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Race Daedric Prince Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Meridia, the Lady of Infinite Energies, is a Daedric Prince and an enemy of Molag Bal. As such, she has made it her mission to prevent the Planemeld. A number of her crystals, called the "Lights of Meridia", can be found around Coldharbour and possess great power, and her own realm of Oblivion is The Colored Rooms. the Hollow City, found in the center of Coldharbour, is under the protection of Meridia.

She is initially disguised as The Groundskeeper, the mysterious caretaker of the Hollow City, but soon reveals her true nature after arriving in the Planar Vortex. Her mortal servants are that of King Laloriaran Dynar, the last surviving Ayleid, and later Cadwell, the oldest known Soul Shriven.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Final Assault[edit]

After the Groundskeeper transforms into Meridia: "The Dark Prince will need stronger chains than that to stop me. Come, we have things to discuss.

"You seem surprised, mortal. Did you not suspect my true identity?"
Why did you pretend to be the Groundskeeper?
"I did not pretend, mortal. I am the Groundskeeper. I merely hid the fact that I am also a Daedric Prince.
My plans have been long in the making. Had I revealed myself too soon, I could have jeopardized everything."
Why does the great Meridia need my help?
"Do not presume to question my motives! Suffice it to say, I required mortal assistance to destroy the vortex and halt the Planemeld."
Is this just a game to you?
"Reality is a game, mortal. Learn to play, or resign yourself to becoming one of the pieces that is meant to be sacrificed.
Your allies have arrived. Speak to them before we continue."
I'll do whatever's necessary to save my world.
"You mortals only see life as precious because it ends. Take it from a god—you'll never know how fortunate you are.
Your allies have arrived. Speak to them before we continue."

Meridia lets you talk to your allies who have recently emerged from the portal. Once you're done, you can speak to her again:

"Speak to your friends, for these moments may be their last.
But do not tarry too long. Time is fleeting, and each moment is a thief that steals far more than it brings."
What do we need to do?
"The Lord of Brutality uses Dark Anchors to bind this vortex. We must destroy all three before the power of Meridia's Light is unleashed, otherwise the resulting backlash could destroy Nirn as surely as the Planemeld would."
What happens once we destroy the last anchor?
"Meridia's Light must be unleashed at the focal point of the vortex. We will need to locate that focal point."
Let's go.
"Again, I remind you that this will be your last opportunity to speak to your allies before the final battle begins.
When you are ready, let me know."
I'm ready.
"So, it begins! Destroy the remaining anchors. I shall begin searching for the focal point of the vortex."
Give me a moment.

Meridia will then send you to destroy the remaining anchors and says "The chains bind both planes. We cannot use the light until those chains are destroyed. Go quickly!" Continuing on, Meridia will smite another anchor, only for Molag Bal to appear from behind a wall:

Meridia: "We have to hurry! Molag Bal knows we're here!"
Molag Bal: "I grow weary of your games, Meridia."
Meridia: "Go, Warriors of Light! These dark chains must be broken!"
Molag Bal: "You cannot stop me, Meridia. This realm will be mine!"

Once Molag Bal's council is defeated near the Light of Meridia, the goddess herself will appear with the rest of your allies:

Molag Bal: "Most curious. This light powers you somehow. Meridia... where are you hiding?"
Meridia: "Merely fetching those who would stand against you."
Molag Bal: "I tire of this game. Now you shall die!"
Meridia: "Quickly, get behind my shield!"
Molag Bal: "Did you think it would be that easy? My minions will tear you apart."

Meridia casts a shield around the Light while Vanus Galeriona and Gabrielle Benele perform a spell on it. As you, King Dynar, and Darien Gautier fend off the Daedric hordes, Meridia will yell "You must hurry! My shield can't withstand much more of this!" When the spell is complete, Meridia will say:

Meridia: "The light is ready! Quickly, release it!"
Molag Bal: "No! You cannot do this! I cannot fail!"

In a bright flash of white light, you will be transported back to the Hollow City and wake up in the Chapel of Light. Meridia will be there to speak with you:

"The planar vortex is destroyed. Molag Bal's Planemeld is at an end."
Am I dead?
"You are mortal. You began to die the moment you were born. You are not fully dead. Not yet. Your song has only just begun, and many verses still lay before you."
Where am I?
"The vortex has been destroyed. I designed this place to be familiar and calming to you. It is a small pocket of Oblivion, under my protection. No harm will come to you here."
What happened to the others?
"Those present when you shattered the light were under my protection. They gather in the room beneath us, saying their farewells.
Those who were not a part of the final battle? I cannot say."
Saying their farewells?
"The Ayleid King suffered grievous wounds. He is near death, but he has not passed yet."
What did you mean, only just begun?
"Do you not see how singular you are? How remarkable? You entered the realm of a Daedric Prince, gathered an army strong enough to fight his legions, and saved your mortal world.
You are a valuable asset, mortal. You will be of great use to us."
What do you want of me?
"For the nonce, we require nothing. But, the Dark Princes have taken notice of you, and they have plans, and plans within plans.
Prepare yourself, and be ready when Oblivion calls."

God of Schemes[edit]

Following Molag Bal's defeat in Heart's Grief, you will witness a flashing bright light and be transported to The Colored Rooms:

Meridia: "Come forward, Vestige. You are safe, for now. Something precious has been riven from Stone-Fire's being. I have brought it here for you to reclaim."
Molag Bal: "I congratulate you, little insect. Your sting is formidable. You have bested me and released a thousand times a thousand souls back into the Mundus. For the moment, your world is spared, but my grand scheme has only begun to unfold. Excellent. Your power shall prove useful in the coming conflicts. The dark machinations of Oblivion are far more complex than anything your mortal senses can comprehend. You've made a great and terrible enemy this day. Your world would have been better off if the Planemeld had succeeded. Had you bowed before me and accepted eternal servitude, I would have protected you. There are worse masters than I. Far worse."
Meridia: "You are but a phantom here in my domain, Stone-Fire. The mortal prophecies of the Scrolls have been fulfilled. Leave this place and return to your pit!"

When Molag Bal leaves, you can talk to Meridia:

"Your soul is restored. I can see its light within you. And you have saved your world from a great calamity. But know this, mortal. The forces of Oblivion are legion, and the God of Schemes is but a single player in a complex battle for supremacy."
What happened to Molag Bal?
"You have wounded him gravely. It will be some time before his power is restored."
Where is the Amulet of Kings?
"As your enemy fell, the one you call Abnur Tharn took Chim-el Adabal and fled. He returns to the land from whence he came, the place you call Cyrodiil."
He took the Amulet with him?
"The Amulet's power has been expended for a generation or more. The Imperial will not be able to use it, nor will he profit from it, though he will spend many frustrated years in the attempt."
Did we succeed? Is Tamriel safe?
"The tear in the veil between Oblivion and Nirn has been repaired. Your world is safe, for now."
What of my lost companion?
"Gone forever, but their memory remains. I can see the light burning brightly behind your eyes. Your friend is a part of you now, just as the strength of the Divines burns like a flame within your renewed soul."
What about me?
"Your story has only begun. Molag Bal still has plans for you. In many ways, these events played out to his advantage. And you have attracted the attention of the other Daedric Princes, as well."
What must I do?
"The war between mortal kingdoms is still ravaging your world, but your true enemies are not mortal. If you are to be prepared for the coming conflicts, you must fully comprehend what is at stake. You must live among those you make war upon."
The other alliances?
"Indeed. When you return to Tamriel, go to the place you call the Harborage. My gift awaits you there. It will allow you to travel to other lands and hide your true nature from those who would see you as a foe."
Can you send me there?
"I have no more desire to keep you here than you had to remain in Coldharbour. I shall return you to your little den in the wild. Your surviving companions await you there. Are you prepared to leave?"
Yes, I am ready.


  • Meridia's traditional Daedric soldiers are the Aurorans, who are soldiers masked with golden armor. However, the only one that appears in the game is the Auroran Battlemage, which does not have a unique model either. The Lightless Oubliette book also mentions Auroran prisoners being present in the eponymous tower, but none appear.
  • If you speak to Varen Aquilarios in Scarp KeepOrsinium (Crown Store) after completing the Main Quest, he will call you by a number of titles including "Meridia's Champion".