end the curse?
"A shame, but no. We require something much more powerful to undo magic this strong. Energy directly connected to the curse's origins. The rabbit blood from which I drew the magicka to charge that rune will not suffice."

Speaking to her again before you set out will have her say:

"With the knowledge I've gleaned of this curse, I can slow the curse in the afflicted farmers. Go to Kjenstag ruins. Bring any information about Maxten's curse to Morthal.
And hurry. I do not wish to see all Morthal turn to bones."

If you're also helping her during Dark Clouds Over Solitude, you can ask:

So about this medallion we discussed in the swamp …?
"Ah, yes. You find yourself in the eye of many storms, don't you?
I left the tools required to understand that medallion behind in the swamp. Meet me there with your friend and we shall complete the task."

Once you return from your investigation, you can find Old Mjolen in Morthal treating Brun:

Lady Ninetha: "Can you help him, witch?"
<The glow disappears from her hands when she stops.>
Old Mjolen: "The curse rots his flesh. I've done what I can, but it won't last."

Speaking with her before passing on a message to Lady Ninetha.

"Ah, you return. I welcome any good news. Keeping this man from death tests the limits of my skill.
Before we speak, Lady Ninetha wants to see you. I told her of what you saw at the farm. This, understandably, distressed her."

After you've talked with Lady Ninetha, you can ask if she has an idea how to break Freiwen's curse.

"So you found Freiwen alive did you? An unexpected, but welcome turn of events. We may yet be able to save her.
What did you bring me from the ruins? I must know more about the necromancer's plans."
I found some ritual notes and a broken focus.
"Hm, let me see.
Awful. The fantasies of a child. Playing with magic like this invites danger. The energies at the ruins surely overwhelmed her. But this shard …. Tell me, did Freiwen explain the visions of her ghost to you?"
She told me the curse resurrected memories from her life.
"Yes, this is what I needed to know. Maxten's ritual consumed the spirits in the ruins. She wished to gain power by absorbing their memories.
Freiwen's curse drains her life energy then manifests it as her own memories. This is how we cure her."
How do Freiwen's memories relate to her cure?
"By flooding her with her own life force, we can burn out the curse.
Give me her locket. Ah, yes, it hums with emotional power. Once attuned, you can absorb Freiwen's memories into it. Fill it with her energy so we may rescue her from death."
I will absorb Freiwen's memories into her locket.
"Good. Here is the locket. Ninetha mentioned two places Freiwen enjoyed—the docks and her bedroom. You may find manifestations there.
When you're done, meet me back here at the tavern. Then we'll proceed."
You said the Kjenstag ruins would overwhelm Maxten. What spirits reside there?
"Ah, well, you see back in the ….
Heh. Actually, no. Perhaps that secret should fade into dust. These events show that those ruins best remain undisturbed."

Speaking to her once more before you go out to fill the locket:

"Fill the locket with Freiwen's memories. You won't need much as it holds a great deal of her energy already. Seek them out at places she frequented, like by the water or her house.
Return to me when it is done."

Once you've absorbed Freiwen's memories, Mjolen will be standing outside the tavern and call out to you:

Old Mjolen: "Quickly, to me. Our time is short."

She will have troubling news.

"Your return may be too late. Lady Ninetha ran off to meet Freiwen at the tree she described. She wanted to be with her before the end. If we don't act quickly, she will die.
Were you successful in obtaining the memories?"
I collected the energy we need.
"Then we can put an end to this tragedy. But we must act now.
Go, join them at the large tree overlooking Morthal to the east. I will meet you after I prepare."
What about the locket?
"Bring it with you. As my ritual to cure Freiwen culminates you must hold the locket before you. Her life energy will rush into her and the curse should break.
I warn you, this may be painful for her. But it is necessary."
I will find the tree and help break the curse.
"When you arrive, wait for me. Do not let them do anything rash. I will not be long.
Do this and Morthal will be rid of this curse forever. Now, hurry!"

Speak with her again before leaving and she will give directions.

"Lady Ninetha's loyalty to her daughter is admirable. Like a mother wolf guarding her pup. But it may mean her end if we're not quick.
Go to the red tree overlooking Morthal. Together we will end this curse."

Once at the tree, you will have to watch it play out before Old Mjolen arrives to start the healing ritual.

Freiwen: "Mother, you can't be here. It will kill you."
Lady Nineta: "Freiwen, I thought you died! I can't leave you. Even if it kills me."
Freiwen: "It's already killing you! Please, get away from me!"
<The curse takes hold and Lady Ninetha freezes solid.>
Freiwen: "Mother! No!"
<Old Mjolen arrives.>
Old Mjolen: "Ninetha? Oh, no. We must act quickly. Use the necklace on my command!"
<She begins the healing ritual and a light appears on Freiwen's chest as she begins to scream in pain.>
Freiwen: "Agh! It burns! Mother!"
Old Mjolen: "Hurry! Use the necklace. Release the energy within!"

Using the necklace there is a flash of light. When it fades, Lady Ninetha will be unfrozen and Freiwen will be free of the curse.

Freiwen: "Wha … what's happening?"

After you've completed the quest, you can talk to Mjolen about the cure.

"It is finished. You performed well. Better than any other I would have found in Morthal.
This is more activity than I have grown used to. Perhaps I should find a replacement so Old Mjolen can finally rest."
Is the cure permanent?
"I believe so, yes. We may see lingering effects across the land, but the source has extinguished. When we flooded Freiwen with her own life energy, the curse drowned.
Curious that Maxten never considered such an approach."

As you leave the area, you can hear the start of a conversation:

Lady Nineta: "Freiwen? Are you alright?"
Freiwen: "Am … am I? Mother, I thought I'd killed you!"
Lady Ninetha: "I would never leave you. It's over now."
Old Mjolen: "Rest. Then we shall return to town. You two have much to discuss."

Second Chances[edit]

Old Mjolen in Understone Keep

You can find her in the Announcement Hall of Understone Keep alongside Jarl Reddharn at the conclusion of the quest Second Chances.

"In all my years, I have neither seen, nor heard of such a miracle as you've delivered today. You must have Shor's own bond with Mother Wolf for her to carry so many lost pups back here."
What are you doing here, Old Mjolen?
"This old woman not important enough to merit an invitation, is that it? If you must know Svana asked me to council her on the Reach, but I'd have come whether I was invited or not. Can't trust such important matters to the likes of kings."
Have you been to Markarth before?
"That I have, that I have. Many times during the vast span of my life, though not in some years. This city never changes, only the occupants.
Perhaps that will change now, should this peace hold."
Do you think it will?
"I should think this whole affair taught you that nothing lasts forever, but it seems to me the people are ready for this peace. I don't think it'll crumble easily, so long as ambitious fools aren't permitted to chip away at it."