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A great open expanse extends beneath Eastmarch, and perhaps even beneath all of Skyrim. This hidden and near-legendary location is reported to house ancient Dwarven ruins, strange creatures, and monsters too horrible to venture into the light above.
Mzark Cavern
(lore page)
Discoverable No
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Blackreach Jellies, Giants, Mudcrabs, Nixads, Shroom Beetles, Trolls, Troll Rockthrowers
Dwarven Arquebuses, Dwarven Centurions, Dwarven Sentries, Dwarven Spheres, Dwarven Spiders
Death Hounds, Harrowfiends, Harrowfiend Reavers
Icereach Chargers, Icereach Death-Dealers, Icereach Frostreavers, Icereach Spellguards, Icereach Tempests
Vampire Assassins, Vampire Lurkers, Vampire Raiders, Vampire Revokers, Vampire Scouts, Vampire Shadowcasters, Vampire Stalkers
Giant's RunEastmarch
Beneath Eastmarch, accessed through the Grinning Horker
An overview of Blackreach

Mzark Cavern is a small section of the larger Blackreach cavern system. After you and Lyris Titanborn follow a note found in the Riften Ratway to The Grinning Horker inn, a secret passage to Blackreach is found in the inn's cellar.

It transpires that witches of the Icereach Coven and their vampire allies, led by Sister Balra, have been using Blackreach to experiment on unwitting subjects abducted from the inn. Despite the witches' encampments, Dwarven automatons and trolls still roam the ruins. An alternate exit is available through using Kagalthar's lift, and a door in the western part of the cavern leads to Greymoor Caverns. Dead commoners can be found strewn on the ground, being eaten by Harrowfiends and Death Hounds.

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