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The Harborage
Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Dungeon Yes
Quest Chain
Main Quest
Aldmeri Dominion East of Vulkhel Guard (Auridon) (map)
Daggerfall Covenant Southeast of Daggerfall (Glenumbra) (map)
Ebonheart Pact West of Davon's Watch (Stonefalls) (map)
Solo Instance Solo Instance
Solo Only Yes
Loading Screen
Loading screen
Once the Prophet was a man of vigor and strength. Some harrowing experience has aged and diminished him, leaving him blind and almost feeble.
The Harborage (Covenant)

The Harborage is a cave in the wilderness which the Prophet has adopted as his home and refuge. The cave is located near the first major city of each alliance, and serves as the starting point for each stage of the Main Quest.

Related Quests[edit]

The Harborage[edit]

Aldmeri Harborage[edit]

Interior of the Aldmeri Harborage

The Aldmeri Harborage is located in Auridon, in a seaside cave east of the city of Vulkhel Guard.

Daggerfall Harborage[edit]

The Daggerfall Harborage is located in Glenumbra, in an abandoned cave southeast of the city of Daggerfall.

Ebonheart Harborage[edit]

Ebonheart Harborage

The Ebonheart Harborage is located in Stonefalls, in a Daedric ruin west of Davon's Watch. Ironically, the ruins seems to have been dedicated to Molag Bal at one point, as evidenced by the banner displaying his symbol. A chest lies down the road south from the Harborage, next to a wrecked cart. A Heavy Sack is located next to a basket of apples.

Vision of the Companions[edit]

Vision of the Companions


  • Like wayshrines and certain types of dungeons, the Harborage can be directly fast traveled to.
  • Originally, a a purple force field would prevent you from entering the Harborage if you attempted to enter before reaching level 5.
  • While there is a Harborage in all three Alliances, you can only access the one in your own Alliance's territory.
  • Between Updates 9 and 12, you could also access other Alliance's Harborages. After being called to the Harborage by The Prophet it was possible to continue the quest inside any Harborage, however, you would always be sent to your own Alliance's Harborage at the end of the quest.


The Aldmeri Harborage
The Daggerfall Harborage
The Ebonheart Harborage
Vision of the Companions