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Home Settlement Morthal
Location At a farm northwest of town
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly

Freiwen is a Nord and the daughter of Jarl Reddharn and Lady Ninetha. About five years ago, she went missing after an incident with Maxten Favrete and the Morthal Guard at the Kjenstag Ruins. Recently, along with the frozen undead there have been sightings of the long-lost Freiwen.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Long Journey Home: Investigate the source of the undead and spirits surrounding Morthal.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Long Journey Home[edit]

During your investigation, you will witness snippets of memories. The first time is outside Havil's Farmhouse:

Freiwen: "Can I feed the chickens, Havil?"
Havil: "Of course, my dear! Go ahead and grab some seed."

The second time is when you approach Kjenstag Ruins you will see Freiwen and Maxten Favrete:

Freiwen: "Are you sure about this, my love? What if something goes wrong?"
Maxten Favrete: "Absolutely. I've researched this ritual for years. I just need your help."
<The pair enter the ruins.>

Once you have searched and left the ruins a sudden blizzard will hit and Freiwen will stand before you.

Freiwen: "You must leave these ruins! Explain why you're following me."

Speak with Freiwen to ask her why she seems to be raising the dead to attack. She'll explain her curse and have a request for you.

"Who are you? And why do you pursue me? First at Havil's farm and now you emerge unscathed from these accursed ruins. If Maxten sent you to bring me back to her, I won't go.
Everyone should just stay away before I kill them as well."
Everyone thinks you're dead. I'm seeking the cause of a curse turning people into zombies.
"No, I still live. For now. The curse I carry will kill me soon enough.
I only hoped to die close to home. I didn't want to destroy any more lives. Or watch memories from my life resurrected to taunt me."
How do we stop your curse?
"Its power grows as it feeds off my life energy. The curse ends once I am gone.
I only wish I could say goodbye to my parents. I know it is not my place to ask favors, but could you bring my mother a message? Tell her … I'm sorry. For everything."
I will convey your message to Lady Ninetha.
"Thank you, stranger. Please, bring her this locket so she knows the message is from me.
Tell Mother not to worry. There's a place I love nearby where I can watch the good people of Morthal live their lives. I can be happy there in my final moments."

After agreeing to help, you can ask for her story.

Why did Maxten curse you like this?
"This was... not what she planned. Maxten believed she could improve her magical ability by communing with the powerful spirits that inhabit Kjenstag ruins. She asked my help with performing a summoning ritual.
But, it went horribly wrong."
What happened?
"Maxten misjudged the ritual's difficulty. As she struggled, ice grew over the walls and winds blew wildly.
She almost gained control, but suddenly Thane Aelstrom and his guards stormed the ruins. Maxten's focus slipped, and the ritual exploded."
So, that's what froze the soldiers.
"It shames me to admit, but yes. All those soldiers, my friends and neighbors, dead. Because of my actions.
And now my return home killed even more people. Being near the end is a blessing."
I saw a memory where you called Maxten your love.
"Oh, yes, she was. I loved her dearly. And, I truly believe Maxten loved me back. When she realized she'd accidentally cursed me, she swore to find a cure. But as time went on, growing her necromantic power became her only interest."
So she never actually kidnapped you?
"Is that what they say? No, I willingly joined her ritual. Which makes me just as guilty for all this death.
Maybe I should have convinced her not to chase so much power. We might still be together, then."

If you stopped Maxten in Of Ice and Death, you can say:

I ended one of Maxten's necromantic experiments ravaging the Northern coast.
"I wish this news surprised me. After I left to come home, I feared Maxten would no longer reign in her desire for power.
Her ambition attracted me when we first met. Over time, she grew increasingly fixated. Eventually, I no longer recognized her."

Speaking to her again before you depart the area, she will say:

"Seeing Morthal once more provides comfort. I only wish I could say goodbye to my parents. I feel better knowing that you'll deliver that my message with that locket."

Later you will need to search Morthal for Freiwen's memories and collect them for a chance for Old Mjolen to break the curse. The memories are of Freiwen and Lady Ninetha.

One is of them in her bedroom in front of the wardrobe:

Freiwen: "Mother! This locket is … wasn't this yours?"
Lady Ninetha: "Yes, darling. And, now it's yours. Keep it close to your heart."
<Freiwen puts it on and admires herself with a mirror.>

Another illusion of her will appear at the docks. Freiwen will be tying up her boat:

Lady Ninetha: "Did you have a good time on the water?"
Freiwen: "Oh, yes! I loved exploring! I can't wait to do it again!"
Breaking the curse

Once you have done so, you will learn the Lady Ninetha went to her daughter to be with her. You will need to find them before they both die.

Freiwen: "Mother, you can't be here. It will kill you."
Lady Nineta: "Freiwen, I thought you died! I can't leave you. Even if it kills me."
Freiwen: "It's already killing you! Please, get away from me!"
<The curse takes hold and Lady Ninetha freezes solid.>
Freiwen: "Mother! No!"
<Old Mjolen arrives.>
Old Mjolen: "Ninetha? Oh, no. We must act quickly. Use the necklace on my command!"
<She begins the healing ritual and a light appears on Freiwen's chest as she begins to scream in pain.>
Freiwen: "Agh! It burns! Mother!"
Old Mjolen: "Hurry! Use the necklace. Release the energy within!"

Using the necklace there is a flash of light. When it fades, Lady Ninetha will be unfrozen and Freiwen will be free of the curse.

Freiwen: "Wha … what's happening?"

Speaking to her afterwards, she will be amazed by her body functions are normal once more.

"My skin … it's no longer blue. And … my heart! I can feel it beating again! By all the gods, I'm alive!
Whatever you and Mjolen cast on me, it broke the curse. I feel heat course through my veins for the first time in years."

As you leave the area, the three of them will begin to talk to each other.

Lady Nineta: "Freiwen? Are you alright?"
Freiwen: "Am … am I? Mother, I thought I'd killed you!"
Lady Ninetha: "I would never leave you. It's over now."
Old Mjolen: "Rest. Then we shall return to town. You two have much to discuss."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

Freiwen, restored

If you helped out in Morthal beforehand, Freiwen will attend the dirge at the Blue Palace along with Lady Ninetha. This is the first time she's been to Solitude.

"Mother always told me stories of growing up in Solitude. But I never expected it to feel like this. All these people! And the buildings are so close together. How does anyone live here without feeling trapped?"
How are you feeling?
"As funny as it is to say … out of place. I spent so long in exile. I'm happy to be home. Mother has been so kind to me … but there is much I need to mend with her. With my father.
But I'm here, thanks to you. We all are, as I hear."


After the quest, Lady Ninetha and Freiwen can be found on the second floor of the inn. As you approach you will hear them talk.

<Freiwen is looking over the balcony at the people down below.>
Freiwen: "Look at them all, together …."
Lady Ninetha: "Freiwen? Why don't you go down? Spend time with others?"
<Freiwen turns around and looks at her mother.>
Freiwen: "How can I? I caused so much pain. What if I don't belong here anymore?"
Lady Ninetha: "Oh, darling. Everything will be all right, in time."

You can then talk to Freiwen to see how she's doing.

"It's good to see you again. I can't thank you enough for what you did. No more curse means I can be with my family again.
Mother and I talked. She wishes to keep what happened a secret. I'm not so sure. We will see what Father says about it."
How do you feel?
"Still cold, but I feel warmer every hour I'm back home. I can actually feel the fire's heat now. But, I'm still afraid to touch anyone.
I worry that people in Morthal won't accept me back. They whisper about me. Maybe coming home was wrong."
What will you do now?
"Recover, for now. Mother says I should take my time.
We talked. A lot. She assured me that I can stay in Morthal. But the damage I did, it was awful. How can I forgive myself?"
Did you speak to your father?
"Not … yet. Father stays very busy. Mother says recent days have been taxing to him for some reason. I know he will be pleased I am home. But, it would be nice if he told me himself."