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Location Bleakridge Barrow
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Blood of Old Karth

Hafskjar is a Nord guard who can be found in Bleakridge Barrow. He lead some of the Karthwatch citizens into the barrow to protect the from the harrowstorm outside.

When he is found, Hafskjar will follow you around as you look for people taken by the Reachmen. Afterwards, he will relocate to Solitude with the survivors.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Blood of Old Karth[edit]

Fenrar will ask you to look for his brother and the people he took with him in the Bleakridge Barrow. You will find him along in one of the chambers by some pillars:

Hafskjar: "Oh, thank all the gods. You're not one of the Reachmen."

Talk to him to see what happened:

"Well, I don't recognize you and you're not a Reachman. How did you find your way down here? Don't tell me you came just to pick our town's bones."
Your brother Fenrar sent me. He's concerned for your safety.
"Fenrar is safe? Kyne's mercy, you bring great news. When he didn't show up here I feared that the storm killed him. Or the Reachmen took him like everyone else."
Reachmen captured people?
"Yeah. After the storm appeared, Bjora and I led some townsfolk into this barrow. How could I know that Reachmen were already in here?
They attacked us from behind. Bjora put up a beast of a fight, but no one resists a Reach horde alone."
Alone? Where were you in the fight?
"I hid. Reachmen are so brutal. I reacted without thinking. They took everyone I swore to protect while I did nothing.
A Nord of Karth does not behave this way. My duty is to go after them, but I won't survive alone. Are you willing to join me?"
I can search for the survivors with you.

After you agree to help him search, you can ask more questions:

"You will? Looks like Fenrar sent the right person to chase after me.
I hid when my people needed me. And I left Bjora, my oldest friend, to fight alone. If we find where the Reachmen took them, maybe bringing them home can make up for my failure."
Why did you come to the barrow?
"Karthwatch trains their guards to hide villagers down here during Reach raids. It proved impenetrable in the past … until today."
Do the Reachmen often take prisoners?
"Never before in my memory. We Nords of Karth have endured raids from the Reach for generations. They're barbarians who pillage and kill anyone who has what they want. Captives just slow them down."
Why do you think they want captives now?
"That's what worries me. I've heard tales of evil Reach magic my whole life. They change people into beasts for fun. Or, they remove your bones for their rituals while you still live. Maybe they need my people for a spell!"
Are these tales true?
"For all I know, they are. Even that storm up above could be the work of Reach witches. Their ways are totally unnatural.
I think … we should really start looking."
What did you see when the storm appeared?
"Not much. It all happened fast. During our patrol, Bjora and I heard a deafening boom over the town. The sunlight dimmed as the storm grew. The air smelled sour and I felt an unnatural energy crackle across my skin. Then … the screams."
Where did it come from?
"Somewhere in the center of town. I froze in place from fear. Bjora took charge and ordered anyone nearby to the barrow. She truly rose to the occasion.
You must have come through town. What's going on up there?"
The town is overrun with monsters. No one is left.
"Everyone is gone? Kyne save us all. How could this happen?
If true, then everyone the witchmen captured might be all that's left of my home. We must find them. Bring them back … if they're still alive."

Once you have finished the conversation, he will point you in the right direction:

Hafskjar: "They went through this door. Come on!"

As you walk through the corridors, he will have a question:

Hafskjar: "There's no entrance back this far. So, how in Oblivion did they get in?"

Talking to him during your search:

"I'm with you. Let's find out where those Reachmen came from. They dragged Bjora and the townsfolk deeper into the barrow, so we should start there.
With any luck, we can save them before it's too late."

As your follower, he will help with the fighting when you come across enemies, Hafskjar will also have ambient dialogue which appears with no subtitles:

"I have your back!"
"Die, witchmen!"

Soon you will find a hole in one of the walls:

Hafskjar: "Look! A breach in the barrow wall. Let's see where it leads."

Going through the mined passage, Hafskjar will comment:

Hafskjar: "This tunnel looks recently mined. They knew we'd hide in the barrow."

The passage will open up into a large cavern:

Hafskjar: "Shor's bones! This cavern! Such an unnatural glow. How did the Reachmen discover this?"
"How long has the Reach burrowed underneath Karthwatch and we never knew?
We have to find out where these caves lead. Keep an eye out for any sign of the captives."

Progressing through the cave, you will find the natural slope going upwards once more:

Hafskjar: "The tunnel leads up this way. We must be near the other side of the mountain by now. Let's see where this goes."

Soon you will find mined out stairs of the stone:

Hafskjar: "More undermined tunnels. So, they burrowed through these caves to sneak up on the town."
Hafskjar: "Still no sign of my people. Why take them back through these caves?"

Nearing the exit:

Hafskjar: "Feels like we're headed back up. This might be the way out."

When you leave the cave and enter the Red Eagle Ridge, you will find the reachmen camps:

Hafskjar: "Look at the size of this camp! The Reach is never this organized. Something's changed."

Speaking with Hafskjar after seeing this:

"A Reachmen camp, right on our borders! With a horde of this size, Karthwatch never stood a chance.
Still no sign of the captives, though. Let's keep searching."

Hafskjar will notice Helsi and other survivors at one of the camps:

Hafskjar: "Up ahead! Helsi and the others! They're alive!"

When you kill the guards, Helsi will get up and begin untying the others. If you talk to him before Helsi he will mention that there are more missing people to be found:

"This isn't everyone who was with us in the barrow. I don't see Bjora.
Speak to Helsi. Maybe she knows where to find the rest of our people. I'll keep an eye out for Reachmen."

You can talk then talk to her to see what she knows, during which she will reveal that Bjora is originally from the Reach. Hfaskjar won't have time to completely process that fact at the time:

"So Bjora was from the Reach this whole time? My best friend, one of these barbarians?
I suppose it shouldn't matter. But, it's still a lot to think about. Let's keep going for now."

Climing up the stairs and seeing the Red Eagle Tower:

Hafskjar: "That's the tower Helsi mentioned. The Warleader should be nearby."

When you engage Warleader Madovan in combat, he spills the beans about Bjora.

Warleader Madovan: "What's this? Come to steal away our queen again? I'll see that you fail!"

When the warleader falls, Hafskjar comments on this.

Hafskjar: "Stolen queen? Did he mean Bjora? We need to find her."

Talking to him once you have the key:

"Hopefully that key we found works for the tower. Let's free the rest of my people and be rid of these raiders."

When you enter Red Eagle Tower, you will find more surviors. Hafskjar will ask Emilinna about Bjora:

Emilinna: "Hafskjar! Praise Kyne, we're saved."
Hafskjar: "You're safe now. Wait, where's Bjora? Why isn't she with you?"
Emilinna: "They took her across the bridge. I heard them mention meeting witches."
Hafskjar: "Don't worry. Helsi and I can take you to safety. This stranger will scout for Bjora."

Speaking with him before leaving Red Eagle Tower:

"I'll join you soon. It's important I protect the path for Helsi and the others. Hopefully we find a safe place to recover. I owe them for my … last failure.
Scout ahead beyond the tower. With any luck, you'll find Bjora."
Fenrar established a safe camp in the ruins below Karthwatch.
"That's perfect. He can defend the villagers with Helsi while we find Bjora. I'll show them the way there and rejoin you.
Swift hunting, stranger."

As you approach Bjora, it becomes apparent that something isn't right. Hafskjar will walk up behind her once you have spoken:

Hafskjar: "Bjora? What's wrong with her?"

You can then tell him what she told you:

"I've known Bjora since we were striplings. The girl I grew up with adores her family and village. We've fought back Reachmen raids side-by-side from the moment we could hold knives. That's not the Bjora I know.
What did she say to you?"
She said the witches revealed she's a queen of the Reach.
"Reach witches spreading lies laced with dark magic. No doubt they enthralled Bjora so she'd betray her family.
Stranger, if you're willing, I need your weapon once more."
What is your plan?
"We must hunt down the hags responsible and end their hex with blade and blood. Did she give you any idea of where to find them?"
Bjora mentioned the witches' stone circles.
"Perhaps, they're using the ancient stones nearby to power their magic. We generally avoided them because of rumors they were cursed. Sounds perfect for evil crones.
Let's find them. Stopping the witches might release Bjora so she'll come home."
I'll help you, Hafskjar. Let's free Bjora.
"Once Bjora is free, we can join the others in safety. For Karthwatch!"

Talking to him again before leaving:

"Once Bjora is free, we can join the others in safety. For Karthwatch!"

Speaking with him again before all rituals have been stopped:

"I have to believe that Bjora is under the influence of magic. She'd never betray us like this.
Let's find the witches responsible and end this."

After the last ritual has been doused:

Hafskjar: "That's the last of them! Let's pray that their hold over Bjora has been broken."

Speaking to him after stopping all three rituals:

"I don't know a horker's arse from magic, but I know if you dam a river the lake dries up. Stopping the curse's source should have freed Bjora.
Let's head back to that old tree and check on her."

After dousing all three witches' rituals, you must return to Bjora. She will have emerged from the spell.

Hafskjar: "Bjora! Are you all right?"
Bjora: "Hafskjar? I'm … oh, what have I done?"

Once you have spoken to Bjora, the pair will run to Fenrar's camp:

Hafskjar: "Meet us at Fenrar's camp. It's the safest place for now."

When you arrive at the camp, the survivors will have gathered there:

Fenrar: "Kyne's breath it's good to see you all. We've made it."
Hafskjar: "We'll find somewhere new. If we stick together, we'll survive this."
Bjora: "Here's the one who saved me."
Fenrar: "We are in your debt, wanderer."

After talking with Fenrar, you can talk to Hafskjar to complete the quest:

"I was honored to fight by your side. I've never thought of myself as a strong man, but you helped me do what was necessary. I'll give my life to protect Bjora and the others. Count on it.""
Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Bjora seemed important to the Reach.
"Shor's bones. Reachmen are stubborn, so they may come after her again. Fenrar and I will see these people to safety. The hold is gone, but we can protect our family.
Thanks again. Take this, and be careful out there. Dark times surround us."

Speaking with him after the quest:

"I know you can't stick around. Don't worry. I'll protect Bjora and the others with my life. No more hiding.
It gives me courage knowing people like you are out there defending folks against these evils. Maybe we have a chance."
Where do you think you will go?
"No idea. The Karth region is the only home I've ever known. Once our people settled Karthwatch, I assumed I would die here. Seems the Eight had other plans for my future.
Without you, though, we wouldn't be alive to see the next sunrise. Thank you."

Daughter of the Wolf[edit]

Hafskjar with Bjora at the Blue Palace

He will also appear with Bjora at the Blue Palace for the ceremony during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed his quest beforehand:

"I won't let what happened to Karthwatch happen anywhere else. If the Reachmen think they can take my homeland, I have an axe that will teach them otherwise."
What will you do now?
"I must find a new home for my brothers and sisters of Karthwatch. My brother, Fenrar, spoke to Jarl Reddharn. It may be that we settle in Morthal. I think Bjora would prefer the high walls of Solitude, though. Wherever we go, we'll stick together."


Hafskjar and his fellow survivors in Solitude

Following the quest, he relocates to Solitude:

"After we parted ways, we needed a safe haven. Solitude can give us that much, at least. The stone walls and all the soldiers help us feel safe. No Reachmen breaching this city."


  • Karthwatch Villagers take the place of Hafskjar if you encounter other players who are at that stage of the quest.