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Help cure a devastating disease afflicting the werewolves of Dark Moon Grotto.
Zone: Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns
Objective: Dark Moon Grotto — Investigate the sickness spreading through Dark Moon Grotto.
Quest Giver: Jolfr
Location(s): Blackreach: Dark Moon Grotto
Reward: Hircine's Moonring
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6461
The Hounds of Hircine
A sickness is spreading through Dark Moon Grotto that is causing werewolves to act violent and feral. They were close to a cure, but the alchemist working on it, Alchemist Rasir, disappeared. I should investigate to see if the cure can be found.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Tranya and talk to her.
  2. Go to the Dark Moon Refuge and talk to Onda.
  3. Search for Rasir's notes and follow the trail.
  4. Find the cave Rasir writes about.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The quest can be started by finding Jolfr in the Dark Moon Grotto in Blackreach. He can be found southwest of the Dark Moon Grotto Wayshrine and southeast of the small cave on the in-game map. He will explain the Grotto contains a sanctuary for those who have fled the slavery of the Gray Host—including werewolves. However there has been an affliction running through the refugee werewolf population, causing them to become feral. An alchemist, Rasir was said to have been close to a cure but recently went missing. Jolfr suggests that if you want to help that you speak to Tranya. She can be found in a cave north of Jolfr, just north of the water.

The small cavern contains the remaining uninfected werewolves and Tranya can be found trying to calm the others:

Tranya: "Please, stay calm, everyone. We will find Alchemist Rasir."
Irga: "What if he's already dead?"
Jofra: "The affliction will catch up to us too. It's only a matter of time."

Speaking with her, she will corroborate with what Jolfr said about the affliction and Rasir and that she worried about what happened to him. She also explains that her partner Skor went out looking for him but hasn't returned. After you agree to help search for the alchemist, Tranya will suggest that you visit their non-werewolf allies where they have barricaded themselves within the refuge. However, she believes that they will be reluctant to speak with her but feels that you have a better chance of getting information.

When you arrive at the barricade of the Dark Moon Refuge, you will be forced to speak with Onda through the door. After warning you about the risk of hanging around Tranya, she explains that Rasir left the refuge to find a final ingredient for his potential cure but never returned. She suggests looking for a trail of clues as he apparently took his notes with him. Searching nearby you will soon come across a page from Rasir's journal, which can be collected and read. As you follow the trail, you will find more pages at some abandoned campfires which explain Rasir's recent activities. Rasir managed to obtain the final reagent for his cure—a Blackreach Morel—and went to find a viable test subject for the cure. The final page tells the reader where Rasnir went in the case that he did not survive.

With all the pages found you can explain what you read to Tranya. She notes that cave he writes about is nearby and suggests you investigate. The small cave is to the northeast of the Dark Moon Grotto refuge[verification needed — see talk page]. When you arrive you will find an injured man that Tranya recognizes:

Tranya: "Brigvar!"

Speaking with Brigvar, you will learn that he was one of the werewolves that went feral. He recalls an all-consuming rage that abated when Rasir administered his cure but while they were celebrating, they were suddenly attacked by Skor who appeared to have succumbed to the infliction. Rasir fled to the east while Skor chased after him. Heading in that direction you will soon come across a wounded but alive Rasir who has some important things to say.

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  • The entrance to the grotto is locked until you speak to Tranya. As is often the case in Blackreach, the quest marker for her can be inaccurate or missing entirely.
  • Killing Skor is not a quest objective and it's actually possible to sneak past him and rescue Rasir. You will be able to complete the quest as normal. However the other characters will refer to Skor as being "gone".

Quest Stages[edit]

Hounds of Hircine
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Tranya, the leader of the werewolf group.
Objective: Find Tranya
Tranya is searching for the pack's missing alchemist, Rasir, who was close to developing a cure. I should help her determine where he was last seen.
Objective: Find the Barricade
I found Tranya. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Tranya
Tranya asked me to speak to the refugees who segregated themselves inside the grotto to keep from getting sick. She hopes they may have some clue to where Rasir went.
Objective: Speak to the Refugees
Rasir apparently had his notes on him when he went missing. I should see if I can pick up his trail.
Objective: Find Rasir
Hidden Objective: Collect Scattered Pages
Hidden Objective: Collect Torn Page
Hidden Objective: Search For Rasir's Trail
Hidden Objective: Ww Behemoth
Hidden Objective: Find Next Clue
Hidden Objective: Follow the Clue
Hidden Objective: Find Key
Hidden Objective: Find Cure
I found a camp. I should look around and see if anything belonging to Rasir is near by.
Objective: Investigate Camp
I found another piece of Rasir's journal. I should see if I can find any more.
Objective: Collect Scattered Pages
Rasir's journal reveals that he completed the cure and headed to a nearby cavern to test it. I should tell Tranya what I know.
Objective: Talk to Tranya
I should investigate the cavern Rasir mentioned in his journal to see if he's inside.
Objective: Investigate the Cavern
There's a wounded man inside the cave, but no sign of Rasir. I should talk to the man and ask him what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Brigvar
Rasir's cure worked on one of the afflicted. I must track him down to locate the remaining doses of the cure.
Objective: Find Rasir
I found Rasir, wounded but alive. I should talk to him to see what he knows.
Objective: Talk to Rasir
Rasir hid the remaining doses of the cure. I should follow his notes in order to find them.
Objective: Read Note
Tranya caught up to me. I need to tell her what I know.
Objective: Talk to Tranya
Rasir gave me instructions to find the spot where he hid the cure. I should follow his clues.
Objective: Find Cure
I found Rasir's cure. I should take it with me.
Objective: Collect Cure
Tranya told me she would take the injured Rasir back to the Grotto. I should meet her there.
Objective: Meet Tranya at the Grotto
I found Tranya badly wounded. I should talk to her to find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Tranya
Skor chased Rasir through the Grotto. I need to get inside to follow them.
Objective: Enter the Grotto
There are wounded refugees inside the Grotto. I should give them the cure so they have a chance to survive.
Objective: Talk to Onda
I need to locate Rasir and save him from Skor.
Objective: Find Rasir
Rasir is alive. I should speak with him to assess his condition.
Objective: Talk to Rasir
Now that the I should meet Tranya and the other refugees.
Objective: Meet Refugees Outside
Finishes quest☑ I helped save Rasir and the other refugees. I need to speak to Tranya to let her know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Tranya
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