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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Create a defense against the Harrowstorms and learn the Gray Host's plans.
Zone: Western Skyrim
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Svana, Maugh, Melina Cassel
Location(s): Blue Palace, Coastal Camp, Midland Camp, Blackreach Camp, Dark Moon Grotto, Hall of the Dead, Midnight Barrow, The Undergrove
Prerequisite Quest: The Vampire Scholar
Next Quest: Greymoor Rising
Reward: Longbow of Solitude
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6456
Investigate the Gray Host camps around Skyrim
High King Svargrim refuses to act, so Svana has decided to take matters into her own hands. With Fennorian's help, she plans to develop a strategy for fighting back against the Gray Host.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Fennorian in the Blue Palace.
  2. Use Gray Host Map and talk to Lyris Titanborn.
  3. Investigate the three Gray Host camps.
    1. Find Fennorian.
    2. Read the epitaphs at the graveyard.
    3. Discuss findings with Fennorian.
    1. Find Lyris Titanborn.
    2. Search crates for Refined Netherroot Brew.
    3. Slay Sable-Eye and take Brew.
    1. Find Svana in Dark Moon Grotto.
    2. Spy on Gray Host talks.
    3. Search Camp for documents.
  4. Return to the Blue Palace and talk to Fennorian.
  5. Obtain Arkay's Sacred Oil and create the Elixir prototype.
  6. Go to the Midnight Barrow and find the Undergrove.
  7. Confront the Gray Host forces and protect Svana.
  8. Return to the Blue Palace and talk to High King Svargrim.
  9. Talk to Lyris.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Investigate the coastal camp
Icereach Coven vessels

Svana needs to meet with you in the Blue Palace. Her father still refuses to take substantial action against the Gray Host. Instead of seeking them out and stopping their plans, he chooses to stock up Castle Dour and prepare Solitude for a siege. This will not stop a harrowstorm from destroying the city. Svana wants you to speak with Fennorian and see how he can assist. The notes you found in Tzinghalis's Tower prove Fennorian's theory that netherroot is the key component in the harrowstorm ritual. He deduces that the Gray Host is siphoning life energy from mortals, speculating that it may have something to do with the stone husks. He recalls how Exarch Ulfra emerged from one of them. Fennorian surmises that the concentrated netherroot brew you found in the laboratory is what the Host is going to use to make their harrowstorms stronger.

At this point, Lyris tells you to lay out the map you found in the tower on a nearby table. She talks about the points marked on the map, and tells you that it appears the Host has three camps across Western Skyrim. You should investigate each of the camps. You can investigate the three camps in any order.

Coastal Camp[edit]

Investigate the midland camp

Talk to Fennorian south of the coastal camp, which lies north of the Giant's Coast Wayshrine. The camp is crawling with members of the Icereach Coven, who are definitely creating medallions like the one that saved Magister Fridelja from the harrowstorm at this location.

The witches are guarding something in the center of the camp. Furthermore, Fennorian overheard some of the witches complaining about having to create more medallions. No doubt their task is due to the large harrowstorm the Gray Host has planned. One thing of note at the camp is the graveyard in front of the house. Some graves have been exhumed. Investigate the headstones and determine what's so important about the corpses that have been dug out. Examine the headstones of Brokel, Uthbet, Harlock the Bastard, Lekka the Corpulent and Unknown. The one thing they all share in common is that they died old. Fennorian notes that some necromantic rituals require elderly corpses. One theory states that the older a living thing becomes, the more necrotic energy it naturally acquires. Necrotic energy is a byproduct of a mortal's body deteriorating.

Midland Camp[edit]

Talk to Lyris west of the midland camp, which lies between the Hunter's House and Hjaalmarch Great Lift. To reach the location, you can head south then east from Dragon Bridge or west from Morthal. Lyris tells you that the Host is loading some of that netherroot brew into carts. You should search the Gray Host Supply Carts for Refined Netherroot Brew.

After searching your third cart, a werewolf named Sable-Eye will call out to his packmates to stop you. He has the netherroot brew. Climb up the mountain to the southeast, kill Sable-Eye and loot the refined netherroot brew from the crate on the back of the nearby cart. After you retrieve the brew, speak with Lyris off to the south and get started on your next objective.

Blackreach Camp[edit]

Spy on the Gray Host

Talk to Svana in the western tunnels of Dark Moon Grotto. She's frustrated with a group of three Harrowed, and laments the harrowstorm's effects on her people. Svana tells you that the vampires below have been digging and herding the Harrowed like cattle. She also tells you that they utter Rada al-Saran's name in reverence. You and Svana should investigate the camps and try to find out what the Host is planning.

In the southern portion of the camp, you'll overhear Courier Ograh and Pentarch Slasif talking about harvesting more netherroot from some place called the "Undergrove". At the northern part of the camp, you'll overhear Matron Denfira and Pentarch Bervard, who are near a large group of Miners. They're talking about a planned attack on Solitude.

Once you're finished eavesdropping, check around the camp for any loose documents. Pentarch Slasif mentioned that she had orders in her tent. Head northeast from her and Courier Ograh's location and enter the tent on the east side of the shallow river. Gray Host Orders lie on a table between two bunk beds. Speak with Svana in the tent after you collect the document.

The Elixir[edit]

Retrieve Arkay's Sacred Oil

Once you've finished checking all three camps, return to Svana's Chambers in the Blue Palace and talk to Fennorian. Fenn and Old Mjolen have formulated a concoction that will protect people from the harrowstorms. Maugh is tasked with getting most of the ingredients they need to make more of the elixir, but there's one ingredient Fenn needs that you'll have to retrieve: Arkay's sacred oil. You'll find the oil in the Hall of the Dead. Speak with High Priest Ingurt. He regretfully informs you that Swordthane Uthlet came by earlier to say that High King Svargrim has ordered all of the sacred oil to be taken to Castle Dour. You should talk to Swordthane Uthlet in the Courtyard Marketplace, in front of the Temple of the Divines. He is convinced when you tell him about the elixir that protects against harrowstorms, and looks the other way while you take a flask from the nearby crates.

Brew the elixir

After you take Arkay's Sacred Oil, High King Svargrim walks up, proclaiming that part of his orders was to keep Svana away from the temple. You have the option of speaking with Svana after this encounter, who tells you that this crisis seems to have made her father even more distant. Head back to Svana's Chambers and pour the oil into Fennorian's cauldron. The mixture begins to glow in a warm, golden hue. Speak with Fennorian. He tells you that the elixir needs to be tested, but he doesn't want to wait for the next harrowstorm to come to do it. While you and Svana were in Blackreach, you learned that Exarch Ulfra is testing harrowstorm rituals in some place called the Undergrove. Fennorian suspects that the Undergrove may be in a set of ruins called Midnight Barrow. Lyris will be testing the elixir, and he asks you and Svana to watch from a safe distance while she walks into the storm. The ruined barrow is in the Lightless Hollow, in eastern Blackreach.

When you arrive in Midnight Barrow, Lyris tells Fenn and Svana to stay at the entrance until the way to the Undergrove is clear. The Undergrove is located in the center of the delve. Head north from the entrance, then head east, then head north through two rooms and take the northwestern hallway in the large rectangular chamber. Head north in that hallway. There's a door leading to the Undergrove in this room.

The Undergrove[edit]

Svana braves the storm

Enter the Undergrove. Exarch Ulfra and Rada al-Saran are here. Lyris unsheathes her axe. Fennorian suggests postponing the test, but Svana shoots him down. With two Gray Host leaders in one place, maybe you'll have a chance to take one of them down. Enter the Undergrove Nursery. Rada al-Saran recognizes you and Lyris as the ones who killed Exarch Tzinghalis. Lyris charges at him, and he strikes her with a bolt of red lightning, knocking her back. Before he can do anything else, Exarch Ulfra offers to kill them for him. Rada al-Saran exits in a swarm of bats as Exarch Ulfra raises her paws skyward, inciting the harrowstorm. Svana drinks the elixir and steps into the storm as Fennorian tends to Lyris's wounds.

The truth comes out

Two Gray Host Chillrenders are protecting the Witch Pike in the center of the room. After you destroy the witch pike and kill the mages, Exarch Ulfra jumps down from her ledge and attacks. Kill the exarch and speak with Svana. The elixir worked! Svana proclaims that the elixir should be reproduced and distributed throughout the holds. She also wants to find out who in Solitude is aiding Rada al-Saran.

Meet Svana back at the Blue Palace. She and the others have gathered by the throne, trying to convince the High King to act. Speak with Svargrim and say your piece. He refuses to listen to you. Svana shows him a bottle of Fennorian's elixir, and pleads with him to listen. He smashes it on the ground, and is revealed to be a vampire. He says that with the Gray Host's assistance, his kingdom will persist for eternity, then vanishes in a cloud of bats. Speak with Lyris to end the quest.


Quest Stages[edit]

The Gray Host
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Svana requested I return to the Blue Palace to discuss our plans for dealing with the Gray Host and their harrowstorms. I should head there now.
Objective: Talk to Svana
Latest start Svana asked me to help Fenn focus on the task at hand. We need his expertise to develop a defense against the harrowstorms. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Fennorian
Lyris remembered the map we found in Tzinghalis's laboratory. She wants me to place it on the table so we can examine it.
Objective: Place the Map
Lyris thinks the map indicates where we can go to acquire the components Fenn needs to devise a defense against the harrowstorms. I should talk to her and see what she suggests.
Objective: Talk to Lyris Titanborn
We need to investigate the Gray Host camps to learn more about the Icereach Coven medallions and acquire refined netherroot brew so Fenn can replicate the enchantment that protects against harrowstorms. We also need to determine their ultimate plan.
Objective: Investigate the Coastal Camp
Objective: Investigate the Midland Camp
Objective: Investigate the Blackreach Camp
(Hints which appear while searching the Coastal Camp)
Objective Hint: Talk to Fennorian at the Coastal Camp
Objective Hint: Investigate the Coastal Camp
Objective Hint: Examine the Headstones at the Coastal Camp
Objective Hint: Talk to Fennorian at the Coastal Camp
(Hints which appear while searching the Midland Camp)
Objective Hint: Talk to Lyris at the Midland Camp
Objective Hint: Search the Carts for Refined Netherroot Brew
Objective Hint: Find Refined Netherroot Brew in the Midland Camp
Objective Hint: Talk to Lyris Near the Midland Camp
(Hints which appear while searching the Blackreach Camp)
Objective Hint: Talk to Svana in Blackreach
Objective Hint: Discover Gray Host Plans
Objective Hint: Find Gray Host Plans in the Blackreach Camp
Objective Hint: Talk to Svana in Blackreach
(Once all Three Objectives are complete, the quest will progress)
I should return to the Blue Palace in Solitude to meet with my companions. We need to discuss what to do with the items and information we uncovered at the Gray Host camps.
Objective: Go to Svana's Chambers in the Blue Palace
I should talk to Fenn about his elixir and see if he thinks it will protect people from the harrowstorms.
Objective: Talk to Fennorian
Fenn needs Arkay's Sacred Oil to complete his elixir. I should be able to find some at the Hall of the Dead in Solitude.
Objective: Go to Solitude's Hall of the Dead
I should ask High Priest Ingurt about acquiring some of Arkay's Sacred Oil for Fenn's elixir.
Objective: Talk to High Priest Ingurt
Swordthane Uthlet took the supply of Arkay's Sacred Oil to Castle Dour. I should go there and see if I can acquire some for Fennorian.
Objective: Talk to Swordthane Uthlet
Swordthane Uthlet offered to look the other way so that Svana and I could get a bottle of Arkay's Sacred Oil for Fennorian's elixir.
Objective: Take Arkay's Sacred Oil
I obtained a bottle of Arkay's Sacred Oil. I should bring it to Fennorian in the Blue Palace in Solitude.
Objective: Go to Svana's Chambers in the Blue Palace
Optional Step: Talk to Svana
Fennorian asked me to add Arkay's Sacred Oil to his cauldron to complete the elixir.
Objective: Add Arkay's Sacred Oil to the Cauldron
I should speak to Fennorian about the elixir.
Objective: Talk to Fennorian
We decided to meet in the Midnight Barrow, located in Blackreach. Once there, we need to locate the Undergrove and test Fenn's elixir.
Objective: Go to the Midnight Barrow
Lyris and I need to clear a path to the Undergrove so Svana and Fennorian can safely follow after us.
Objective: Secure a Path to the Undergrove
We reached the entrance of the Undergrove, deep in the Midnight Barrow. It's time to go inside and test Fenn's elixir.
Objective: Enter the Undergrove
We need to find an appropriate spot within the Undergrove to test Fenn's elixir.
Objective: Explore the Undergrove
I overheard two Gray Host leaders, Rada al-Saran and Exarch Ulfra, discussing plans involving a massive harrowstorm and Solitude. I should confront them.
Objective: Confront the Gray Host Leaders
Svana ingested Fennorian's elixir and walked into the harrowstorm. I need to protect her in order to give the elixir time to work.
Objective: Protect Svana
The harrowstorm has subsided. I should see if Svana is unharmed after drinking Fenn's elixir.
Objective: Talk to Svana
Fenn's elixir worked. We need to return to the Blue Palace in Solitude and let High King Svargrim know we have a way to defend against the harrowstorms.
Objective: Go to the Blue Palace
Svana hasn't been able to convince her father. I should talk to the high king and see if I can get him to listen to reason.
Objective: Talk to High King Svargrim
Svana is making one final attempt to appeal to her father. I should wait for her to finish making her case.
Objective: Wait for Svana
Finishes quest☑ High King Svargrim revealed that he joined forces with the Gray Host! Svana requested a moment to think, so I should check in with Lyris.
Objective: Talk to Lyris Titanborn
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