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Phebe Peronard
Location Just outside of Dusktown
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Phebe Peronard

Phebe Peronard is a Breton who can be found just outside of Dusktown with Claudina Ildene.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Digging Up Trouble: Help a pair of ghost hunters uncover the secret of the missing miners.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Digging Up Trouble[edit]

As you approach their camp outside of Dusktown, you can hear:

Phebe Peronard: "You've done it, Claudina! Truly excellent work!"
Claudina Ildene: "Phebe … we have a visitor."

If you started the quest Digging Up Trouble through the Overseer:

"Ah, hello! You're rather … strapping, aren't you?
Um, if you're here about the traps, there's no need to worry. Claudina fixed them right up! She's really quite good at this. I can almost guarantee that they won't trip anyone else today!"
What are those traps supposed to catch?
"Spirits, of course! Ideally, the ones that have been terrorizing these poor people.
My mentor and I have been given the important responsibility of investigating the mysterious disappearances down here. We're supernatural specialists, of a sort."
Have you found anything?
"We're perilously close! Claudina has been doing this for years, she's practically an expert. I'm just her apprentice, but so far there hasn't been a case that we couldn't solve!
Dusktown is in capable hands!"
The Overseer wants you to leave.
"Leave? But we're so close to figuring this out! If we just had a little more time... and maybe a set of extra hands.
You look very clever! I'm sure if you joined us, we'd solve this in no time. Interested? Claudina would reward you, I'm sure."

If you started the quest through Phebe:

"Ah, hello! You're rather … strapping, aren't you?
Um, if you're here about the traps, there's no need to worry. Claudina fixed them right up! She's really quite good at this. I can almost guarantee that they won't trip anyone else today!"
What are these traps for?
"Spirits, of course! Ideally, the ones that have been terrorizing these poor people.
My mentor, Claudina, and I are supernatural specialists. We've been given the important responsibility of investigating Blackreach's disappearing miners."'
Have you found anything?
"Not yet, but I know we're close! We've hit a few snags, but if we just had a little more time … and maybe a set of extra hands.
You look very clever! I'm sure if you joined us, we'd solve this in no time. Interested? Claudina would reward you!"

Continue to talk to Phebe for additional information (and a quest start, if starting from her):

What needs to be done exactly?
"We identified a few spots with reported spiritual activity. Here, take Claudina's notes.
The hope is that placing traps here will increase our chances of capturing an entity, and figuring out what happened to the missing miners! Exciting, right?"
What do you think happened to the miners?
"I'm not sure. I used to try and guess the conclusions of our cases, but I was almost always wrong! Claudina says not to speculate too early. Each case is different, and requires a different approach.
I hope the missing people are safe, at any rate."
How do these traps work?
"Oh, what a wonderful question! I won't bore you with the details, though they are fascinating!
Essentially, these traps will magically weaken the spirit. Once it passes through the physical barrier, the warding spells render it unable to move!"
So you've done this before?
"Absolutely! My very first case with Claudina, we captured a very powerful ghost with such a trap. I'll never forget, it burst forth from the wardrobe and I nearly died of fright.
Thankfully, Claudina pushed me out of the way just in time."
Who are you exactly?
"Me? Oh, I'm practically no one!
I'm just a mage that never really fit in anywhere... that is until I heard of Claudina's exploits! I've always been obsessed with her work, so I tracked her down and begged her to take me on as her assistant."
What's Claudina's story?
"I don't possibly have the time to tell you of her many amazing exploits!
Claudina is a renowned figure when it comes to the study of the supernatural. She's had a lustrous career and published much of her work, you should read some! She's my hero."
How did you convince her to let you be her assistant?
"It wasn't easy! Claudina built her business herself. After her husband died, she used his fortune to pursue her studies, and has been on her own ever since.
But I think she saw the benefit in a pair of young hands, and an eager mind."

Once you leave them, they will begin speaking again:

Phebe Peronard: "What an exciting case! I simply must write down this new development."
Claudina Ildene: "Focus on the task at hand, Phebe. There will be time for that later."

After you finish setting up the traps:

"You're back! Did you have any trouble setting up the traps?"
The traps are placed.
"Great work! You're a natural. Have you ever considered making this your life's work? It's really quite rewarding, and you certainly have the aptitude for it.
Anyway, I'm sure Elle will be relived to hear that they're all set up now."
Who is Elle?
"Elle Bitterblade, the head of Dusktown. She hired us, though she's been understandably doubtful since her husband, Overseer Urlvar, kicked us out of the mines earlier.
Maybe you could help smooth things over by telling her the traps are set up?"
I'll talk to Elle.
"Oh, thank you so much!
Claudina and I are good with the spirit side of things, but we struggle with people. If you talk to Elle and assure her that we're doing everything we can, she'd probably feel better! She should be right outside the mines."
Why were you kicked out of the mines?
"Well, remember what I said earlier about the traps? We had an incident with the mine foreman. But he wasn't in any danger! We freed his leg easily and got all the paint off.
We fixed the traps, but nonetheless, the mines are off limits to us now."

Before you leave, you can talk to her one more time:

"I think Elle is talking with some of the miners outside the mine.
If you could tell her that we finished setting up the traps, I'm sure she'd be delighted!"

As you leave the camp again:

Phebe Peronard: "Claudina, say more about your process! I want to capture everything in my notes!"

After speaking with Elle Bitterblade, you'll find Phebe and Claudina outside of the Bitterblade Mining Consortium building.

Phebe Peronard: "This is the place, Claudina! The locals say Captain Ageran disappeared from this very spot!"
Claudina Ildene: "It's locked. We must find a way inside."

Speaking to her, she says:

"Oh good, you're just in time. We've hit a wall in the investigation …
How did it go with Elle?"
She gave me keys to investigate the offices.
"Oh! Great! That's wonderful! Now we don't have to find another way inside.
I keep telling Claudina you're a natural. You've just taken to all of this so splendidly. I'm thrilled you'll get to participate in the ceremony."
What ceremony?
"I envy you, getting to experience it for the first time!
Basically, if Captain Ageran disappeared here, there might be some kind of spiritual residue leftover from whatever took place. We need to conduct a ritual to try and harness it."
I'll help with the ceremony.
"Here, you take the Spirit Summoning Whistle. When I spread the salts, you blow it, and if there are any spirits remaining in the area, the tone will force them out of hiding!
It's a big responsibility, but I know you're ready for it."
Does it actually work?
"It varies by situation, but I've seen it work well over a dozen times. Some spirits find it more annoying than anything, but others are very susceptible to the sound.
There are few supernatural beings that can ignore it, however."

If you talk to her again prior to entering, she says:

"Go ahead and unlock the door! The sooner we solve this mystery, the better."

After entering the offices, she says:

Phebe Peronard: "The energy in here is powerful, don't you think, Claudina? We're onto something!"
Phebe Peronard: "All right, here go the smelling salts! Get ready with the whistle."

When you use the smelling salts:

Phebe Peronard: "Do you hear that? It's coming from upstairs!"
Claudina Ildene: "Slow down, Phebe! Be vigilant, not hurried!"
Phebe Peronard: "Did you see that basket move?"

After you open the basket:

Phebe Peronard: "Eeek! A spirit!"
Claudina Ildene: "Phebe, wait! What have I told you about jumping to conclusions!"

When she's standing next to Elle Bitterblade, and she will admire Elle:

"Elle must see so many peculiar, inexplicable things down here in Blackreach. This is wonderful for my research!"

In addition after she was scared by the cat, she'll be downstairs and will apologize:

"I'm so sorry you had to see that. What a poor excuse for an assistant I am, a mere cat frightened me half to death!
You found something, didn't you? I think I need to collect myself, so I'll stay here and try to smooth things over with Elle."

After exiting the building, Elle arrives:

Elle Bitterblade: "What was all that screaming?"
Phebe Peronard: "Ah, Elle! No worries here! All part of the process, I assure you!"

After returning to Dusktown from the mine, you'll find her gathered with Claudina, Elle and Urlvar. Speaking to her at this point, she says:

"I was so worried about you and Claudina! I'm glad you're back safe.
You can regale me with the story later! Go and talk to Elle!"

After talking with Elle, she says:

"Did you tell Elle what you found? This is so exciting!"

After completing the quest, she says:

"You did it! I can't believe this was only your first case, you were incredible! You remind me of Claudina. I want to be more like both of you. Fearless. Strong. Unbeatable!
Thank you for stepping up to help. We couldn't have done this without you."
Are you disappointed that we didn't deal with any actual spirits?
"Yes and no! I was rather excited about the possibility of encountering a spirit down here. This is unmapped territory in both the physical and spiritual sense, after all.
But I am glad we were able to help these people. It feels good to be of use."
What will you and Claudina do next?
"I'm not quite sure. Claudina and I travel all over, wherever the work takes us. But wherever we end up, I hope you'll seek us out! Next time you see me, I'll be much braver and have quite a few more cases under my belt."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

She will also appear for the ceremony during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed her quest beforehand:

"As soon as we heard the news, Claudina insisted we come to offer whatever aid we could. Once again, you have proven yourself to be incredibly brave ... and downright fearless!
If there's anything I can do to help, just ask!"
What will you and Claudina do next?
"Claudina seems intent on going back to Blackreach. After we help the poor people of this place rebuild, we'll head there.
Spirits may not have been the culprits of what happened in Dusktown, but that doesn't mean they aren't down there!"